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"This is going to be tight so stick close." Cassie said diving quickly down into the ground. Approaching her fathers side she grabbed his arm. "Hold on this is gonna

feel weird. Don't touch anything!" Cassie said shrinking them down more than usually advised. After flying through several security alarms they adjusted back into their full form causing Scott's brain to catch up. "That was suu sa whaa?" He mumbled before passing out next to Hope's body. "It's okay, that always happens your first time." She said to herself, looking around for threats in knowing he'd pass out from the quick transition. "Sup?" Cassie heard jumping. "Peter, that's not funny." She said grabbing her chest. "Need some help? Those the folks?" Peter asked, dropping from the wall, looking at the pair passed out. "How did you know?" She said reducing her helmet. "Jarvis knows everything, plus mom knows what she's doing." Peter said grabbing them both. "Should have known." Cassie said feeling weak. "Come on let's get you guys fixed up." Peter said with a smile. They walked among the corridor. "Tough day?" Peter asked. "You have no idea." Cassie answered.

"Pepper!" Cassie said rushing into a hug. "Hey sweetheart." Pepper said squeezing Cassie softly before breaking their embrace. Looking to Peter, Pepper motioned to the sick bay tables to lay them. "What happened? Jarvis notified us that the Hive systems went down simultaneously." Pepper said approaching Hope's side. "Mutants. We were over run. Mom took a pretty nasty hit." Cassie said approaching the opposite side while removing her gloves. "Jarvis scan Hope Van Dyne for any symptoms or equipment damage." Pepper said walking over to Scott. "Scan, complete. No wounds or bleeding detected. There is a mild traumatic disturbance in the frontal and temporal lobes. All of the electrical interfaces are compliant." Jarvis finished. "She has a concussion." Cassie sighed. "Is this who I think it is?" Pepper asked after removing his helmet. Cassie looked over. "Yeah. Believe it or not."

"Jarvis scan Scott Lang." Pepper said not evading Cassie's eyes. "Scan complete, all though I don't know how to relay these results." Jarvis said. "Jarvis, at this point, I think we can handle any upsetting updates." Pepper said, trying her best to avoid Peter's approaching eyes. "It seems his body is collapsing at a cellular level. The process is slow but his cells seem to be dividing on a subatomic level, system failure is inevitable." Jarvis stated. "How long does he have?" Pepper asked. "I estimate between 38 to 40 hours until loss of consciousness and 44 to 48 hours before organ failure." They approached the monitor that displayed all of Jarvis's findings. "It's like his body is being pulled apart and stitched back together." Peter said studying the scans. "No, this isn't molecular disequilibrium. He's fading from reality." Cassie said tearful. "What do you mean?" Peter asked. "This Scott Lang isn't from our time let alone our universe, he's from a completely different physical plane of existence. That's why his body is breaking down." Cassie said turning to her father. "Whoa, are we talking multi-verse?! Like Futurama kinda stuff?" Peter said completely forgetting the repercussions of the situation. "Peter please." Pepper said in a motherly and stern tone. "Sorry, I'm just trying to get a grip on what's going on here." Peter said apologetically. "Can we send him back?" Pepper asked. "I don't know. The Hive was destroyed along with all of our equipment and I'll need mom's help. This is way outside of my probability and math skills." Cassie said moving through the diagrams and information Jarvis had presented them. Cassie felt her feet stumble beneath her. Luckily Pepper caught her. "Hey, you Alright?" Pepper asked, helping the tired girl back up. "Yeah, I'm fine." Cassie said in a huff. "You need to rest. You all do. Peter and I have been keeping this place safe for years. Get some rest and will figure this out with fresh minds, alright?" Pepper asked trying her best not too sound pleadful. "You're right." Cassie said in agreement. Peter tried his best to avoid the moment between them. It brought back to many painful memories. Cassie reminded him too much of them, of her. Pictures in golden frames of ones close now lost.

"Hope, don't!" She heard Scott's voice rang. A rushing of air or was it light? Scattered voices and explosions are surrounding her. She can hear Cassie scream. She can hear her father talking about probabilities. Everything blends into a single numbing noice that rings in a flash of white causing her to open her eyes. She took a deep breath as a shiver ran over her, trying her best to remember what she was dreaming about. It plagued her thoughts. Sitting up she then noticed the IV's hooked to her body and her strange yet familiar surroundings. Her head was on fire and her focus was hazy. Approaching footsteps caught her attention. "It's just me." Pepper said walking out of the darkly lit lab. Hope could only sigh in relief but was still frustrated. "I gather it's not the first face you'd like to see but, everyone else is resting and I couldn't sleep." Pepper said leaning on the table in front of her. She handed Hope a glass of water. "It's funny, I use to take it for granted, sleeping." Pepper said making small talk. There was an echo of silence between the two women. Both had lost so much and yet still managed to blame the other. "I gather Cassie still has a soft spot for the Starks." Hope said finding her thoughts. Pepper hummed in a small giggle. "Yes, I guess so." Pepper said. More silence. "Pepper -" Hope started. "Hope, it doesn't matter. Your here now and you are all safe. That's all that really matters anymore." Pepper said not looking up. More silence. "Thank you." Hope said finally meeting Pepper's eyes. "Peter, is he? -" "He's here. Driving me crazy but he's good." Pepper answered with a soft smile. "Second chances are rare. Let's make sure that this time, it works." Pepper said sitting up. Hope was cloudy in thought but very impressed by Pepper's strength. The last they had spoken was not on good terms. Pepper was broken and now a single thread held her strength. But she was all-too-familiar with sacrifice. "Help yourself to the equipment or any thing else. You know where to find me if you need anything." Pepper said walking back into the dark distance of the lab. She couldn't sleep. She reminds herself of Tony. She reminds herself not to take things for granted despite her anger and loss. Peeking in on Cassie she watches her chest rise and fall. Pepper wanted to lay next to her but she wasn't her mother, she wasn't Morgen. She closed the door and slowly slides down the door. Cupping her face, she tried her best not to blame. Not to remember. But that's all she could do, all she had left.

"Peter, get her. Get her out of there!" Pepper heard Tony say over the intercom. "I'm on it." she heard Peter reply. Pepper made her way to watch over them. Not to see her children in danger, which made her move faster. "Mrs. Stark, you're system is compromised." She didn't care she pushed. It was all at once. They both fell as did her heart. "Peter!" Pepper called as he was knocked into a burning building. "Morgan!" She flew as fast as she could. She had caught her. She flew to Peter in the torn down building. "You're okay. You're okay." She said opening her helmet. Looking upon them both she let out a sigh of relief. "No!" Peter said pulling away a collapsed brick of concrete causing Pepper to fall out of the building. "System failure." Alarms blurred. "Tony! They need help. Tony?!" She fell with a hard thud. It would be okay she thought. Tony stark could save everything. She couldn't stay conscious. It's gonna be okay. She thought as her blurred vision watch a movement of red and gold fly into the building. Blackness. Echoes of screams in the distance caused her eyes to flicker open quickly. Back into her own flooded thoughts, she left silent tears fall. Burying her head into her knees, her arms lapsed over as she left soft sobs echo into the empty dark hall.