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Serena woke up with the sun shining through her balcony. It was a Saturday and she was grateful or she would have skipped school. It was 10:30 in the morning and Luna was sleeping at the end of the bed. Surprisingly Serena's hair wasn't messed up or her dress didn't have any wrinkles in it.

"Oh Serena I see your awake what time is it?"

"Its 10:30 there's no scout meeting today is there?"

"No, how was the ball last night?"

Deciding on whether she should tell Luna about the girl who spoke to her last night or not she decided she should ask. "It was good my ankles bothering me slightly but I'll be fine. I had a great time with Darien but there's something I have to ask."

"What is it?"

"Well I went outside for a fresh air and this girl appeared and started to talk to me. She looked very familiar."

"How familiar?"

"Um I'm not sure like I've known her my whole life yet I've never seen her in my life."

"Hmm, a lunarian?"

"A lunarian?"

"Someone from the moon."

"Oh, maybe well she talked about destiny."

"Really, hmm anything important, like about our enemy?"

"No, just gave me some advice but when Darien showed up I turned to find her and I couldn't find her anywhere."

"That's quite odd, let's keep this to ourselves for now."

"Good, I didn't want to bother the other girls about it for now, especially since none of them seen her."

"Ok well I'm going to go out for a while so I'll see you later." "Ok Luna, bye."

Just then the phone rang which startled Serena. She just stared at it and it just kept ringing.

"Geez why won't anyone answer the phone," she murmured under her breath.

"Hello little rabbit, its seams as though your days are getting shorter."

Serena threw the phone down and backed up.

"Aw how nice the rabbit's scared, what did you think I would just tell you that I'm coming after you and tuxedo boy one day and never hear from me again. I just wanted to make sure you remembered me, I guess I was right. See you around sailormoon."

She then heard the phone on the other end click. And she picked up the phone and put it back on the receiver.

"Serena, honey, you have a visitor," her mom yelled from downstairs.

"That's odd why didn't she pick up the phone, I didn't even hear the doorbell ring."

Serena came downstairs and saw Darien sitting on the couch and her mom sitting in the chair across from him.

"Mom why didn't you pick up the phone?"

"What are you talking about sweetie?"

"The phone it rang."

"No it didn't, are you feeling alright, maybe it's your ankle."

"No my ankles fine, I'm fine, the phone rang."

"Hmm, Darien I don't think she's feeling ok maybe you two can go out some other time."

"No mom I'm fine, we'll see you later."

"Are you sure? Ok but be back in time for dinner."

"Ok mom."

"Serena what was all that about."

"The phone rang and that guy who called from your apartment when I was there said that my time is getting shorter and some how he could see me because when I heard him the first time I threw the phone down and back away and he said I was scared."

"Are you sure maybe it was the fact that you threw it down?"

"Maybe, but somehow I doubt it."

"Yeah well have you told Luna about this?"

"No she left already and I forgot to mention it."

"Hmm well I think I have a place that will make you fell better."


We walked in silence just enjoying each others company. We walked to the park into the rose garden. That's when we heard a scream.

"Transform," we said at the same time.

We followed the screams but no one was there except the sailorscouts who just got there too.

"What's going on," asked Mars.

"I don't know."

Then we heard laughter.

"Well if it isn't the little sailorbrats." I recognized that voice!

"Who's there?" asked Jupiter.

"It's you! What do you want?"

Then out of no where something grabbed Sailormoon from behind.

"None of you move or you'll have to watch a very slow painful death."

"And what do you expect us to do stand here while you kill our leader."

"Actually no I thought I would entertain you." With a snap blue and black monster like thing surrounded the scouts. "Get your hands off me you creep."

"Aw all I wanted to do was to tell you," but he was cut off by and bright arrow in is left shoulder. "Ow who's there?"

Everyone stopped and looked at where the arrow came from. There was a silhouette of a girl on a building but in she jumped off somewhere and disappeared.

"Your lucky today lovebirds, but your time will come." He too disappeared.

"What was that all about?" asked Mina.

"That guys stalking me and tuxedo mask and he's out to kill us."

"Oh why didn't you tell us about this?"

"It only happened a couple of days ago."

"Oh, well what's he been doing?"

"Calling and today when he called my mom didn't hear the phone; she thinks I'm crazy or something."

"We'll have to talk about this later, I have to get home," said Mars.

"Yeah me too," replied Sailormoon.

Darien and Serena decided to go back to the rose garden to calm their nerves before Darien had to take Serena home for dinner.

"You're the one who saved us today?" She said as she looked up.

"Uh what?"

"Yes, I am."

Darien then noticed a girl about Serena's age who kind of looked like Serena.

"Are you two related?"

"That's none of you're concern right now, but there's something you must know. There's going to be obstacles you have to face. But if there's any two people who can do this, then it's you and only you. I am not an enemy Darien so do not fear me, me and my court are here to help you. But we can't do this alone and your powers aren't strong enough to withstand this evil."

"You mean that strange guy who's been calling us telling us he's going to kill us."

"Yes, he was going to try and kill you before I could get to you. He's only the start there is a series of fight's your going to have to fight before you're over and I know with our help we can defeat this." She said smiling while taking a necklace out of her shirt.

"I know that necklace, but wait you can't be."

"Ah Darien I see you've heard of me."

"Yeah, you're an Amazon Guardian."

"You're correct; I am the Amazon Guardian of the moon. With this key I'll be able to transform your powers to a higher level."

"But I don't have any powers."

"You are quite wrong Darien. You are the prince of earth also known as Tuxedo mask. You have the power to heal and you can make roses appear out of no where. I also believe you are a very good swordsman whom I hope to challenge in the near future, none of the other guys are much of a challenge."

"Hey I heard that," said a man a little taller then the Amazon Guardian. He had Dark hair close to Darien's and the same eyes.

"Oh stop being such a baby you know it's true."

"You look familiar too, do I know you from somewhere."

"You shouldn't worry about that to much that will be answered in time but if she stops cracking jokes about me then you may be able to receive your new powers sometimes soon."

"Yea, yeah I'm getting to it. Hold out your locket and rose. Now close your eyes and think only of your locket and rose and hold hands." She held out her key which had a moon in the middle with wings extending from it. "Crystal key transform." Bright pink and silver along with red and gold danced with each other. The pink and silver entered Serena and the red and gold entered Darien. There stood Serenity and Endymion.

Around Serena's neck was a necklace that had a silver moon with silver wings and a silver key, it was exactly the same as the Amazon guardians expect hers was gold.

Darien's was a rose, the symbol of the earth with 2 swords criss-crossing behind the rose and it was a key also. It was exactly the same as the dark haired man in front of him except for the fact the Darien's was gold and the dark haired man's was silver.

Darien looked at him quizzically.

"I am the Amazon Guardian of Earth if you must know Endymion," he said with a smile know exactly what the he was thinking.

"Well then I guess that would explain it then."

"We have to go for now but we'll meat again soon." They said as they disappeared leaving Serena and Darien back to their normal selves.

"Serena have you met her before?"

Then all of a sudden they heard a scream come from the pond.