After Scott enters the quantum realm in the movie Ant-man and The Wasp. So, SPOLIERS! Kind of an A.U. more or less a side story before Avengers 4. I don't own these characters, yadda, yadda. Hopefully this time it posts correctly. Ugh. Please leave comments and subscribe more to come of the story. Please forgive any spelling error's this was typed on my phone. Enjoy!

Quantum Passing

He was dreaming. Or was he? How long had it actually been since his demise. Days? Weeks? Years? He tried pulling his mind together. Scott could see the sunlight bounce off of Cassie's dark hair. Her laughter was fading into the distance even though she was running closer to him in a mixture of bright and brilliant colors. "Cassie?!" Scott Called out to his daughter. "Scott?" He heard a voice whisper. The moment became blurred and fuzzy. He knew this moment but he couldn't remember when or why he knew it. He could suddenly hear Cassie's cry. And Hope's voice began to count down as when he first left her side. The last time he would hear his Partners loving hum. "Daddy?" He heard Cassie cry out to him as he heard voices of loved ones disorientate together. Janet's warning him about time. Hank's disappointment in him. Luis's carrying on about random bits of information. Maggie, Paxton, the avengers. But only two he knew by heart. He grunted as he felt his mind slip. Hope's voice still shined through the muffled confusion of reality. But this time her count down was not cut short, this time she reached the count down to one. There was a pulling on his brain as the dream stopped suddenly. Damning to break his very existence apart. Screaming loudly colors washed by him quickly. He couldn't remember his last thought as his eyes grew heavy feeling his body give into the force.

He awoke to a man tugging at his boots. "Hey, man! Knock it off." He said kicking. The man gasped and run away quickly only looking back once. "Agh, what the hell." Scott said to himself taking in a deep breath. Putting his hand to the temple of his mask he set up looking around. "What the?" He said looking around at his new involvement. Sitting against a brick building he tried his best to catch his breath and attention. He then realized he was back home but his surroundings were different, very different. Clicking the button to his suit the inner gear functioning let out with a spark as he continued his button. "Ah, not again.. Come on man." He said in a huff giving up on the continuous clicking. Just then, a body flew out the window he was propped near. Ducking quickly he rolled over looking up. "What now?" He said getting to his feet and peeking into the area. Five men seemed to bounce around the room as objects appeared and disappear. Ones that he was all too familiar with. Jumping through the window he dodged a man thrown his way. Finding his footing he shouted the first thing that came to mind. "Hey!" Not a brilliant thought he must've admitted but it was the only thing he could think of at the time.

Suddenly two people appeared closely in the distance of himself. Blankly staring, they all froze until one of the two was knocked to the ground by a man hiding in plain sight. "Stinger!" The woman called, rushing to the others side blasting the man down. All was calm as one rushed to the others side. "Hope?" Scott called out in disbelief. He ran to their side but stopped suddenly as Hope held up her arm aiming her blaster in defense. "Stop right there! I don't know who you think you are.-" "It's me, it's Scott." He said unlocking his mask. "Oh my god." Hope said unlocking hers but she seemed different, older. Scott noticed the bit of grey in her dark hair but her beauty remained the same. "Dad?" Scott then heard from the figure Hope was shadowing in protection. Her mask pulled back as she lifted herself against a post. "Cassie." Hope tried stopping her before she winced in a tearful expression. "Ca..Cassie?" Scott managed to say in a whisper. But it wasn't his Cassie, she was grown. No longer the little peanut he knew. "Who are you!?" Hope said getting to her feet quickly pushing Scott against the wall. "Hope, it's me it's Scott, honestly." He said as her hand grabbed his neck. The look in her eyes was forceful and unforgiving. Lacking any room for error. "Look the last time I saw you was.. I went into the quantum realm and that's the last I heard from you. You, or I disappeared. Now, I'm more or less thinking it was me." He said looking deeply into her eyes, those eyes he'd forgotten but longed to look into once more. She slowly released her grip on him. Cassie grunted in pain catching both of their attentions. "Look it's me okay, it's me." Scott said firmly grabbing Hope's shoulders. Hope backed away not taking her eyes from him before gathering herself back to Cassie's side. "Hey, can you fly?" Hope asked cupping the side of Cassie's face. "Yeah, just got the wind knocked out of me." Cassie said nodding. Her eyes shot back to her father. "Hey, focus. Will deal with this when we get back to the hive." Hope said catching her attention once more. "You trust him?" Cassie asked. "Yeah, I think I do." Hope said looking back to Scott. "Hive? What hive?" Scott asked as Hope approached him once more. "Wish I could say I was sorry about this." Hope said firmly. "Sorry about wha-" Before he could finish his questioning Hope flung back and knocked him out cold. Again, all Scott could remember was familiar voices but there was only two he knew by heart.