Taking Back Control

A Gilmore Girls AU Fanfiction

By LindaProsser1

A/NI never thought that I would write one story let alone three; but once I started I found out Gilmore Girls was a catalyst for many different endings.

I was disappointed with the ending of the Gilmore Girls Season 8… I felt there was more to their story. So I began to write. As I wrote my other two stories Out of the Ashes and Choices, Challenges and Changes , another story came to me. So I began to write this one. This is unusual for me to have two stories in progress at the same time, but this story wanted to be written. My two Betas have been reading this story closely and encouraged me to begin publishing it so here I am.

As I re-watched the Gilmore Girls series, multiple times, I recognized that the main characters all seem to have issues with their lives spiraling out of control. I began to think about Lorelai. Why did she have difficulty with men and even have trouble committing to Christopher and Luke? She became pregnant at 16 but was there more going on at home and in her life? She chased after Luke for so many years, then why did it take her so long to commit to Luke? Why did they wait so long when throughout the story there was that strong attraction.

Then there is Christopher, for the first few seasons he was a lost thirty-something. Lorelai had this issue with him that seemed to sway Rory's opinion of him. Why did his father react so strongly even sixteen years after the birth of Rory? The story had him struggling with his life, his responsibilities and his love for Lorelai. Why couldn't Christopher and Lorelai make their marriage work?

Then there is Rory and Logan. Both characters struggling with their place in their family, their friends, wanting to please everyone yet they still were immature.

The character Rory seem to grow stronger by the end of season 7 but when she was brought back in season 8 she was a very confused insecure 33-year-old, not knowing what she wanted and what to do. She was lost, spiraling out of control, and Logan appeared to be successful, but still under the control of his father. He still was not able to admit his true feelings for her. He wanted her and his position in HPG, yet still afraid of disappointing his father.

I began to think more about the Huntzberger family, we find out in the story that Mitchum is the second oldest son in a family of four, but we know little about them. Why was Mitchum so controlling, was he controlled by his father, and Shira, who was she? What was this strange relationship she had with her father in law and children? Why does the grandfather dislike Rory Gilmore so much?

I brought back many of the characters from the series, I felt that Dean, Tristan, and Jess needed to be in this story along with our three favorite men children, Finn, Colin, and Robert. You will find that Christopher, Gigi, Francine Hayden, will all play a big part in Rory's life. Of course, I could not write a story without having a little bit of Emily, Paris, Sookie, and Lane. I also added some new characters. In this story I have introduced Logan's uncle and a business partner to Christopher along with some minor characters. These characters will help shape my story.

In this story New Hampshire happened and it begins a few days after her mother's wedding to Luke, and Rory finds out she is pregnant. My story will deal with the struggles they all face and how Lorelai, Rory and Logan will have their lives change and now are able to find happiness as they Take Back Control of their lives.

I hope you like this story.