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This is book 1 in a series.

Chapter 1

Time seemed to slow down until each moment felt like it lasted years. Harry watched with horror, his heart thumping in his chest, as the red light left Bellatrix's wand and began to fly towards Sirius. Filled with desperation and adrenalin, Harry launched himself towards Sirius, shielding him from Bellatrix's curse. With a jolt, time speeds up from its slow crawl until everything was happening so fast that Harry barely had time to blink before the force of the curse sent both him and Sirius tumbling through the Veil.

After Harry and Sirius fell through the veil, everyone in the department of mysteries froze; wands held mid casting as they stared at the spot where their savior and his godfather had disappeared, never to return. A high-pitched screech pierced the air; jolting everyone to look over to Voldemort who was slowly melting into a pile of sludge. In a combination of amazement and horror, Hermione whispered: "It's just like the death of the wicked witch from the East in the Wizard of Oz." And with one final screech, Voldemort accidentally absorbed all his Horcruxes and exploded.

While all this was happening, Harry and Sirius found themselves standing in a great stone hall with door's marked Elves, Men, Dwarfs, and Hobbits. Clutching tightly to Sirius's sleeve, Harry softly whispered: "Where are we?". Taking a deep breath and making sure that Harry couldn't see his fear, Sirius pulled Harry closer and sighed "I don't know, Harry. I don't know." Together, Harry and Sirius huddled in the silent hall when the low sound of footsteps and cursing reached them. Spinning around, Sirius pulled Harry behind him and came face to face with a surprised Snape. While Sirius and Snape stared at each other in shock, Harry peered around Sirius catching Snape's attention. Sighing in relief Snape whispered, "I am so glad that your safe, Harry."

Blinking in surprise at Snape, Harry whispered sadly "But you hate me." Rearing back in shock, Snape opened his mouth to speak before closing it only to repeat a couple of times before he managed to say, "But Dumbledore told me that he had explained my role as a spy and why I had to be so hard on you while favoring my Slytherins over everyone else in order to keep you-know-who from discovering my role as a spy." Frowning in confusion, Harry replied softly "Dumbledore never explained that you were acting. He said that you didn't like me because my father saved your life and that you didn't like him." Taking a deep breath, Snape knelt down to Harry's height then looking straight into his mesmerizing Avada green eyes, in a solemn voice said, "Harry, I swear on my magic that I have never hated you and that everything I have done was to protect you." As soon as Snape stopped talking, his magic flared out in a swirl of midnight blue with pale blue specks scattered through it. Then just as quickly as Snape's magic surged out of him, it snapped back in leaving Harry to stare in awe at his potions professor.

Shifting awkwardly, Sirius cleared his throat before stiffly saying "Thank you for looking after Harry when I couldn't, Snape." Nodding to Sirius, Snape replied, "Call me Severus as I don't think we will be returning to the wizarding world any time soon." Feeling his heart sink, Harry whispered: "But why can't we return home?" Pulling Harry closer to him, Sirius opened his mouth to reply when a deep reverberating voice said, "If you wanted to the judgment and fickleness of the wizarding world, then I won't stop you, but I am offering the three of you a chance to grow up in a family that loves you and to save a world that deserves to be saved." Spinning towards the source of the voice, Harry, Sirius, and Severus found themselves facing one of the most beautiful people they had ever seen. The man was tall and slender, with aristocratic angles and high cheeks that hinted at the power he possessed. Long dark hair that fell in gentle waves contrasted sharply with his white skin and vivid blue eyes. The most curious thing Harry noticed that two pointed ears peeked from beneath the black hair.

While Harry was gapping at the stunning being before him, Severus and Sirius pulled him behind them trying to shield him from the stranger. Chuckling at the three wizards' antics, the being said: "There is no need to fear me. I am Mandos, the Valar of death." Pausing, Mandos looked down at the three wizards sadly before he continued to speak, "I have brought the three of you here as all that awaits you in the wizarding world is fear and persecution. I can send you to Arda where I'm not promising life will be easy, but I can promise that you will find a family and a purpose."

Taking a deep breath, Harry quickly peered between Sirius and Severus while asking "What would happen if we returned to the wizarding world?" Looking sadly at Harry, Mandos, in a low voice replied "For a while, they would revere the three of you for your roles in defeating Voldemort but in a few decades they would begin to resent you for the power you possess. They would begin to claim that only a dark lord could defeat another dark lord. Eventually, you would either be forced to flee the wizarding world or would be locked up in Azkaban." Gasping in horror, Harry softly whispered, "I would like to give Arda a try." Nodding Severus and Sirius both said, "We will follow Harry as there isn't much waiting for us back home."

Nodding, Mandos waved his hand conjuring a massive stone table. On top of the table was the best 3D image Harry had ever seen. The image appeared to be an exquisitely detailed map. Beckoning them forward, Mandos pointed to a spot on the map near a settlement labeled Imladris as he said, "This is a place in Arda called middle earth. When I place you there, I will change you into Elflings as your age and the magic you possess would not allow you to go straight to middle earth as adult elves." Before they could say anything, Mandos snapped his fingers and the last thing Harry, Sirius, and Severus could remember was utter darkness taking over them.