So this is a Harry gets dumped into the Marvel universe story. I'm trying to keep Harry at a reasonable power level. I'll be sticking to cannon'ish spells, abilities and items.

I will NOT be using the ridiculously overpowered Fidelius Charm, that thing is just ripe for exploitation. Harry never learnt how to use it.

No time turner either.

Harry will be a powerful wizard freshly graduated from Hogwarts.

The story takes a while to get started while Harry gets acclimated to his new world.


Harry Potter's life was, all things considered, fairly good.

The war had ended at the Battle of Hogwarts with the defeat of the Dark Lord and the capture of the Death Eaters.

Capturing the remaining Death Eaters had been a fairly simple task. Voldemort had tied himself to his followers through the Dark Mark and in his last moments had attempted to stave off death by drawing on his marked followers power exhausting them to the point of collapse.

There had been a bitter sweet mix of mourning and celebration as the world celebrated the end of the second rise of the Dark Lord but also mourned the passing of many brave witches and wizards: Tonks, Remus, Fred, Lavender, Colin, Snape and many more.

Seeing how Harry had not finished school yet, Andromeda Tonks had taken over guardianship of her daughter's son: Teddy Lupin. Deciding that his fame would make him and Teddy too much of a target, Harry supported Andromeda's request for guardianship granting the young boy a small bit of anonymity.

Harry of course had other reasons for this decision as well. The day after the Tom Riddle's defeat, he had found the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone on his bedside table, trying to leave them both at random locations resulted in the same situation … unable to discard the relics, he was now the Master of Death. Those artefacts had a long and bloody history, not something he wished to curse his godson with.

Ron, Hermione and Harry had returned to Hogwarts to finish their education. One year behind their peers, the Golden Trio had joined Ginny and Luna in their final year and were on the return trip home, their final ride on the Hogwarts Express.

"Blimey, it feels strange." Ron softly stated as he watched the landscape pass by.

"What's that Ron?"

"Well, this is our last trip on the express, for us anyway. I'm sure Hermione'll come back in a few years as a teacher. Actually, you could probably come back and teach Defence as well in a few years."

Hermione gently squeezed Ron's hands and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"I'd like that Ron but well, if things progress with us, maybe you would also come to Hogwarts. Teachers are expected to live in the Castle after all."

"I'd like that. Wonder what I'll do. I'd like a career in Quidditch. Maybe I'll do that for a few years and when you are ready to go to Hogwarts Madame Hooches position might be available."

Hermione gave him a small smile and turned to Harry.

"What about you Harry, what are your plans now?"

"No idea. I've been sorting through all the paperwork from Gringotts. My vault was just a school trust so I already converted that to a trust for Teddy and topped it off. I had a bigger vault from the Potter Family but I ended up having to give a large chunk of that to the Goblins as restitution. Apparently I also had another vault opened after my parents died to take in gifts from people wanting to thank me for defeating Riddle the first time. Sirius left me the Black estates so I'm not too worried about money at this point. Creacher has been working on Number 12 so we don't need a place to live in for now."

"I can't believe you're walking around with that much gold in your trunk." Ron quietly groused.

"The Goblins and I have a strained relationship. That's what happens when you break into their vaults, steal an ancient founders relic, back out of a deal about another relic, steal a security dragon and destroy parts of the bank escaping." Harry reminded him. "The ministry and I were able to smooth things over a bit but the less I go there, the better."

"Are you sure you wants us to move in with you Harry? It is your home you know."

"The place is huge Hermione, what am I going to do with a massive three story house with just me and Creacher and I've already put you guys down in my will so it's already sort of yours anyways." Harry replied with a shrug.

"What about Ginny?" Ron asked, eyes narrowed.

"We're just dating still Ron and she wants to try out for the Harpies. She has a room in the house setup for her or she can you know … well … uhm … forget I said anything." Harry finished blushing a little remembering that Ron was Ginny's brother and he didn't really need any details about their sexual lives.

The train began slowing down as they approached the hidden platform at Kings Cross.

"Do you two have all your things?" Hermione asked as she stood up and pulled down Crookshanks carrier.

"Yup, I can't believe I managed to fit all that stuff in my trunk. 7 years worth of books, nicknacks, clothes … even with the expansion charms on it."

"I can't believe you nicked the Sword of Gryffindor from the school."

"I didn't 'nick' it Ron, McGonagall told me to take it since Dumbledore had left it to me in his will."

"Is that also his pensive?" Hermione asked in disbelief.

"Yeah … it was supposed to go to his brother Aberthford but he didn't want it and he told me I'd probably make better use of it anyway."

As they walked off the train Harry found the platform filled not only with parents coming to retrieve their children but several members of the press from around the world.

After a quick impromptu press conference, the Trio made their way to the apparition point.

"Ah! Harry. There you are."

Harry turned to see Arthur Weasley approaching.

"Hello Mr. Weasley."

"Call me Arthur Harry. Now, I've been tinkering with something for a while and I think it would make a good graduation present."

"Mr. … erm Arthur, there really is no need …" Harry began, embarrassed.

"It didn't cost much and I enjoyed working on it immensely."

Arthur reached into his jacket and pulled out a miniature motorbike.

"Wow! That looks exactly like Sirius's old motorbike!"

"Well, I would hope so since it is."

With a press of a small buttin the bike quickly popped back to full size.

"Other than the flying charm it is fully functional with an added shrinking function. That one was more out of necessity or else Molly would have had me get rid of it. She doesn't approve."

"That's brilliant Arthur. Thank-you."

"Best not ride it out here. Pack it away and come to the Burrow when you have a chance and I'll give you some lessons."

Harry thanked the man profusely again and packed the bike in his trunk.

After greeting his friends and their parents Harry made to apparate to his new home.

"DIE! POTTER!" A voice cried out as Harry half spun for his apparition and half spun to face his attacker only to see a spell splash against the magic of his apparition attempt.

The world suddenly disappeared in a kaleidoscope of colors and rushing wind quickly followed by darkness.