Janet was saved and everyone was reunited. After blowing away a few more AssBlasters, only one remained. The longer they're kept alive, the smarter they get. Burt always gave that warning out sternly and this was living proof.

This AsBlaster learned from the mistakes of the others and managed to survive long enough to actually plan out something.

Rex was standing on the roof of his Viper and was scooping the area with binoculars.

"Well shit. All but one AssBlaster is dead. This means that our plan won't work. SHIT!!!!!!" Rex cursed as he jumped up and down on the roof, causing the Viper to rock violently and crush Dark Sonic under it.

"Hey! I'm under here ass!" Dark said, crawling out from under the tire.

"Sorry." Rex said, looking back where the others were gathered miles away.

"Our safest bet is to wait. Vegas isn't that far form here." Rex said, jumping off the roof. He took off his jersey showing off his well toned body and began changing into blue jeans and a tee shirt, switching his boots for sandals.

"If we dress all tourist like we can get in no problem." Rex said, tossing his hardhat in the back seat and running his robotic fingers through his bangs. "We can make it to Vegas before they come looking for us. I'd say that AssBlaster will keep them busy for about another hour or so. This plan is a failure." Rex said solemnly.

Dark snapped his fingers and changed into a purple Sacramento Kings throwback (oversized basketball jersey) and shorts. His sandals were purple. He walked up and patted Rex on the shoulder.

"Hey, Sigfried and Roy have a Shrieker in their captivity. Maybe we can..."

Dark was cut off when Rex swatted Dark's hand off his shoulder. He sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Sorry. Just that this plan was a flop. We will go to Vegas and start up the Rex Show again. We'll forget this whole ordeal ever happened." Rex said. "I will get my revenge on Courage so help me god!"

Dark thought about something he read. Something about Vegas that if it was true, then they COULD have their revenge on Courage. Problem is, Courage would never go to Vegas.

Something would have to be done.

A gunshot and a long distance scream caught their attention. Rex sighed and got behind the wheel.

"Let's go." Rex said, looking as if he was about to cry. Dark sighed and got in. They sped off towards Vegas never looking back.

After the victory celebrations of containing the AssBlaster situation, Courage and his friends were named heroes by Burt and given honorary treatment.

The battle was over, but everyone was worried where Rex and DS went to.

On the outskirts of Vegas....

"Look a hitchhiker!" DS said pointing out the window.

Rex stopped the car and leaned out the window. "Need a lift buddy?" Rex asked.

The man turned silently and looked at Rex with an angry glare. He wore a hockey mask and was severely decomposed.

"kill kill kill kill, ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh" something whispered as Jason Voorhees raised his massive machete.

The two speed off screaming all the way.

(This is done as a mirror to Jonathan R's ending of "Return of the Hendersons"!)