Greetings diary,

How do you do? I am Watson, Klover Watson.

Born in typical family, I am doing like what everyone doing. Not fan of buff training, but I love running as child and even manage to outrun, outwit, and even trap someone bigger and stronger than me.

Family growing old, some passed away, some killed. Only me left when finish high school. Learn security etiquette from the net, trained for quick action from a wise veteran in my block, gone Shadowrunning because nowhere is safe from hardship and more interesting challenge. Especially after news telling about a team of Shadowrunner somehow outwitted the Lonestar in their own HQ. Not to mention the head of Lonestar despised due to the penchant of shifting blame.

I play my situation with my own rule and will stand my ground if I can manage the challenge. Being Good Samaritan or two despite not that strong. Hell, I even help without expecting payment because I want to and keep silent when need to.

So, that's it the information I will tell to my personal note, I will bring you along upon answering the ringing vidphone, that rung after I wrote 'note' on this page.

Sam's digital ghost just gave me one hell of job, which doubles as adventure. I should going to Seattle ASAP and follow the signal generated from Sam's body. I wonder what's going on over there. However, rest in peace, Sam. I will find out what your death will teach me after I arrive there./p