A/N: Originally these were part of a series of multi-fandom drabbles posted on another site. I've decided to condense them by fandom here. All prompts found on the fanfiction subreddit on Reddit. Set after Charmed S4E7. I went a little over the word count on this one. June 2: No shipping! Character A has found the perfect gift to show Character B how much they love them. For all my shippers, I'll have you covered later on! (Up to 500 Words)

"Leo!" Piper called out to her husband as she made her way around the manor. She went downstairs and stood in the living room. "LEO!"

White lights danced in front of her before forming into her husband. "Piper..." He gave her a look, already knowing what she wanted him to do.

"Leo, it's fine," She insisted to him, rolling her eyes. "I just need you to do this for me before Paige gets home."

"Is something wrong?" Phoebe asked as she came down the stairs, Cole following not far behind her. "We heard you yelling."

"Everything's fine. It would be even better if Leo would go ahead and do what I asked."

"Piper, we've been over this. It's personal gain," He insisted to her, sounding like a broken record.

"It's not personal gain. It's for Paige. Really, you'd be doing some poor delivery man a favor - saving him from a trip into demon-central," Piper countered.


"Well... it could happen," Piper said, though she didn't sound very convincing.

"She's right, you know," Cole said with a shrug before putting his arm around Phoebe. The pair were standing off to the side, watching the pair argue. "Technically, it wouldn't be personal gain."

"See? Cole agrees with me," Piper said, gesturing to the half-demon. Maybe he wasn't the best backup on this argument though if she wanted to win it.

"And that's all it is? It doesn't have anything to do with the delivery fee or the otherwise two week wait?" Leo asked her, ignoring the other argument for now.

"If she saves on the delivery fee, we can afford to fix the grandfather clock," Phoebe helpfully chimed in. "Oooh! And it wouldn't be personal gain because Piper hates it."

"I'm not using my powers to orb in a chair so we can save a little money-"

"And get it here in time," Piper reminded him.

"Where's the furniture store?" Cole finally asked. If Leo wasn't willing, Cole certainly didn't have a moral problem transporting it. It would also have the added bonus of stopping the bickering between the couple.

"You'd do that? I thought you were trying to lay low because of all the bounty hunters?" Phoebe asked him, concerned about him shimmering all over town.

"I'll just make a few pit stops on the way back, so long as Paige won't mind her chair dimension hopping," He said, as though it were no big deal.

Leo just shook his head, exhausted by the group and their logic. "I've got to go. One of my charges needs me."

"Just be back for Paige's surprise," Piper told him as he orbed away. She turned to Cole and gave him the address to the furniture store. "Just promise me you'll get it here without it being scorched by an energy ball... or covered in demon slime."

"Cole's risking his life by shimmering and you're concerned about the chair?" Phoebe asked her sister, crossing her arms.

"Do you want to have to pay for another one?"

"Good point. Be careful, sweetie," She said to her boyfriend before leaning in and giving him a kiss.

"I promise your surprise will be here soon," Piper said to her youngest sister as they waited. It had been hours since Cole had left to go get the present and thirty minutes since Paige had arrived home from work. She gave a look to her husband, knowing that if he had just gone to get it like she had asked, it would have been there on time.

As if on cue, Cole shimmered into the room, looking worse for wear, but the chair he'd shimmered in with him was pristine.

Paige gasped at the sight. "Oh my god! You replaced my chair? I told you that you didn't have to."

"I wanted to," Piper insisted to her. "You're part of this family and it was my fault it got destroyed in the first place. If you're going to live here, you deserve to add your own flair to the place," She said before giving her youngest sister a hug.

"Thank you. I love it. I really do. Did you guys have to custom order it?"

Before anyone could answer Paige, a demon bounty hunter shimmered in, throwing an energy ball in Cole's direction. Fortunately for Cole, he was a bad aim, but Paige's brand new chair wasn't so lucky. The stuffing and fabric exploded and burned, leaving a hole in this one too. Cole created an energy ball of his own and threw it, vanquishing the bounty hunter.

All was silent for a few more moments until Leo finally spoke.

"Told you we should have paid the delivery fee."