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(Arkham Asylum, 30 minutes into riot.)

"I'm really starting to hate this… All of this I mean…."

Fright Night muttered in annoyance as he returned fire on a group of thugs which were firing on him with assault rifles.

"Commander, we're dealing with Joker and his army, his thugs are locking down the island piece by piece…. Harley Quinn and her army of thugs also vanished…"

Fright heard as he turned and shot one of the thugs in the arm, he shot the rifle out of another thug's hand before he was forced to reload.

"Just help Batman where you can, captain…. Joker might be insane but he's also a genius…. Don't let your guard down around him…. And send whatever we can from Gotham… I expected Joker to break out… Just not with an entire army…. Be right back…."

Fright Night muttered as he turned and shot another thug in the leg as the other two thugs turned to shoot him before Fright threw a smoke grenade at their feet before shooting them in the legs as they groaned in pain.

"Oh, you son of a bi-…."

One of the thugs yelled before Fright kicked him in the head, knocking him out as the soldiers of his army came up to him.

"Make sure they have their wounds treated…. Where is Batman, sergeant?"

Fright asked as he looked around, the entire asylum was beginning to look like a war zone, he cracked his neck as the helicopters began to pour in.

"He's pursuing Joker deeper into the prison, we lost him when he took down a group of armed goons… I guess we have to deal with the rest of Joker's army…."

One of the mercs stated as Fright nodded and cocked his pistol before putting it away into a holster as he sighed.

"Joker wants Batman to chase him…. We don't know what Joker has and he has his lieutenants locking up the entire asylum and turning it into his own mad house…."

Fright Night said as he turned to the rest of the soldiers to give orders.

"Ok, here's what we are going to do… We still have guards around here… What we are going to do is team up with the guards and take back the rest of the prison…. Inch by inch… I want any information on Joker and his lieutenants that we can find…. From there, we can take down Joker and stop whatever he's going to try and unleash on the city… We go from there…"

Fright stated when he walked away, one of his soldiers spoke up, causing him to turn to face the soldier.

"What about Harley Quinn? She and her thugs are killing Joker and her entire army is engaged against Joker's army…."

One of the soldiers stated as Fright sighed and turned to look at the sky, he was annoyed by the fact that this entire mission was going so sideways at the moment.

"Leave Quinn to me, soldier…. Now go and lock down the entire asylum and report to me after that…."

Fright ordered as the squad of soldiers moved on after that, Fright looked up to look at a helicopter as they began to drop of soldiers, the most of his APCs were in Gotham helping to deal with Joker's army.

"This is going to be in a long, long night it seems…. Great…"

Fright muttered before he walked away, he turned to see a swarm of bats fly by, he knew who to go after.

He would go after Ghoul first, the man helped Joker make his chemicals, he would know something on Joker's location and all that.

"Guess me and Ghoul have something to talk about… And I have to hunt the freakshow down… I hope Batman is having a better time then I am right now…"

He stated as he walked through the doorway and into the asylum.

He turned and saw an explosion happen somewhere in the prison and he sighed, more work for him to clean up.

"Batman, I'm tracking down Ghoul, tell me when you find Joker, I'll go after Joker when you find him..."

Fright Night said over the comms before he drew his pistols and began to walk further into the prison, he laughed.

Author notes

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