A/N A Handful of Bethyl for the Summer of Bethyl 2018. The prompt is "Talk"

Beth Greene likes to talk. She's been talking almost non stop since he picked her up for their date. But it's mainly okay because he doesn't talk much at all. And he likes watching her. She's very animated. And she's pretty, maybe the prettiest girl he's ever seen.

His friend Rick and Beth's friend Michonne, who happen to be in a relationship which kind of makes them all friends, he thinks, Rick and Michonne set them up on a 'not so blind' date. They already know one another from get-togethers at Rick's place where Michonne now lives. So they aren't strangers. They might even be friends by default.

But it is kind of awkward like he figures a blind date would be. And he would never agree to a blind date anyway. He would never agree to any date or being set up with anyone ever. But.

He's kind of had a thing for Beth Greene since the first time he met her at Rick's. She's sweet and kind and so pretty. He just doesn't remember her talking as much as she is tonight.

When Rick first told him he thought they should hang out he'd laughed and then glared at his friend because it felt like a very cruel joke.

"She ain't gonna wanna go anywhere with me. She probably likes college guys, the smart ones that wear glasses." Daryl had said and Rick just laughed.

"She likes your jeans, actually she likes your butt in your jeans. Told Michonne. Said it was nice to look at." Rick said.

"Fuck you.. yer lying." Beth Greene would not look at his ass. Would she?

"I swear! When Michonne told her she wanted to set you to up Beth didn't believe her either, she figured you like women in leather with big boobs."

"What the hell? I don't... She's… I like her boobs, they're nice." Daryl didn't realize what he'd said until he said it.

"There you go! She likes your butt you like her boobs, it's a match made in heaven!" Rick had thought he was so fucking clever. But then again, here they are. On a date.

And she's talking about something. Wait, she's talking about sex. He was working himself up to add something to the conversation and then...


She's having a really hard time believing that Daryl Dixon actually wanted to go on a date. With her. Rick must have convinced him or bribed him.

He can't have actually agreed to do this on his own. He rides a motorcycle and has that smoldering look that bad boys have, the one that drives all the girls crazy. But she knows for a fact he's not all bad. He carries Judith around on his shoulders and blows raspberries on her tummy and sometimes he's the only one who can get her to go to sleep.

On his chest. She's actually jealous of a baby.

He also plays checkers with Carl and takes the trash out for Michonne. He always makes it a point to say hello to her and he always offers to grab her a beer or soda. One time they were paired up as a team for a game of corn hole and they beat everybody. He gave her a high five and she gave him a hug. She's noticed he watches her. A lot. It's not creepy, not like it could be. And if she catches him he blushes and it's sweet.

But it hasn't gone any further than that and she's always figured she just isn't his type.

Dating isn't her thing. She had a boyfriend in high school. But that relationship ended after graduation and after she finally agreed to have sex with Jimmy. Then came Zach who turned out to be a much better friend than a lover and a couple of other friends of friends who never got past the first date.

It's always been about sex and she's not against sex. Not at all. She grew up in a religious home but never planned on saving herself for marriage. She wishes now she'd saved herself for something better than Jimmy though, but that's water under the bridge.

She's just told Daryl Dixon all of this.

She talks too much. Especially when she's nervous.

But he's not saying anything and it's frustrating. And now she's made a complete fool of herself.

"I'm sorry Daryl, I shouldn't have told you all of that…." Grabbing her water glass she takes a big drink and does her best to compose herself.

" 'S alright." He's smiling at her, a little and she feels even worse.

"I talk a lot. I jus-"

"I know."

"And you aren't really saying much, which you're kinda quiet but, look if you aren't interested, if Rick put you up to this we don't have to-"

"Rick didn't make me do nothin'. "


It's quiet. Really quiet because all of a sudden she has no idea what to say. Then Daryl clears his throat.

"I, uh, I don't date. 'S been a long time. My brother always tried ta set me up with his kinda woman, ya know leather and big boobs..." She's already been listening, attentively because Daryl doesn't normally talk, but when he says that she can't decide if she wants to die or hop over in the booth with him and kiss him.

"That's not your type?" she asks nonchalantly.

"Nah." He takes a drink of water, runs his finger through the condensation on the outside of the glass.

"What is your type, Daryl?" She gives herself a mental warning to take it slow, don't open the floodgates again. He shrugs his shoulders looks away from her and out the plate glass window at the cars passing on the highway.

"Ain't got a type," he pauses and looks back at her, right at her and it's like going over a bump in the road when you aren't expecting it. For a second you're weightless. "I like you."

He likes her. And he's the first man that's rendered her speechless.


"Ya got a type?" Does she have a type? Does she have a voice anymore? What has this man done to her?

"I like you." She can't say it without blushing and apparently, he can't hear it without blushing either.


She likes him? She said it. And her cheeks got this soft pink tinge to them and what he really wants to do is reach over and touch one, see if it's warm.

She starts talking again about everything. The farm she grew up on, going to college, her job as a music teacher and it's nice to listen too. She asks him questions and he manages to answer in more than just one or two words.

Maybe it's rubbing off, all her talking is loosening his tongue too. Just a little.

After they finish dinner they drive around some and then he figures it's getting late and he better take her home.

He doesn't want to. But like he told her, he doesn't date and he isn't sure how this is all supposed to go.

When they pull up in front of her apartment building she looks over at him and smiles.

"Thank you, Daryl, I had a nice time." And then she starts to get out of his truck. He might not date but he knows how this part is supposed to go or at least how he wants it to go.

"Hang on, lemme…" He fumbles with the handle on the door. And goes around and opens her door. She slides out and gives him a big smile that makes him want to push her back in the truck and keep driving anywhere, all night just to be with her and listen to her.

She talks as they walk up to the door and as she digs in her purse for her keys. He doesn't have a clue what she's saying.

He's thinking about how he's gonna say goodnight. But she's still talking. She finally stops to take a breath and he leans in, cups her cheek and kisses her.

It's soft at first and then it's more. And he likes her lips when she's talking, but he likes them more when she's kissing him. Or he's kissing her.

"That's one way to shut me up," she says breathlessly once they pull apart.

"I like listenin' to ya." But he likes kissing her more.

"You could come in… I mean if you want to." He does he really does but it isn't gonna be like that. Like she said it was with other guys, just sex. If he goes in there and she keeps kissing him it wouldn't just be about sex but if he waits and they hang out a little more and she talks a lot more...

"Nah, I mean thanks but I think I'm jus gonna come back in the morning, take ya ta breakfast. If ya want…" She gets it. Cause she's smiling.

"I'd like that Daryl." She kisses him again, she does it and it makes it even harder to leave. "I promise to try not to talk so much."

"Nah, keep talking," he says reaching out to brush her hair from her cheek.

"It doesn't annoy you?"

" 'S okay. I like it."

"Okay. Good night Daryl. See you in the morning." She pushes herself up on her toes for one last kiss and he pulls her in close and kisses her back.

"Good night Beth."