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Kon thrusts the magazine page into his face with a simple, unsmiling command, "Take a good… long… hard look, dude. Appreciate it."

"It's a woman's private parts," Tim announces with disinterest and a curled lip, bobbing his head to stare at his computer screen. "What about it?"

"They're incredible."

An eye-roll behind Tim's mask.

Kon smooths the page where Tim's hand crinkled it, observing matter-of-factually, "Tim, if you had a vagina, I would wreck it so hard…"

The tapping of a keyboard quiets.

Kon gulps, mumbling to his magazine, "… …in the most platonic way possible."

The delete tab clicks.




DC Comics isn't mine. TIMKON TIMKON TIMKON! THIS SHIP MAY BE THE THING I MISSED THE VERY MOST ABOUT PRE-REBOOT. How could you read everything they were ever in and not go "wow that shit is gay" because fellas,,,,, that shit was GAY. BIG TIME. IF YOU LOVE TIMKON, COME SAY HI! THANKS!