This chapter is a recap from chapter 1 to the latest chapter, also if this plays out nicely as I expected this sentence or paragraph is test. The Sole purpose of this chapter is to get a grasp of the story so far and for the people that forgot the story itself since I've been gone for so long. *Nervous Chuckle*

It all started when the principal of U.A. invited the class 1-A to test a 'magnificent' device that Mei Hatsume, from the Support Course, made. Reaching their destination, they were treated with a screen and a chair and after a few moments they 'discussed' on who was going to that chair, of course it was our protagonist Izuku Midoriya. With the device they were able to see other universes or other versions of their Izuku Midoriya. With the device they were able to see each of their stories and experiences. Some brought joy, sadness, revelation and clarity. Hours passed and it was time for everyone to go home, which brings our hero in his current 'unofficial' relationship with Pixiebob. After an intimate night and a talk with his mother they slept and went back to U.A. for another session, a few shows later they decided to take a little break and have Izuku escorted to the nurses office due to a headache this also led to his heart to heart talk with his friend Tsuyu Asui after that this went smoothly and they went back to the viewing room. Things have escalated that the Hero Class 1-B joined in, things went normally for the whole group but Izuku Midoriya have been experiencing…anomalies as of late.

He have been hearing voices sometimes, and even remembering talks that he was sure happened, but his classmates denied any of it happened, he has been experiencing dreams that were weird and strange it would sometimes include a pink haired girl, he didn't tell anybody about this nor he wanted to tell anybody, he just didn't want to make his friends and teacher worry.

Everything went to normal, but for our heroes…something big was coming. Something out of this world.











Somewhere in Universe 1 12 12 6 15 18 15 14 5 9 26 21 11 21:

The evening breeze was in the air and everyone was asleep, except for people who have night shifts, students doing their last minute homework/projects.

In an alleyway something flickered for a moment, then the flickering expanded to a blue-ish portal.




Something came out of the portal, a figure that was crouched.

Then the portal disappeared.

"Ha…ha…ha.." the figure panted, standing up he looked around.

"Hmm, let's see where or when we ended up" he raised his wrist and something lit up, a console of some sort, after a few buttons a robotic voice came out.

"Detecting Time-line….established"

"Detecting Universe….established"

"Hello Izuku Midoriya, you have landed to the Universe: 1 12 12 6 15 18 15 14 5 9 26 21 11 21"

"Huh, well that's good"

The figure smiled and walked forward illuminating himself.

The figure was well built and stood at the height 5'7, the person was wearing a high-tech Kevlar-vest with gadgets surrounding himself.

"Ok, Karen run Diagnostic"

"Subject: Izuku Midoriya, Quirk: Dimension Hop, Status: Healthy"

"Well atleast that's good news" Izuku grinned. He stepped out of the alleyway and breathed in the night air.

"Well let's see what this Universe has in store for us" he smiled and walked away, completely missing the lone figure on the rooftops.

"Hmmm" the figure grinned its emerald eyes glowed in the night. "Interesting"