A Red Savior CH 00 Prologue.

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His end made him bitter. The bitterness gave way to some form of routine of hopelessness.

Really, he didn't know when he began to reject the emotions to the adventures that he did once upon a time, the motivations of peace that he used to have and still are with him. The thought that the happiness-that-would-be-one-day was corrupted by the mere fact that the end was always, in the best of cases, bittersweet. Even if there was a happy ending for the people involved, he could see a terrible fate in the horizon.

He was a cynic, no doubt. But even if he saw a distasteful end, that doesn't mean that it always happens. Nevertheless, it was difficult to be optimistic after so much. The people he's sacrificed are innumerable, guilty or not, only for an impossible ideal.

And he could continue acomplishing his duty, once, and over, and over, and the people will keep dying by his hands.

"But that's how I see it." he drew out.

In this place, the distant dawn was his only partner on that hill, while he observed the scene that was developing in front of him.

It was The War happening in all it's splendor and horror.

Thousands of beings were fighting in a battle for supremacy. Their beautiful faces (for the human standard) were soaked with sweat, grime and blood. Staining their clothes with the blood of their enemies or allies while they fell one by one in this battlefield.

Flashes of light and darkness bombarding the site. The explosions generated by the powers unleashed in the conflict made the earth shake and created craters all over the place. Weapons borne of mistery or forged in steel robbing lives, staining the edges with the crimson liquid of life.

In another part of the immense meadow dyed in vermillion, the battle between five beings of incredible power, one of them with the power equivalent to the four distorted the landscape and made the sky itself tremble all the while it was covered by darkness.

This could only be the Armageddon.

And that's why he was here.

"Such is the destiny of a Counter Guardian." he whispered with a hard tone.

It wasn't necessarily in his nature to meditate about his responsabilities, it was simply something that was aggravated by the brutal and endless cycle of death in his life, or more specifically, after his death.

He could briefly remember one moment in which everything was okay. In which the people that sorrounded him were happy. The death and pain that would come were ignored, because the happiness was still there, the town that he saved was happy.

And like that, between all of of his reflexions, it happened.

His eyes that were closed to the world, for just a moment let him see something that he forgot while submerged in hopelessness. His ideal buried in the cycle of deaths without end. And after so much he finally found it, waiting in his soul. A lie. A false dream, nevertheless so beautiful.

Like that he took a choice. Disobeying the order that was given to him for his mission.

If he couldn't stop all the devastation in time, a lot more lives would be lost. Hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions. The innocent people will die wihtout knowing the cause of their death.

So he ran in the direction of the battlefield because there was only one thing that he had to do. One last thing to do to prevent the genocide from spreading even more.

Because no matter how much he wants to hide it, he was still a stupid idealist.

In one jump he landed in the center of the conflict. The beings sorrounding him observed, expectant. Only when he gave the first step he created a sword to parry the strange lance of light aiming to the chest of one of his foes, going through and killing instantly. While his other hand dug in another sword in the neck of his first enemy.

His actions caused a reaction. Wrath marred their expressions while they were heading towards him with the intent to kill.

"I am the bone of my sword".

(He began the chant of his journey filled with swords and battles).

Two sword in crosses formation appeared in the air blocking an axe held by a giant, while a third sword used as a projectile went through it's head.

"Steel is my body and fire is my blood".

(There's something growing inside of him).

"I have created over a thousand blades".

(A world, filled with infinite weapons).

He ran without stopping to the front. A black bow that appeared in his hands let him fire a rain of swords over them. Some of his projectiles were blocked, but the majority went through the bodies of his unfortunate enemies.

"Unknown to death",

(He arrived to where no common man could reach).

"Nor known to life".

(Supassing every limit of the body).

A spear in his hand made the light attack that was falling towards him disappear. Meanwhile the other hand held a spear of smaller size, it let him block a sword with the intention to take his head.

"Have withstood pain to create many weapons".

(He arrived to the infinite place called "soul").

"Yet, those hands will never hold anything".

(Looking for a miracle and making it reality).

With an explosion behind he lands in front of five other beings of incredible power. They directed him a look that would make others fall to their knees and temble in fear for the simple fact of interrupting their fight.

"So, as I pray"

(Saving everyone, an impossible ideal).

He smiled. Still running towards them.

"Unlimited Blade Works"

(An everdistant utopia).

A circle of fire emerged from his body. It enveloped his foes while they disappeared with him.

Like that, the man with a body made of blades joined the battlefield that would define the fate of this world.

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