Chapter 1 Emergency

"Zac, call 911, something is wrong with Rory," Lane screamed at Zac as she rushed out the door and saw Rory kneeling on the ground holding her stomach.

"This is 911, how can I help you."

"Yes please send an ambulance to 32 Elm Street. My friend is on the ground doubled over."

Zac came running back to Lane after he ended the call and said, "They will be here shortly. Rory don't worry everything will be okay."

"Rory dear, what happened? Zac did you call the ambulance?" Babette go get blankets for her," said Miss Patty,

They could hear the siren's coming. Rory grabbed Lane's hand.

"I should have never gone to New Hampshire. They always leave. Please don't leave me?" she whispered to Lane and closed her eyes as another pain ripped through her abdomen.

Lane looked at her strangely. What was she talking about? "Rory, Rory. Wake up."

The ambulance pulled up and two EMT's came running out. The Head EMT was familiar with Stars Hollow. As he and his young partner came running with the gurney and bag, he saw the beautiful young woman on the ground with her eyes closed. He remembered watching that same face. It looked like she was sleeping. Saying a quick prayer in his head, "Please God, let her be alright," he quickly sprang into action.

"Mac, get the gurney overhear. Everyone please step back. Let us through."

"Lane, what happened?" he asked the young woman sitting on the ground next to her.

"Dean, Dean?" Lane looked up at him, her old classmate and Rory's ex-boyfriend from high school. "I didn't know you were an EMT."

"Yes, can you tell me what happened."

"I heard her scream and Miss Patty and I came running out of my house. Rory was doubled over in pain and couldn't move."

He took her pulse and quickly examined her. She had fainted, her blood pressure was high and her pulse was very fast. They quickly put her on the gurney while Rory held her abdomen and moaned. As he was lifting her up he noticed that her sweatpants were bloody. He wondered where she was bleeding. He decided that the faster they get her to the ER, the sooner they could evaluate her.

"Lane, did Rory have any ID on her?"

Lane looked around and found Rory's purse on the ground beside her. She must have dropped it. She handed it to Dean then he and Mac went to put her in the ambulance.

"I'm going with you," Lane said and quickly climbed in the back of the ambulance.

Mac looked at Dean, he nodded remembering how close the two women were.

Kirk and Lulu were in Luke's diner with Taylor having breakfast when the ambulance came. Babette and Morey went outside leaving their breakfast. Jess looked at Taylor and with a snide remark he said, "Aren't you and Kirk going to check it out too?"

"No, Babette will tell us all about it when she comes in I am sure. I told everyone last month we needed our own, Medical Center. We could hire local people, LPN's and nurses' aides to treat people. We could save so much money."

"Yes and I would start up my own service to transport them, I could put the seats down in the back of my Subaru to transport the victims and Lulu could dispense the aspirin."

Jess just shook his head and took the next three plates of food and brought it over to them.

Looking out the window he said, "Since when is Forester and EMT? I thought he was married and lived here in Stars Hollow."

"Oh that is old news, Jess. They divorced less than a year after they were married. You didn't know that he and Rory had an affair?" Lulu told him.

"Yes, he moved away and went to college and recently returned to Hartford. I guess he works for the city now, " Taylor added.

"Huh," Jess walked back to the cash register and took the money from the customer that was standing there.

The ambulance took off and suddenly Zac came running in.

"Jess you have to come with me. Rory was taken in the ambulance. Call Lorelai, call Luke."

Jess grabbed his phone and ran out the door, "Ceaser you are in charge. I will call you as soon as I know what's going on."

Lane sat in the back of the ambulance with Mac and Rory. Dean was driving the ambulance very fast back to Hartford General. Rory was still unconscious and moaning.

"Can you give her anything for the pain?" Lane asked.

"We are afraid to, we don't know if she is allergic to anything. They can evaluate her at Hartford."

Lane held onto Rory's hand and kept telling her, "Rory I am here, I am not going to leave you."

There was a fog around Rory and she was doing the tango with Logan. They had arrived earlier, wearing Steampunk outfits and gorilla masks. Logan was always doing something over the top to get her attention. He told her he missed her. They drank, kissed and then they took her to a beautiful Inn in New Hampshire. He offered her own room, but she told him she wanted to stay with him. She felt his kisses on her neck, the gentle pressure on her breast as he squeezed it. He licked his way down to her naval and using his hands he stroked her, pulling her lips apart and caressing her. She felt the wetness between her legs, then pain…."

She screamed and opened her eyes looking around her. She couldn't move her hands. There were straps on her, where was she. She saw Lane and then she heard doors opening and people scrambling around.

"Where am I? What's happened to me? Lane don't leave me."

They rushed her into the ER where the attending ER doctor and two nurses had them bring her to a room.

"Rory, we are at the hospital. Hi, I'm Dr. Whyles This is Julie and Erika. We are going to take care of you. Tell me where it hurts."

"My, my stomach. The cramps are so bad. Aggg"

"Okay are you allergic to anything?"

"Penicillin," she responded.

"Okay let's give her something for the pain and let's take a look."

Julie went to remove the blanket that was covering her when she noticed the blood.

"Doctor," she said. Dr. Whyles looked at her. He quickly went to the end of the bed and noticed the blood.

"Call and see who is here from OB," he told Julie. She went out to the desk and had OB paged.

Zac and Jess came running in and met Lane in the waiting room who was talking to Dean.

"Lane do you know what happened? How long has Rory been back in Stars Hollow?"

"Dean, she moved back in late spring early summer. She was living at home with Lorelai until she had enough money to move out."

"Wait, I thought she was traveling? Speaking of Lorelai where is she? Did someone call her?"

"She is on her honeymoon. She is somewhere between here and Fiji by now."

"Lorelai married?"

"Yes, three days ago, she and Luke were married."

"Well I'll be. I never thought that it would happen. I guess there is still hope after all," Dean said to Lane.

Lane looked at him with a questioning look on her face. She wasn't sure what he meant by that comment. Suddenly, his radio went off. "Listen Lane, I have another call. I will come by later and check on her."

Dean turned and saw Jess walking over to Lane with Zac. They glared at each other and then Dean nodded to Zac. Jess looked at Zac and said, "What's that all about? What's he doing here?"

"He was the EMT that brought Rory in, come on there's Lane at the soda machine. Let's find out what is going on."

The two men rushed over to Lane…..

Dr. Paris Gellar was on call as a fourth-year surgical resident today in OB-GYN at the Hartford General Hospital. She took the call and came rushing downstairs. She saw Julie and asked her what was going on. Julie told her that the patient was in ER 4 and she quickly walked in it. She froze when she saw Rory laying there pale and hooked up to an IV and being prepped for a transfusion.

"Dr. Whyles what is it?"

"I am not sure. The patient passed out again and she is bleeding. Her blood pressure is dropping. We were just getting ready to do an ultrasound."

Paris took over and prepared Rory for the ultrasound. As she moved the wand over her abdomen she noticed the blood in her abdomen.

"Quick, page Dr. Dugray, this woman is bleeding internally. It looks like she is having a miscarriage."

They rushed her up to O.R. When they reached O.R., Paris quickly called Cassandra Snyder, the nurse practitioner to prepare Rory for surgery. She met Dr. Tristan Dugray in the sterile area where they began to scrub in.

"What do we have in Surgical Room no. 1, Dr. Gellar?

"A thirty-two-year-old female who has passed out and has blood in her abdomen, could be a rupture appendix or a miscarriage."

"Okay, let's see what we have here."

"Tristan, wait."

"Paris, what's wrong?"

"It's Rory."

"Rory? Like in Rory Gilmore?"


Tristan put on his mask and bit his bottom lip. He walked into the operating room and looked at Rory. She looked so pale against the white sheet that was covering her. He could hear the beep beep of the machines and looked at Dr. Warren who was the anesthesiologist. Dr. Warren gave him a nod and he walked over. With Paris by his side and the three surgical nurses, including the nurse practitioner Miss Snyder, Tristan began the operation.

Two hours later the bleeding had stopped, and they removed the IUD that she was using which probably caused this pregnancy. Her fallopian tube did not burst, and he removed the cyst, she was lucky.

Tristan left the operating room and walked out to the waiting room where he saw three people there. He asked, "Are you here for Rory Gilmore?"

The Asian women walked over to him and said, "Yes we are, I am Lane Van Gerbig, my husband Zac and this is Jess Mariano."

"Hello, I am Dr. Dugray. She is stable. She lost a lot of blood and we had to give her two transfusions. She will be in recovery for an hour. I will have the nurse contact you when she is out of recovery and sent to a room. I want her to stay overnight for observation, maybe longer. Is her husband or mother around."

"She's not married, and her mother is halfway across the world on her honeymoon," Lane added.

"Does she have any family close by?"

"Her father lives here in Hartford. I think Rory has his number on her phone. I could call it," Lane said.

"Good because she will need to stay with someone for a while when she is released."

Jess didn't say anything, he was going to offer that she could stay with him, he could bring her back to her house and he could stay with her, but he remembered he had to leave tomorrow to get back to Philadelphia. He wouldn't be back until the following weekend. He had another meeting on his new book and he also was in charge the publishing of three books this week.

Tristan walked away, and Jess looked at Lane, "Why don't you call her father and I will stay here tonight with her. I have to leave tomorrow."

"Okay, Jess. Do you think we should call Lorelai or Luke?"

"Let's see what Rory wants to do when she wakes up. I wonder why he asked if her husband was here? Lane did she get secretly married?"

"No, I am sure she would have said something to me."

"Huh." Jess sat down and pulled out his phone. He scrolled until he found the document page he had been working on and began to work on the next page that he was writing in his latest novel..

They wheeled Rory to the recovery room and adjusted her medicine and the IV. She was still hooked up to the machines that was monitoring her heart, oxygen levels and blood pressure. The nurse checked the fluids and left her in the area with the green curtains.

"Mom I'm pregnant?"

Her mother turned her head and looked at her. It was sunrise and she and Rory had been sitting on the steps at the gazebo in the middle of the town. Her mother and Luke said their vows in a private ceremony with only herself, Michel, Lane, and Reverend Skinner witnessing the marriage. Why did she have to ruin it.

"Mom aren't you going to say something?"

"What do you want me to say? Who's the father? Is it Paul?"

"No it's not Paul."

"It wasn't supposed to be this way, Rory"

"Mom what am I supposed to do?"

"Rory, I can't tell you what to do, let's go I have a wedding today.."

Lorelai stood up and walked back to the house. Rory sat there and sighed. He's getting married. I can't tell him.

Suddenly in the fog she sees four figures, the tall one is dressed as a scarecrow, then there is a lion and then a tin man who is crying.

"Rory why are you leaving us. You can stay. He gave you the key to his place in Maine," said the scarecrow.

"I'm going to miss you most of all," she said to the scarecrow as she touched his face.

"I'm going to miss all of you. But he has a plan that doesn't include me."

She turned and looked at Logan who was standing all alone. He looked sad. But why was he sad. He is getting everything he wanted, the keys to the HPG kingdom that was not her world and a beautiful wife to share it with.

She opened her eyes and heard beeping noises.

Someone was standing by her bed and said, "Hello, how are you feeling? Take a sip of water." A woman dressed in green handed her a cup with a straw and she sipped it.

"Where am I?" she asked hoarsely. Her throat was scratchy and sore.

"You're in the hospital. We will be taking you up to your room shortly and the doctors will come to talk to you."

Hospital how did she get here? The last thing she remembers was walking down Elm St. to go to Luke's for breakfast and having terrible pains and cramps in her stomach. Did she get food poisoning? Who brought her here?

She fell back to sleep and when she opened her eyes she was in a bright room. She looked down at her hand and there was still a needle in it and an IV attached. She heard the beeping sound and felt pressure on her arm. She noticed the blood pressure cuff inflate and a nurse standing by her bed checking it.

"Hi, Dr. Gellar and Dr. Dugray are on their way down. My name is Cassandra, let me know if you are in pain. I can give you something for it."

"Pain? What happened?"

"Here is Dr. Dugrey and Dr. Gellar now they can explain what happened."

The nurse walked out of the room and a very handsome tall blonde man with a five o'clock shadow dressed in surgical scrubs walked over to her and took her hand. Beside him was her best friend, Paris. Looking at Paris she saw disappointment in her eyes and immediately she felt the stinging of tears. She then looked at the handsome blue eyes looking down at her and she recognized them.


"Hi Rory. How are you feeling?"

"Embarrassed, sore. You're a doctor? Paris why didn't you tell me that Tristan was a doctor."

"Because I haven't spoken to you in six months. Rory what's going on? Do you know you almost died? How could you be so careless?"

Tristan turned to Paris and said, "Not now, Paris. Why don't you leave and let me talk to her."


Looking at her sternly he repeated, "Leave." Paris nodded and walked out the door and waited outside. She watched as Tristan took her hand and held it.

"Rory, don't listen to Paris."

"I almost died?"

"You could have but the EMT's got you here on time, and I was able to save you. And you will be able to have more children if you want in the future?"

"Children? What do you mean?"

"Rory, didn't you know that you were 7 weeks pregnant?"

"Seven weeks? I just took the test four days ago. I hadn't had a chance to make an appointment yet. I was using birth control; how could this happen? What happened to the baby?"

Tristan pulled up the chair and held her hand. "Listen, you had what we call an ectopic pregnancy. Your belly was full of blood. I was able to remove most of the blood from your abdomen, I was able to save your fallopian tube and remove the cyst that was between your uterus and the fallopian tube. But I also removed your IUD. That was why you had this type of pregnancy."

"But I was told it was safe, safer than the shot?"

"Rory we won't go into it right now. You need to rest. You just had major surgery. Now your friends who brought you hear are calling your father. Do you need them to call your mother?"

"No… don't call my mother. Why did they call my father?"

"Because you need a place to stay. You can't stay alone unless your boyfriend can take care of you."

"My boyfriend? No, no there is no boyfriend. Not anymore."

She turned her head away from him and looked out of the window and cried. She cried for the loss of their child, she cried from the relief of not being pregnant, then she cried harder because she felt guilty.

Tristan let go of her hands, sitting on the bed he pulled her up into his arms and held her. She wrapped her arms around him and felt his strong hard body against hers and cried. He held her and gently rubbed her back and made soothing noises. He gently stroked her hair and felt something stir inside him. He generally never let himself feel anything for a woman anymore except for sexual gratification; but holding her in his arms brought the memories back of their embrace on the piano stool when they were juniors in high school.

Rory slowly pulled herself away and looked at his face, those crystal blue eyes that held so much concern for her, and his lips. A memory came back to her, a kiss that she shared with him when they were in high school. She looked at him again and bit her bottom lip.

"I'm sorry. I'm okay."

"Are you sure?" he asked her. "Listen, I will be back to check on you. The nurse practitioner, that Paris and I share, will be back to remove the IV once your fluid levels are stable. You will be staying here for tonight maybe another, depending on how you are feeling and once you have been walking around."

He gently touched her forehead. It felt warm and he quickly took her temperature. She had a low-grade fever, 100, but to be on the safe side he ordered something to reduce her fever.

"Do you have a headache?"

"A little."

"Okay I will have Cassandra come back in with something for that. I will be back later. Here is the buzzer, ring it if you need it."

He walked out of the room and saw Cassandra at the nurse's station. He told her about the fever and headache, and Cassandra went right in to add an antibiotic to her IV. He looked around for Paris and saw her talking to someone that looked familiar with dark eyes and dark hair.

He walked over to him and put out his hand to shake it.

"Hi, I am Tristan Dugray and you are?"

"Jess Mariano, a friend of Rory's."


"No, a close friend. How is she?"

"She will be fine. Paris, she has a slight fever now, so I had Cassandra give her something for it, but we need to monitor her carefully. Listen Jess, Lane mentioned she would call her father. Do you know if her father will be here shortly?"

"Lane contacted him, and he will be here soon."

"Good. Paris, I am going to have the nurses page me when he comes. I need to speak to him."

"Jess it was nice to meet you," he turned to leave.

"Paris what is that all about?" Jess asked with concern.

"I am not sure, but she is okay now. Jess do you know where she has been lately?"

"No, we keep in touch, but she's been pretty private. Haven't you two been talking ?"

"No, not in the last six months."

"Well I'm glad you were on call today."

He gently touched her elbow and Paris felt the spark she always felt when they were together. They hadn't seen each other in a year but she found herself very attracted to him. She smiled at Jess, and then she heard her name being paged.

"Listen I have to go. Here give me your phone. Here is my personal number. Call me if you have any questions or …"

She took his phone and quickly typed her personal information in there under contacts. She then called her phone and smiled at him.

"I have your number now, so I won't block it."

"Why would you block it?"

"If I don't recognize a number I block it."

He chuckled and gave her a smile, " I promise I will call you."

He squeezed her hand when she handed the phone back to him. She smiled back and quickly turned to go to the ER where she was being paged.

Jess turned and watched her walk away then he walked down the hall toward the wing where Rory's room was.