The Games Gods Play

Summary: It's been a good two years of no chaos, raising of the dead and world ending ploys. So, the family takes a chance on having a vacation. Unfortunately, someone forgot to mention that somewhere in the manual that when all things seemed too good to be true it means someone, specifically Egyptian gods, will be messing with you.

The sequel you all requested, the third in the 'Mummy Series'.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of the 'Mummy' movies and I sure as hell don't own the Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Warnings: Going by the last two stories, I warn you of same sex relationships, sexual content, possible inaccurate depiction of ancient history (But I am doing my research), crazy action/adventure shenanigans, and possible mistakes.

Notes: I actually had a sequel written out long before I posted the 'Mummy Series' stories on AO3, but misfortune happened. So I'm writing this by memory.

Also, remember that Alex is adopted, Imhotep does indeed still has his powers, Terrence is alive (he's a too cool old man to not be included in these stories) and Rick is a seer, and a reincarnation like how Evy. I also have something planned for Jonathan and if you paid real close attention to my last story you might have a clue as to what it is.

Now, here's the sequel you all requested and I'm happy to deliver, starting off short and sweet. Posting it on my birthday and everything.

Chapter 1

"It's been quiet..."

Golden eyes shifted to the speaker.

"Too quiet for your taste?"

The woman nodded, her black hair shifting and brushing against her bare bronzed shoulders.

"Yes. Two years and nothing."

"They're happy. Very happy."

He watched her move around the golden table, looking intensely inside of a large bowl that held sparkling water. The water itself displayed clear images of two men.

"And in love."

"It's wonderful, is it not?", another voice piped up, feminine and softer with pride in her tone.

"Why yes, my sister."

The woman smirked, still eyeing the picture.

"You're planning something.", he concluded, with narrowed eyes.

"Maybe." She didn't even try to deny her scheme. Of what she planned to do. "I propose a game."

"A game?"

"Entertainment. It's been ages since mortals has came to our realm to prove themselves worthy of our gifts."

"They won't like this."

"Perhaps." She tapped her chin with a clawed finger. "Maybe I'll give a gift first before it all begins."

"And what shall that be?", the second woman questioned.

She looked back into the water, a small smile gracing her gold painted lips. "I think I know what. I just have to see a certain somebody about it."

"Finally! Free from boring lessons and the teachers that give them!"

The now ten year old had dropped his bag onto the floor by the front door, happiness drawn on his face. "Summer is here!"

"Son, I know you're excited and all, but that bag better make it somewhere else or you're gonna start your first few days of summer grounded."

Alex quickly picked up his school bag, rushing it over to the closet and slipping it in there.

"Sorry.", he voiced sheepishly. In turn, his blond hair was ruffled and a kiss was pressed to his forehead.

"You are so cute."


Rick chuckled, smiling at his child before leading him into the room where the rest of the family was.

Alex had took a seat next to his uncle Ardeth who was engaged in watching his other uncle Jonathan Carnahan-Bay and aunt Evelyn Carnahan play an intense fifth round of chest.

Rick had taken a seat on the other couch, allowing an arm to snake around his waist. A kiss was brought to his neck, resulting in a light blush to his face.

"That should not have been... tempting.", Rick whispered, turning back at Imhotep with a grin.

"Couldn't resist, my love."

A year after defeating Scorpion King and refurbishing their love for each other, Imhotep and Rick got married. Ardeth and Jonathan followed suit. Both weddings were small ceremonies, their small family and the Medjai as attendants. Ardeth swore he fell in love with Jonathan all over again when he came down the aisle to him. One of the members of the Medjai had took to the opportunity to tease him, the others joining in. It took Ardeth pulling out a knife no one knew he had on him to shut them up. Of course, Evy had planned both weddings, aided by Jonathan and Rick for both. It was a lovely festive time and probably the best cherished moments of their lives.

"Of course."

"Hey, Dad. What are we doing this summer?", Alex asked, just as Jonathan won the fifth round.

"In your face, sister!"

"Shut up!"

"Well, Alex, I was thinking that we all spend a little vacation away from home.", Rick had voiced, snuggling in Imhotep's chest. For some reason, he felt a little more... snuggly. "Not working on finding treasure or ancient artifacts. Just a nice vacation. Terrence had suggested this island not to far away from the coast of Egypt. Apparently, it's only been up for a year but it sounds like a fun place."

"Hm. An island.", Evy pondered. "Does sound relaxing."

"I'd go.", Ardeth agreed as Jonathan settled on his lap. He grinned, imaging Jonathan drenched in water as he strolled up to the shore.

Imhotep pretty much envisioned the same thing but with Rick. Suddenly... excited, he agreed, too.

"That does sound like a great vacation. Romantic, sincere."

"You just want to..." Rick trailed off there, looking into Imhotep's eyes. His own widened when there was suddenly spark of want shot through him. Even though the high priest knew what Rick was going to say, he was a bit caught off guard by the wanton glare in his bright blues. Not that he reminded, of course.

Rick was suddenly at his feet, grabbing Imhotep's larger hands and forcing up, too. The ex-soldier had turned to the others who were just as baffled at the quickness of actions.

"Can one of you call Terrence and inform him about the vacation? Imhotep and I have to... talk."

And with that, Rick lead Imhotep away.

The remaining four sat there, quiet at the sudden shift. Evy cleared her throat, disrupting the silence and got up onto her feet.

"I'll just be making that phone call now."