Someone Else

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Spy. Assassin. Whore. They're not very interesting words, but they're the words that I use to describe myself. I guess you could also call me a traitor. It's all true. Here's a brief description of how I came to be where I am:

10 years old

My mother and father had been spies. They didn't exactly work for anyone. Whoever paid them or was a friend would use their work, and they would keep them secret. My mother was on a job in Hybern when she was discovered at murdered. After that, my father went insane, literally. He convinced himself that she was still alive. He continued life as if she was still with us – putting plates of food on the table for her, buying books for her to read, he even kept a lamp on some night waiting for her to finish the washing. At some point he remembered Hybern, and thought that she was still there. In the dead of night he snuck out of the house to go get her… Well… he didn't come back. so I was forced to live on the streets.

13 years old

I had been living on the streets for 3 years when a woman invited me into her home. Except, it wasn't exactly a house. It was a brothel. I was taught how to pleasure a man. I dreaded the next day every day after they sent me out.

15 years old

Amarantha's rule began. Some of her men payed a visit to the brothel, and one decided to take me with him. At that point, I was useless. I didn't know how to fight except for the small bit that my parents showed me as a child. My magic was yet to grow to it's full scale. He took me under the mountain and presented me to Amarantha. She said that I was a beauty, then sent me to Hybern as a gift!

25 years old

I was his whore. His spy. His assassin, and he treasured me above all his other spies, whores and assassins. It was good in the sense that he wouldn't kill me, bad in the sense that he liked to have me around a lot. It was a miracle that I hadn't exploded with anger. He killed both my parents, and was now making me kill for him.

65 years old

I had settled into immortality at 19, so I still looked like a nineteen year old. News reached us that Amarantha was dead. It was a joyous day for me. But not for anyone else.

67 years old

The war was won. Prythian defeated the King, and I was finally free. While lords debate who would be the next king, I ran. I ran for Prythian. I ran for the Night Court – the court where I was from, where my mother had grown up as an Illyrian, where I had grown up in a city called Velaris. My home. I had never let anyone see my wings. I still knew how to fly, but while in Hybern, I didn't dare shed them. It was just another thing for them to hurt.

68 years old - now

Well… I didn't make it straight to the Night Court, instead, I was in Summer. That was where I got to.

I stood in front of the mirror in the inn I was staying at. I wore a long scarlet red silk dress. It had long sleeves. When it reached my shoulders the chest dipped to reveal the edge of my breast and the space between them. It hugged my body, then fell from my hips to pool on the floor. There was a single slit up my right leg that went high on my thigh. Strappy heels were on my feet showing of my long legs. My brown hair was curled and fell around my shoulders to my lower back. It was brown with streaks of red, copper and cold. When it hit the light ,the colour was magnificent. The front to pieces were pulled back from my face. My long nails were blood red but I wore no jewellery. The High Lord of Summer had invited every person who could come to this party/ball. He had also no doubt invited every other High Lord.

I just hoped that the people I was running from wouldn't pay a surprise visit. Ever since I left Hybern I had been hunted by the Queens, for a I knew secrets about them that were worth killing me to keep secret.

When I reached the palace I walked up the grand stair case and into the ballroom. There was another stair case that led down into the room, and at the top of the stairs was a man who called out everyone's name and anything else important. I quickly slipped around him and took a side staircase down into the large marble room. As I walked down I locked eyes with a man. He had nearly black hair and sharp brown eyes. I would have kept on looking at him had I not seen the shadows that danced around him. Shadow singer. Someone to avoid, because I was sure that at that very moment the shadows were whispering horrible things about her to him. I quickly averted my bright green eyes and continued walking until I was in a large group of people.

" Thankyou." I murmured to a passing servant as I grabbed a glass of faerie wine off his tray and took a large gulp.


" What is it?" Cassian asked, elbowing me in the ribs. He followed my eye line and saw the stunning woman in red making her way down the stairs, having successfully escaped the caller.
Cassian whistled. " She's nice," He said," Reckon she would make good company." When I didn't reply he got a frustrated look on his face and asked," What?!"
" It's just… the shadows whisper Hybern, Hybern, Hybern." Rhys, Feyre, Mor and Amren had all come around me now.
" What do you mean?" Rhys inquired seriously.
" I think she's one of theirs." I answered.
" She does seem familiar…" Rhys said. " We'll keep an eye on her."
" Hybern's dead anyway, how could she bother us?" Cassian asked. I sighed and turned them to look at her.
" Look at the way she moves – swift and graceful, yet lethal. Look at the way she holds her arms. Not crossed in front of her, but hanging at her sides – in easy reach of a sword. Look at the cut in her skirt. Her legs are thin but when she walks it's clear they are strong and hiding muscle." Rhys clapped me on the back.
" And that is why Azriel is the spymaster." He laughed breathily.
" Don't worry," Amren said, always being the voice of sense in the group. " We'll watch her." Then we all parted ways.


The party was boring… for me. I'm sure everyone else had an excellent time. But I found myself constantly finding ways to discreetly look over my shoulder, whether it was pretending to greet someone or looking in the reflection of my wine glass or someone's eyes. People were beginning to slowly leave and I had no doubt that it was getting towards the early hours of the morning when I spotted them. Sandrina, Kiren and Clarine. Three of the Queen's best assassins. It was a shame I would have to kill them, they were wonderful fighters. I linked eyes with Sandrina – their leader – from across the room, then I moved. Not fast enough to be unusual, but fast enough to slip past the last of the dancers as they spun around the ballroom.

I felt a hand wrap around my wrist and resisted from jerking back at the sudden contact. I looked up into warm chocolate eyes. The male holding me was strong and… Illyrian. Gods. My mother told me stories about the Illyrian males. Some were good, some were down right awful. Which one was he? His hair was dark enough to be black and his skin was tanned. The muscles in his wings were strong and from his many visible scars, I knew he had seen battle many times.

" Can I help you?" I ask as politely as I could while prying his hand off of my arm.
" Would you care to dance?" He asked, his voice like silk. I looked over his shoulder at the approaching assassins.
" Of course." I willed myself to smile and pulled him onto the dance floor. The music was fast – perfect. He coiled an arm around my thin waist and I rested a hand on his shoulder. Even through his shirt and suit I could feel the chorded strength within. Though he was leading, I managed to spin us in the direction of the door, letting other dancers crash into the assassins.
" Where are you from sweetheart?" He purred. A charmer. She could imagine the amount of females who fell in love just with his eyes.
" Here and there." I dismissed. He chuckled.
" Where are you from?" I asked.
" You don't know who I am." The surprise was evident on his face, though I knew if he wanted to, he could easily hide it.
" Unfortunately no. Sorry to bruise your ego." He truly laughed then. Rough and loud and… beautiful.
" I'm from the Night Court." He said huskily. I tried to remain calm. I had never met anyone from the Night Court. There had never been any of them in Hybern.
" What is your name?" I asked, only taking my eyes off the confused assassins for a moment.
" Cassian. What about you sweetheart?" C – a – s – s – i – a – n. I thought. Wait?! Did he just ask me my name? I know I shouldn't have but I replied," Lilith. It was nice meeting you." Then I spun out of his arms and through the opened doorway.


Lilith. Wait? What?! That name seemed so familiar, so very familiar. I walked back over to Azriel.
" Well?" He asked.
" Her scent had a little bit of Hybern. It was mixed with Nigh Court!"
" Are you sure?" Rhys asked.
" Definitely." I replied. " And her name is Lilith."
" WHAT?!" Both Rhys, Az and Mor said at the same time.
" How could I not recognise her!?" Mor was saying.
" She looks so much older." Rhys was shaking his head.
" I can't believe she's…" Azriel trailed off.
" Okay! Some one needs to explain what is happening!" I growled.
" I loved that little girl. Little Lilith." Amren thought out loud. We all looked at her with wide eyes. this girl truly must be special if she got Amren's cold ancient heart to warm.

" We have to go after her!" Rhys exclaimed.
" She's on their side Rhys!" Azriel said.
" I'm not so sure. There is only one way to find out."


I sprinted from the room leaving the gorgeous Illyrian in the swirling mass of dancers. I could hear their heavy footsteps on the ground behind me. I felt my magic rise in answer to their thunderous feet. My heart was a steady drumbeat. I skidded into the gardens. Here was good. They would have no where to hide and I could find them if they ran. I also wouldn't cause too much damage here either. I reached into that gap between worlds where I constantly stored my armour and weapons and anything else. I reached in and pulled out a sharp Illyrian sword that my mother had trained me with. I hadn't held it since I was a child, and even when fighting with normal swords, I always swung it like it was an Illyrian blade.

I found a chair beside a large oak and took a seat, crossing my legs and laying the blade on my lap. I taped my fingers along it as the three of them ran to a halt before me.
" I was wondering when you'd show up."

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