Kevin was happy he finally got his license. Ha asked his dad of he could borrow the car.

"Sure son," Carl Henderson said. "Take Sandy along with you. You to will have so much fun. Going out on your own!"

Kevin and Sandy got into the car, and drove off.

"Who should we pick up first?" Kevin asked, knowing Sandy's answer.

"Nowhere, it is!" Kevin replied. It would be great to see Courage again!

After getting Courage, the three set off on a road trip, just driving about.

"Dad said that I was old enough, so I could go wherever I wanted, as long as I paid for the gas." Kevin said.

"Where are we going to go?" Courage asked, looking at Sandy.

"Dunno. Maybe to this place Kevin heard about, it's in Nevada. A small town called Perfection." Sandy said.

"I read an article that said there was some interesting tour sites around that area. We should go check them out!" Kevin said. "We really don't need to stay in a hotel, as we'll be heading back home before nightfall."

As they drove along, Courage saw a familiar dog in the side of the road, with her equally familiar owner. It was Janet and Molly! (see the story "Courage's Gangster Friend")

After giving them a ride, they agreed to go on this trip.

Sandy eyed Courage, as she started to be suspicious of him and Molly.

"What, I don't like her like I like you. We're just friends! You and I are much more!" Courage said, trying to explain.

Sandy looked at Courage for a moment, and sighed. She was being a bit jealous.

In the front, Kevin was getting acquainted with Janet.

"So, your dog is a rap star? Interesting." Kevin said.

"Yes, she enjoys the work very much, but needs time off." Janet said. "I see you know Courage too." She said looking in the back at the three dogs.

"Yeah, I can talk to them ya know. And they talk back." Kevin said, sort of blushing at how absurd that may sound to her.

"Really? Sort of like Dr. Doolittle?" Janet asked surprised.

Kevin snickered. He never heard that comparison before. Maybe he was going to like her after all.

The five finally arrived at the town of Perfection, Nevada. They stopped and read the sign. It was bright yellow and had the black figure warning signs on it.

The sign said interesting things. "Subterranean worms, do not leave car stereos or an other noise making device on. Walk lightly and don't move if a Graboid approaches you!"

"What's a Graboid?" Sandy asked, leaning out the window looking at the sign.

Courage was shivering. He was on his knees in between the two other dogs, looking out the back window. Something was making the ground arch up in a small hill. And it was approaching them!

Kevin did as the sign said and killed the engine.

"What are you doing?! Are you insane!" Courage cried, looking back out the window.

"If the sign is right, we'll be fine." Kevin said reassuringly.

Sure enough, in a massive rumble that shook the ground, the creature moved right under them. It didn't stop one second.

"That was strange." Janet said, watching the thing dig away.

"Maybe that's a Graboid." Molly said. Sandy kind of eyed her. She didn't like Molly's attitude.

"Well, lets check out the tour attractions!" Janet said.

"I think we just did." Kevin said, a bit shaken.

Another car approached them. A big four-wheel drive truck. Actually it looked more like a monster truck.

And the fun begins!