Because this is a long fanfiction that is broken into three parts, here is a little chapter/part index explaining what each part will focus on (without giving away any real spoilers).

Part One (Chapters One - Nine) will focus on how Ruby and Fernando get back together after that kiss under the fireworks in the movie. This part will touch upon the big question of "Who is Donna's father?" and give some background information as to why Ruby and Fernando broke up all those years ago in Mexico. There will also be some Sophie/Ruby bonding here.

Part Two (Chapters Ten - Fifteen) will take place a few months after the reconciliation of Ruby and Fernando during the time that Sophie is still pregnant. This part of the story will test Ruby and Fernando's relationship with day-to-day life challenges as they begin a new life together on the island of Kalokairi.

Part Three to be announced shorty.

Please note this chapter contains a sex scene.

Part One

Chapter One

Fireworks of every color and size continued to go off around Hotel Bella Donna until well past midnight. The music and singing were both endless; people begged to hear more music from The Dynamos and from Ruby. Every single guest had been completely blown away by the sheer talent and passion that emanated from the women as they sang. Eventually, it seemed that everyone had finally gotten the opportunity to meet the singers, and a brief moment of silence allowed most of the family members to slip into the hotel for a moment's peace.

There were fewer guests inside Hotel Bella Donna than outside. Sophie encouraged her family to follow her into a private dining room filled with tables and arm chairs. It was decorated with massive paintings and portraits of Donna. There were also multiple arrangements of flowers and plants that bordered the walls. Sophie closed the doors once her family was in the room, and she sighed sweetly, a smile spreading across her face. She looked at Sky, then over at her fathers who were all beaming back at her with immense pride. Her gaze finally swept across Rosie and Tanya, over to her grandmother, Ruby, whose fingers were now intertwined with her long lost love's.

Tanya suddenly took a few steps forward towards Sophie. "I know I'm not the first person to tell you this," she said softly, "but your mother would have been so happy with how this place has turned out."

"And proud about the baby too." added Rosie.

Sophie, her heart beating heavily with a mixture of longing and happiness, sank down into an armchair next to Sky, the others following her lead and sat down too. They all were quiet for a long moment, feeling Donna's undeniable presence in the room, some of them wiping their eyes, others just reminiscing about the bittersweet memories.

Towards the end of the party, Alexio, the man who had helped bring the guests to the island much earlier that evening, lead several people back down to the dock to depart on boats. Other guests, however, were more than excited to be the first people to stay at Hotel Bella Donna.

Sophie opened up a book of blank pages and then began taking the names of her guests and assigning them rooms. She quickly looked over at Fernando and Ruby who were behind her, talking with Bill and Harry. "Cienfuegos," Sophie called, "Can you help me?"

Fernando, who had been completely ignoring what Harry was saying because he was staring at Ruby's smile, took a quick step forward towards Sophie. For the first time that night, he remembered that he was actually attending the hotel party as a manager, not as a guest. All of the singing and conversing and kissing had definitely erased all thoughts about work from his mind. Nevertheless, he loyally came to assist Sophie.

"Sorry." Sophie whispered to him, knowing that she was taking him away from a magical moment. "But I really need your help showing people to their rooms and handing out keys. Some of them are a little drunk."

Sky was already helping people with their suitcases and instruments. Rosie and Tanya had returned to the now vacant bar and were laughing hard about something. Sam was talking to a few of the staff members who were cleaning up.

Fernando agreed to help right away. He was, however, determined to move fast so that he could get back to holding the hand of his love and kissing her like no time had gone by. He stepped back to speak with her for a moment. He faced her and took both of her hands in his own, tracing his thumbs over over bones. "Wait for me please, my love." he said, then kissed her gently, as if to tempt her not to leave before he returned.

It was three in the morning by the time everyone had been shown their rooms and gotten settled in. Sam had returned to his home on the island, and even Rosie and Tanya had left the bar to get some sleep. Rumor had it that Rosie and a very drunk Bill had sneaked off somewhere private. Fernando, hurrying down a set of stone stairs, returned to the courtyard where the party had been. Sophie was still there. She looked tired and was leaning her head on Sky's shoulder while gripping onto his arm.

"Thank you so much, Cienfuegos." Sophie managed to say while stifling a yawn. "And now that Sky is back home, you should take a well earned day off tomorrow. You've been too much help to the two of us." she raised her eyebrows. "And to my grandmother, of course."

Fernando grinned with appreciation. "Thank you very much, Sophie." he said, "you have a wonderful night. I know your family is proud of you and so am I."

Sophie beamed back at him for a few seconds before walking off, arm in arm with Sky.

The courtyard had already been cleaned up by staff members, and it was now completely deserted except the beautiful woman sitting alone at the bar, waiting with her legs crossed and a drink in her hand. She waited patiently, her eyes lingering on the man that she had been dancing with and kissing all night long, still wanting nothing more than to have him come to her side.

Fernando gradually strolled over to Ruby, taking his time, making sure to absorb every detail of her glittering outfit and her ageless face. Although every light had now been turned off, the thousands of stars from above illuminated her figure, causing her to glow in a way that no other woman could. Every now and then, a firework was set off again in the distance.

"Your radiance tonight is something I never thought I would have the privileged of seeing again." Fernando said. His voice was strong, but there was a trace of lightheartedness behind his words. Nothing could stop him from pouring out his heart to Ruby. Things had gone wrong between them, yes, and so very many years had passed too, but he would not hold back anything that he felt for this woman.

Ruby put down her drink and looked back into her lover's eyes, drowning in them as if no time had passed at all. "I never thought I would see you again either." she half whispered. "You broke my heart into tiny pieces." And her smile faded a bit.

Fernando lowered himself down onto the stool beside her, feeling his heart sink as well. "You're the one who left me." he said somberly, reminding her of this. His eyes no longer met hers. "If you had only given me the chance, I would have fixed it. I would have-"

Ruby cut him off by placing her hand atop his. "Tomorrow." she said. "We can talk tomorrow." There was still a lingering pain between them, but after a night of absolute magic, neither of them were willing to allow anything to ruin the lasting love, not even the memories of heartbreak.

They stared at one another again, a deep intense stare filled with so many different emotions. Ruby felt the undeniable urge to start crying, but at the same time, she experienced an old familiar happiness. She could hear Fernando's old guitar songs filling the air, songs she had always longed to hear again. Seeing him in that moment, realizing that she had actually just found him, gave her a joy that could not be described.

"And now?" Fernando asked, breaking the silence.

Ruby clutched onto his hand harder, her hunger and bliss pulsing from her touch to his. She intensified her gaze, and in that moment, they both knew exactly what now.

Although Fernando owned a small house not far from Hotel Bella Donna, the two of them, walking hand in hand, climbed up the hotel's stone steps to the room that Ruby had been put in. She fumbled in her jacket pocket for the key, a nervous electricity shooting through her. She wanted to go slow, to take her time with this man, but part of her was in a hurry to get back into his arms again. She continued to look for her key, forgetting where she had put it.

"I have it." Fernando said with a slightly mischievous smirk. He removed a key from the pocket of his suit jacket. "I wanted to make sure you didn't try and slip away from me while I was helping the guests."

Ruby stared at him, swept away by his smooth, romantic words. She felt just like she did when she had been twenty years old. But tonight, she still was twenty. Not a moment had gone by. Nothing had changed. He was here, and it was not just in her memory. Who would have thought...

Ruby unpacked nothing that night. She did not even get the chance to see what her room looked liked before melting away in Fernando's arms, unaware and unconcerned about the passing time around them. Fernando kicked the door closed behind them before lifting a still glowing Ruby off of her feet into his embrace. He held her tenderly against him, kissing her, and having her.

It wasn't long before they were under the silky blue sheets, making love just as they had done decades ago, but with a fervor beyond what they had known in their youth. Perhaps it was the fear of losing one another again that caused them to hold on with an incredible tightness; Ruby's long fingernails pressed into Fernando's back while her other hand firmly gripped his shoulder. He was gentle with her, yet every movement he made inside of her was a release of the palpable passion and longing that he'd built up for her over the decades of living alone.

"I belong in your arms." she assured him. And the uptight, cold personality that Ruby had been upholding for years, dissolved. She had found herself again, a self that had seemed so far in the past that she had almost forgotten it. She tightened her legs around Fernando and met his passion with her own, more in love than it was possible to be, perhaps even more than before.

Ruby was woken by a soft something in her hair. She blinked her eyes a few times before the events of the night flooded back to her. A smile crossed her lips almost right away, although a little bit of fearful excitement overwhelmed her chest. She was facing away from Fernando, facing white curtains that swayed slowly from the window's draft. She knew at once that his fingers were playing with her blonde hair, twirling it so that it sent little excited chills through his hands. She let him think that she was still asleep for a few more minutes before turning over to face him.

"All my love." he whispered the second he saw her face. He moved one hand to her cheek. It was impossible not to touch her.

She shivered, but a good shiver, and her heart beat fast in her chest. Her body remembered and recognized his touch upon her, unable to respond to it with anything but weakness.

"I forgot," she softly laughed.


She giggled happily. "I forgot how you used to play with my hair the morning after."

The two of them laughed a bit, and Fernando's free arm slid up Ruby's hips to her side. He held onto her, realizing for the first time in decades that he was able to live in the present moment. The void in his chest was no longer there. It was as if somebody had very literally filled a physical hole in his chest with love and kisses and a little bit of glitter. He looked at the pillow and laughed even more. "And I," he said, "Forgot how you left a trace of sparkles on the pillows."

Tears entered Ruby's eyes as she continued to laugh. She snuggled herself into Fernando and breathed him in. The man even smelled the same...smelled like she had stepped into a memory.

"What about Sophie?" he asked, nuzzling his face into her hair.

"What about her?" Ruby asked.

"Don't you want to spend some time with her today? Get to know her dads and get to know Sky?"

"Of course I do." she said genuinely. She had not forgotten about her commitment to Sophie and the baby. "I just really don't feel like getting up right now." She had never felt so warm and comfortable.

Fernando did not want to leave the hotel room either. He caressed Ruby's back and swirled his fingers around on her perfect skin. "Well," he said, trying to come up with a way get the two of them out of bed, "why don't we agree on dinner? Sophie has the best chefs in all of Greece working at the hotel."

Ruby nodded in his arms. "I'd like that." she said. "But I want to be alone with you for dinner. This place is still crawling with people."

He silently agreed; being alone with Ruby was something he would always agree to. "I'll have them prepare something special for us and bring it down to the beach around seven." He told her, sounding more impressive than he even meant to.

Ruby moved in his arms so that she was looking up at him. "You can do that?" she asked.

He smiled back down at her. "I'm the manager, aren't I?"

Fernando left the room a little while later to go back down to his home while Ruby took a shower and got ready for another day and night of fun at Hotel Bella Donna. She leaned against the wall in the shower, still feeling Fernando lingering on her like an expensive perfume. She was still sore from her long travel from Las Vegas to Greece, not to mention all of the dancing and sex that she had partook in. She smirked to herself, suddenly not minding the exhausted soreness.

Ruby dressed in another sparkly top with black and gold sequins, plus a matching tight black skirt that hugged her legs. Suddenly, she felt her heart drop a little bit, recalling something that she had said the previous night. When she and Fernando had sat at the bar together before going up bed, they had agreed to "talk about things" the next day, and the next day had now come. She dreaded the thought of this conversation. Who on earth would want to talk about hurtful memories after a night of singing and romance? Yet she knew they couldn't put the conversation off forever...

Finally, after putting on a dramatic amount of lipstick and glimmering eye shadow, Ruby managed to brush aside her fears about talking with Fernando later on. She reminded herself what a spectacular night the two of them had shared together. Remembering that she was back in her Fernando's presence once again, able to hold him, able to kiss him, was enough to drive any stressful thought from her head. This way beyond all hopes and dreams, beyond what was real and comprehensible. This was what happened when love met fate.

To be continued.

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