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Chapter 1: Cliched Development Is Cliched

People always said that time is a precious thing, an opportunity shouldn't be missed, time is money, etc. But there's one thing that really bothers me right now.

I have the time in my hand and not just as a metaphorical expression, but literally, since it's why I could return back to earth after dying for two years and many more amazing thing. And yet, even if that's the case, I wonder if there's any good saying to someone who just had his raison d'être broken. BY HIMSELF nonetheless.

Two years ago, my heart broke and I ended up shutting myself out of the outside world due to how petty, childish, and weak I am to not be able to accept the reality in front of me. In my sad, but not pitiable state, there's one thing that keeps me going which is video games and porns, but mainly video games since I spend more time playing the game than jer- I mean, 'researching' things. And then, two years later, the same me got killed in a very stupid incident as if Karma finally catches up with me who leech off my family and being a useless person. The next thing I know is the fact that one, I am dead and two, I am going to be in the position like that many male characters in isekai stories as I got a second chance to live in the other world with 'cheat'. During my grand quest in that world to master my 'cheat' while attaining enough mana to accomplish my grand scheme, I tried to find another raison d'être as my side quest which is to get at least lover from that world or even building a harem. I thought to myself back then 'If I could get a lover in this world, I'd probably stay here forever since I got power and I can put it to good use in many kinds of way.' but alas, that didn't happen because the fact that I'm on earth right here, right now should be a strong evidence. And then, back to my main raison d'être called video games, just as I returned from another world to enjoy it, it only took a few hours of gameplay from the video game that I can call the best one of all I've played up until now in objective point of view, it sucks in subjective view no thanks to the two years experience in the other world making me feel kinda empty when playing the game because 'Hey, I can do that', 'That's too flashy', 'That's impractical', 'You'll die if you fight that way in real life', 'By the time you cast that, you'd be dead for ten times' those kinds of thoughts keep popping around every time I play. After that, I tried many different types of games to get me back in the mood, but it instead ended up similarly 'Ghost? I could cast 'Purifying Flame' to easily kill it', 'Killers? I can easily turn them into a dry pile of bones.', 'Armed people? I can stop time and nullify physical damage in the case of them already firing their guns, so bullets won't work on me' and thus, I lost my interest in the video game.

So what did I do?

I tried to shift it into anime, see if I could get hooked on it. Keyword: Tried as from many animes I've watched, only one or two out of a thousand title being good. Why do you ask? First, fantasy world and isekai genre was a turn off for me who had to experience something similar and even more realistic in the two years I spent on the other world. Second, mecha genre did hook me a little bit until thoughts popped up in my head on how it's basically two giant pile of metal dunking out with each other with a lackluster story. Third and final, the romance genre is a massive turn off from me seeing dense as a black hole main character who can't understand that a girl likes him while I'm here still single or if those guys aren't dense, it still pisses me off because they get the girl while I'm still single. Slice of Life genre you ask? I'm a hikikomori and NEET whose life only revolves around soda, bags of chips, occasional meals, and computer meanwhile most of the character in the slice of life genre are riajuus whom I wish to explode metaphorically since while I can do it literally, it would cause more problem than its worth that only amounts to small satisfaction and all hikikomori, NEET, and Unfulfilled people thanking me, so please spare me on that one.

And now, I'm contemplating on what should I really do to fill such emptiness in me. Should I go back in time again to two years ago and change my life for the better like most second chance time leap stories? I don't think it'd change anything much since I'll end up not confessing to her for already knowing the surefire rejection I'll get and back to this point again as I have no goal at all. Heck, even in the other world where I lost my access to my video games, said video games are the very reason that kept me going in my quest to master the 'cheat' I have so that I could go back home and enjoy it once more. Wait, there's also that option of deleting my memories related to the other world- no, I won't. If I did that, the lesson I've learned from two years in that world would come to waste and when the blank slate me realize that he could manipulate time, I fear for many stupidities that could occur from him abusing that power as I've seen enough hent- I mean research material to know where that would go, but then again the past me wouldn't do that since he's still too weak-willed to go to such extremes. Me right now? Of course not, but I'm a gentleman, so I won't do such things without consent.

So, what now?

"Hey Zuma, what are you spacing out about?"

"I'm not some sort of old PC game and even if you don't want to respectfully call me an older brother, at least get my name right." I replied while not even looking at his direction.

Right now, I'm in one of those rare moments where I leave my fortress and sitting down on a couch in the living room while absentmindedly staring at the floor while exuding a depressed mood. Also, that's my annoying little brother who once looked up to me but now see me as a disgusting leech NEET. And his name is Satou Kuzuki, that's all.

"Haa... So what is it then? You usually holed yourself up in your room all day every day playing those brain-rotting games. So, are you going to pester mom and dad for money to buy another right after you got discharged from the hospital? Geez."

"No, I'm in no mood to play any video games anymore."

"Heee, so that's the case hu- Wait! You didn't yell angrily at me for slandering them and did you just say you're not in the mood to play any video games!? Is it the end of this world!?"

"Shut up, will you? I'm seriously in a slump and contemplating on what should I do from now on since I lost the drive to play video games anymore."

Probably hearing about our loud argument(actually one-sided from him because all I did is to merely retort at him) from the kitchen, mom comes over here. Oh dear, I can feel a long scolding followed by sermons about how I should leave my NEET lifestyle and become a better person followed by another long scolding then rinse and repeat until she's tired enough.

"Kuzuki, stop arguing with your brother, it's useless. And for you to come down and sulk around the living room for quite a while instead of playing your games, what has gotten into you?"

Deeply sighing at her unusually calm response, I look up to her.

"You won't believe this, mom, but Kuma finally lost his drive to play any video games!" So my brother said instead of me.

"What!? That's impossible! Did you eavesdrop on my and Hayama's conversation about considering to dump you out if you stay a NEET!?"

As expected, just like my little brother who was shocked by what I said, my mom isn't any different. And wait, did I just hear something dangerous at the end!?

"First, please stop getting my name wrong on purpose, Kuzuki as I'm not a bear. Second, did you just said that you're discussing throwing me away with dad?"

"Eh, um, that's-"

Seriously now. Even if I got thrown out, I'll probably manage in many ways like stopping time to pickpocket, using my memory manipulation magic to trick other people so I can leech them off or simply manipulating my parent's to not throw me out, going forward in time to see what kind of investment that could make me filthy rich and many more. But that's only possible if I didn't lose my interest in video games. Only some scum would do that? Then I admit that I am one and it's precisely because I'm a scum that I could survive and return to this world, because if I'm a hero, I don't think I'll leave that world since there are far more than one demon king terrorizing mankind of that world. Though, that's not the point here.

"No need to hide it, I've already expected that much."

"Hey, what's wrong with you? This is just like that time when Saya dumped you, Kama."

At my annoying brother's word, I went from depressed to shocked before going back to depressed even more than before.

It seems that he's right. I was like this when I got dumped by my childhood friend. This is pathetic for me who had overcome many obstacles and survived fighting unbelievable enemies in the other world for two years with great resolution just to get back, only to feel the same thing I've felt back then.

"Hey, Kazuma. How about you quit being a NEET. And I mean, not to quit burdening us for being a leech at home, but as a way for you to find something better that you might take a liking to? At least I hope it wasn't something like video games anymore or else it'd be pointless." Mom gently said.

"While that is reasonable, what can I do except being a NEET right now? I've quit from my school, not even midway through in junior high school and now I'm at the age where I should go to the high school. In the case of finding jobs, they won't accept a brat like me who doesn't even know anything due to being a NEET, right?"

"Well, your father does have a lot of connections, so he could arrange things for you to be able to at least go to the high school since it'd be a shame if you missed it. I've met your father back then and we made love in the gymnasium with-"

"Stop! I don't want to hear the story of how humans copulate, much less my own mom and dad as the featured subject!" I retorted.

Ignoring the fact that my mom almost told me how she copulates with dad, what's the point of me going to high school right now? I'm an antisocial NEET who couldn't interact with anyone- Wait, at least I was like that two years ago, but in my journey in the other world, I can communicate and interact with people normally. But still, it's kinda cliched for me to have to go to school again at this late.

"I know what you're about to say, but interacting with other people aside from your so-called 'online friends', interacting directly with real people would bring much more benefit than what you think. Besides, there should be many clubs and people with various interest that you could meet in high school. Though, I mainly want you to quit being a NEET."

Hmm, when she put it that way, it's actually a good and reasonable suggestion. Rather than sleeping all day or playing the uninteresting video games that would irritate me further, doing some activities outside would be better. I'll just think of this as another adventure, but instead of fighting monsters and leveling up, it's like galge without any heroine. That last one makes me a little depressed.

"Alright, I'll-"


Before I could even finish my sentence, my mom ran away somewhere as if she's a gale or something before returning back with stacks of books in her arms. Putting them down on the table in front of me, she points at it as if answering my wordless question of 'what the hell are these?'.

"Learn all of them. Since there's still one month before the entrance ceremony of high school, you can probably make it if you study from now. As for the school, you'd be admitted to, it'd be-"

"Wait, wait, wait! How did you prepare all of this in such a short time!?"

"Isn't it obvious? We've always waited until the day you finally graduated from being a NEET. The reason why Hayama and I discussed about throwing you out is due to that. His connection has... circumstances that made it impossible to 'help' you going to the high school past this year, so we think of how to deal with you who might lose a chance of returning back to the society."

"Wow, what a great mother you are for thinking that way." I sarcastically quipped.

"Well, every mother knows what's the best for their children. If not, they're a failure as a mother." She replied cheerfully, either ignoring my obvious sarcasm or simply doesn't even know what sarcasm is.

"Whatever, I'll just have to study this, right? If so, I'll do it from now since the faster, the better."

With that, I bring all of those books which should normally bring headaches just to look at them, to my room.

"Why do I feel that my presence is no longer acknowledged?"

Did someone say something? Eh, probably something not important.

I think of that before entering my room.


One Month Later

"HAHAHAHAHA! With this, I'll keep going stronger!" A youth laughed maniacally while staring at his hands.

Surrounding him is a sight that could make one vomit in disgust at best or even faint as around him, many corpses of people from various age from young to old. But the main reason for such sight being disgusting beyond belief is the fact that they're all rotten and melting as if a rotting corpse being mixed with sulfuric acid while exuding horrendous smell. Not helping that is said man laughing maniacally as if being possessed by some demon.

"But this ain't enough! It will never be enough!"

That right, this man is the reason for those corpses- formerly just some humans poor enough to encounter the scene of this insane youth performing his atrocity and ended up in the same state as those they saw. By merely putting the palm of his hand to someone's face, his victim would end up in such a tragic way.

"What's going on around here!? You! Stay right where you are and put your hands where I can see them!"

Such insane rambling came to an abrupt stop as a police officer arrived at the scene while patrolling through the area. Pointing his trusty revolver at the youth that is clearly suspicious from both his getup and such horrible scene he's in, it doesn't take a genius to put two things together that he's dangerous or insane or a combination of both.

'Isn't this just like the news about the serial killing where the victim's corpse left in such a horrible state? If so, then if this guy is really the culprit, it'd be dangerous if I don't exert caution.'

So the policeman thought as he took out a pair of handcuff with one hand while still aiming his gun at the youth.

"Turn around and put your hands behind!"

Hearing that, the youth just let out a chuckle while following the police's command.

After the youth was handcuffed, the police let out a small sigh before reaching his walkie-talkie strapped on his belt with his free left hand only to find himself incapable of finding it. No, to be specific, he couldn't touch it anymore.


Because his hand was gone until his wrist and it's rotting from that location while slowly spreads up just like what happened to those corpses.

Enduring such agonizing pain over what the hell just happened to him, he released the safety pin of his gun and prepared to at least disable the youth by shooting his legs so that his ally could at least capture him. But alas, such wish will never come true as before he could even aim at the youth's legs, his right-hand meets the same fate as his left's.

Stumbling backward from the shock of losing his limbs, he fell down as a corpse of a young girl tripped him off. As he fell, his walkie-talkie also fell and activated.

"Officer Kisaragi, report. Officer Kisaragi, please report the situation." The voice of an adult woman can be heard from the walkie-talkie.

"I'm in the- Guh!" "Sssshhhhh..."

The youth, who was supposed to be handcuffed, is strangling the police officer with his left hand while his right held the ruined handcuff. On closer look, instead of being destroyed, the handcuff looks like it was melted.

"Officer Kisaragi?"

"Goodnight, good officer." "Mmmphhhhh! ! !"


The sound of a twig being snapped can be heard in the silent alley as the youth effortlessly broke the officer's neck. Dropping the man down, he picks the walkie-talkie from the ground.

"Officer Kisaragi, please respo- BZZZZZTTTT."

Crushing it with his bare hand, the youth has an ear-splitting smile before throwing the walkie-talkie down.

With that, he leaves the scene, trying to find another victim for the taking while smiling creepily.


"-the police has investigated the scene, but still unable to find any traces leading to the culprit. It is highly suspected that it's an act of terrorism involving chemical weap-"

"Seriously, what's going on recently?" My mom complained after turning the TV off for showing the same news for these past weeks.

Apparently, many corpses of people without any connection or relation were found in various part around Shinjuku Ward with their horrible state of rotting and melting at an impossibly fast rate. Geez, be it another world or this one, there's always these kinds of people in any era huh?

On another matter, today is the entrance ceremony in every high school in Japan. The same for mine. As of how the NEET who only knows how to play video games up until now, just how in the world could I even manage to pass the test? The answer is simple, slowing down the time by the ratio of 1:100 until I crammed it all in my head with a modified memory manipulation magic. Even if I got all the time in the world, how could I- with early middle school brain understand high school test you ask? Apparently, intelligence stat isn't just a flavor text, that's all I got to say.

"Kazuma, please don't go back past the curfew, you know how close the distance between Chiyoda and Shinjuku, right? It'd be unfortunate for you who finally stopped being a useless person to be a victim of such a horrible incident."

"Right, right." I replied while putting on my necktie for the uniform. It's actually a common high school's uniform consisting of a black colored blazer, a trouser, a necktie, and a white shirt. "Man, I'm sure gonna become the victim of that incident without a doubt." I added, just to break a death flag that might happen. It's not a joke, death flag is real and is annoying as hell. Especially in the other world where stupid remarks like 'Did we do it?' 'We did it!' 'It works!' 'We've won!' and many more are causing people to actually die due to the enemy to not really dead or being one foot in the grave and performed a suicidal attack, killing the flag raiser. Not that I'd die from something like that. Even if I got caught off guard and really does die, my certain passive skill will assure for that death not to stick around. But still, the process of dying is always painful and I hate it very much.

Actually, if I really do encounter the perpetrator of this incident, I'll kill them without any mercy since people like these can't be reasoned with and no one would miss their harmful presence. I had my share of killing fellow humans in the other world after learning the hard lesson that not every people can be reasoned with and some people are just downright rotten to the core even until their demise. Letting those kinds of people go is the stupidity that I'll never repeat for they'll undoubtedly find a way or another to try taking revenge instead of reflecting on their action.

"Well, considering Zama's experience a month ago, that's not really too far-fetched."

"Would you please stop calling me with a strange name?" I retorted.

"Rather than that, you're both going to be late for school."

""Alright, we're off!"" Both of us said in unison.

After parting ways from my annoying little brother and finding out that I'm not exactly going to make it on time, I cast camouflaging magic and strengthening magic before dashing forward at inhuman speed. It seems like I overdid it. Normally it should take about thirty minutes to arrive, but it only took two minutes before arriving at the rooftop of a nearby building. Jumping down to the alley nearby, I dust off the dirt sticking on my new uniform before walking normally to the school.

The ceremony proceeded normally, nothing much out of ordinary aside from the long as heck standing time listening to mere formalities and explanation about various facilities in the school.

After finishing the ceremony, I went to my class to find that it's already crowded with fellow students chatting with each other in their own group.

Ignoring them, I look at the blackboard to see that I got the corner seat according to my personal number. Putting down my bag and sitting down on the chair, I started to think that I might have made a mistake for agreeing to go to the high school and pondering whether I should travel back in time to prevent this or not. Though, my thought was short-lived as someone tapped my shoulder from behind.

"Hey, the name's Yamato Toshizou, what's yours?"

For this stranger to suddenly touch my shoulder and immediately said that, are you serio- No, no, this should be normal in high school. The galge I've played in the past with high school as the setting shows that this kind of thing is very normal. So, I simply responded in kind.

"Satou Kazuma." I said after turning back to face him.

The guy looks normal with his plain face and clean shaved head. But his attitude on the other hand...

"Yosh, let's get along from now, Satou!" He shouted while extending his right hand towards me.

"Y-yeah." I nervously accepted it.

From his overly spirited personality, I was reminded by one of the guys I befriended in the other world. They're very similar as in being loud except the other guy's actually tall as hell, buff as hell, and strong as hell. Wait, that's a lot of difference. But the point is, he's similar to someone I knew from the other world which means at least, I don't mind befriending this guy.



Before he could ask a question to me, an interruption in the form of the class' door being slammed can be heard, silencing everyone who is noisy as hell. Looking at the direction of where that loud noise came from, instead of a teacher I expected, it's actually a brat- no, a fellow student since she wore the girl's version of the uniform, what's with the black robe though? That aside, one can't blame me for mistaking her as a brat, that's because she's rather small for a high school girl. Simply put, a loli. Just what the heck is she trying to do?

As if to answer that question of mine, she flutters her cape before pointing forward.

"HAHAHA! Be grateful, you all plebeians! For you all have been graced by this great magician of the abyss, Althea von Steinfield!"

The classroom has evolved from silent to chilling silent.

Red eye color(possibly contact lens), an eyepatch, and a penchant for doing stupid things. There's only one creature who fitted into this criteria.

A chuuni, huh?

"I'm sorry! Sorry if my friend is causing any trouble to you all!"

As sudden as that strange girl having a chuuni outburst, another girl came and profusely apologizing while bowing her head down. This time, it's not a loli, but actually a bishoujo.

A voluptuous figure unbecoming of a mere high school girl, a kind looking black-colored eyes, beautiful mid-length dark brown hair tied into two twintails lain on her shoulders, and not only that, she also has a very pretty face. I wonder why she would befriend a chuuni like her for this long. Then again it's ironic for me to think of it that way considering that I barely made any friend at all in middle school.

Not knowing what kind of reaction we should all respond with, a lifeline in the form of our homeroom teacher came and told us to sit down before telling us to introduce ourselves.

"I'm Satou Kazuma. I hope we can all get along." Is all I said, just like every MC in the galge I've played or stories I've read.

"My name is Tsubaki Yukari, nice to meet you and I wish we can all get along." The beautiful girl from earlier introduced.

"This great me is known as- Sorry, my name is Kato Minami, let's get along." The chuuni girl introduced herself properly and definitely not because the teacher is glaring at her.

After all that, nothing much happened up until the lunch break. Yes, until lunch break that is.

"So, mind telling me why would you drag me here?" I irritatedly grumbled.

Instead of going down to the cafeteria to buy and eat my lunch, I was dragged here by this chuuni brat. Right in front of me is a room in the next building for our class.

"Mufufu, I can sense something amazing lies behind this gate."

"Then, where's the need to drag me into this?"

"I'm sorry, Satou. But please go along with her plan just this once and I'll convince her not to trouble her again since she's very stubborn when it comes to these things." Tsubaki said apologetically while bowing down to me.

"No, no, no, you shouldn't apologize like that! It's not your fault in the first place." Even I feel sorry for her. I wonder what happened to her to the point of following this brat everywhere around as if she's her attendant.

Meanwhile, said brat is either being ignorant or unapologetic and proceeds to knock on the door. Opening the door in response to that knocking is a tall glasses ikemen with a strange sense of fashion what with his black hair mixed with many strands of whites.

"What can I help you with?" He said in brisk tone while looking down at us(as in because he's rather tall for your average Japanese, not to underestimate us).

"Fufufu, great job for answering my call, peasant!" "Please leave."

Right after her dramatic(absolutely stupid) introduction, the man simply said that before closing the door. Wow, seems like normal people couldn't stand chuuni that much, huh?

"I apologize, so please, could you let me join this club." The chuuni girl said while banging on the door.

"Joining this club? Do you even know what club is this? I don't remember having any sign about the club's name in front of the door."

"Of course, only very few amounts of amazing person know about this club! It's the Mystery Investigation Club where amazing people gathered and investigate strange occurrences happening all around us that couldn't be solved by any normal means! Meaning that we might encounter many magic related situations and solve it!"

"No, you won't. First, almost everyone knows about this club, but no one bothered to join the club because all we do are just hypothesizing about the reason behind such incidents and sometimes betting on whose hypothesize the most correct, not solving it. Second and lastly, there's no such thing as magic. If magic really does exist, everyone would be over it and government or black organization will capture anyone who could do that and perform an inhuman experiment to them." He said in a stern tone. But I wonder why he took a slight glance at me at the last part.

"Hoho, I've heard from Kokonoe-senpai that the club president is humble in describing his club. But being too humble would prevent anyone from joining the club, you know?"

"That's right, Yato~ if you keep trying to prevent anyone from joining the club, it's going to be closed down soon since our senpai already graduated, right?"

A blonde bishoujo has appeared!

Hugging the man from behind while wrapping around her arms to his neck, all she did is to cause some veins to pop out of the man's head.

"Makoto, are you perhaps the one who told this brat with many screws loose on her head about that nonsense? Also please stop calling me with my first name."

"Tee hee~."

"Geez, whatever. If you still want to join this club even after knowing that, suit yourself." He said while untangling the girl clinging behind him. Then, he takes out three club registration form and- Wait, three? Does he really think that I'll join the club?

Even in my middle school, I didn't join any club aside from the go-home-club due to not having any interest in joining anything. Should I try to join this club to see if I could gain another drive aside from video games that weren't effective anymore? Then again, that chuuni brat is also joining which means that I'm going to be annoyed by her stupid antics. But wait a second! Since that pretty Tsubaki will be joining the club as well, I think it might be worth it. No, no, no! You've encountered enough trouble in both worlds regarding women, why should you fall into similar predicament again, Kazuma!?

"How long are you going to be spacing out like that? Fill the form quickly before the lunch break ends." The man urged.

"But er- um-" Snapping me back to reality, I couldn't utter anything but garbled words due to not getting any conclusion regarding me joining the club or not.

"Are you troubled on whether to join or not? Well, since you probably belong to the faction of the go-home-club, I'll just add this to you, our club doesn't do much activity or need its member to always come every day. Just drop your face here once in a while is enough. Besides, you won't be pestered by the other club short on a member to join you if they knew you've already joined a club." Makoto-senpai suddenly added.

Hmm, let me calculate it.

Should I join the club, I'll suffer;

1. Dealing with the brat's antics.

2. Possibly suffering another women trouble.

But I'll gain;

1. Not needing to deal with annoying recruiters from another club that I might not like.

2. Find something that might pique my interest.

3. Might be able to get close to Tsubaki.

Sure, why not.

Writing down everything the form asked, I submit it to the man.

"Then, welcome to the club~ Ah, we completely forgot to introduce ourselves to you! I'm Makoto Yayoi, the vice president of this club while this cold guy-"

"I'm Katsuragi Yato, the club president. Best regard to you."

Right at that moment, the bell signaling the end of our lunch break resounded. Without anything to fill my stomach with.


After the bell signaling the end of school resounded, I pack my things up before going back.

And by back, I mean to go to a nearby convenience store to buy some bread so that I could fill my empty stomach from not eating anything during the lunch period thanks to that chuuni brat.

The club? Why would I bother since I'm free to go there anytime and now is not the time cause my stomach took priority. Besides, I think that little brat will hang around that club every day considering her overenthusiastic attitude and I'll get a lot of chances to meet Tsubaki thanks to that. But still, I wonder why that brat still acts like someone suffering from chuunibyou? Everyone who suffered it got cured by the time they entered the 3rd grade in middle school and left with embarrassing memories in high school for their antics. Is she a late bloomer in that case? Oh well, as long as she did nothing bad or troubling people too much, I don't think anything bad would occur.

While thinking about that, I didn't realize that I already arrived at the store.

Buying a curry bread and yakisoba bread with a can of cold juice, I left the-


I wonder if it's normal to have the normally blue sky turning into a dark purple color in the span of a few minutes along with nobody walking around the normally bustling street?

I could probably get an answer to that question by asking a mysterious figure standing a few meters away behind me.

"Hey, let me get straight to the point. What the hell are you and what do you want for using such large-scale space magic to isolate me here?"

Turning around to the guy while asking that, I saw a figure of a tall man wearing a tight black sweatshirt with belts strapped around his shoulders and chest, emphasizing his muscles, a black pants, a dragon-shaped mask, and there's an ominous looking red sword hanging on his waist.


The first day of trying to live a cliched life and I already encounter something this ridiculous.

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