Warning: Temporary Character Death (don't worry, time travel fixes it)

Inspired by carvings by reminiscence on ao3

Where had it gone wrong? Alain stared out over the city as red vines sprouted out from the ground, destroying buildings. The Director was talking, speaking, preaching about how this would bring the world to peace. But the words were fuzzy, falling on deaf ears.

He gasped, trying to breathe, to fight against the rock that had lodged itself in his throat.

"Alain, this is all thanks to you. We used the Mega Evolution energy to control Zygarde. The Mega Evolution energy you kept on collecting is proving very useful for the destruction of the world."

It was like a waterfall of cold water was dumped on him, sending chills up and down his spine. A low pitched whine rumbled in his throat. This… was because of him? All of this?

The destruction of the city he called home? The destruction of the world? He clenched his fist so hard, the sharp bite of his nails digging into his skin through his gloves didn't wake him from this nightmare that was continuing to unfold from him.

His knees gave up, and he collapsed, breathing harshly as he peered over the tower's edge. Beads of sweat ran down his face. No… No… Alain slammed his fist into the ground. "Mairin... Chespin… What I was…. What as I fighting for?!" Rage and disgust warred inside of him, twisting and wrapping, suffocating him.

Where had it gone wrong? What had the last two years been about? All he had ever wanted was to protect the people he loved. How… why… what….

"Helping Chespie and helping Mairin… that pure wish of yours is truly noble."

Lies. All lies! Alain didn't want to hear that from… from… him! This was noble? This madness? Destruction?!

"Alain! ALAIN!"

He didn't want to hear it!

"-I want to possess that power as well."

The screams broke Alain out of his stupor and he twirled around just in time to see the glowing red Mega Evolution energy hit Ash and his Greninja.

"No!" Alain shouted. "Stop it!" Not Ash too. He failed Mairin, he failed Chespie, he failed Professor Sycamore. He didn't want to add Ash to that list.

('But wasn't Ash already on the list?' his mind whispered darkly. Hadn't Alain already betrayed him? Ash was only hurting now because Alain had stood by and done nothing-!)

The intensity of the beams only increased further. Alain watched horror as Ash screamed louder. His legs felt like lead, frozen to the ground. Charizard's pokeball rumbled on his belt and Alain gripped it, ready to release his friend.

"What do you think you're doing?" the Director- no Lysandre asked.

Alain quelled, trembling but another scream from Ash jolted him out of it. "Stopping you," he said harshly. "Charizard! Free Ash and his Pokemon!"

Charizard materialized with a loud roar. A swift strike of Dragon Claw shattered the cuffs. Alain followed his friend up, catching Ash as he fell.

His heart stuttered a beat. "Ash? Are you alright?" Silence. No… something was wrong. "Ash...?" Alain asked again, shaking him. The younger boy's eyes remained closed, not a single breath drawn.

Pikachu jumped between Alain and Ash, onto Ash's chest, calling out frantically. "Pikapi!" His cheeks sparkled, pumping a Thunderbolt into Ash.

Alain's heart sunk as there was no response. No. Arceus, please no. He didn't move fast enough. "No, no, no. Ash! Wake up!" Alain shouted, gripping Ash's shoulders tight.

Still no response.

"Oh? Was the Mega Evolution energy too much? I supposed if it worked on a legendary like Zygarde, it would be too much for a frail human to withstand," Lysandre said.

"You- you," Alain said, voice trembling. A fire as hot as Charizard's flames roared in his heart, screaming to the heavens above.

And then everything shattered.



Everlasting white, stretching as far as the eyes could see. Alain floated, no sense of direction of up or down, left or right.

What happened to Ash? To Lysandre?

Where was he?

'The Chosen One is dead.'

Alain twirled around and came face to face to Arceus. He gulped, suddenly aware he was in the presence of the creator of their world. Arceus towered over him, larger than any legend could have described.

'You are an acceptable substitute.'

"W-what?" Alain asked.

'This timeline cannot continue,' Arceus said. 'Without the Chosen One, the world is doomed.'

There was a green spark and a Celebi materialized. It chirped, floating around Alain.

Alain weakly waved hello at Celebi. "Chosen One?" he asked. What was Arceus talking about?

'Will you travel back in time to prevent this?' Arceus asked.

Alain's heart skipped a beat. Time travel? He could prevent this? All this madness? All this destruction? Yes, anything to stop this madness.

"Yes," Alain answered without any hesitation.

'Very well,' Arceus said.

Celebi twirled once more, summoning a green portal and Alain fell.

The world swirled green and he was falling… falling… falling…

Until he fell out of bed with a thud.

This fic... this fic has been eating my brain for a week now. If you follow me on tumblr, you know I've been wailing about this fic. It's been destroying me. So I decided to drag you all down with me, lmao.

I just want to write a fic about this sappy boy and him falling apart all over the place okay? We're gonna cover a bunch of stuff, fix some stuff that anime insists on doing (like nerfing Ash's experience at the start of every region), nice headcanons, and familiar faces.

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