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I ran out of my apartment building. Of all days for the battery in my alarm clock to go bad, it picked my boss' last day of work. The wind is horrible, it's blowing my hair around my face, which is making hailing a Taxi extremely difficult. Finally one stopped.

"Thank you." I told him the address.

When I got there I was already five minutes late, I ran in the office building, and wearing heels, it wasn't what I'd call easy. The elevator door closed right as I made it to the hall. This is not my day. CNN needs more elevators. I made my way up the stairs to me floor. I sat my papers down on my desk in my little cubicle, and went to my boss' office. Alice Reynolds, she's short, about mid 40's, medium length blondish hair. She's the sweetest boss a person could ask for. I knocked on the door.


"Yeah,"I walked in,"I'm sorry I'm a little late." I apologized.

"Oh, it's okay. I'm just gathering my last things."

"I can't believe you're leaving." I said.

"I know, who'll I torture now?"

"Oh, yeah right. You're the best boss ever."

"Aw, you're just saying that."

"You are. I don't know what I'll do without you." I said.

"You'll adjust." she smiled.

"Okay, well I'm going to go back to my desk." I went back to work.

At lunch, my friend Claire came and got me. She's about an inch taller than me with long blond hair and blue eyes. "Hello."

"Hey, Claire."

"Finished?" she asked.

"Yep, where's Andy?" I asked.

"He should be coming." she said. Andy had light brown hair, he was Claire's boss, and our friend.

"Hey." Andy came around the corner.

"Andrew." Claire smiled.

"Quit calling me that. My grandmother is the only person who calls me that." he said.

"I know." she said with a pleased smile.

He shook his head.

"Hey Andy, have you heard who's getting Alice's job?" I asked. He was our superior, so he would know. But us being the measly people below them, we wouldn't.

"Yeah, but you're not going to be happy." he said.

"Gee, great start." I sighed.

"Sorry. They're sending Alice to Chicago, and they're transferring someone from California to take over."

"No fair." I pouted. I wanted that job.

"That job should have been yours." Claire said.

"Yeah, well, should've isn't doing me any good." I complained.

"Come on, lunch is my treat." Andy said.

"Bearer of bad news." I said.

"Don't kill the messenger. Besides it's not all great news for me either. It's not like your new boss is going to be my choice."

"Your choice?" Claire questioned.

"Young, pretty, long legs." he started.

"Quit drooling." Claire rolled her eyes.

"Why not?" I asked, "Old lady?"

"Nope, man." he said.

"Ooh, young?" Claire asked.

"I don't know, I heard guy, quit listening." he shrugged.

"Of course." Claire smiled.

"I don't like him already." I said.

"Well, he's your new boss." Andy said.

"Don't rub it in." I nudged him.


After work I decided to call Mom.


"Hi, Mom."

"Hey honey, what's up?"

"It's not mine." I announced.

"The job?" she surmised.

"Yeah. I'm getting a new boss."

"Oh, darn people. She's sleeping with the boss!" she said.

"No, she's a he. Transfer." I told her.

"Oh. Well, I guess he's probably not sleeping with the boss." she said.

"I hope not. His boss is a guy. Claire would be so disappointed."

"Okay, this just got slightly distorted." she said.

"Yeah, well, I'm out of my mind with jealousy." I admitted.

"Let's bash him!" she suggested.

"How? I know nothing about him."

"We know he's a guy. Maybe he's really old, and he probably has gray hair." she said.

"Or no hair." I added.

We spent about twenty minutes creating descriptions and personalities for my new boss. Shelly, my roommate, came in. She's my height, light brown hair, and green eyes. "I hate my job!" she called out.

"Mom, Shelly's having a meltdown."

"Okay, talk to you later. Good luck with Taylor."

No, my boss won't be a Taylor."


"Bye." I hung up. "Now what?" I asked Shelly.

"I hate him. He's evil." she flopped down on the couch next to me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"He's the biggest idiot ever to walk the face of the Earth. He's awful. He's full of himself." she growled.

"Bad day?" I asked, not that it wasn't obvious.

"The worst."

"Boss again?" I guessed.

"Yes. Did I lose them? Oh yeah, I played Charlie's Angels, made contacts like your eyes, even though the thought of your eyes makes me sick, then I did cartwheels across the touch sensitive floor to break into your office and take your invoices so that you'd go nuts. That's me." she ranted.

I listened to her complain about her boss for what seemed like an eternity.

"So, how was your day?" she asked.

"Not much better, some idiot is transferring to take over Alice's job." I told her.

"What do you say I cancel on James tonight and we rent a movie and order pizza?" she offered.

"Good idea." I agreed.

"Okay, movie? It Could Happen To You?"

"Yes. But I need a shower." I said.

"Okay, I'll get the movie and pizza then."

I went in and took a shower and even that sucked, I had no water pressure. We completely vegged out, eating pizza and watching our movie.

"Let's win the lottery." I said when it was over.

"Yeah, then we'll never have to worry about caddish idiotic bosses. Wouldn't that be cool?"

"Yep. But instead, I have to have a new boss. Tomorrow I will have a new boss. I can already see some stupid old man who's always complaining, you can never do anything good enough for him, he should be the owner by now, da da dada da." I rolled my eyes.

"They should outlaw bosses." she said.

"Yep. They're like ex-boyfriends, annoying and hard to handle."

"Oh I know. Remember that guy you dated, ooh what was his name?"

"Going to have to be a little more specific." I said.

"He was that geeky guy, with the...the...-"

"Oh, Arnold!"

"Yes! Him."

"Yeah, he was really annoying." I agreed.

"What if your boss is like that?"

"If he's that needy, I'll have to live in his office."

"I once had this boyfriend, I swear, the guy was perfect. It was my freshmen year in college. He was cute and so sweet. He never forgot an anniversary and he even brought me flowers once. My mom, all she had to do was hear about the flowers and she was telling me to marry him."

"Oh my gosh." I smiled.

"He was tall, which I love, and the guy treated me like gold."

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"Well, occasionally he got jealous."

"Oh, not fun."

"Actually, it was my fault. As wonderful as this guy was, there was this other guy."

"There's always a guy."

"Dan, I swear, he was gorgeous, and he was fun. We started spending quite a bit of time together. My boyfriend was starting to feel neglected and threatened because I was spending so much time with Dan. One thing led to another, and we kissed."

"While you were still with the perfect guy?"

"Yes. And then Mr. Wonderful Fun Guy tells my boyfriend. Well, he hints at him. Which was worse."

"Oh, hints?"

"Yep. So, my boyfriend breaks up with me and tells me he hopes I'm happy with Dan." she finished.


"My mom was seriously rooting for me to commit to this guy."

"Do you think you would have?" I asked.

"No, not to sound awful, but I got bored too easy."

"What about James?"

"We're perfect for eachother." she smiled.


"Yeah, it's great. He's the only guy, remember when we broke up?"

"Of course, you turned into a basketcase."

"I couldn't quit thinking about him. I mean, of course I've always felt sad after I break up with my boyfriends, but with James, I always wondered what he was doing, if he'd met anyone else, how to slash her tires if he did."

"Couldn't get him off your mind." That sounds slightly familiar.

"Exactly, once I saw him with a blonde, and I quit breathing." That sounds familiar too. "I thought he'd moved on and I was so sad." she said.

Quit with the familiarity, think Shelly's boyfriend. "Wasn't that when I came home and found you using a black marker on his picture?" I asked.

"Yes. Then we spent all night fantasizing about vandalizing his stuff. We never did it though, we're chickens."

I thought back, then without thinking I said, "I'm not." Then I wished I could take it back.

"Why? You have done it before?" she asked in surprise.

"Nah, never mind." Why did I go there?

"Rory." she stared at me awaiting my explanation.

"I egged a guy's car once." I admitted.

She got wide eyes, "You?" she asked in utter disbelief.

"Yeah. So anyway, with James -"

"No, I want to hear this. Was he an ex?" she asked .

"Not at the time." I answered.

"But he was after? Why'd you do it?" she asked.

"Well, there was a blonde," I started.

"There's always a blonde, isn't there?" she shook her head.

"I had the perfect boyfriend too. But there was this guy," she raised her eyebrows, "Jess, we were friends. Well, we got in a car accident which resulted in my wrist being fractured and him going back to New York without my knowledge, he had come to Stars Hollow from New York in the first place. One day, I skipped school and came to New York to see him. Then he came back, and I was in shock from seeing him, and so I kind of kissed him. Then I realized that I had a boyfriend,I told Jess not to say anything, which he didn't, then I left for six weeks without saying a word to him. When I came back he was with the blonde."

"What happened to him?" she asked, interested.

"We started going out, but he wasn't quite what I'd expected he would be. Then, after several months, he just up and MOVED to California. He didn't bother breaking up with me or telling me. So, we have now reached the end of the story of Jess."

"Then how'd you know where he went?" she asked.

"One Friday night, when he knew that I'd be at my grandparents' for dinner, he called and left an extremely short message on the answering machine, and no way to contact him. It was the crumbiest break up of my entire life. Even worse than when my one boyfriend left me for another guy. At least then I knew what the problem was."

"Wowie, put Jess in the ex-boyfriend hall of fame. He sounds worse than my Dan, at least he told me when he was dumping me." she said.

"But see, the thing is, before we started dating he was so much better. It's like once we got together something changed. And everyone told me I was just a competition to him. Well, until he changed I was always saying they were wrong, but then he transformed into a complete jerk, then he left, and that's when I was hit with the I told you so's. Jess was gone, I was still in Stars Hollow, and we'll never see eachother again. The end."

"That sucks."

"Yeah. So, enough about Jess Mariano. I want to know about James."


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