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Meg wiped the sweat from her face as she stirred her soup with a giant spoon, taking care to not get her skirts under the huge pot and in the glowing coals.

"Mother Meg!"

Meg straightened to see a grinning Robin Hood holding out three rabbits by the ears. She immediately reached for them gratefully. "Good hunting?" she asked, sitting next to the large, flat stone next to the fire.

"Better than it has been lately," Robin replied, sitting down next to Meg and watching her draw out her knife and begin to butcher the rabbits deftly. "How has it been here?"

"Beth is restless, as usual. I sent her out to find some apples to pick."

"Is Little John with her?"

"Of course."

"He wishes to marry her."

"Beth wishes the same." Meg sighed wistfully. "If only we had a priest here."

"I know."

They fell silent, each of their thoughts wandering to their own troubles.



"I worry about Will."

"He is the silent type. Deadly, too. I fear no woman will want him."

Meg looked away. "We're all growing old."

Robin looked at her curiously. "Perhaps we should not call you Mother Meg. The name doesn't suit your age."

"It's all right. We all must grow older than our real age. Sherwood Forest ages us."

"Sherwood is a curious place," Robin agreed. "The rules are different here."

The two fell silent as Will Scarlet entered the small glade, twirling his bowstaff and attacking an invisible opponent.

"He's worn his bowstaff smooth with his practicing," Meg whispered to Robin.

Watching him, Robin whispered back, "He's worried. Or bored. Either one."

"He needs something to do." Meg stood. "Will!" she called out to him.

Will looked up, startled, his bowstaff's end hitting the hard-packed ground with a dull thud. "Aye?"

"I could use a few pigeons for my stew. Do you think you could catch some?"

"Aye, Milady," he replied, bowing to her gracefully.

Meg's cheeks were suddenly tinged with pink. "Will, you know I'm not a lady."

"All the same, Milady..." His eyes sparkled in amusement. " are to me."

"Go! Shoo!" Meg replied, grinning at him and pushing him away. "We need the pigeons!"

"Aye, Milady." He was gone in an instant.

Meg sat back down next to Robin and returned to the rabbits. Robin stretched out on the ground and put his hands behind his head, gazing up at the trees above them.

"Tired?" Meg asked.


"You need to eat more."

"How can I eat when someone needs the food more than I?"

"You need to eat more or you're going to be too weak."

"There is someone always weaker than I."

"You need strength."

Robin sighed, but said nothing in return.

Silence fell between them as Meg continued to cut up the rabbits. Robins eyes fluttered closed and soon he was breathing evenly.

Just as Meg had put the final piece of rabbit in the giant pot, Beth and Little John came into sight. "Any luck?" she called.

"A little," Beth replied. "We'll have better luck a little later in the year, though." She brought Meg her basket.

Meg peered inside. "Not bad," she told them approvingly.

Little John looked into the giant pot. "When are we eating?" he asked.

"Dusk. We still have a little while," Meg replied.

Beth looked down at the sleeping figure next to Meg. "What's the matter with Robin?"

"Nothing," Meg replied. "He's sleeping. Exhausted from hunting."

"He needs to eat more."

"That's what I told him, but he won't listen."

Robin opened one eye. "I can hear you, you know," he spoke, looking around at them.

"Are you sure we can't eat yet?" Little John asked.

"You know the rules. The final meal of the day must be eaten together," Meg replied. "The sun is almost set. It won't be long."

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