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Alicia Spinnet ducked behind a bookshelf. She pressed herself up against the rows of dusty books and shimmied along, trying not to arouse any interest. Not that it mattered anyway. The library was basically empty. Everybody was in Hogsmeade.

So, the question remains, why was Alicia skulking around the library like some B-grade Russian spy? The answer was simple.

Harry Potter.

The Boy Who Lived.

That skinny kid with the glasses.

Call him what you will, he was responsible for Alicia's discomfort. Not knowingly of course. Harry wasn't the type to deliberately cause discomfort. Though You-Know-Who and some notable Slytherins would disagree with that.

Oh! There he was!

Alicia jumped back quicker than Neville did when the Weasley twins offered him food. "That was too close," she muttered to herself as Harry wandered down the adjacent aisle without sparing her a glance.

It was undignified, really. Alicia was Head Girl. Why did she have to miss out on Hogsmeade weekend? Right now, Katie and Angelina would be enjoying Butterbeers in the Three Broomsticks. Fred, George and Lee would be stocking up on Dungbombs at Zonko's.

Alicia was stuck at Hogwarts. She'd been following Harry around for over an hour and it was getting rather tedious. For such a valiant hero, he had a boring life.

Speaking of…

Where had he gone now? Alicia squinted down the aisle where Harry had been standing only moments ago. Great. She'd lost him. Merlin knows where he'd slipped off to this time. Professor Dumbledore would really get his knickers in a twist if Harry managed to sneak out of the castle.

"Why are you following me?"

Alicia jumped in surprise, whacking her elbow on a shelf in the process. Almost reluctantly she turned around. It was Harry. But she had known that before she'd seen him. After being on the Quiddtich team with him for five years she'd recognised his voice immediately.

"Hi, Harry. Fancy seeing you here," she smiled innocently. Harry, however, wasn't going to be conned so easily.

"Alicia, I've run into you in the Common Room, the Great Hall, the Quidditch pitch and now in the library. I don't know about you but that seems a little suspicious to me."

"Coincidence?" Alicia rubbed her elbow.

"Really? That's some coincidence then," the fifteen-year-old crossed his arms.

"I really don't need this," Alicia groaned and tucked a strand of brown hair behind her ear. "Dumbledore can do his own dirty work."

"Dumbledore asked you to keep an eye on me," Harry said, realisation dawning.

"He thinks I'm some sort of babysitter. Like I have nothing better to do than follow you around all day," she complained. Harry raised his eyebrows inquisitively. "Oh, no offence, Harry. I'd just rather be in Hogsmeade."

"So would I," he nodded in reply. Harry hadn't been allowed to go because Dumbledore and co. thought he'd be vulnerable to a Death Eater attack out in the open. Honestly, it was like they thought he was made of porcelain.

Alicia looked at her feet awkwardly. Talking to him during training and at games was all fine and good but what would they possibly have to say to each other now? Harry was first to break the silence.

"Well, I promise I'll stay in the library and be good so you might as well go to Hogsmeade for the last couple of hours. There's no point in both of us missing out on the fun because I'm a magnet for trouble."

Alicia smiled gratefully and she was about to leave when she happened to catch sight of Harry's luminous green eyes. Something stopped her mid-stride.

"Tell you what, how about I keep you company," she offered.

"No, thanks. I'll be fine by myself."

"Nonsense," Alicia waved her hand. "Besides, Hogsmeade is terribly over-rated."

Harry was becoming cross and flustered. "I don't need looking after."

Alicia smirked despite herself. "Yes, I think you've proven that on more than enough occasions."

"Then why'd you spy on me?"

"Because Dumbledore asked me to keep an eye on you. And you know how persuasive he can be. So, I figured I might as well do the world a favour and protect Wonder Boy."

"Wonder Boy?" Harry glared.

"Relax, I was joking."

A smile tugged at the corners of Harry's mouth. "I didn't think Head Girls were allowed to joke."

"Oh, we can joke." She turned and walked off. Harry felt oddly compelled to follow the older student so he hurried after her. She led him through the labyrinth of bookshelves to the tables set up for study. At first she didn't even appear to be aware of her pursuer but she sat cross-legged on the table and spun around to face him. Harry just stood there looking like a fish out of water.

"I don't bite much," Alicia said gently. Harry blushed and stumbled over to sit beside her with his legs dangling over the edge.

The pair sat in the vast silence for several moments before Alicia burst into giggles without warning. Harry just gave her a startled look. "What is it?"

"I was just thinking," she shrugged. "I'm alone in the library with Harry Potter."


"You know how many girls would kill to be in my position?"

"Please don't tell me you buy all that rubbish," Harry rolled her eyes.

"If I was one of your groupies I wouldn't be sitting here with my hands folded in my lap, sugar," she replied evenly.

Harry blushed again. Was it unusually hot in the library today? No. Alicia had called him sugar. She'd never done that before. He would have remembered it.

Alicia was getting rather hot and bothered herself. She was flirting with a minor. She'd be thrown in Azkaban, not to mention the lynching she'd receive from his fan club.

But it had only been a knee jerk reaction. It wasn't everyday she found herself alone with a cute boy. And Harry was cute. Alicia couldn't deny that. She'd often admired him from afar, as one would admire a painting. Seeing Harry up close and personal threw him under a whole new light. He was no longer a distant figure. He was real.

And he was sitting beside her.

Harry caught her staring at him out of the corner of his eye. Her soft brown hair fell around her shoulders and her blue eyes were contemplative. He'd never noticed how pretty she was. Ok, so maybe he had. But only once or twice.

The silence became too much for him and he turned to fully face her. Their eyes locked for a heartbeat. Alicia leant closer till the tip of her nose almost touched his. Harry gulped and tried to stay calm. Easier said than done when Alicia Spinnet's lips were mere inches from his.

"You know, Harry," she said, her voice barely a whisper, sweet breath caressing his face, "if this were a cheesy Muggle movie starring Hugh Grant I'd have to kiss you right now."

Harry couldn't speak. Alicia smiled innocently and withdrew. "Lucky for you, this isn't a movie."

"Yeah, lucky for me," he muttered.

"How about we go toss a Quaffle around?" Alicia slipped off the table.

"Uh, sure."

Harry and Alicia spent the rest of the day together. There were no more 'almost kisses' and Harry was silently gratefully. He was still trying to get over the first one. She wouldn't have kissed him…would she?

Harry was debating this when everyone returned. Hermione and Ron sat on either side of him and Harry only noticed them when Hermione tapped him on the shoulder.

"You all right, mate?" Ron frowned in concern.

"I'm fine."

Ron and Hermione exchanged doubtful glances behind his back then handed him some Honeyduke's sweets and gave him sympathetic looks.

"How was your day?" Hermione finally asked.

"Dumbledore had me tailed. I'm a flight risk apparently," he explained shortly, his ire rising again.

"That must have been horrible," Hermione said. "Who did he get to follow you?"

"Alicia Spinnet," Harry grunted.

Ron's eyes widened. "Well, I can see how that must have been unbearable. I know I hate it when pretty, older girls stalk me."


Harry just hid a smile as Hermione chided Ron. He wouldn't say it was entirely unbearable…


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