Credits: Breakdown

Written by: ScriptMaster77

Ant-Man and the Wasp created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Yellowjacket created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and all associated characters are owned by and all rights go to Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney.

Hank Pym, dressed in his Yellowjacket costume, stands at his lab.

He looks down at the papers on the desk, head in his hands.

Hank Pym: There has to be something I missed. How could I miss it!? So stupid!

Janet Van-Dyne, the Wasp, enters the lab. She has a look of concern on her face.

Janet Van-Dyne: Hank?

She sees that Hank has not acknowledged her presence, ignoring her as he continues working.

Hank: Stupid, stupid, stupid…

Janet: Is something wrong?

He finally looks at her, an expressionless look on his face.

Hank: It's nothing Jan. I'm just busy.

Janet coyly raises her eyebrow.

Janet: Oh really? I didn't notice. I mean it's not like you didn't lock yourself in your lab for the past week.

He turns back to his work in frustration.

Hank: Why isn't it working!?

Janet is taken aback slightly.

She continues to approach Hank.

Janet: Maybe it's a sign that you've spent too long working. You need to take a break, relax.

Hank is annoyed by this.

Hank: Not now Jan.

Janet wraps her arms around Hank's shoulders. A small smile appears on her face.

Janet: Come on, I know the perfect place where we can-

Shooting out of his chair, Hank instantly pushes her away in anger.

Hank: I said go away!

Janet is shocked by this and Hank pulls back his cowl, revealing a look of instant regret on his face.

Hank: I'm so sorry Jan… I-

Janet looks dejected.

She then reaches her hand out to him, tentatively.

Janet: What happened to you Hank? You used to be so kind, humble…

He looks at the ground, ashamed.

Hank: I- I don't know.

Hank places his hands on his head, looking around frantically.

Hank: I've just been so busy with improving my suit busy because I need it to be better and I need to be better and then you came in and started to distract me from what a failure I am and my body went tense and then something inside me snapped, I didn't want to hurt you but I could have and I feel like I don't know how I could forgive myself and-

Hank flips his desk, much to Janet's surprise. The papers scatter around them.

Hank: I hate it!

He collapses to the ground, kneeling next to the papers next to him.

Hank: I'm nothing but a failure Jan, sob, I can't do anything right.

Janet solemnly kneels down beside him, holding him up towards her.

Janet: You listen to me Henry Pym, you are not a failure. You've helped save the world countless times. You created the Ant-Man and Wasp suits and gave us powers that people dream of. You gave me the chance to be who I am today and I am grateful for it.

Hank looks at her, tears in his eyes.

She smiles at him lovingly.

Janet: You may have screwed up a couple of times but you're human. It isn't healthy that you keep burning out like this. You need help. I'm here for you. So are your teammates, your friends. We'll stand by you. Always.

Hank: Jan…

She cuts him off with a kiss.

Hank: I love you.

Janet: I love you too.


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