It was three months since we defeated Hybern. Three months since Rhys had died. I will never forget the feeling of our bond fading away. Of Rhys fading away. It had torn me apart and left me shattered.

"...and this is why it is necessary that we act with haste. High Lady, what are your thoughts?"

Shit. I had forgot I was in a meeting with some shop owners in the Rainbow. I immediately snapped back to attention. "I agree. Do whatever you need to."

Since the attack on Velaris, everyone was trying to help rebuild. I bounce from meetings to volunteer work most of the time. Anything to help build the city up again. There was an old, abandoned building down the street where I thought I could build an art studio. I was thinking about selling some of my paintings to help gather more funds for the rebuilding going on.

The people that oversaw the work told me to take a break. They basically shoved me out the door telling me that I worked to hard as it is. That I needed some time to rest. Well it's a bright and sunny day. I might as well read a book on the roof.

Rhys. Where are you? She called out to him mentally.

In a meeting with some Ilyrian warlords. I'll gladly leave. He replied.

No it's okay. You don't have to come. The people rebuilding told me to take the rest of the day off. I'm heading to the library to grab a book.

I really wanted an excuse to leave. I hate these meetings. See you soon.

Oh poor Ilyrian baby. I'll meet you there.

I was walking down one of the rows between shelves with Rhys. Fiction, Foklore, children's, Fantasy, Non-fiction. Eventually, we both found books to read and sat down on one of the many couches together.

I was on chapter four when I saw something glint in the corner of my eye. It was a golden paperweight in the shape of an arrow. For some reason it stuck out like a sore thumb. I got up to go look at it.

Rhys go up and followed me to see what I was looking at. "Feyre darling, it's just a paperweight."

Yes, it was a paperweight, but something was odd about it like... it was glowing.

"Rhys, look. It's glowing. Like it's illuminated."

He only looked at her in confusion. "It's not glowing. It kind of looks like it needs to be polished."

I reached to grab it. As soon as I picked it up, I saw a flash of light. Then, I was in a forest. That was odd. I was just with Rhys. Did I winnow? No. I couldn't have.

I felt something weighing against my back. Slowly, I reached behind me to figure out what it was. I had my bow and arrows strapped to my back. That's when I started taking in my surroundings

The ground was covered in snow, and I was wearing my old hunting gear. I tried to winnow back to Velaris, but for some reason, my powers weren't working.

I looked around once again. Then it clicked, I would remember these trees anywhere. I was in the mortal lands. In the distance, there was a low growl. I turned towards the sound. There it was. The deer and the fae disguised as a wolf I had once killed. Oh no. This couldn't be happening. I traveled back in time.


As soon as Feyre vanished, I grabbed the paperweight that sat on the ground where she had just been standing. Then, there was a flash of light. Oh no.

I was no longer surrounded by books but rather sconces hanging on a wall of stone. Where was I? Where was Feyre? I turned to my left to see the throne with Amarantha sitting in it. No. It can't be Amarantha. Tamlin killed her. But there she was sitting on her throne looking out towards a crowd of high fae dancing and drinking. My worst nightmare came to life. I was under the mountain again. I traveled back in time.

That meant Feyre was probably still a mortal. I have to find her.

He heard Amarantha addressing the crowd. "Soon the 49 years will be up. We all know what that means. Soon, my dear Tamlin will be joining us. How delightful."

Wait. If it was the time he thought it was, Feyre should be arriving in the spring court soon. I have to find her. This time we'll do things right.

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