Vegito: *sleeping beside his new master's bed*

Gogeta: *he lays in bed with a lot on his mind. Unable to sleep be thought training would help. He sits up just before he sets his foot down with his foot felt something soft and fussy just before a cry fills his ear causing him to jump back onto his bed and looks at Vegito* well what the hell are you doing so close to my bed?!

Vegito: *in a ball, crying as he holds his tail. Pain shooting up his back but he was crying more out of Gogeta yelling at him* I'm sorry, Master. I'm sorry

Gogeta: *something tugged at his heart to see a man (kid?) crying much less it gave him a bad taste when he called him "master." He steps over Vegito before sitting on the cold floor and rubs his back* let me see, Vegito

Vegito: *he sniffled and was a little refusing at first in case it was a trap but soon lays his tail on his lap. Whimpering*

Gogeta: *the sight of the tail worried him as it looked SNAPPED and regret hit him full force. He carefully let his fingers run through the tail, feeling any broken bones at all*

Vegito: *he gasps and shudders. Hot flashes sent from his tail, through his back, and to his cock. He bites into his hand to keep quiet as he felt himself wanting to moan*

Gogeta: *relieved he didn't feel anything out of place but still continues to pet the tail as Vegito continues to whimper and shake. He hopes there's no permanent damage to the tail, or he'll never forgive himself*

Vegito: *he was panting and shaking more*

Gogeta: *he was confused and more worried by how violent Vegito was shaking before he felt what was swelling at the base of his tail. Be squeezed it to make sure it wasn't bone*

Vegito: MASTER~! *he cums, crying out in pleasure as he ruins his clothes. His face red, blood and saliva going down at the corner of his mouth, and need fills in the air*

Gogeta: *he didn't know what to think or say as he let's go of his tail. A blush deepens his face* I-I'm so sorry. I didn't know-

Vegito: *he kisses him* thank you...

Gogeta: *he blinks* I...what?

Vegito: my other masters only gave me pain but you, you gave me pleasure. So thank you *he gets up on shaky legs and somewhat walks to the bathroom to get clean up*

Gogeta: *he sat there dumbfounded and unable to say anything* what happened?

*the end*