Okay, let's get things settled right now. The Yu-gi-oh franchise doesn't belong to me. I own certain of the cards, and I am intimately acquainted with the rules of the game. I also watch the dub, and have done research on the sub and the Japanese cards. So, I'll use cards from Japan, and the TV show rules, to fulfill my objectives. I'll also be using a lot of dub names, since I find certain of those names more effective and dramatic than Japanese names. So, to all the all the self-proclaimed purists, if you don't like it, tough.

Now, then, since I've gotten rid of those annoying flamers, I'll talk to the more open-minded Yu-gi-oh literary critics and readers. This fanfic novel series is designed to entertain. It's not canon, though it can co-exist, at present, with the American dub. I'll be bringing back all of the main characters, and I also intend to introduce a few new ones I'll hope you'll like. Finally, to everyone who's wondering why I used "Slifer" instead of "Osiris", which I personally prefer….well, it's a literary device. You'll understand why once you read. Now that I'm done with that long-winded self-promotion, go ahead and read the fic! I hope you like it, and please review it, sharing what you like and what you don't. Oh, I almost forgot! When you see this:

I am the Pharaoh!

Yami is talking. When you see this:

I am a Graverobber!

Bakura is talking. And if you want an accurate idea of what certain cards used look like, go to www.cardhaus.com