Jerry Seinfeld wasn't an ordinary white man. In the future, he had the dream of becoming a real life serial killer! I know right? Hard to believe that behind that beautiful and innocent smile, was the grin of a true murder ;)

When he was a kid in grade school, he even told his teachers and there were like: "What?! No way!" In a total gossipy and very sarcastic manor. Even though Jerry knew that the important people in his life were making fun of him for his unrealistic dream, he couldn't help but smile, because he already had his first victims in mind. ;)

He was smiling all the time, and I do mean ALL the time. Except in the shower. He was a little embarrassed to say that he would rather scrub himself down using a knife than an ordinary stupid brush. As a future serial killer, he thought of knives as the REAL cleansing of evil-in more ways than one ;)

Okay. Okay. I promise, I will get down to the actually happenings as in the NOW. We ALL know what Jerry Seinfeld is, but what is he doing NOW? I mean, what's the deal with lazy character explanations? I mean they explain the character(s), but use bother to use enough characters to explain the plot? Get it? Because a character could be either a person or a letter, and the letters wasted describing the character could have been doing something…I don't know!...perhaps a little more USEFUL?

Oh right plot? You want that? Well why don't you fetch it like the animal you are?

Here boy, get the plot!

Come on boy!

Over here boy!

Still going! You're almost there!

Just a little bit more!

And you caught it…. Good job. Well…. Actually….this is a bit embarrassing. Stop! You're making me blush, almost. Just joking, you didn't stand a chance. (_)

Anyway, plot…I kind of had one, but I kind of lost it. Slippery little buggers. The real difficulty in keeping plot has nothing to do with the writers (I swear, I'm innocent). Plot is just this abstract thing that tends to go in and out of existence depending on how it feels—or at least, that's my experience with the devil. I'm sure it will come back if we continue writing about Jerry's Homicidal tendencies. Yes, I am sure this will work…

Jerry was really Homicidal (See, I could almost call that plot right now, I would end it here but let's just see how far this will take us!).

He was like super Hitler and wished to kill people that wasn't himself (nailed it!)

"Oh but… You can't do that Jerry!" A man from the shadows said to his former best friend.

"Kramer, is that you?" Jerry said with a knife in hand aimed at the throat of a man claiming to be the president. But Jerry didn't know for certain, he only saw O+ .

"Yes" Kramer said in front of the fiend.

"Okay then." Jerry said.

"Good, I'm glad you acknowledged that I am me"

"That is good"

Ok. Well, I guess it just stopped there, even after all of my forced character development. You did see how Kramer became a progressively more useless character right. Now that… is TRUE character development. And I did hear that plotline usually have character development right? So there! You're welcome!

What? Didn't you come here for plot? I don't care if you wanted to see plot or to see Jerry without pants, either way, I did what my purpose of an author entailed. I managed to grab your attention even if I didn't deserve it.