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Madam Pomfrey doesn't often get Fred Weasley himself in her infirmary — she rather receives his classmates who are subject to his pranks.

Foul play, I'm afraid, Madam Hooch informs her privately, those yellow, hawkish eyes of gold squinting in obvious displeasure. Regarding the cheers and multitude of screams outside Hogwarts, Pomfrey had assumed a serious Quidditch injury.

Several of the older Ravenclaw players are rounded up, trudging over to Dumbledore's office with guilty and colorless, baffled expressions.

"His ear can be repaired, and the hearing loss should be only temporary," Pomfrey speaks to McGonagall who sighs out in tremendous relief and presses a hand over her bosom.

Charlie Weasley has been patiently waiting outside of the hospital wing, but as soon as Fred wakes up, George Weasley appears out of nowhere, storming in right for his brother. Pomfrey was not aware George knew which part of the hospital wing Fred had been taken.

"You're a STUPID blighter, you know that?" he yells down at Fred who startles. "Nearly getting yourself KILLED for me! What were you thinking—"

A flash of cheeky, brilliantly warm grin. Fred turns the bandaged side of his head to his twin, mocking a 'cupping' hand motion around an invisible ear, as if asking him to speak louder.

George's lips tremble. He bursts out laughing, falling down next to Fred and hugging him tightly.

Pomfrey steps away, behind the curtain, and looks away as Fred teases his brother good-naturedly, petting George's red hair and burying his face in.



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