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Chapter 40

Five Years Later:

Shane and Oliver walked into Matthew and Lucas' room as the boys were in their beds, Matthew was reading, and Lucas was looking at a sports magazine.

"Lucas, come here," Shane sat down on the edge of Matthew's bed, "I have something I want to give each of you. Your first birthday present," She gave each boy a bag, "I can't believe you're already almost ten years old," She started to cry.

"Mom!" Lucas sighed, "Please promise you won't cry at our party tomorrow. I know you and Dad are sad but-" He stopped talking as he opened up the tissue paper and saw what the gift was, "Letters to My Baby," He read the title of the book, as hr flipped through the pages he saw envelopes, and writing prompts, he assumed the letters were in the envelopes. He didn't know what to say, "Mom, did you write these for us?" He asked as she nodded, he head he asked, "When?"

"I wrote them when I was pregnant with you two, I have ones for Julia, and Elizabeth I'll give them when they turn ten."

"Wow," Matthew said as he read another letter, "Mom these are so well written and so nice," He hugged her "Thank you. Just so you know I have had lots of fun times with you and Dad. I loved Disney World and singing in the church choir."

The door opened and nine-year-old Julia walked in holding the hand of five-year-old Elizabeth, "Are you having a party without us? You know we're the cute ones."

"Julia, you knock on your brother's door before entering, you know that," Oliver told his daughter, "I hope you did not wake your sister up."

"I had a nightmare," Elizabeth began to cry as she ran to her parents, "Julia gave me this," She held up Julia's old Nemo stuffed animal, "It's old. But I like it," Elizabeth gave the toy a hug."

"Yes, your older sister loves you very much," Shane kissed Elizabeth's blonde hair, "Now why don't you sit here with Mommy, Daddy, Lucas, Matthew and Julia. We're talking about all the fun things we've done as a family."

"I like school," Elizabeth smiled, "Everyone loves me!" She grinned. As she had three older siblings in the school teachers already knew who Elizabeth was before her first day of Kindergarten. She was so excited for Kindergarten she didn't need her parents to stay at all, she just went right into her classroom and started playing. She already had friends and she loved talking about her older siblings, especially Julia who she got along with extra well.

"My teacher likes you more than me," Julia agreed, "She hates me for no reason."

Oliver and Shane looked at their oldest daughter, "Your teacher does not hate you Julia she just wishes, as do your mother and I that you would stop acting up in class."

"I make class more interesting," Julia told her parents, "Class is so boring. I can do all my homework so easily; I don't need to study."

As she got older it was becoming more clearer that Julia was very smart. She tested so high on her end of the year test that her grade three teacher suggested she skipped a grade. Shane and Oliver knew that would cause problems though as, that would mean she'd be in the same grade as her brother's. She fought with them enough already her being in their grade would only make things worse. Another thing Shane and Oliver were concerned about is how she'd do socially in an upper grade, even though she knew girls in her brother's grade it was clear she was younger and not as mature as they were. In the end Shane and Oliver decided she'd be given grade fib work when she was finished with her schoolwork. The trouble was now she was acting up in class, probably because she was board. Luckily it was only October so Shane and Oliver hoped she'd settle into class more.

"If you didn't act up in class you know you'd get harder work," Shane told her daughter, "You know you love school and you're smart. You know not to act up. This harder work will be so good for you Julia."

"I suppose so," Julia sighed, "I could try and see how easy it is. Just as long as I can still go to swimming class. I need to be a lifeguard as soon as I'm old enough too. I want everything perfect so I can be a Marine Biologist. "

"You've always liked fish," Lucas told her, "Do you remember Disney World and how you dressed up as Ariel."

"I remember a little bit, but I've seen the movies and pictures," Julia told him, "I still like Ariel and Nemo but now I want to learn more about actual fish and sea creatures. When we go to Disney World next, I'll take Elizabeth to ger dress up like a princess."

"No," Elizabeth shook her head, "I want to be Hermione!"

"Harry Potter isn't owned by Disney," Julia told her younger sister, "Besides you're not a Gryffindor you're a Hufflepuff. I'm a Ravenclaw like Dad and Matthew and Mom and Lucas are Slytherin."

"I'm all alone," Elizabeth pouted.

"Auntie Rita is a Hufflepuff," Julia told her, "There's a Harry Potter theme park near Disney World. I want to go to the Harry Potter theme park."

"Me too!" Elizabeth cheered.

Shane and Oliver shared a look and then smiled at each other. "Well we were going to tell you all this after the boys birthday party tomorrow, but your father and I are planning a trip to Orlando. We're going there just before Christmas. We're driving this time and we're going to rent a condo, so we'll have more space and rooms then we did before. This time we're going to go to Disney World and Universal this time.

"Yay!" All four kids cheered at the same time.

"Come on Elizabeth," Julia took her younger sister's hand, "I'll start reading you the first Harry Potter book."

"Okay," Elizabeth followed her sister.

"I'll come too," Shane knew Elizabeth had been a little scared of the movie and wanted to make sure the book would be okay for her. "Happy Birthday," She kissed Matthew and Lucas on the cheek before following her daughters out of the room


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