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Chapter 2: A happy little family


-Part 1: The four of them now-

Seven years after the four babies were left at the orphanage.

Bonnie was a strange child.

He didn't laugh as much as others did, nor did he cry as much either. He was always trying to be independent, mature, doing his own thing on his own unless one of the others managed to drag him into something else. He was also quite hot headed and easily annoyed. He always wore dark grey short overalls and a long sleeved white shirt and sneakers.

One thing was for sure though, he loved rock music. Every time a rock song from one of Vale's famous bands comes up on the old radio, he would close his eyes and hum to it, sometimes snapping his fingers to the tune. Once, Bell caught him playing the air guitar.

But above all else, he stood out the most due to three things.

One was his eyes, which were a rich shade of red so intense that sometimes one would think that somebody just spilt blood onto them.

The second was his hair, which was short and dark purple, lavender if you will. Not many people had hair that color.

The third was very easy to recognize.

A pair of purple furred rabbit ears protruding from his head.

When Bell saw those ears, she began to worry. She had always taught the children never to discriminate between humans and Faunus but what about when he went out to see the world? She knew he wouldn't stay at the orphanage forever, he was far too outgoing for that. And with the White Fang group becoming more brazen than ever, humanity's opinions on Faunus kind became worse and worse.

Other than that, Bell had to wonder about the newest additions to the orphanage. They were all too different, in looks especially, yet they were very tight knit together. Even though Bonnie was the least social of them, the other three always managed to get him to open up more than anyone else.

They looked just like perfect siblings.

So how is it that they are all different kinds of Faunus?

Chica was one example. She was some sort of bird Faunus. She had bright yellow hair and pink eyes. Her forearms had a light amount of yellow feathers coating them and there were more feathers on her thighs and legs. Her hair itself was sort of feathery. She wore a simple yellow dress

What stood out about her Faunus traits was her feet and teeth. From the tip of her toes up to the top of her ankles, her feet were the same color as a bird's talons. Pale orange with wrinkles and very sharp claws instead of toenails. She always walked around barefoot.

Her teeth on the other hand must have come from a different kind of Faunus, as they were very sharp. Unlike normal teeth, Chica's were more like a shark's teeth. Triangular and a tiny bit serrated.

Chica, much like a lot of birds, was very jittery. She never stayed in one place for too long and loved to run around. Whenever the children played tag, Chica would always end up the best of them, resulting in the game known as 'Chica Chase' where the children would hide and run from Chica who would chase after them with glee. Despite being the same age as her siblings, she was the smallest, with a very petite body that contributed to her speed.

She was very happy-go-lucky and was a hug-bug. She couldn't even sleep without hugging something, anything at all that was warm. Usually she hugged Freddy as she slept.

Then there was Foxy. Foxy was probably the loudest of the group. He was jovial and loved to work up a sweat, whether it was playing around with the others or doing chores. So long as it was physical labor, he enjoyed it. He constantly exercised too, doing sit ups and one handed push-ups nearly every morning and night.

And then there was that pirate obsession of his.

From the first time he was exposed to storybook pirates, he immediately began adopting the style. He tried wearing a blanket as a coat and used a stick as his pirate sword when he played around. He wore a white button up shirt and long brown pants with sandals on his feet. He always spoke in that classic pirate slang, from the 'Aye' all the way to 'Matey'. And he never, ever, stopped.

At first, Bell was worried about that obsession as she thought it reflected on his physical state.

She wasn't talking about his Faunus attribute, which was apparently the ears of a fox atop his neck length scarlet hair, nor his yellow eyes.

It was his right hand. Or lack thereof.

Since he was picked up, he was missing a right hand. Bell was mortified at the sight and initially thought that was the reason he was crying, thinking that the parents had removed the hand. But when she checked it closely, it turns out that it wasn't an injury, it was just never there. A birth defect.

When she showed him an old story book about pirates when he was still five years old, she noticed how his eyes were drawn to the pirate's hook hand. She could almost feel that his eyes had a sense of... recognition? Or maybe even longing. Like he thought that maybe being a pirate could complete him.

Either way, Mellum managed to help Foxy make a makeshift hook hand out of spare parts from a junkyard and plastic. She had to use an elastic strap to keep it on his arm. It was shoddy work at best but if it made Foxy happy then who was she to take it away? It's not like pirates exist anymore, they haven't ever since Grimm began to populate the sea as well.

Finally, there was Freddy.

Out of all the others, Freddy was the most mature. He was quiet but incredibly polite and enjoyed reading and writing a lot. Sometimes he would write up his own fairytales and tell them to the others as they went to bed. He always wore a brown long sleeved shirt and black shorts with simple grey shoes on his feet with old white socks.

Everybody loved Freddy. Especially the other three siblings. They hung onto his every word. Out of the four, Freddy was the leader. Whenever they needed advice on things from something as trivial as the meaning of a certain word, to the reason something happened in an old history book, they always went to either Bell or Freddy.

Despite his young age, Freddy was very intellectual. Perhaps it was due to how much he read. The orphanage only had a small number of storybooks and then a rather large amount of school textbooks, which were donated by primary schools. In less than a year, Freddy managed to read all of them, some even twice.

Freddy was a type of Faunus rarely seen. He was a bear Faunus. The only trait from that was his ears, a pair of small bear ears atop his wavy yet short chocolate brown hair. He also had deep blue eyes, the same color as the ocean. He always had his eyes half-lidded, like he was bored or even sleepy.

Despite having a relatively average sized body for a seven year old, his physical strength was better than most twice his age. Which was the main reason why Foxy started exercising, because he didn't want to be weaker than Freddy who barely exercised at all. His exact words were 'I ain't gonna be outdone by a book readin' landlubber!'

The four siblings were unique children indeed, and despite her worries about how they were left here as infants, Bell was glad to have them as part of the family.

The orphanage was just a nameless orphanage from which nobody ever adopted children from. It was unofficially known as 'The Child Dump', since many unwanted children ended up there. The only children aware of this nickname were the two oldest children; Mellum and Ethan.

Mellum was a teenager of 17 years of age. She had raven hair that went down past her neck and was tied up in a braid and she had orange eyes like dying embers of a flame. She was Bell's second in command and the next in line to be the caretaker of the orphanage. Mellum loved to help people and ever since she was a child, she wanted to be just like Sister Bell. She wanted to help children and take care of them.

Ethan was a 15 year old boy with grey hair and wore big and round glasses which had some sort of swirly pattern on it. Those glasses prevented anyone from seeing his eyes, which were also grey in color. He was a very calm and level headed teen who was quite similar to Freddy in that they enjoyed reading. Unlike Mellum, he wasn't planning to stay at the orphanage, despite how much he cares for Sister Bell (and though he would never admit it, Mellum). He wanted to go to the kingdom of Atlas and get a job working for the military to be able to help develop the Atlesian robots. Robots were Ethan's passion.

They discovered the nickname given to the orphanage when they went out to buy groceries. Thankfully the orphanage receives donations of money from the Signal Academy, so they have enough money to live off of simple food such as curry or soup.

Either way, when Mellum and Ethan left the grocery store, they overheard a few people on the road talking about their orphanage. A few adults were talking about how more children seemed to be being left at the orphanage and one of them called Bell a hopeless nun who takes care of the children that nobody wanted nor remembered.

Ethan was very angry when he heard that and would have marched up to the adults to give them a piece of his mind if Mellum hadn't held him back.

When they told what the adults said to Bell, the older woman just smiled and said that she didn't mind what they thought of her, for as long as the children were happy here, then it isn't hopeless at all.

#night time, kitchen#

The kitchen was a simple room with an old oven, stove and a few pots and pans. In the middle of the room was a large rectangular table with many old chairs.

Out of the 25 children in the orphanage, only 18 were sitting at the table as the rest were all asleep, having been fed earlier. The table was full of teenagers ranging from 13 to 15 years old, with the exception of the Faunus siblings whom were all roughly 7 years old.

Foxy grimaced as Bell poured the contents of a ladle she held with a pot in her other hand into his bowl. "Yargh, soup again?"

"Soup is very healthy for you Foxy and it helps fight the cold." Bell said with a chuckle as she served the food to the children.

"But we have it all the time..." the red haired pirate-to-be muttered. Freddy gave his brother a smirk as he ate his soup.

"Pirates eat soup all the time Foxy."

"They do?" Foxy asked with wide eyes as his ears perked up.

"Yep, it's easy to make and healthy so they love eating it." Freddy replied with a nod. Hearing this Foxy stared scrutinizingly at his own bowl while scratching his chin with his hook (thankfully Mellum made sure it was blunt).

"Hmm... I guess it's okay then..." he said before picking up his spoon with his left hand and began to eat.

"Psst, Fred-Fred."

Freddy turned to his left where Chica sat, an intuitive look in her pink eyes. "Do pirates really eat soup all the time?" She whispered to him. Freddy just shrugged with a grin, which Foxy didn't notice. He didn't really know since he didn't have any books about pirates, other than the children storybooks, but those only told about the treasures they collected and their many adventures.

"If you're sick of soup then just go fishing. Pirates love fishing." Bonnie said with a deadpan expression as he finished off his soup. Hearing this, Foxy's ears sprung up straight and his eyes widened.

"That's a great idea matey! I can catch a huge fish and then everyone can eat it!"

"Where're you gonna get a fish?" one of the other kids asked.

"There's a river down near the forest, it's a 3 hour walk away." Ethan said calmly as he pushed up his glasses.

"Righty, tomorrow I'll be goin' down there to hunt us a fish! Who's with me on this adventure?" Foxy asked as he stood up and raised his hook in the air.

"Not me."


"Too far."



The fox Faunus deflated as he heard the various rejections before he turned his head to his siblings. "You guys will go with me right?"

"Sorry, I have a lot of reading and writing to do." Freddy declined.

"Uh, Bonnie?"

"Don't wanna." The rabbit Faunus declined bluntly.

"Ooh ooh, I'll go with you Captain!" Chica announced excitedly as she raised her feathery arm up.

"I knew I could count on ye first mate!" Foxy grinned.

Bell smiled as she watched the children interact. They may live poor, but at least they live happily.

#the next day, afternoon#

"Sister, Sister!"

"Yes Marie?" Bell replied to a young blonde girl who ran up to her as she folded the laundry.

"Foxy and Chica are back! They brought a basket of fish!"

"Oh my, did they?" the nun said as she finished folding and stood up to check.

As she walked into the kitchen, she saw Foxy standing on top of the table surrounded by the other kids, his clothes were wet and he held a basket of fish in his left hand, Chica standing next to him and helping him hold it up. Her clothes were wet as well.

"Rejoice landlubbers, Captain Foxy brought you all fish!" the 7 year old declared as the children clapped and cheered.

"Foxy, how did you get so many?" Bonnie asked with surprise in his face. The basket had around nine fish that were as big as small dogs.

"It took me hours at first to try and just fish normally and even longer to try and catch them by hand! But then I discovered that me first mate's feet be the best fish catching devices in the world!" Foxy said. Chica giggled next to him and lifted her foot and wiggled her talons a bit.

"So you used Chica's speed and claws to catch the fish... that was smart Foxy." Freddy said with a smile.

"Thanks bookworm!"

"You know what else would be smart?"


"Getting off the table and drying yourself before Sister gets angry."

Foxy paled as he turned his head to see Bell standing in the doorway, her hands on her hips with a stern expression on her face. Instead of getting scolded though, he felt relief when she just sighed and shook her head before smiling.

"Go and dry yourselves off, I will get the fish ready for dinner. Bonnie, can you help me dry the table?"

"Fine..." the purple haired boy groaned as he went to get a rag. With a leap and a 'whoop' of joy, Foxy and Chica put down the basket and run straight for the bathroom.

Roughly an hour or so later, they were all sitting outside under the stars, a campfire lit up as they fried the fish with gusto.

"Twis ish derishious." Foxy said as he chewed on the fried fish.

"Foxy, don't eat it like that or you'll end up swallowing a few bones." Freddy said before Foxy suddenly gagged and started coughing. "Told you."

"G-*cough*-Go w-wa-*cough*-lk the plank!" Foxy managed to cough out as Chica hit his back to help him. Freddy just smirked before picking up one of the smaller fish and swallowing it whole, causing Bonnie to widen his eyes.

"Did you just swallow the ENTIRE damn fish!?"

"I'm a bear."

"The hell kind of excuse is that!?"

"Language Bonnie." Freddy chided as he bopped Bonnie on the head, causing the rabbit Faunus to glare at him before turning away with a huff. Bell laughed lightly at the sight of Bonnie pouting.

The lively dinner went on for a while until one of the children exclaimed something.

"Lookie, stars!"

"Huh, usually the smog from the factories is too thick for that. Must be a really good night." Ethan commented with raised eyebrows.

The children began to point out stars and what a few arrangements of them looked like. Freddy and Ethan began to point out specific stars and what they were called; Zodiac signs. As the younger children and Chica listened to the two with interest, Bonnie simply leaned back as he stared at a pair of stars, brighter than the rest. They were quite pretty, like a pair of gleaming-


"Ugh!" Bonnie grunted as a sudden migraine struck his head. Images flashed through his eyes. He held his head in his hands as static filled his mind-



Bonnie snapped his head up to see Chica sitting in front of him, a concerned expression on her face, her hot pink eyes wide. "Are you okay..?"

Bonnie stared at her for a few moments before shaking his head quickly and grimacing before giving her a small smile and petting her head. "I'm fine sis. Just fine."

"You didn't look fine..."

"Shut up, I said I'm fine. A-Okay." Bonnie grunted as he pulled on her cheeks.


"Good. I'm the one who should worry about you since I'm the older one."

"We're both 7!"

"Yeah but you act like you're 3."

"Bon-Bon's mean!" Chica pouted and turned her head away from Bonnie with a huff, the same way Bonnie did to Freddy a few minutes ago. Seeing this, Bonnie began to chuckle before petting Chica's head again, causing her resolve to waver until she gave in and nuzzled her head into his palm as her eyes closed in relaxation.

Freddy smiled when he saw this before making eye contact with Bonnie, whose eyes took a sharper gleam. They both made small, barely noticeable nods as understanding passed between them.

*hours later, late at night*

"Was it your memories again?" Freddy asked as he read his book in his bed. Well, his and Chica's. She was snuggled up against him, snoring lightly as he read a book about the Grimm.

Bonnie was sitting in another bed close to Freddy's while Foxy was still downstairs, helping Bell clean up.

The room only had three beds. Unlike most of the other rooms, this one was barren and had no decorations as it was originally the attic. The other kids were sleeping in other rooms downstairs.

"Yeah... the fucking purple guy." Bonnie growled out.


"I don't give a fu-!" Bonnie almost yelled before he noticed Freddy's pointed glare, his blue eyes glowing. "...Sorry..."

Freddy sighed as the glow in his eyes receded. "No need to apologize. I know how you feel."

"Then how the hell do you deal with this shit? Every time I sleep, I see that bastard's white eyes and his damn smile and that god damned knife!"

"How far have your memories gone?"

Bonnie frowned before closing his eyes. "Same shit. You three. Then me. There's someone else too but I can't remember. Last thing I see is always a skinny masked thing putting something on my face."

'The Mannequin...' Freddy thought.

"How do you deal with this? How do you take all of those horrible images and just keep smiling all the damn time?" Bonnie asked, a hint of desperation in his voice. Freddy simply smiled and stroked Chica's hair, causing the girl to mumble before snuggling closer to Freddy.

"You see her? She's happy. Foxy is too. And they don't remember a single thing. I intend to keep it that way. As long as they are happy, so am I. We are free Bonnie, we don't need to worry about anything anymore. So just stay brave when you see those nightmares. They will pass."

Instead of gaining a relieved look, Bonnie's face turned suspicious as his eyes narrowed. "What do you mean 'we're free'?"


"You said we're free. From what? Are you telling me that we didn't die from that knifing?" Bonnie interrogated, his red eyes glowing.

Suddenly the door opened up to reveal Foxy, who looked dead tired. "Argh, me back's ready to give out. Uh, why aren't ye all in bed yet?"

Freddy simply snapped his book shut with a smile before putting it on the nightstand. "Why we were just about to sleep right now, weren't we Bonnie?"

The rabbit Faunus glared at the bear Faunus with a look that said 'This isn't over' before he huffed and turned over, burying himself under the blankets.

Foxy stared at the two with confusion before shrugging and crawling into his own bed. "G'night mateys."

"Good night." Freddy said before flicking the lamp switch off.

And a good night it was indeed, for all except Bonnie, who laid there in his bed, slowly shutting his eyes, preparing to see what new nightmares would haunt him.

-elcome to Freddy Fazbear's pizza-

-an't live on pizza alone Bon-

-on't think he heard us kids! Oh Fox-

'What the flipping fuck!?'

The nightmare was strange indeed.

-Part two: The Velveteen Rabbit-

Wandering around the residential district of Vale was a young Faunus girl. She had long brown hair that went past the shoulders and a pair of bunny ears atop her head. Her eyes were chocolate brown and she wore an olive sundress.

She wasn't sure where she was going. Only that she wanted to go for a walk. Her parents would probably get mad at her for this but she really wanted to see the outside world. Even though her mother said that not all humans hated Faunus kind, her father being an example, she wanted to see for herself if it was true.

Unfortunately, nearly every human she came across glared at her or simply scoffed and turned away coldly. If she was lucky then the people would simply ignore her. It was the same nearly everywhere she went, especially in shops. When she wanted to buy some bread, the stall owner simply glared at her and said 'We don't serve your kind here.'

And so, she wandered through Vale, hoping to find a human that was actually nice.

As she walked, she ended up in a small park. It was completely desolate, save a few older children who were playing ball. She ignored them in favor of walking through the park but one of the larger kids noticed her.

"Hey look, a Faunus."

"Ugh, what's one of those animals doing here?"

"It's a park, what do you expect? Animals go here all the time."

"Looks like a rabbit Faunus. Let's check out its ears!"

Hearing that, the Faunus girl began to walk a bit faster. Unfortunately, just as she was going past a tree, another kid stepped out from behind it to block her off. "Where do you think you're goin'?"

"I-I-I don't want any trouble..." She stuttered as the children began to surround her.

"Hey, think we can keep it as a pet?"

"No way, it probably has fleas."

The chocolate haired girl was shivering now as cruel words echoed between the children, as if she wasn't there at all. A sudden painful pressure around her left rabbit ear made her yelp in pain as one of the larger kids had grabbed it with a beefy hand.

"Check it out, this thing's shivering!"

"What's the matter bunny? Scared?"

The children laughed as the girl squirmed in pain. Tears were threatening to leak from her eyes as they mocked her.

"...Ugh, can't somebody take a damn nap without idiots yapping around here?"

The sudden voice startled the children as they tried to find the source.

"Up here dickwads."

The brats and Faunus girl looked up to find someone sitting on one of the higher branches of the tree.

It was a young boy, definitely younger than the Faunus girl but was the same type, a rabbit Faunus. The difference was that his hair was purple, his eyes were red and his left rabbit ear seemed bent at the middle, making the top half of it just hang at 90 degrees. He was wearing a long sleeved white shirt and grey trousers with sneakers. He had dark rings under his eyes, indicating a lack of sleep.

With a huff, he dropped down from the tall branch and landed right in the middle of the circle of children, startling them and making them take a few steps back, especially the one who had been grabbing the Faunus girl's ear.

The chocolate eyed rabbit girl stared at the newcomer with curiosity and awe. Faunus did have slightly better physical strength than most ordinary humans but he was younger than her and he just dropped from a 20 foot tall tree and didn't even wince.

"I'm really not in the mood to beat up brats so either piss off or get ready to eat dirt." The red eyed boy said.

"Y-you're just a little punk! You don't scare us you animal!" one of the other kids yelled.

"Oh joy, a bunch of twelve year olds who think they sound cool when they act all high and mighty. If only I had a Lien for every time I see one of you idiots." The Faunus boy groaned, prompting the rabbit girl to giggle. Hearing her laugh, he turned to her with a raised brow. "You think that's funny then you should hang around me more. I make hundreds of those for every one of these nimrods I see."

"You little brat!" the large kid who grabbed the girl's ear moved and prepared to punch the lavender haired Faunus.

He never even got close.

Before his punch even connected, a sneaker clad foot smacked into his stomach, making him double over in pain before a knee to the chin knocked him onto his back. The other kids gaped before beginning to bull charge the Faunus boy all at once.

Instead of ramming into him, they ended up smacking into each other as their target grabbed his fellow rabbit type and leaped.

And what a leap.

With one kick, he flew 10 feet off the ground and above the bullies before landing a few meters away. He let go of the frazzled bunny girl before walking towards the now confused and slightly dazed kids. "Sit tight, this might take a while."

The brunette simply nodded dumbly with an awed expression as she sat on the grass and witnessed the ass kicking of a lifetime. To her anyway.

The bullies were too slow, that was the main reason they couldn't beat the boy. He kept dodging, sliding under punches, jumping above kicks and then giving his own sharp retaliations. He never punched them back, he always kicked them, making full use of his rabbit Faunus heritage. As the girl watched, she wondered idly if she would be able to do that with enough practice, until realizing that she was feeling envy towards someone younger than her having better control over his Faunus attributes than her.

In less than two minutes, the bullies were all on the ground, bruised and exhausted. They weren't hurt that badly, but they would feel very sore for the next few hours and possibly even day.

"Heh, nimrods." The lavender haired Faunus smirked before wincing lightly. Once of them got a lucky punch in and hit his cheek. He really needed to learn how to use Aura soon.

He turned to the Faunus girl who had been watching him fight. Her eyes were so wide and full of admiration that he could have sworn he saw a sparkle or two.

"Err... you okay?"

"A-ah, yes! T-thank you so much!" She exclaimed before standing up and giving an appreciative bow.

"No prob. The hell were you doin' out here in the first place? Any Faunus with half a brain would know never to come around here without a few friends or a damn weapon."

"Y-you don't have a weapon either." She muttered weakly, causing him to smirk.

"Wrong, I AM a weapon." He said before crossing his arms and standing up straighter in an attempt to look imposing.

All it accomplished was getting her to giggle at him.

"*sigh* I should be used to getting' laughed at by girls by now... so what were you doin' out here anyway?"

Hearing the question, the girl began to explain what her mother told her and how she wanted to see if it was true or not. Once she finished explaining, the boy frowned before shaking his head slowly with a sigh.

"So you decided to go out into the city where there are countless thugs, drunk idiots and bratty kids, all on your own. You're a real piece of work you know that Brownie?"

"B-Brownie?" She questioned with a quizzical tilt of her head. That action alone was so adorable that he nearly lost composure.

"Y-yeah, since your hair and eyes are brown and stuff."

"T-that's... kind of lame."

"I know..."

The two stood in silence for a few moments before he spoke up again. "So what's your name anyway?"

"O-oh, my name is-"


The now identified Velvet squeaked in surprise before turning around to find a woman with dark grey hair that went to her lower back, chocolate eyes like hers, rabbit ears and wore a black striped long sleeved white shirt, denim jeans and sandals. She had a cigarette in her mouth and an anger vein pulsing on her forehead.


"Damn right I am, now what in the name of Oum were you thinking!? You are so lucky your father is at work or he would be very, VERY angry that he had to come and search for you with me! Do you know how dangerous it is for a young and defenseless Faunus girl like you to be around here! What if you ran into Faunus hating sociopaths!?"

'Holy shit, she's got a set of lungs from hell.' The red eyed Faunus boy thought in amusement.

"I-I'm really sorry mom, b-but I'm okay now! H-he saved me!" Velvet exclaimed as she pointed at the boy behind her. Finally taking notice, the woman turned her head to see the rabbit Faunus boy. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"You're a rabbit Faunus..."

"Yeah, I noticed." The boy muttered sarcastically. "Name's Bonnie. I was just sleepin' up there in that tree when I heard a bunch of punks picking on Brownie here. So I just thought I'd teach them a lesson before I head home.'

"He's really strong mom! He beat them all on his own! He can jump really high too and he landed on his feet after falling from the top of that tree!" Velvet said excitedly as she pointed at the tree. The woman's eyes widened a bit more as she digested this.

"Well... I have to thank you then. If it weren't for you then I don't know what would have happened to my little girl..." Velvet's mother said as she ruffled Velvet's hair softly. "Those brats are lucky you got to them first, or I would have made them wish they got attacked by Beowolves."

"Heh, they were complete pushovers." Bonnie said with a smirk.

"I'll bet. Name's Silk by the way. Silk Scarlatina."

"Wait... your name is Silk... and hers is Velvet... you wouldn't happen to have a cousin named Cotton would you?"

"Nah, that's my mom's name." Silk said nonchalantly.

"Oh wow, a fabric family..." Bonnie muttered, prompting Velvet to giggle.

"Heh, I like you kid. I gotta meet the parents who raised a tough rabbit Faunus like you." The ash haired Faunus quipped with a smile.

"I'd like to meet them too but I don't even know them."

Silk and Velvet's eyes widened.

"Yeah, I'm an orphan. No biggie, I don't mind it. I don't have parents but at least I have family." Bonnie said with a smile. "As long as I have my siblings, I don't even need parents."

"Y-you have siblings? Are you telling me there's an entire litter of you somewhere?" Silk asked with shock.

"Nah, not a litter. My brothers and sister aren't even rabbit Faunae. One's a bear, the others' a fox and my little sis is a bird of some sort."

"T-then they aren't your siblings by blood?" Velvet asked.

"They are my siblings. I am their brother. Blood or not, we are inseparable." Bonnie said. "For better or for worse."

Silk Scarlatina stared at Bonnie's eyes. Despite his obvious youth, there was a maturity in his eyes that no child should have at that age. Eyes that have seen pain. Or even death. As a former Huntress, she knew that look all too well.

"Well, it was nice chatting to you but I gotta get home. The nun in charge of our orphanage will get worried if I stay out here any longer. Nice meeting you Brownie, miss Scarlatina." Bonnie said with a curt nod.

"H-hey, my name is Velvet!"

"Whatever you say, Brownie." The red eyed Faunus chuckled before turning around and walking away.

Silk watched him leave before taking Velvet's hand in hers and walked towards the other side of the park. "What a nice kid..."

"He's so brave... and he doesn't even care that his siblings aren't the same type of Faunus as him..." Velvet sighed. "I wish I had siblings like him..."

Silk frowned a bit. Velvet had always wanted siblings, but she was never able to give any to her. For a good reason too.

Suddenly, an idea struck Silk as she stood ramrod straight.

"Mom? What's wrong?"

"Nothin' honey, I just got one hell of an idea that I'm probably going to regret at some point in the distant future."

#hours later, a mansion in the residential district#

"I'm sorry darling, run that by me again?" a middle aged man said. He had slicked back brown hair and dark green eyes, a light stubble and a small scar running from the right side of his upper lip to his lower jaw. He wore a black suit with a black tie with green stripes, black business pants and black shoes. There was a tobacco pipe (like the classic Sherlock Holmes) in his mouth. All in all, he looked like your everyday businessman.

"I want to adopt a few kids." Silk said bluntly before taking a puff from her cigarette.

"...Are you drunk?"

"Damn it Sig, I'm being serious." Silk grumbled.

"Okay, we have the What. Now give me the Who, Why, When and How. You've never talked about adoption before when I asked so this is a bit of a surprise." The man said, leaning on his desk. They were in his office in the mansion, a simple room with a rug, a few paintings, a few folder cabinets and a large mahogany desk with a wooden chair.

As Silk began to give him the summary of what happened to Velvet, he began to frown. "So he just saves her and reveals he has three siblings who aren't even the same type of Faunus as him and that is enough for you to want to adopt them? Silk, I know you, you don't do things for little reasons like that, however interesting they may be. There is another reason you want to adopt him."

"...It's his eyes Sigfried."

"His eyes?" Sig asked, now beginning to show interest. Silk leveled an upset expression to him.

"They're haunted."

"Haunted? Elaborate."

"I know that look in his eyes. He's seen death. He's seen pain. The way he stood, the way he held his arms, the way he spoke, he's seen things that no kid should see. No kid deserves that kind of look in their eyes. Not only that, there's only one orphanage he could possibly live at."

"The infamous 'Child Dump'?"

"Yep, meaning he was probably dumped there by Faunus parents who couldn't take care of him or... a human parent who didn't want him."

The two adults stood in silence for a bit before Sigfried sighed and took another puff from his pipe before standing up straight. "Fine, I have no work for tomorrow anyway. We can go and visit the orphanage and take a look at them. I will decide if they are worth adopting or-GUKH!"

He was cut off when Silk leaped at him and wrapped her arms around him in a bone crushing hug. "You're the best Siggy!"

"And you're crushing my ribs..." he muttered out painfully.

#the next day#

Bell Margarita was shocked as she stood in front of a pair of adults.

Adults. Without a child in tow.

The only adults that ever came by only came to drop off a child and never return.

For a pair of adults, one of which was a Faunus to boot, to arrive and without a child, it could only mean...

"M-may I help you?" she asked politely with that serene smile on her face.

"You have a kid named Bonnie here right?" the woman with grey hair asked. Bell's eyes widened in surprise.

"Y-yes, we do. Is he in trouble ma'am?"

"Ugh, don't call me ma'am. My name's Silk. Bad enough I got grey hair, calling me ma'am just makes me feel older..." the ash haired woman grumbled, her husband chuckling at her behavior.

"Don't mind her, she's picky about how people address her. My name is Sigfried Fleming and this is my wife, Silk Scarlatina."

"F-Fleming? As in; Fleming Furniture?" Bell asked in shock.

"Ah, so you've heard of my simple business."

"A-a few people have donated your furniture to us years ago. Even now, the couches are still in top condition. They are very well made sir!" Bell exclaimed with a smile.

"Thank you for your praise." Sigfried smiled warmly. "Now then, onto business. Yesterday, the boy named Bonnie saved our daughter from a few delinquents. We would like to see him so I may thank him personally."

"So that's where he got that bruise..." Bell muttered before sighing. "I knew he had gotten into some sort of scuffle but at least he did it for a good reason. He is out the back, under a tree with his siblings. I can escort you there if you would like?"

"Thank you."

#a few moments later#

Bonnie was lying down under a tree, his arms behind his head in a makeshift pillow. Chica was lying down with her head on his thighs, Freddy sat nearby with his back against the tree, a book in his hand and Foxy was doing pull ups on a tree branch above them.

Bonnie's ears twitched as he heard several footsteps heading towards him, the grass crunching beneath shoes. He cracked an eye open to see Bell, the woman named Silk from yesterday and a brown haired man with green eyes and a stubble wearing a suit.

"You must be Bonnie." The man said, his voice deep.

"And you must be a stranger I have never seen before. 'Sup?" Bonnie said as he began to sit up, doing so carefully so he wouldn't disturb Chica.

"My name is Sigfried Fleming, I'm Velvet's father."

"Ah. How's she doing?"

"She's doing fine, thanks to you. I came here to thank you. You see, it goes without saying how badly Faunus children are treated out there. Most of them end up losing their innocence as they join the White Fang in hopes of gaining respect from humans. Others just suffer from xenophobia and racism. My little Velvet lives a sheltered life and has never had to suffer from such treatment as we homeschool her, until she is old enough to go to Signal academy at least. If you hadn't intervened, Velvet's innocent mind would have been shattered. For saving her, I must reward you somehow."

"U-uh, you really don't need to do this." Bonnie said, shocked at how much gratitude the man was giving. Freddy chuckled silently as he watched Bonnie look a bit uncomfortable.

"But I must, and my wife came to me with a suggestion which I will now offer to you." Sigfried said as he knelt down until he was eye level with Bonnie. "Would you like to become Velvet's brother?"


Absolute silence.

Bonnie's eyes were wide with shock, Freddy's were as well and he dropped his own book from the surprise and a loud thud sounded out as Foxy fell from the branch in his own shock before scrambling to sit up and stare at the middle aged man. Bell had a hand over her mouth in surprise as well.


"I'm sure you heard me correctly. I wish to adopt you."

Bonnie was silent for a few seconds before shaking his head. "Sorry, but I can't be adopted. I have siblings. I won't abandon them, even for a family."

"I know, which is why this offer extends to them as well."

"Are ye bleedin' serious!?" Foxy suddenly exclaimed.

"Foxy, language!" Freddy said with a stern tone before turning his gaze to Sigfried. "Sir, are you sure? While you seem to be quite wealthy, do you really wish to adopt four Faunus children just to show gratitude to one of them?"

Silk noticed the look in Freddy's eyes as her own nearly widened in shock. They were more refined and mature than any child's she's seen. That and his own tone of voice made him sound much more mature than any child she has ever heard.

"It is not just gratitude. Velvet has always wanted siblings but sadly, we could never give any to her." Sigfried said with a hint of sadness, Silk flinching and biting her lower lip.

"Why? I thought Rabbit Faunae had litters of children?" Bonnie asked.

"Bonnie, you shouldn't ask questions like that." Bell chided when she noticed the look on Silk's face.

"...I can't give birth."

Shock was visible on the children's and Bell's faces as they looked at the grey haired Faunus.

"When I was heavily pregnant, a few Faunus hating extremists broke into our home and attacked me. Sig is kinda famous for his furniture so when people found out he married a Faunus, a few were pissed, his parents especially. I won't tell you what happened but after Sig came and kicked their asses, I was brought to a hospital. Velvet was the only one that survived. My injuries were too great, even when they used Dust to heal me, my womb can never recover. Velvet doesn't know this."

As she finished, Bonnie grit his teeth. These people were making it extremely difficult to refuse.

As if responding to the dark mood, Chica began to twitch as she yawned and sat up. Noticing the newcomers, she looked at Bonnie with a confused and sleepy face. "Bon-Bon, who're they?"

"They are people who want to adopt us Chica." Freddy said, causing Chica's eyes to widen as she stared at Sigfried and then at Silk.

"Y-you want to... be our parents..? You want to be our mommy?" Chica directed the second question at Silk.

"Yeah... I know its sudden bu-UGH!" Silk was cut off as Chica rocketed forward and wrapped her arms around the adult's waist in a hug.

"Yay, we have a mommy! We finally have a mommy and daddy!" Chica exclaimed, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

'And that's the nail on the coffin...' Bonnie though before resigning himself to his fate. He began to think on what Freddy once said.

'As long as they are happy, so am I.'

Bonnie turned to look at Foxy, who was sitting there in shock, his eyes shaking a bit. He was looking at the two adults and then at Bell and at Freddy, unsure of what to do.

"...If Chica's fine with it then so am I." Bonnie said with a sigh before turning to look at Sigfried. "I hope you're prepared though, we're pretty weird kids."

"You can't get much weirder than her." The man said, jerking a thumb at his wife, eliciting an 'Oi!' from her.

"Then I guess we'll be in your care... dad..."

Hearing this, Sigfried smiled warmly before putting a hand atop Bonnie's head and ruffling his hair, causing the lavender haired boy to blush a bit in embarrassment. He then turned to Foxy, who still sat there with an unsure expression. Freddy gently nudged the red haired Faunus forward. Foxy stared at Sigfried with a confused and almost fearful expression.

"Y-ye really... want to adopt all of us?"

"Of course. As long as you don't mind, you can all become part of our little family." The green eyed man said softly before holding out a hand to Foxy. Slowly, Foxy stepped closer until hand held out to him went above his head and began to ruffle his hair softly. Finally losing his composure, Foxy's eyes began to tear up as he leapt forward and hugged his new father tightly, bawling in joy.

Freddy smiled warmly as he saw this.

'A new life... and a new family... with this, we're finally free.'

His thoughts were cut short as Chica grabbed him by the arm and dragged him into a hug with their new mother. Freddy just smiled and let himself get enveloped in the hug, a single tear escaping his eye.

Silk hugged to two children softly as she felt herself tearing up. She could finally give Velvet the siblings she's always wanted and show her affection to more than just her own single daughter.

Seeing all this, Bell smiled warmly. A small part of her was saddened that the four siblings would no longer live there, but the larger part of her was immensely overjoyed.

The next few minutes was spent with crying and hugging and shows of affection that the children were deprived of in their previous life.

#a while later#

The farewells with the other children at the orphanage was a sad affair but most of them showed support for the four siblings.

Mellum in particular was ecstatic that the four were being adopted. Ethan, although less ecstatic, also showed his support.

After the four Faunus siblings gave one last hug to a teary eyed Bell, they entered Sigfried's car and embarked on the journey to their new home.

#an hour or so later#

Velvet was reading a book in the vast library in the mansion. She didn't know where her parents went but she didn't get much time to think about it as she was being tutored all day by a thankfully non-Faunus hating human.

Her sharp hearing picked up on the front door being opened before she leapt out of her seat on the library's couch and ran straight for the foyer.

"Mom, dad, where have you two bee-wha?" she cut herself off with a question as she beheld the sight in front of her.

"'Sup Brownie?" Bonnie said with a grin. Behind him was a taller boy with brown hair, blue eyes and bear ears, a boy with red hair, a hook for a right hand, yellow eyes and a pair of fox ears and a young girl with yellow hair, pink eyes and feathers on her arms.

"W-wha? W-why? How? When?"

"Long story short, we're your siblings now. Hi." Bonnie said, scratching his cheek.

Velvet's eyes widened as she turned her head to her parents. "M-mom? Dad?"

"Isn't this great sweetie, you've got three brothers and a sister now." Silk said with a grin as she saw Velvet's expression.

"I... have three brothers... and a sister... I have siblings!" she exclaimed in joy.

"Yay, I have a sister!" the blonde girl exclaimed in kind as she leapt forward in a hug. It was then that Velvet noticed her sharp teeth as she spoke. "Hi! My name's Chica!"

"M-my name is Velvet."

"That's a cool name! I'm gonna call you Vel!" Chica said as she hugged Velvet tighter. "We're gonna be the bestest sisters ever! We can do all sorts of sisterly things!"

Velvet began to grow a large smile on her face as she hugged Chica before she turned her head to the other two boys.

"My name is Freddy. I look forward to getting to know you better." The brown haired Faunus said with a warm smile.

"I be Foxy! The greatest Faunus pirate in the world!" the boy with red hair exclaimed loudly with a grin.

"You mean the only Faunus pirate in the world." Bonnie deadpanned.

"Exactly, no competition!"

Velvet giggled at Foxy's words before Chica dragged him and the other two into a tight group hug.

"We're gonna be the bestest brothers and sisters ever!"

"Carefule Chica, you'll crush Brownie." Bonnie grunted.

"M-my name isn't Brownie!"

"Whatever you say, Brownie."

Silk smiled as she held her husband's hand, watching the children interact.

Yes, this could work out. This would be a great family.

A happy little family.



That is right, the four of them have been adopted.

Now, despite height and personality differences, Velvet is still older than the four Fazbear crewmembers by a year or two. This has to be like this so they can be in the same generation as team RWBY.

Next chapter, we will see how they live in their new home as they adapt to having parents and a new sibling.

One reviewer said that he/she was expecting them to be Faunus. Well, they are. The only reason Bell didn't know at first was because the babies were wrapped up in bundles that covered them completely, with the exception of the face.

Since they are siblings, Bonnie and Velvet will not be a pairing. It would have been too predictable to have them a pairing just because they are both rabbit Faunae.

As for the reason Silk could not give birth... I had no idea how to make it that Velvet could not be given siblings to I had to come up with something. Come at me with all your medical knowledge if you want but I will ignore it for the sake of this story.

Either way, I will see you all in the next chapter. Farewell.