While at Luke's Diner, Michel and Cara were sitting in their seats facing each other. They were talking and laughing, only stopping as they were turned their attention to the teen waiter, Lane. She brought their food that they ordered and put their food down on the table. Lane stood for a while as she looked at both Michel and Cara. Lane began smirking as she listened to them.

"Do you know how it is very rude to watch other people eat, right?"said Michel. He was busy on focusing on eating his food. Lane didn't listen to Michel, she continued to smirk, she bent down leaning in towards the both of them and said, s

"So, are you two a couple or something or..."began Lane

Before she could finish her sentence both Cara and Michel immediately stopped eating their food. Both of their heads quickly towards Lane as she tried to pretend that she didn't say anything. She kept smirking. Michel could tell that Cara was not sure on how to answer that question, so ,Michel had no choice but to answer it for her.

"No, we're actually having dinner as friends.",answered Michel.

"Oh okay, that's fine, just asking.",shrugged Lane.

She tiptoed away from them. Before she completely walked off, she took one more look at the both of them. Lane had the chance to finally leave them alone so they could finally have their dinner in peace. As they were trying to finish eating their food, all that Michel could say was,

"Teenagers.. am I'm right?", Cara laughed.