Young Joy Waters was not a happy young lady. Ever since her father's death 3 years prior everyone seemed to be against her. The people she lived with ALWAYS made her feel bad saying negative things whenever she made a mistake and her only happiness came from reading the book 'Watership Down' or watching the cartoon tv series on youtube which led to more bad talk. She was generally told to stop wasting time on those silly things. One day, as she was heading home she stop in a field wondering to herself: 'What would it be like to take part in the rabbits adventures?'

As Joy thought it, she looked sadly at her cane. She was young in her 20's but had torn a muscle in her leg. Ever since than she walked with the aid of a cane. She had golden brown hair, and wore glasses. She sighed, she probably wouldn't survive has a rabbit anyway.

Than all the sudden, a voice out of nowhere said:

"Would you like to try?"

Joy gripped her cane tight, and looked as if she would try to use it as a weapon. She called out in a strong voice:

"Whose there? Where are you?"

The voice answered kindly:

"Up in the sky."

Joy looked but saw nothing but the sun, which she shielded her eyes from with her hands. she called out:

"Where? I don't see you."

patiently the voice answered:

"The sun. I am Lord Frith. I have heard your wish about wanting to live through the adventures of Hazel and the others, and I am going to grant it. My servant Prince Rainbow will also assist you."

As Joy was trying to understand what the voice was saying a rabbit who was a rainbow of colors appeared next to her in the field. He said:

"I am Prince Rainbow. I have been sent by Lord Frith to take you to the world of Watership Down. That is, if you REALLY want to that is."

Joy thought about it for a moment. Besides her parents no one else seemed like they cared. And she wanted to meet her favorite characters, so she said:

"Lead the way Prince Rainbow."

And she started her journey.

Note this story will have elements from the book and tv show.