(Serena's pov)

I walked in the arcade and I wasn't in such a great mood, cuz I failed yet another test. My mom's head's going to expload when she finds out. I just sat down at the counter 2 seats down from my arch enemy Darien Shields.

"Hey meatball head fail another test?" he asked with that grin placed on his face, boy did I feel like slapping It right of right about now. Why can't he just leave me alone? It would make my life so much easier if he'd just leave me alone.

"Just shut up Darien," I said right when Andrew got there with my chocolate milkshake.

"So Serena you did fail another test?" Andrew asked.

"Yeah, why can't I be like other people, Andrew?"

"Serena what are you talking about I love you just the way you are."

"Yeah Serena give yourself a break I mean not everyone can fail a test in a week and fall on their face atleast 2 times a day," he said laughing so hard he fell on the floor clutching his sides but I didn't notice that he saw the look on Andrew's face when he said it.

"You know what Darien just shut up and leave me the hell alone. Just because you have it so easy, you don't have to go home and see the disappointment on your mom's face because you failed another test, you don't have to see it on your friends either, you don't know the half the crap I have to go through every single night, day in and day out. All I want to be is a normal teen who can just have a regular day for once in my life Darien but no. I have to wake up every day late, run to school, run into you, be harassed by you go to school, get a detention, show up late for meetings with my friends who can't or wont understand what it's like and a whole bunch of other stuff like that." I said while walking out the door.

(Darien's Pov)

I don't know what came over me once again. Me and my big mouth.

"Darien you should go after her," said Andrew having a serious look on his face but I was already gone. I walked out and I couldn't find where she went. There were a lot of people on the sidewalks today. I had no clue but something in my heart was pushing me toward the park. It was kind of cloudy out and it looked like it was about to rain. I started to run toward the park and it started to drizzle.

I went into the park on the brown path along the lake when I heard a scream. I recognized as Serena's which made me run even faster. I started to see her up ahead on the ground. When I got there she looked unconscious and I noticed she had a bruse on her forhead over her right eye. I started to pick her up when I heard a little cry from her when I moved her ankle. But it was only a reaction but that's when I noticed it started to get swollen. I had to get her out of there, she could catch a cold and since my apartment was only a block away so I carefully picked her up and walked quickly but carefully toward my apartment. When I got there I laid her on the couch while I picked up my phone.

Ring, ring.


"Andrew, hey it's Darien I found Serena but she's unconscious and I'm not sure about her ankle can you call her friends to tell her the situation?"

"Yeah sure they'll just call her parent's up and tell them she's sleeping over at Rei's or something."

"Ok thanks a lot, I got to go, I have to check up on her."

"Ok talk to you later."

"Yeah bye," I said while hanging up the phone and grabbing a blanket to cover her up with. First I decided to see what kind of damage was wrong with her, starting with the bump on her forehead. I noticed she had a concussion so I had to be careful. Then I decided to check her ankle. I noticed that it was broken. I grabbed an extra pillow from the other chair and elevated her foot. I then went to grab a bag of ice and placed it in a towel and laid it gently on her ankle. She was going to be out for a little while and it was around 11:00 but I decided I should stay up incase if she wakes up.

She looked so beautiful and peaceful sleeping there. And the moonlight shown on her face made her look somewhat of an angel. I also noticed there was something faint glowing on her faint it looked kind of like a yellow crescent moon but I thought I was just imagining things. Well of course she was my angel but I would never tell anyone that. I was glad I finally got some time to spend with her without anyone else around but I hope I don't say something stupid either to upset her even more. She'll probably be even more upset to know she's in my apartment.

It was starting to get really late and it was getting hard to keep my eyes open till finally I dozed off with out even knowing it.

(Serena's Pov)

When I woke up I wasn't sure exactly where I was and it was very unfamiliar and I was starting to get a little scared. That's when I noticed something or rather someone laying next to my arm. He had dark hair which highly resembled Darien's until I noticed that it was Darien. It seamed as if he stayed up as long as he could. But that's when I got a sharp pain in my head and it hurt so bad I screamed. This woke him up, he looked up and covered his ears.

"Uh what?" he asked. "Oh, I see your finally awake," he said yawing.

"Yeah, what's going on I don't remember anything that just happened."

"After you left the arcade I decided to go look for you and I don't know something told me you were in the park and when I got there I heard you scream. Then I found you unconscious with a big bump on your head. You have a concussion but then when I picked you up I noted that your ankle was swollen. I brought you back here, took care of you, called Andrew who called your friends, who called your parent's so now you're here sleeping on my couch getting rest so don't even think about getting up unless If it's to use my bathroom."

"Oh so that's the pain I'm feeling, well thanks for taking care of me but I really think I should go."

"It's alright just relax and stay put, I'll make you some hot chocolate."

"Are you sure?"



He turned on the tv and the news was on. But what I saw I couldn't believe. They're actually showing a live fight of the sailorscouts.

"No what do they think they're doing! They could get themselves killed!"

"Who?" asked Darien when he finally noticed what was on.

(Darien's pov)

"No what do they think they're doing! They could get themselves killed!"

"Who?" asked Darien when he finally noticed what was on.

Hmm. that's odd why isn't Sailormoon there? I should feel something when their fighting but since she's not there, where is she?

"Where's Sailormoon?" I asked outloud to myself mainly.

"I have no idea," she said a bit hesitantly.

"Where's tuxedo mask?" she asked which made me a little nervous.

"Um, I don't know he's usually there when Sailormoon is right?"

"Um yeah I guess so."

We kept on watching and I was sitting on the chair to the right of the sofa watching it. They weren't getting far without Sailormoon but where could she be. Then we heard on tv mars yelling something like why isn't she here, and where is she.

Serena looked like she wanted to jump out of her seat when she heard her. She looked kind of helpless.

"Serena are you okay?"

"Um no but I can't explain it, and I need to go but I can't," she said looking down at her ankle.

"Oh ok," I decided not to press it any farther. We just kept watching it and finally they dusted them and the news people snuck up on the scouts to ask them questions.

"So you four are sailorscouts? What's it like?"

"Um," Venus looked nervously and annoyed to Mercury who replied.

"Um if you excuse us there seems to be more monster's over there you should probably go."

The camera turned towards where they pointed but they found nothing and turned back and they were gone.

That's when I turned it off, Serena looked at me but she understood.

"Um yeah I'll go check on the, um, er hot chocolate."

"Uh ok."

Then the phone rang, it was Amy. "Serena it's for you, it's Ami," I said while handing it to Serena.

"Um Hello Amy," I heard her say.

(Serena's Pov)

"Um Hello Amy," I said.

"Well if it isn't the little moon bunny, now I know who you and tuxedo boy are it should be easy to kill you, but don't worry it won't be tonight. I don't like to have my prey helpless."

I let out a gasp. Whoever it was knew who I was and apparently Tuxedo Mask.

"Serena what? Serena!"

"Oh huh that um wasn't Amy."

"Oh ok geez you scared me."

"It was some weird creepy voice I think it was a guy and he's out to get sailormoon and tuxedo mask."

"Uh what? How would you know that."

Oh shoot now what do I say to him, um yeah Darien I'm sailormoon and you can't tell anyone either but yeah there's this creepy voice telling me that he's out to get me and he knows who me and Tuxedo Mask are. Little did I know I just said that outloud.

"Wait you're sailormoon?"

"Uh what no."

"But you just said that."

"I did?"

"Ha see so you are sailormoon."

"What no of course not." Thankfully the phone rang again it saved me from more question's at least for now. I picked it up this time, "Uh hello?"

"Serena hey this is Amy."

"Are you sure?"


"Oh ok nevermind I'll tell you later what's up?"

"We just got news from Andrew."

"Oh yeah, we saw you guys on tv? "What do you mean."

"The news reporters."

"What news reporters."

"Stop playing around this isn't funny, you guys were in the park."

"No we weren't what made you have that idea?"

"I just saw it, wait this isn't making sense?"

"Are you feeling ok, maybe you should get some rest."

"No I'm fine Amy I need to talk to you, face to face you have to come over to Darien's Apartment."

"Serena are you sure we should talk about this in front of Darien."

"I'm not sure yet just come over."


"So since you're Sailormoon I guess that makes Amy Mercury and it makes me Tuxedo Mask."

"No I'm not Sailormoon and Amy's not Mercury."

He just smiled and walked toward me till he was leaning over me then he sat down. Then he kissed me on the lips.

"Darien what the heck are you doing!" I said while grabbing his shoulders and pushing him off of me still holding his shoulder's.

"Didn't you hear what I just said?"

"Yeah you said since you're Sailormoon I guess that makes Amy Mercury and it makes me Tuxedo Mask.?" That's when it hit me so I pulled his shoulder's back down and kissed him. At first he was shocked but then he started to kiss me back.