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"What are you doing?" Catherine finally voiced her curiousity after standing in the doorway for 10 minutes without so much as a glance
from Grissom.

"Moving some furniture around." Grissom replied, his eyes glued to the cage on his desk and his hands busy moving rocks around inside it.

"Furniture?" Catherine asked incredulously and then shook her head when she realized it was best not to question Grissom when it came to
his hobbies. "So what's his name?" She tilted her head to get a better view of the spider in the corner of the cage.

"*Her* name." Grissom glanced briefly at Catherine to correct her before going back to the ever-moving rocks, "It's Katherine."
Noticing the look Catherine was now giving him, he peered innocently at her and shrugged, "It's spelled with a K."

"Right..." Catherine turned her attention to the other caged spiders on the shelf, just missing the tiny smirk on Grissom's face. "Hey,
how come Katherine, with a *K*..." She made a point to look at him, "...lives alone?" Gesturing at the other spiders, she brought
Grissom's attention to them, "The others live with at least one other spider."

"That's because Katherine's a bully. There used to be another spider in here with her but she cornered him, literally, so I had to
separate them."

Catherine looked at Grissom, reminding herself who she was talking to and that this was completely normal to him, "What was his name?"

"Edward." This time, Grissom made no attempt at hiding his grin.

"Oh, you're so funny." Catherine said sarcastically with a laugh.

Finally satisfied with the way he had moved Katherine's "furniture", Grissom reached for a smaller cage that housed another spider. He let
the spider into Katherine's cage and sighed proudly, "There."

"I thought Katherine was a bully?"

"She is."

"So why are you letting another spider in there with her?"

"Because I know this spider can handle her."

Seeing Grissom's lips tugging at another smirk, Catherine cocked an eyebrow at him, "So what's his name?"


Not missing a beat, Catherine tapped the top rim of the cage, "Well you better tell Gilbert to watch out cuz the last time I checked,
Katherine was in charge." With a grin, she whipped around and sauntered out of the office, leaving Grissom with an equally big grin
on his face.

The End