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Chapter VII: The Cost of Victory



Multiple explosions ripped through the destroyed building, villains engulfed by the blasts and getting knocked out if they were lucky. One of them landed and rolled, crying in agony as he tried to crawl away. The blonde bomber stomped his way towards his downed opponent and grabbed his stony head by the hair. He lifted the man's head up, watching as his arms flailed in front of him, before slamming his forehead into the concrete floor.

"Damn bro, that's rough." Kirishima was a little pale as he stared at the blonde.

"Tch, these assholes couldn't kill flies, much less Hero students." Katsuki spat to the side. He lifted the man's head, checking for consciousness and surprised to still see some. "What the fuck are you idiots here for?"

"K-kill students." The man croaked, blinking to keep blood from flowing into his eyes, "Th-they approached us saying they had a plan to kill All Migh-" Kastuki slammed his head down before igniting his palm, cracking the stone head with a growl of fury.

"You?! Kill All Might? Don't make me laugh, asshole!" He spat, "You lot aren't even worth being called extras. Bunch of fucking mooks." He rubbed some soot off his face with the arm that didn't have a massive grenade-shaped gauntlet on it.

"Great!" Kirishima finished with his own 'mook,' wiping some sweat away, "We need to get going. If we got sent here, then the others are probably still in the building. Some of them don't exactly have a good way of attacking. We need to help them! Plus, this is our fault in the first place. If we had just let Thirteen suck him up with Black Hole none of this would have happened. As men, we have to take responsibility."

"Tch, you can do that if you want." Katsuki spat to the side again, before he leapt up. A camouflaged villain had been behind him and had been about to run him through with a shank. The villain - who looked a bit like a humanoid iguana - yelped in shock as Katsuki drove his feet into his back, sending him crashing to the floor. A hand grabbed onto his head before exploding, knocking him out easily, "I want another shot at that smoke bitch."

"Good reflexes!" Kirishima praised him, before shaking his head and refocusing, "That's stupid though! He'll just spread us apart again!"

"No, he fucking won't." Katsuki snarled, "I'm on to that asshole's tricks. If I can just get a hand on that damn brace that smokey bitch is char! And he's not only how these weaklings are getting around, but probably also their escape plan."

"Still, that'll just waste time! We only have one shot." Kirishima protested again, "And besides, there's no reason to think they couldn't have handled him! If you noticed his weakness, Midori-bro and Yaoyorozu had to have seen it too!"

Probably the wrong thing to say to Katsuki, seeing as a vein started to pop on his forehead. But before he could explode, Tetsutetsu crashed through the wall, forcing them to jump before he just bowled them over. "The fuck?!"

"Owwww!" Tetsu groaned before leaping to his feet, "Shit, you guys are here too? We need some help!"

"Help? Against these assholes?" Katsuki spat, "Fucking Extras."

"Don't bitch up a storm when you had the cannon fodder! We landed near the big kahunas!" Tetsu shot back, leaping through the hole a scant few seconds before Kirishima. Katsuki leapt through as well, growling out as he saw a trio of villains who definitely weren't mooks down below. All around were more fodder strewn about, all downed by the trio of students.

One was a woman with blue hair, floating in the air with what seemed to be like origami angel wings holding her aloft. Scraps of paper floated about, before reshaping into a massive paper spear. Katsuki almost scoffed at the sight. Paper? Scissors over there should have been having an easy time!

Only that wasn't even remotely the case. Kamakiri sliced at the spear, but his blade only barely bit into it in a shower of sparks and his arm visibly jerked. The Extra probably wouldn't be able to handle too much of that.

The next villain was sharply dressed in a dapper suit in a shade of brown, with a wide-brimmed fedora on his head. He had somewhat tanned skin, a slasher smile, and seemed to have a similar Quirk to the paper bitch. Katsuki's sharp eyes caught a design on one of the bits of paper, revealing the objects around him to be playing cards. The man grabbed one out of the air before hurling it at Kamakiri.

The boy dodged by the skin of his teeth, and Katsuki's eyes widened when he realized that it had cut the boy. Shallowly, but that just meant a direct hit would be dangerous. Katsuki's eyes bulged a little bit when the card impacted the ground and all but turned it into a crater.

Katsuki started to sweat harder. Most would think that was fear, but it was actually both excitement and to power his Quirk up. Sero flung a strand of tape at the woman from his elbow, but she merely flew up, expression unchanged.

The last one was a western woman with bright blonde hair. She had made no obvious aggressive moves, seemingly content with the other two doing the work. That told Katsuki she was either the strongest or the weakest of them. And in either case, just perfect for him to get started with.

"DIE!" He roared, blasting his ward to her. Her eyes widened and to his surprise, she actually smiled as he threw his hand forward and let out a massive blast. But he wasn't satisfied. Something was wrong. He couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. The blast wave engulfed her, but other than some light dusting of soot covering her, she didn't seem to be hurt in the slightest. His eyes widened in shock as she raised her own hand and pointed a finger at him. A laser beam shot at him, just barely missing his arm as he threw himself into a roll. Even that felt like a light sunburn. "What the fuck was that?!" The laser quickly dissipated.

She giggled, "Oh my, I thought you were going to 'kill' me, big boy. Don't tell me you haveperformance issues."

Katsuki's teeth ground. Was this bitch taunting him? The 'come hither' motion she just made answered that question. With a roar of rage, he blasted towards her.


Off to the side, Kirishima had partnered up with Kamakiri, and they were not doing too hot. Something which was hard to admit, despite his pained groans. The well-dressed man was strong. Kirishima had initially thought that this would be easy. His defensive Quirk versus playing cards? That would be an easy matchup, right?


As the slice on his left arm proved. He had taken up a defensive position in front of the 1-B boy, who had shouted out too late that the man had almost dented Testu's steel. Kirishima had just barely been able to get somewhat out of the way before one of the man's cards had gouged a small slice into his arm. The wound was still bleeding lightly.

It had also pissed off Kamakiri, since it made it seem like Kirishima thought he couldn't fight well enough on his own. He was almost like Bakugō in his desire to fight, and had raced past Kirishima, weaving through the barrage of deadly playing cards and slicing the ones that got in his way.

But the Villain proved to be equally powerful and possessed plenty of tricks. He'd been able to keep a fair distance on Kamakiri easily enough, sometimes seeming to spawn cards in midair to use as platforms. Kamakiri was visibly burning through his stamina, and Kirishima reflexively got in the way of another card, 'Harder! I have to get HARDER!' This time the card sparked against his rock-hard skin, and embedded itself. But clearly, he had managed something, because that first card probably would have pierced a good two-four centimeters into his flesh if it had connected squarely.

"Damn man, you have such a cool Quirk!" Kirishima yelled out as he helped his 1-B teammate to his feet, "Why aren't you a Hero? You'd be awesome!"

"A Hero? Who the hell wants to be a Hero, vagabundo?" Oh, did they mention that the well-dressed man was not well mannered? He'd been taunting them all fight! He sneered at them, "I like killing too much, sua criançinha."

"I don't know what you just said!" Kirishima yelled back, "But it probably wasn't very manly!" He hardened even more, his body starting to resemble rocks more than flesh. He ran at the man, looking to crash into him and just bowl him over.

He was far too agile though, and simply leapt over Kirishima's head while flinging cards downward. Kirishima screamed as a multitude of them got buried into his back. The cuts were getting less and less deep each time he got hit though. Something the Villain didn't notice due to all of the blood already covering him. "Descansa um pouco, nenémzinho." He landed, and he lost his cool as a giant scythe shaped blade coming out of Kamakiri's arm nearly took his head off. "O caralho! Watch where you're swinging that thing!"

"Is this the part where you bitch that Heroes aren't allowed to kill?" Kamakiri shot back darkly, swinging for the fences, "Because we totally are, even if we don't like to! I'm not about to let you kill my friends, filho da puta!" He didn't actually know much Portuguese, but he knew enough to throw that back in the man's face.

The man whipped out a card, holding it between his fingers. In his hands, it was as sharp as any blade, as the student well knew. But he'd made a mistake. He'd disregarded Kirishima. The redhead grappled him from behind, shocking the hell out of him. "WHAT?! How are you still standing?!"

"Your cards didn't cut that deep!" He yelled back, throwing himself backwards and slamming the man into the pavement in a textbook German Suplex. He spat up some spittle… before he turned into a mass of cards. They circled Kirishima who whimpered, covering his vitals, and curling up into a ball to minimize damage. The cards slammed down, burying themselves into the earth and still slicing into his hardened body. Plumes of grit hid him from view.

"Porra!" The Villain looked angry, "Making me use my trick so early! A fucking kid!" He turned to Kamakiri, "Time to get serious, vagabundo." An entire deck of cards appeared, and he fanned them at far faster speeds this time. The cards visibly warped the air as they flew, and Kamakiri smartly got out of the way. The one card he couldn't dodge he tried to slice with his sword, only this time the blade and card seemed to stop in midair, making his eyes bulge. And then he let out a strangled yell when his blade lost. The blade spun as it flew through the air, embedding itself in the dirt a dozen feet away. His green skin paled even further, looking sickly.

"What's wrong, puta? I thought you weren't going to let me kill your friends?" The dandy man grinned menacingly. Cards circled him again and flew one by one like machine gun fire at the blade-producing Hero student.

It was all that Kamakiri could do to escape, dodging and weaving and straight up flipping over cards. But eventually, he tripped up, and a card almost killed him. If he wasn't capable of creating blades all over his body, the card probably would have cut his leg clean off. But he was able to divert it, and only howled in pain from it gouging a decent cut into his right leg. He wobbled and fell, unable to put weight on his leg any longer.

The Villain laughed as he snapped his fingers, "Read 'em and weep!" He made to send them at the boy, but sensed something and whirled around. He was too late.

A hand that felt like chiseled stone grabbed onto his arm, tearing through his custom suit like it was made of paper and slicing into his skin. He let out a gasp of pain because Kirishima was done playing nice. Kirishima knew that Heroes – students and Pros alike – were allowed to disable opponents, especially if they were in extreme, life-threatening danger. He may not have liked it (far preferring the world of Thirteen's flowery speech) but he understood when you could no longer afford to play nice. And this was not a time to play nice.

His leg shot out, aiming directly for the Villain's knee. He forced himself to ignore the sickening sounds of the joint shattering. The dandy man howled in agony as he beheld the Hero student for the first time, despite the fire and lightning racing up his permanently broken limb, through his spine and searing his brain. Kirishima looked monstrous. He had taken his Quirk to a new height, and everything about him had hardened to the point of looking like rocky plates more than flesh. Even his eyeballs were hardened.

The Villain had one last card up his sleeve. Literally. He thrust it at the Hero student, looking to cut his head clean off before he could get any more hurt. His trusty card, which had cut clean through Kamakiri's blades, shredded on Kirishima's skin. Kirishima let out a growl and pulled the man forward, his other hand grabbing the back of his enemy's head and bringing it to his own.


His forehead impacted the Villain's with a thunderous sound, and the man immediately went slack, eyes rolling into the back of his head and foam coming from his mouth. He went limp and Kirishima dropped him, his armored form vanishing and returning to regular smooth skin. He wobbled, taking a step backwards before falling on his butt, gasping for breath.

Kamakiri – who had managed to wrap up his own injury, but was unable to actually stand because of it – couldn't help but snark, "Dude, why didn't you just lead with that?"

Kirishima wheezed something unintelligible out.

Sero and Tetsu weren't having an easier time against their opponent. The blue-haired woman had still not spoken a word to either of them and had kept her distance. Her origami papers weren't as sharp individually as the Dandy Man's cards, but she was seemingly made of them. Her flesh seemed to peel off like stacks of paper, and yet revealed healthy skin beneath once the paper cleared off of her.

"How many Quirks does she have?! How is she flying too?! Is she like Todoroki?" Sero complained as he shot more strands of his tape at her from her elbows.

"Wait what?!" Tetsu demanded, before grunting in pain as he blocked another origami spear.

"Yeah, dude is broken! He's got fire and ice!" Sero replied, dodging out of the way of yet another attack, before groaning and realizing she'd started making animals with her damn Quirk and that it was coming around for another pass. He jumped out of the way and fired his tape, wrapping up the origami falcon's wings and sending it to the ground, where it essentially "bled out" paper and rendered itself inert. Sero quickly followed up with another strand, which the lady easily weaved out of the way of, but it was merely a distraction. He taped up two cracked bits of pavement which Tetsu quickly grabbed and chucked at her like a bola.

"It's no use." She finally spoke, her voice monotone. She casually just moved left as her wings pointed forward, "You're only delaying the inevitable." Paper started firing from her wings, flying towards Sero and Tetsu like a rain of arrows.

Tetsu groaned as he made sure his whole body was steel, "Could really use some fire right about now! Why isn't your broken dude in our zone!" He shook his head as he started deflecting the thin strips of paper, groaning as knicks and cuts started getting through his defenses. But he would not let her harm his comrade! He could not call himself a man if he did!

"Tch!" Sero wasn't pleased, "We need to figure out some way to take her down! Her Quirk isn't magic! She has to have a weakness."

"Not one either of you would find." They weren't sure if the deadpan, emotionless delivery made that more or less insulting. In either case, the woman raised her hand over her head, and her papers started forming a ball, getting bigger and bigger before she calmly, almost lackadaisically, flung it at the boys.

Tetsu realized something was terribly, terribly wrong when it seemed to compress in midair. "GET BEHIND ME!" He roared, getting in front of Sero who made himself as small as possible behind him. The ball continued to compress, before it exploded in front of the two. Now, paper by itself wasn't usually that dangerous. Sure, you could cut yourself on a sharp edge, but not deeply.

You wouldn't think simply compressing the material could make it so dangerous, but there were hundreds of fibers in every sheet, with high friction between each sheet, and hundreds of sheets in the mass. If you put a simple stack of paper under a hydraulic ram and compressed it, eventually the pressure from the friction would be great enough that it would essentially become a bomb.

And that was exactly what the blue-haired woman had done, sans the press. The papers had almost fused together from her control over them and how tightly she had compressed them. They were now less like individual sheets and more like jagged shards that would be found in a fragmentary grenade.

Tetsutetsu screamed as he was peppered by the shards, piercing his steel and digging into his body. Not deeply, but for someone who had always relied on his body's defense, it was painful and terrifying. As he shakily lowered his arms, blood poured gently from his wounds, "Damn it, if only I could reach her! She's too high!"

Sero grabbed him and dragged him back towards the building, "Come on, I have a plan!"

"Hiding won't help you." She disgorged more falcons from her wings, papers surrounding her and replacing her 'feathers.' She sent them forward, aiming not at the kids but at the building itself. She was starting to get a little irritated at how hard it was to land a decisive blow on them, so she wouldn't let them escape.

A shower of brick and mortar started falling towards them, and Sero shot out a bunch of different strands of tape, forming a net above them which caught all of the falling bits and even created a bit of cover for them. What bits weren't caught kicked up a bunch of dust. The woman finally emoted, her eyebrows descending as she frowned. Sero turned and fired another two strands at her, which she easily dodged.

"Why do you bother? You know you can't defeat me." She said, finally in a different tone. Irritation colored her voice. "Your tape is not nearly fast enough to catch me, nor is it as versatile as my origami. Just accept your end and stop wasting my time."

"That's what you think!" Sero grinned. He hadn't just cut the strands off, but had allowed them to stretch. These ones were a different material than his usual strands of tape, and he felt his arms strain to keep a hold of them. Extra sticky, and far more elastic than usual, and most importantly, heat sensitive. He came flying out of their cover as the strands cooled in the air and started tightening up.

Her eyes widened in shock at the ballistic Sero, but shook her head, "Still too slow." She simply went a little lower, so he'd fly overhead. She prepared another spear to her side, but his grin made her cautious. Sero flipped and fired more tape at her, but she just used her wings to shield it, "A good plan, but useless. You still missed me."

"DID I?!" Sero grinned, and yanked on a strand she had missed, because it was clear until he pulled it taut and had it tied around his waist. He even turned in midair from how hard he tried to yank it.

"What!" She finally showed some real emotion as she whirled around, a grinning Tetsutetsu flying directly at her. "N-"

Tetsu only had his Quirk enveloping his fist to lighten the weight, and had a mad grin on his face. "GRIT THOSE TEETH!" He roared, his fist plowing through her hasty paper defense to crunch satisfyingly right on her jaw. Her bones broke instantly from the impact, the light leaving her eyes as she plummeted. Tetsu yelled, "ALL RIGHT!" Before yelling, "WAIT! SHIIIIIT!" And starting to flail in midair as he fell to the ground.

Sero had already landed, groaning as he tumbled and flipped. He finally landed and struggled to sit up, feeling that at least something had probably broken. Above, Tetsutetsu had allowed his Quirk to envelop himself once again as he braced for impact. Sero shot out a few strands, managing to create a bit of a ramp for the other boy. Tetsu groaned as he rolled down the strands and impacted, continuing his roll before sliding to a stop next to Sero, who had nearly squealed and fought through the pain to roll out of the way. The two boys could only groan.

Katsuki hated this lady.

It was a decision that he usually didn't come to lightly. Most people were barely worth his attention, much less any emotion. So it took something really annoying to earn any real ire.

This lady?

Oh, she had fucking earned it. "JUST FUCKING DIE ALREADY!" His arms crackled as he punched at her, missing and creating a colossal explosion.

The lady merely giggled as the blast wave hit her, aiming her palm at him, and firing another large laser. The heat could be felt by Katsuki even as he dodged, and the beam punched a blackened hole into the uneven terrain. The destroyed bricks, mortar, and concrete weren't even melted. They were disintegrated. "Ahahaha! You're so cute!" She teased him, "Come on, you can do better than that, can't you?"

"Tch!" Katsuki spat, glaring at her. Her Quirk was fucking weird. Why wasn't she firing those death beams at him?

"Man, you're getting me all dirty." She complained a bit, taking her eyes off of him and making a show of brushing the soot off of her. Like she didn't give a damn if he attacked or not. Like she was dismissing him. As well as why should she not? His explosions hadn't done a damn thing to her!

He really fucking hated this bitch. He forcibly calmed himself down and forced his analytical mind to go over the last few minutes. His eyes narrowed as he realized something. She had been dodging. Why would she do that if she could just absorb his explosions? Why wouldn't she just take them head on?

"Oh, what's this? Are you staying back? How are you going to kill me if you don't attack, little boy?" She waggled her tongue teasingly at him.

A vein started to bulge on his forehead and his eye twitched. This fucking bitch was mocking him. She wanted him to attack her, huh? A lightbulb lit in his head, and he grinned, "Huhhhh? It sounds like you want me to come at you, you fucking masochistic whore!"

"What did you call me?!" She immediately dropped the whole teasing act, a snarl on her lips and a vein bulging on her head as well.

"You're certainly dressed like one!" Indeed, her outfit could definitely be considered risqué, "Too bad you're too fucking ugly to ever actually get any." Katsuki smirked at her, having found a weakness and mercilessly gone for it. She wasn't. She was actually pretty hot. And evidently proud of it too.

"Oh, you're going to regret that, you little bitch!" She spat back at him. "I can get with anyone I want! I KNOW I'm hot!" Oh yeah, she was proud, and vain.

"Oh, I am, huh?" Katsuki grinned, "You going to fire another one of those beams then, huhhh?" Her eye twitched, and Katsuki's grin widened, "Gotcha! You can't fire it off, can you?"

The snarl dropped, replaced by a look of shock, "Wha-"

"You've only retaliated with those attacks, even though they're so strong." He aimed his arms back and exploded them, making sure to aim them back and not at her. He rocketed forward with a kick, making sure not to let off any secondary explosions like he normally would.

"FUCK!" She dodged out of the way, "Shit, you Hero shits think you're so fucking smart, don't you?! I hate when you guys live up to the hype!" She smirked back at him, "But you didn't get my Quirk exactly right, you dumb brat!" She aimed a finger at him and let out a tiny little death beam.

Katsuki hurriedly let out another explosion, blowing himself into the air and above the beam, and his eyes narrowed as he paid close attention. The shockwave made a clear pattern on the dirt of the area they stood on, racing towards her. The second the shockwave hit her, the beam intensified, and she chased him with it. He let out a growl of agony as a part of his costume burned off, right under his hip. It never even touched him and yet the heat had done the job. He barely kept from letting out a scream as his flesh seared. He let off tinier little explosions, dodging and weaving and watching as the beam petered out. He landed with a savage grin on his face, despite how much pain his hip was in. 'Gotcha!' He thought to himself.

Her Quirk didn't let her absorb explosions. It let her absorb pressure waves. Sound. Or in this case, his blast waves. The absorbed energy was transformed into those damn lasers she was shooting at him. Essentially, the bigger his explosions, the more powerful her attacks would be.

He wasn't sure there was a limit to how strong they could get, but the fight had shown him something else, and it was the key to his victory. She had dodged his blasts as best she could, which means she was afraid of them for some reason. Why would that be if she could just absorb them? His grin turned a little mad as he raised the arms that contained his now-filled gauntlet.

So what if she could absorb the concussive force of his blasts? She couldn't absorb the flash and fire. He didn't say a word or give her any indication. He just aimed the gauntlet and pulled the pin.

Like in his battle trail, an absolutely titanic blast shot from his support item, the flame crossing the distance far quicker than she could possibly react. She threw her arms up and screamed. The explosion engulfed her, empowering her but also burning the hell out of her. Her costume started to smoke and peel off of her, and her entire body turned a bright, lobster red as her skin cooked once parts of her costume burned off. Deep burns over everything but her face would likely leave deep scars on her unless she got medical attention quickly, and preferably with a healing Quirk.

He snarled in victory, "Absorb that!" He waited for the counterattack… but the woman shakily lowered her arms, revealing her face. She was far paler than she'd been all fight. She was in shock as her entire body trembled, her nerves scorched and not actually sending the signals they needed to. The burns had destroyed her skin, revealing blackened muscle beneath and even a tiny bit of bone. "What's wrong, huh? Aren't you going to try to burn me some more?!" He grinned maniacally as she started to sway and tremble even more, "What's wrong bitch? Where're all the jokes? Huhhh?!"

There was an emotion in her eyes, but Katsuki was in too much of a battle high to notice or really care. The sheer amount of numbness, despair, and outright terror in them should have caught his attention. It was like she was begging him for help. Her trembling intensified before she fell back, her arms stiff and unable to move beyond her full-body trembling, and she all but convulsed on the dirt. "That's what I fucking tho-"

"Dude!" It was Sero's voice, and he sounded horrified, "What the fuck?!" The rest of them were coming up to them, and they all looked pale and clammy.

"Bro..." Kirishima's voice sounded behind him, and his tone was aghast, "...What did you do?" He brushed past the blonde bomber and the rest of the students except for Kamakiri ran to her soon after.

"Ehh?" Katsuki glared lightly at him, "I fucking beat this bitch villain's ass. What does it look like?"

Kirishima kneeled down next to her, "Beat her?" He glared back at Katsuki, "She might die from these wounds! Don't you even care?!"

Tetsu spoke up, "Sero, anything your tape can do to bind these?"

Sero gnawed on his thumb, "It's tape. It's all sticky. I think it might just aggravate the wounds! I don't know how to make any types that would help."

"H-help..." Her weak, raspy voice rang loud in the utter silence that had formed.

"Help?!" Katsuki raged at her, and she flinched, "You're a villain! You attacked us! I did what I had to!"

Kirishima stood up, fists clenched, "I thought you were really manly and would learn from your mistakes! But you're just standing there, gloating over a person you savaged!" Katsuki went stock still, "What the fuck bro?! I may have hurt our guy too, but I didn't sit there and gloat! I did what I had to! I thought you were a man! What kind of hero does something like that?! I thought you wanted to be real manly like All Might! When has All Might EVER done something like this?!"

It was the right thing to say. Katsuki looked at her. Really looked at her for the first time. He'd done that. His Quirk had done that. He'd never used an actual, full force attack on another person before. Not one that had landed at any rate. He'd always modulated to use his Quirk exactly as he needed it. Even against fucking Deku, he'd never gone even close to all out. He'd only used that giant attack because she partially countered his own power. It was the only thing he had in his arsenal that stood a chance, other than fighting entirely Quirkless and simply beating her unconscious. With her ability to simply kill him with a laser if he got too close when she was 'full,' that hadn't been a viable option. He'd used the only option he really had to win.

But looking at her now that the blood rage subsided and Kirishima's words penetrated his mind, he couldn't help but feel something cold running down his spine.


Ibara let out a frustrated sigh, "Even if he's powerful, he should be more mindful of it." They had all landed in the Mountain Zone, spread a decent ways apart. She had seen her fellows coming through their own Warp gates, and hoped they had been able to make safe landings. The invisible girl was the one she had been most concerned about. She really hoped her vines had made it in time to soften her landing.

"What kind of costume is that?!" One of the villains yelled at her, a sinful, lecherous look in his eyes, "It's like you want it to be ripped off, you damn slut! Let me oblige you!" He lunged for her, a maniac look in his eyes.

Ibara's vines reacted, but lethargically. Slowly enough that the villain was able to weave around them. Her teeth ground in frustration. The 1-A student's ice was greatly hampering her. He'd done a wide area attack. Great for subduing villains where he was, but it had crossed nearly half of the zone. Her vines couldn't burrow like this, with the cold making the ground even harder and preventing her from using her surprise captures. And on top of that, the cold also made her vines stiff and not nearly as responsive as she was used to. This was definitely something she'd have to work on.

She'd have to corral him in some way, and aim to harm rather than subdue if she wanted to get out of this, "Oh Lord, please forgive my actions against this lost soul..." She prayed to her God for forgiveness.

Luckily, God responded to her prayer in a way that left her fear unnecessary. "GET AWAY FROM HER!" A voice shouted from nowhere, before a telescoping baton appeared in midair and knocked her enemy's block off as he weaved to the right to dodge one of Ibara's vine masses.

"What the fuck?!" The villain yelled; his voice slurred from the brutal hit. He was completely distracted by the sudden and unexpected blow.

"Thank you!" Ibara thanked the invisible girl for the save, as well as her patron for bringing her to her aid. Her vines rushed, still slower than she liked, but more than fast enough for the distracted villain, stringing him up in the air and completely binding his movements. She gave him a hard, cold look, "A man like you must be guided from the darkness. Stay there and contemplate your life, before it is too late, and you burn for eternity."


Ibara's eye twitched, "I would never debase myself thus, you vulgar pig. Silence." Her vines slithered and bound his mouth, preventing further words.

"Man, what a scumbag! I think your costume is pretty cute, greenie!" The only indication that Tōru was emoting was the waving of the baton.

"My thanks for the aid." Ibara smiled peacefully in her direction as she sectioned off part of her vines and made them burrow as far as they could, stringing the man up and leaving him there. "I am Ibara Shiozaki. I do not believe we've been introduced."

"Your Quirk is so totally awesome, Ibara-chan!" Tōru's bubbly and cheerful voice did not match their situation. The baton collapsed, and disappeared somewhere next to where Ibara assumed her side was, "And I'm glad I was able to help and not get in your way. I'm Tōru Hagakure!"

"Thank you, Hagakure-chan. I'm afraid your classmate has made it hard to use, though." Ibara sighed, and it took a moment for Tōru to figure out she was talking about the cold, "Come. We should meet with our fellow students and aid them as needed."

"Right!" Tōru agreed immediately, "I think I saw Kōda-kun landing here as well. He's pretty gentle and doesn't like to fight."

Ibara smiled as she realized 1-A had a kindred spirit. Their attention was drawn when Ibara felt a tug on her costume and looked down. "A woodland animal?" She questioned in surprise, looking down at the squirrel, "Here?"

"Oh, that must be one of Kōda-kun's little friends!" Tōru's voice was much closer than previously, "What is it, little guy?" She had clearly gotten on her knees next to the squirrel.

"Is that not uncomfortable?" Ibara questioned, realizing abruptly that it wasn't very likely that Tōru's Quirk could be turned off. If it was, she would have already shown herself, right? With a little gasp, she realized with some discomfort that the girl could be naked! 'How scandalous!' She thought with some shock. Perhaps the invisible girl could also use some guidance.

"Huh?" Tōru wondered, before it clicked. She giggled, "Normally this is where I would play a little prank, but this isn't the time. I DO have a costume you know. I'd be freezing my butt off right now if I didn't. The support companies figured out how to make a material similar to my hair, so it stays invisible like me. Yaomomo was also able to make me a pouch when I showed her the schematics and data on the material. Right now, we're trying to figure out a way to make it selectively invisible too, so I could turn it on and off."

"I see! How impressive!" Ibara smiled in relief. She couldn't imagine anyone ever actually being totally naked as a Hero. It would be so dangerous.

Tōru giggled, "Keep it on the down low though. I like messing with my friends."

'Perhaps that relief was a little premature.' Ibara really was too serious for her own good.

The squirrel chittered, getting their attention, before scurrying away and turning back to them. It chittered, and ran off again, repeating the motion. "It wants us to follow it! Let's go, Ibara-chan!" Tōru ran off after it, and Ibara followed. Again, slower than Tōru, much like her vines. Tōru stopped, "...Your dress is really pretty, but maybe you should think of a different costume. It looks like you're not moving as well as you'd like, Ibara-chan."

Ibara sighed, "You may have a point. Regardless, this isn't the time. We must go and be sure that God has not abandoned our friends."

As they ran off, Tōru quizzically had 'God?' flash in her mind.

Shōto Todoroki had appeared higher than all the others and had formed the best slide he could via his ice. A difficult thing, since he wasn't really able to form complex shapes, and he was having to connect with the ground to slow his fall. Still, for someone with his training, a decision like that was child's play.

The villains sprang out of the woodwork as soon as he'd landed. While most of them were awed that he'd managed such an impressive save, most were still confident that they could win. "Let's tear this pretty boy apart!"

He… dissuaded them of that notion. Ice exploded in every direction, covering the mountainous landscape in a glacier. The screams of the villains didn't bother him, "Pathetic." Shōto had a cold, uninterested look in his eyes as he strode forward. "You expect to kill my classmates with this level of skill? You couldn't harm the weakest of them, much less All Might as the gas man stated."

"Wh-wh-what the fuck is with this kid?" One of the villain's teeth chattered from the cold, "H-h-h-h-he didn't hesitate for even a second!"

"Pretty soon you'll start to develop frostbite," Shōto said, almost conversationally, but his tone was far too chilling for that. "After that, your skin and muscles will start to die and slough off your bones." Now a chill that had nothing to do with the cold infused their bodies, "As a Hero, that isn't really the kind of mark I want on my record. So why don't you let me know what plan you had for All Might?"

"Man, you lot sure are useless. Why did Shigaraki even bother with your asses?" A new voice rang out, before every bit of ice in the area immediately melted and turned into water.

'What?!' Shōto's eyes widened and he immediately leapt back, getting away from the freed cannon fodder, 'My ice!' He eyed the two new villains and watched as all of the water surged, flowing towards the man and forming a giant ball of water above his head.

"Thanks for the save!" The villains crowed.

"Too bad for you, ice boy." The villain smirked, "If only you'd landed in a different zone. Thanks for all the ammo!" He pointed his arm at Shōto, sending the entire ball forward. It crashed on the mountainside and turned into a wave, sweeping up the enemies as well without a care.

"WAIT! WHOSE FUCKING SIDE ARE YOU ON!" One of them managed to yell before getting swept away and starting to gurgle helplessly in the waves.

Shōto ground his teeth, before stomping his foot forward. Ice raced forward, colliding with the waves, and freezing them solid.

The villain laughed, "Oh, we're a good matchup, aren't we? You can turn my water into ice..." he pointed, and a tiny bit of the water he still had around him raced forward like a whip, connected to his finger. The second it touched the mass of ice, the entire thing started to rapidly melt, "And I can immediately melt your ice. Looks like it's a stalemate!" He said teasingly.

Villain Name: Hydrodynamic! Quirk: Phase change! He can manipulate the state of water freely, but cannot skip any steps. He also has an easier time turning solid to liquid than any other state. He can use existing liquid to extend his reach. The more liquid available, the farther he can phase change!

And wasn't that just the most infuriating thing. Shōto knew full well he could easily deal with this, but that would mean using that man's Quirk. And that was something he just could not do. His ice would be enough. It would have to be enough. His fury ignited, his foot stomping on the ground and creating an absolutely titanic mountain of ice, which rushed forward with crushing force, parting the small pond of water as if it weren't even there.

Hydrodynamic's eyes widened in fear, driving a simmering satisfaction into Shōto's. But then the villain smiled, "Just kidding." The mountain melted instantly, splashing harmlessly around him. Water engulfed Shōto up to mid-thigh, and the villain simply floated harmlessly on the surface. The woman next to him was in up to her belly button. Shōto could only gape in shock, and more than a small bit of frustrated fear, "Man, you really are an idiot, aren't you? Who gives their enemy more material to work with?" He asked faux-quizzically, a slasher smile on his face, "I wonder. Can you freeze this much water in one go?" Something must have shown in Shōto's face because glee overtook the villain's, "You can't, can you? Tell me, boy..." He grinned maniacally, "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN DROWNED?!"

The water surged into a giant wave, which threatened to engulf Shōto and sweep him away. The boy created a surge of ice beneath his feet, pillaring up and launching himself into the air. He leapt over the wave, and it continued sweeping the villains as well as the natural terrain away. Shōto fell back down as his ice disappeared, while the villain frowned. "Damn, you really are good. Nice move." The man grumbled as he realized less than half of his water remained, having left his maximum range, "Kali, you're up!"

The woman with silver hair smirked, "You're useless without me, aren't you darling?" Her arm turned metallic, before she broke it off. A new arm immediately regrew, and she snapped the metal-looking arm in half before throwing both pieces at Shōto.

"What is she planning?" He leapt back, before realizing she hadn't been aiming for him at all. The arm pieces landed with large splashes, and Shōto's eyes widened as the water immediately started to bubble, "Crap!" A shield of ice formed in front of him, right before an absolutely gigantic explosion cracked it and blew him back and away.

"What do you think, Handsome? Do you like our teamwork?" Kali shot him a peace sign, grinning maliciously.

Villain Name: Kali! Quirk: Alkali! She can transform her body into Alkali metals, which are extremely reactive when they come into contact with water!

Shōto appeared when the smoke cleared, his form singed and a look of frustrated rage in his eye.

"Found you! Are you okay, Kōda-kun? Pony-chan?" Tōru cheered as they met up with their classmates. The squirrel had led them to a part of the mountain that had been carved away, forming a small cave with an overhang. Some trees made it hard to see into the area, providing cover. Kōda had a look of relief on his face as he emoted and… played charades. Tōru smiled as she hugged him in happiness, making him panic and start to sweat, "I'm so glad you two are safe! You protected Kōda-kun? Thank you so much, Pony-chan!" Tōru cheered as she grabbed the other girl in a hug.

Pony smiled nervously, "Yes! I try help a lot. Kōda-san hard to talk. Hope I not offend. Need read his notes."

Tōru winced. Not that any of them could see it, "Ahh, yeah..." She rubbed her hair nervously, "He's pretty quiet and doesn't like to talk a lot, even in our class. Sorry about that."

Pony shook her head, "It no problem. Was able to understand and help anyway."

Tōru smiled, "Anyway, I already know our Quirks, but I don't know yours. Kōda-kun can talk to animals and issue commands, and I'm obviously invisible. What about you two?"

Ibara quickly answered, "Mine is my Vines. I can grow and command them at will, though I will definitely need to stock up on fluid and nutrients soon. This cold is making everything harder."

Pony followed up with a grin, "And my is Horn Cannon!"

Tōru immediately had a mental animation of her cute little horns firing out and piercing her enemies fly through her mind. "That's so cool! So, you can fire your cute little horns?"

Before Pony could respond, the villains arrived, "FOUND THEM!" They all let out little groans as one of them roared, "They're in that little indent in the mountainside. Let's get them!"

"That is a lot of them." Ibara sighed, "As much as I don't like violence, if we are to ensure our safety, we must beat them and find our last member." She turned to Pony, whose eyes started to sparkle, "Pony-chan. Please show them why trying to harm us is a bad idea." Pony grinned, before yelling something in her native tongue. She inclined her head forward.

'Oh, here it comes! Her Horn Cannon!' Tōru couldn't wait to see it. And then her jaw dropped.

A ball of yellow light started to form between the two horns, with three streaks of light flaring out. A beam erupted from her horns, flying rapidly, and impacting the ground between all the villains. An explosion blasted them all away.

"Wh-wh-wh-what was that?!" Tōru waved her arms up and down, "I thought you said your Quirk was Horn Cannon?!"

"Yes!" Pony nodded happily, "Horns shoot laser like cannon! Very strong!"

Tōru worked her jaw up and down, 'I guess 1-B have their own powerhouses!' She thought to herself faintly, wondering how the tiny girl would fare against some of their strongest members.

Suddenly, a small bird flew in and landed on Kōda's shoulder. It started chirping incessantly, and Kōda's eyes widened in shock. He spoke for the first time, making Pony and Ibara almost giggle at how little it matched his stocky frame. "What? Todoroki is in danger?" He whisper-screamed, making Tōru especially blanch, "They're countering his Quirk! Two of the villains are like the Anti-Todoroki!"

"We have to hurry!" Tōru said immediately, "Lead the way, Kōda-kun!" She got on his back, making him almost panic with how much it flustered him. Pony forced Ibara to do the same, despite the height difference being very much in the vine girl's favor. They ran out, following the bird which had taken flight.

"This is getting boring." Kali complained, "He's just been blocking or using tiny ice shields and platforms to get around."

Indeed, Shōto was panting and breathing hard. Panic was not an emotion he was used to feeling. Not anymore. Not for a long time. But this was a situation that warranted some of it. He had quickly realized that he was just a sitting duck if he just stayed in place and evaded or defended, but was too prideful to just run away or admit he needed to use his other side. He had tried to rush them, forming an ice platform, and running along it from above, but Hydrodynamic had melted it faster than he could form it. Even then, he had created a large ice boulder to try to crush them with, deciding that they were too dangerous to not go all out. But even then, Hydrodynamic had just had a water whip flow upwards and melted it. He'd jumped back and off of it at the last second, which was a good thing because that close, the Villain had much greater control over water and could have used it to just grab him and squeeze the life out of him. He'd just barely evaded the hand made of water spurting out from under the ice and trying to do just that.

He'd then just tried to rush them straight out, for once grateful for his father's "lessons." He doubted that they would be able to match him in hand-to-hand, even two on one. He was confident that he could keep up with Phase Change from that close. He would just have to knock the man out and he doubted the woman would use her Quirk so close to herself. She'd blow herself up too.

But he couldn't get close. She had just flung fingers of highly reactive Cesium at him every time, forcing him to abort his charge and get the hell away from the natural explosives. Even still, he was still hurt. His icy 'armor' had been destroyed. His costume had been partially burned off, revealing half of his muscular chest. His skin was slightly singed, the hairs gone and producing a terrible odor. His hair was matted both by sweat and water. He looked like a mess.

'One day, you will reach the limit of that Quirk. And then what will you do, brat?' Shōto's teeth almost broke from how hard he was clenching them when his father's words rang in his ears. He was not going to use his fire. He wouldn't! He wouldn't! He wouldn't! He would NOT break his oath!

And then a large beam of what looked like either light or plasma barreled forward from his right, making the water part like waves and impacting right next to the panicking villains. An explosion blew them up into the air, and then Pony landed in the water a dozen feet away. Ibara quickly got off her back, her vines back at full strength due to all the water and the new lack of extreme, icy cold. Her hair dug into the mountainside before a colossal mound of vines erupted upwards. The two villains were tightly wrapped up and knocked together, rendering them unconscious.

Shōto stared in disbelief as the two villains he'd struggled so much with were easily dispatched by the two 1-B girls. Kōda (in a weird position. He looked like he was carryi- Hagakure.) ran up as well, out of breath and having fallen behind the much faster and stronger Pony. Two splashes from behind heralded Tōru hopping off his back and continued splashing as she ran towards him, 'Is she going to hug me? Please don't.' He thought to himself, readying himself to push her away if she did.

He almost wished that was what she did.

A sharp crack rang through the air, echoing in the mountain as Shōto's face jerked to the side. His palm came up and he stared at his invisible classmate in disbelief. She had slapped him?! The two 1-B girls gasped in shock.

"Just what do you think you're doing, Todoroki-kun?!" She hissed at him, while he stared mutely at her, "Kōda's bird told us everything! Why did you just keep throwing ice at them?! Everyone in our class knows your Quirk has fire too! You could have easily beat them!"

His face closed off and he snarled, "I'll never use his Quirk in combat!" He turned and stalked away.

Tōru was fuming. "You were going to die!" She yelled at his back, "Die or let someone else get killed! Is your pride worth that?! Do you really want to be a hero?!" Todoroki froze, before clenching his fist and stomping away in even more rage. Tōru hissed out a breath of frustrated air, before stomping after him with the other three students following, "I don't care what's going on in his beautiful, stupid head." She growled out, "I'm telling Aizawa-sensei exactly what happened."

Ibara delicately asked, "Umm, didn't you say your homeroom teacher has a penchant for expelling people?"

Tōru huffed through her nose, all but snorting, "Right now I'm not sure I care." She said darkly, "Imagine if you three weren't here and it was just me? My stealth would have been useless, and that's if he didn't just freeze me when we landed. I don't care how hot he is! He's certainly not acting like a Hero and if he doesn't shape up he shouldn't be one either!"

She was not quiet and made sure Shōto could hear every word. His fists clenched so hard he almost cut his palms.


Their success against Kurogiri and Iida's successful escape had lulled them into a false sense of security. Despite how strong and versatile the purple smoke had been, they'd been able to defeat him and put him down. They thought they could win. Or at least last long enough to be rescued once All Might arrived with the rest of the teachers.

Momo hadn't even seen Izuku move before he was cradling sensei in his arms, getting him away from that beast. She watched in growing horror as Izuku's strongest blast did almost nothing to the creature, and even cutting off its arm had done nothing. Her gorge rose as the creature didn't even let out a single indication of pain while crushing Aizawa-sensei's arm, its own limb regrowing from its stump. And then her heart stopped when their brave, wonderful classmate was ragdolled on the pavement before having his leg amputated in the worst way possible. She could see little wisps of his blue healing flames on the wound, but he seemed to be in shock. They weren't working. She wasn't even sure if those flames could heal a wound of that magnitude normally, but it clearly wasn't working.

Momo didn't think. She just ran forward. She had to save him. She had to save him!

She wasn't the only one. Mina blasted forward, completely forgetting her promise to watch over Kurogiri in her rush to get down the stairs. She passed the slightly-less-athletic Momo at speed and melted the stairs as she skated down. Momo skidded to a halt and was passed by Camie and a transforming student from 1-B (who now resembled a beast himself).

She gritted her teeth. She couldn't just rush in. She had to think before acting. Think. THINK!

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Mina cried as she jumped the rest of the way, her panic and adrenaline giving her more strength than normal. Her arms started to smoke as her Quirk activated at the absolute highest levels she ever had, creating an acid so powerful it was even starting to burn her. She flung it at the hand guy, knowing somehow that the mindless beast would defend the leader.

She was right. The globs of cartoon-grade superacid splattered all over the beast and started to utterly destroy it. Mina watched in sick, morbid satisfaction as its legs, arms, and parts of its torso were eaten through in milliseconds. Its flesh bubbled, hissed, and sloughed off its body in rivulets, even as its Hyper Regeneration tried to get it back up to full health. Mina's eyes widened in terrified shock as her strongest ever acid started getting used up, destroying the beast but unable to kill it as it healed the damage in a cycle. It let out a shriek, not of pain but of inhuman frustration as it tried and failed to get up or crawl its way to her.

"Man, what a nasty Quirk." Shigaraki said as he watched their greatest current creation writhe on the floor, "And no hesitation on trying to kill me, huh little Miss Hero?" His eyes narrowed on her as she took an unconscious step back.

"That… that acid makes fluoroantimonic acid look like acetic acid… How is that POSSIBLE?!" Her hands trembled and were still smoking and aching from her earlier exertion, "S-stay back!" She tried to force more acid out, hoping that if she got its head it would stop regenerating. But she just wasn't used to using that level of acid. She visibly flinched, her arms seizing in pain as she failed to get any more acid out.

"Nōmu..." Shigaraki smirked, "Stop being lazy and kill her."

Nōmu shrieked as its healing won out against the acid, the last of its flesh sloughing and being replaced with fresh, new muscle, bone, and leathery skin. Its now nonexistent wounds were fully sealed. It rose to its feet slowly, and Mina felt terror like never before engulf her. She was going to die. She was going to die.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" A roar came as Jūrōta Shishida barreled into the Nōmu, slashing and biting at it in beast form as Mina backed away, trembling.

Shigaraki sighed, "Man, you idiots just don't get it, do you? Level 1 scrubs can't beat my level 100 boss. Get rid of him, Nōmu."

Nōmu shrieked as it picked the beast student up over its head and piledrived him into the ground. Jūrōta immediately went unconscious with several broken bones, shifting back into human form. Nōmu picked him up by the leg and flung him away. The student rolled until he skipped into the lake and started to sink.

"Now..." Shigaraki eyed the terrified pink girl with a sick smile, "Where were we, little Miss Hero?" Something caught his eye. He sighed in irritation, watching as Ochako levitated the unconscious Vlad King and Eraserhead with her Quirk and tried to hurry away. Camie and Setsuna were next to Izuku and trying to help him up. "That's no good. This encounter has Shadow Tag. No running away. Nōmu." Nōmu blitzed at Ochako, but was forced to abort its charge and return back to Shigaraki to save him from a full-on RPG strike. "What the fuck?!" Shigaraki goggled at the hole in Nōmu, eyeing Momo in disbelief even as the hole closed from its healing. Her top was half off, the right side hanging limply to make room for her weapon.

"As long as I keep aiming for you-" Momo cut off as the RPG sunk back into her, totally unconcerned with her top-nudity as a Minigunpopped out of her right shoulder via Creation and ear protection in her ears. The gun was half inside her, with only the spinning barrels visible along with a handle and sights for her to aim. Her body would create the bullets and immediately recycle the casings. "IT HAS TO DEFEND!" She screamed as the gun started firing live 50 caliber bullets at the Nōmu at maximum speed. The roar that filled the air had everyone capable of it covering their ears. The muzzles of the gun were nothing but flames as the gasses expanded from the barrels.

And yet Nōmu was completely unaffected. Yes, it was pinned in place, but the bullets impacting it simply fell away, dented nearly into little disks as its Shock Absorption prevented it from taking any damage at all. It started to advance, keeping its body between Momo and Shigaraki. Momo hissed as she changed her bullet composition, tipping them with explosives.

Now Nōmu started taking damage. Every single bullet that hit its leathery hide exploded, blowing furrows and craters into its chest. But even with the recycled casings inside of her body, Momo was losing her fat stores at a rapid pace. She started to sweat, and was visibly getting a little skinnier. Momo screamed "JUST GO DOWN ALREADY!" as its Hyper Regeneration did its work, erasing all the injuries as quickly as they were forming. Finally, she fell to her knees as the gun stopped firing, the barrels steaming. Her cheekbones were a little more visible from her weight loss. The gun broke away from her and clattered to the ground. Steam enveloped her, evaporating her sweat as she staggered away from the hot autocannon.

She still had some stores left, having known the gun wasn't going to work despite hoping the explosive rounds would. Creation went to work as her mind went into overdrive.

"Damn, that bitch is crazy! She's like level 50 at least! Nōmu, take her out!" Shigaraki yelled, and Nōmu finished healing and rushed forward.

The nozzle, firing mechanism, and tubing of a flamethrower popped out of Momo's body. Her body turned into a production factory, producing the caustic chemicals she needed. Molecules flew through her mind, combining into a sticky, extremely flammable fluid, and she pulled the trigger.

For the first time, the Nōmu shrieked as its entire body lit on fire. Shigaraki had to run away, out of Momo's range. The roar of the flames blocked most other sounds, and black smoke rose towards the top of the dome. Nōmu rolled around, trying to put itself out as the flames finally started hampering its Hyper Regeneration. Not enough, but it was not healing nearly as fast as it had been. And the sticky fluid stuck to it, just as Mina's acid had.

But there was an unintended side effect. Momo wasn't fireproof. Momo had to stop firing after only a few seconds, screaming in pain as the heat from the flames burned her arms. They looked lobster red, and she cursed herself for having not taken simple thermodynamics into account. The flamethrower fell away as she tried to run away. To get to Izuku, Mina, and Camie and just get away while the Nōmu was burning. But before she had taken a fourth step, one of the mooks that Aizawa had knocked out earlier controlled a bit of rubble with his Quirk and shot it right at her, nailing her in the jaw and sending her to the floor. "MOMO!"

Camie used her Quirk to hide Mina and create an illusion around Momo as Nōmu finished burning. She had to put Izuku down and envelop him as well, leaving him to Setsuna who grunted at the extra weight. They really could use Ochako right now, but she was halfway up the steps with their two teachers and couldn't spare any more of her Quirk. Her face already looked green.

Shigaraki howled in anger as he stood up, watching as Nōmu finally got itself under control. "KILL THEM ALL, DAMN IT! STOP BEING USELESS! NŌMU!" Nōmu rushed and punched at the group of three ladies, its arm going through the illusion and dispersing it. It looked mirage-like, flickering, and rippling around its arm. "That looks like a gas. CLAP!"

Nōmu raised its arms and brought one meaty palm into the other, causing a windstorm that blew Camie's Quirk away and knocked the three girls to the floor. Momo had a cut on her jaw from where the rubble hit her, and her eyes looked a little unfocused. They were also a bit sunken from how much of her Quirk she had used. Even her exposed breasts looked a little smaller, with her pasties looking like they were starting to peel.

"It was a nice try," Shigaraki smirked maliciously, "In fact, I don't even care about playing anymore. Nōmu. Kill."

Nōmu rushed forward, and time seemed to slow for everyone. Momo fruitlessly tried to make a shield, her Quirk failing her. Mina still couldn't produce any acid and could barely even get up. Camie tried to shield Momo with her body, squeezing her eyes shut. Setsuna desperately shot a hand forward, willing to sacrifice it to accomplish anything to save her classmates. Near the top of the stairs, Ochako closed her eyes and screamed, "SOMEONE HELP THEM!"

It hurt. It hurt so much he couldn't think. Couldn't feel anything but terror and agony. Was this what Pros dealt with all the time?

Izuku's blue flames licked at his destroyed leg, accomplishing nothing. His powers wouldn't work. His fear and despair were so thick it was almost choking him. He hadn't saved anyone. He hadn't been able to help a single person. They were going to die without help. Without All Might.

Some successor he was.

He lay on the dusty pavement, unmoving except for his hoarse, choked cries. A puddle of his own spit and blood was growing beneath him. His eyes were unfocused as he awaited death. Only it never came.

He watched as first Mina, then Jūrōta, then Momo fought through their clear terror to defend him. Defend them. Defend each other. He tried to cheer as Mina hurt it again and again, but couldn't as she was unable to finish the monster. Poor Jūrōta hadn't been able to touch it either and was probably now drowning in the lake. He would drown if no one helped him.

He tried to reach out, but still, his psychic power refused to respond. Was this what he'd gotten his Quirk for? To let a classmate die alone? Unable to help him? NO. He focused, unable to lift the boy out but forming a small tube at the bottom to the surface of the water, providing the boy much needed air. It was all his powers were worth at the moment. Even as Camie and Setsuna managed to get him to his feet and tried to stagger away with him, he tried to split his attention between Momo and Jūrōta.

Momo (glorious, beautiful Momo) bought them over two minutes of time as she blasted it with weapon after weapon, bullet after bullet. Where were the heroes? They still needed help. Needed All Might. He could see Momo couldn't defeat it either. Only hold it back with her overpowered Quirk. But she was running out of stores. He could see her body had already become slightly emaciated.

Where were the heroes?

Momo failed. Her Quirk Adaptations didn't make her fireproof. Her skin was just as flammable as anything else. She was going to die.

What was he doing? He had to help! Didn't he want to be a hero too? Why was he just standing there? She was going to die! Camie had put him down, leaving only Setsuna holding on to him as he sank down, unable to keep his balance with his missing leg and taking Setsuna down with him.

No one was coming. He needed to get back to his feet. Needed to save them!

"SOMEONE HELP THEM!" He wasn't sure who said it, but it broke through the fog in his brain.

Izuku woke up.


Izuku broke from Setsuna's embrace and flew forward, a look of utter tranquil fury in his eyes. The most intense emerald glow any of them had ever seen shone from his body as his hands clawed. He impacted Nōmu's face, his psychic power overwhelming the Shock Absorption as his fingers dug into and deformed Nōmu's beak and eyes. Blood spurted from the socket as he annihilated the organ, dragging the beast behind him before flinging it with all his might.

A sonic boom rang through the USJ as the beast vanished into the distance, crashing into one of the mountains and throwing up a huge cloud of dust and grit into the air. Izuku landed before the three girls on one leg, his healing flames finally getting back to work and reforming the appendage. His bare foot touched down on the pavement, baby-soft from the brand-new flesh.

"Midori!" Mina cried in joy as she slumped, leaning on Momo, who quickly followed, knowing in her heart that they were safe.

Camie started to giggle hysterically as all tension left her body, "Yeet!"

Izuku didn't even turn to the lake, merely raising his right arm and pointing. The water parted and Jūrōta rose out from underneath, still unconscious but not dead, much to everyone's relief. Izuku gently deposited him on the bank, before focusing on the enemy.

"What?!" Shigaraki gasped as he eyed the fully healed, furious Izuku. "That's not possible!" He started scratching at his neck, so hard he drew blood, "Nōmu got yeeted?! YOU REGREW YOUR LEG?! HOW DO YOU HAVE TWO QUIRKS?!" He yelled at Izuku, who exploded in emerald light. It was so intense the ground started to disintegrate. Izuku raised a hand with a furious snarl, and Shigaraki screamed as he rocketed up fifteen feet before reversing course and smashing into the ground almost chest first. He felt multiple ribs crack as he wheezed, struggling to get to his knees. He rested on his heels but didn't manage to even rasp anything at the hero student.

Izuku leapt at him and was in his face in the blink of an eye, his foot pile driving into Shigaraki's gut and breaking a rib for sure. "GACK!" Shigaraki was driven back from the impact, all of his severed hands but the most secure one on his face flying off of his body and clattering around. He was dazed, his vision swimming and his lungs begging for air as he landed flat on his back.

Shigaraki choked as Izuku's hand closed his lapel, yanking him off the ground. Even as he got manhandled, Shigaraki reached out and grabbed Izuku's arm, trying to pry his fingers away. His fingers stopped cold. The Psy-Barrier surrounding Izuku's entire body rippled, preventing the man-child from touching him and utilizing his Quirk. Izuku glared at him, his eyes glowing menacingly as he reared back, forming a fist. He brought it down and punched Shigaraki so hard the hand on his face got blown away. Shigaraki looked drunk, blood splattered around his teeth as Izuku reared his fist back again, before stopping and dropping Shigaraki.

Nōmu was back, and this time its punch did not shatter Izuku's Psy-Barrier. It flashed and rippled, but like Izuku's earlier force blast, the punch only forced him back minutely. Izuku roared in anger that this thing was still harassing them after forcing all of his friends to their very limit and rushed forward. His foot and Nōmu's fist crashed into one another, and it was like a bomb had gone off. Shigaraki got blown away as hurricane-force winds erupted from them. Waves rose in the lake as the gale force winds blew everyone who wasn't secure away. Setsuna and Camie had to strain their muscles to the limit to keep the other two exhausted girls from flying too. Shigaraki crashed into the fountain, his hand touching it and destroying a part of the fixture, drenching him in icy cold water. The winds stopped as Nōmu and Izuku were blown ten feet apart and dragged their feet on the ground as they landed.

'What does it take to put this thing down?!' Izuku yelled in his mind in frustration, before switching tactics. He held his arm out and grabbed it with his psychic power and lifted it into the air, hoping that if he took away its ability to move it would be over. "OH, COME ON!" He roared in frustration, as even his strongest Psychic Hold was ineffective. Nōmu just pumped one of its legs and the sheer wind pressure launched it in his direction. Fighting this damn thing was just like fighting All Might! A weaker All Might to be sure. After trading blows with it he knew for a fact All Might could have beat it currently, much less in his prime. But with the Shock Absorption and Hyper Regeneration, it was perhaps a more annoying opponent. Without the Shock Absorption, All Might could have crushed it.

He dodged the beast and started to fly, lifting it into the air and grabbing his sash. He turned on a dime and flew down, as it pumped its legs and flew into the air to meet him halfway done. Izuku's arms blurred from the motion, passing the Nōmu and landing on the ground with a harsh impact, breaking it beneath him. He got out of the way as a shower of blood rained down before the wet slaps of body parts hitting the ground rang through the air. He turned, and cursed in frustration as the beast still regenerated practically its entire body from scratch. It howled at him as it rushed forward, vanishing from sight, and trying to slam twin hammer blows into his skull from behind.

Izuku saw its every move, turning to match it and putting a hand on the floor, lifting onto just the limb, and pushing up. He flew up like a missile. He was small enough compared to its massive bulk that he actually flew right between its beefy arms, planting both feet into the bottom of its beak and all but knocking its block off. The beast flipped as he flew past it, but landed sharply and jumped after him.

His psychic power formed a platform above his feet, and he pushed off it, rocketing back down to meet the Nōmu. He blurred from sight, watching as it sailed past him while he reached out towards the lake. "If I can't hold you in the air...!" He grunted, and the sound of rushing water rang out as thousands of gallons rose into the air and flew at the creature. It tried to reverse direction, but Izuku was faster. He captured the beast in a giant sphere of water fifty feet in the air, and grinned when no matter what the Nōmu did, it was unable to escape. Each time it kicked its feet or whipped around or punched, the water just got blown away from the sphere in jets, before being quickly filled in and replaced by more water.

Shigaraki had gotten to his feet and managed to fight through the pain. He rushed at the girls, hoping a hostage would stop Izuku. Mina had taken off a shoe with Setsuna's help and sprayed hydrochloric acid at the charging villain from the sole of her foot. He dodged it, but ate one of Setsuna's flying feet from an unseen angle, knocking him over directly into the acid. He howled as he rolled off of it, but the chemical stuck fast and started burning him. He ripped off his shirt in agony, revealing his pasty white skin, which was rapidly bubbling from the chemical burns. He glowed green, before being thrown away from the girls, across the plaza. That little distraction almost cost Izuku, as he had to refocus on the aquatic shell surrounding Nōmu.

As the villain was taken care of at the moment, Momo's attention was taken by Izuku's voice in her head, 'Make me a bomb!'

The heiress didn't hesitate for a moment, following her leader's instructions. She fought through the pain from the burns on her hands and front and got on her hands and knees, a massive cube of C4 popping out of her back. "IZUKU!" She shouted, forming a detonator between her breasts, and grabbing it, straightening out when she felt the weight disappear. 'Water doesn't compress!' She knew exactly what he was planning. She was even skinnier now, but this would have to do it. It HAD to.

The cube of plastic explosives glowed green on her back before flying as he flung it into the water. He used both hands to hold the sphere and envelop it with psychic power, forming a shell around the water and preventing anything from escaping. "NOW!" He yelled.

Momo didn't hesitate and pushed her thumb down on the detonator. There was a flash of light inside the green, flowing sphere, before a giant explosion rang out. The entire sphere rippled as Nōmu disappeared from view, smoke filling the sphere as well. Even Izuku's barrier failed, with him letting out a cry of pain as his nose, ears, and even his eyes started to bleed minutely. The water splashed down, tainted with red from the beast.

Nōmu itself… Izuku and the girls felt their gorges rise when its remains splattered on the floor. All that was left was part of its head and a spine. The rest of it had been pulped. Izuku's hand clapped against his mouth in horror and disgust, but he forced the feeling down. It was over and there were other vill- "Are you fucking SHITTING ME?!" The uncharacteristic swearing from the class cinnamon roll brought ice down the student's backs. Momo collapsed, totally spent and unable to make so much as one of her favorite matryoshka dolls anymore.

Nōmu started to regenerate. First, its face reformed, and then more bone started bubbling out from the broken spine before flesh and sinew started to follow. The glow around Izuku was dimming. He had passed his limit long ago. Blood started to leak from his nose, ears, and eyes in full. He looked terrifying to all the villains who were still awake or who had awoken during the fight. 'I can't keep this up. I can't block another blow from it.' He thought to himself grimly as its leg bones finished forming. He knew that for a fact. He could already feel his powers starting to wane. He'd blown past his limits and it was a miracle that he hadn't just collapsed in agony like the first time this happened. He gritted his teeth as the Nōmu passed 75% completion of its healing, its hands reforming and starting to bubble with flesh.

"We need to burn it!" Momo yelled hoarsely as she forced herself to her hands and knees, trying desperately to form another flamethrower nozzle and sprayer, with an extra-long tube this time. If Izuku could control it remotely with his power they wouldn't have to worry about either of them being burned from convection. It was the only thing that could work! But she couldn't. She was utterly spent, and her body seized as she tried to force something out. She cried out in pain and collapsed back down.

'Burn it?' Izuku thought to himself, gritting his teeth and clenching his fist, 'Sorry All Might… Recovery Girl… Principle Nezu… Mom...' He thought to himself as he steeled his spine.

Shigaraki was getting to his feet holding his ribs, still confident in their victory. He was gloating at Nōmu's power. It was unbeatable!


A shockwave blew out from Izuku, and every single person within a hundred-meter radius felt their mouths dry out instantly. Momo and Mina let out twin screams of pain as their tender arms felt like they were burning again. An emerald firestorm erupted from Izuku's body, the heat melting everything in a five-meter radius around him nearly instantly. And then his screams started, horrifying all of the other students.

'Ah…' He thought to himself despite the agony as his 'fireproof' suit all but said, 'nope' and disintegrated off his arm, where the emerald flames were centered. His exposed leg from where Nōmu had ripped his leg off also started to sizzle, 'It's not that I'm not fireproof. It's that this fire doesn't care.' He howled in agony as he compressed the flames into a dervish around his arm.

Doing so allowed him to be seen once more, and the girls let out cries of horror as they saw his seared skin, even as his blue flames struggled to heal him. He floated above a small round pool of molten rock and concrete that was expanding by the second.

He fought through the pain. He only had one shot at this! He staggered as the rest of his costume's torso burnt away, leaving him with only half of one leg and his privates protected. "INFERNO OVERDRIVE!" He roared, thrusting his arm forward.

A tornado of emerald flames burst from his arm, coalescing into a flaming bird of sorts. Its wings flapped once as it flew faster than the Nōmu could react and speared into it with a seemingly audible cry. A second sun was born in the USJ as a tornado of flame roared into the sky, disintegrating the top of the dome, and parting the clouds above it. The lake water closest to the inferno started to bubble and boil. Even as far away as everyone was from it, they had to do their best to shield themselves from the heat. The villains closest to it cried out in agony as they started to cook. They scrambled away, but couldn't seem to escape.

And then it was over. The tornado dissipated, revealing another melted crater which started getting filled with lake water, which immediately turned into steam and started filling the USJ. Nōmu was nowhere to be found. All that remained was a molten crater where it had stood.

The students started to cheer as the monster which would no doubt plague their nightmares was destroyed. Kurogiri (who had awoken quite some time ago and bided his time) immediately flung Awase off of him and warped to Shigaraki, the chunk of concrete he was welded to still attached to his collar. "Tomura Shigaraki! We must escape! Even our Nōmu was beaten!"

Shigaraki didn't answer, staring in horror at Izuku. His body was shaking, not from his injuries, but from something else.

Izuku slowly floated out from his molten dip in the earth, landing softly away from it. The emerald glow around him vanished, and the rest of the students let out cries of despair. His right arm was black like charcoal. Other parts of his body were also heinously injured, and his blue flames died out the same as the glow, entirely spent and unable to heal him. His face was filthy with dried blood tracks from his nose, eyes, and ears. They started to drip anew with blood as he took a staggering step forward in the utterly silent building. "You won't touch them." He rasped.

The only thing still glowing were his eyes, which seemed to spear every villain to their spots. Even when he must have been beyond his limit at this point, he was still on his feet. He took another step forward, almost falling. "You won't harm any of them!" All the villains but Kurogiri and Shigaraki started to cry in terror as Izuku clenched his dead hand into a fist. Somehow. Raising it in challenge, "BECAUSE I AM HERE!" A ghostly visage of All Might appeared behind him.

The villains broke and as one and started screaming and running from the boy. "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" "I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!" "SAVE US, ALL MIGHT!"

Shigaraki shook, his pain forgotten. "No..." He trembled and took a step forward, almost stumbling from the agony in his ribs. "NO!" He roared, throwing all caution to the wind, and ignoring every single screaming nerve in his body, charging at Izuku despite Kurogiri screaming at him to retreat, "WE CAN'T LET HIM LIVE! WE CAN'T LET ANOTHER SYMBOL OF PEACE RISE! KILL HIM! KILL HIM NOW WHEN HE'S WEAK!"

The girls cursed, trying to help Izuku but unable to get there fast enough. Izuku was too far away.

Kurogiri snarled at the leader's idiocy but formed a portal, warping Shigaraki right in front of Izuku. He was at most three paces away. Two steps. One step. And then there was ice. Shigaraki's right leg froze solid to the ground, his left barely escaping the same fate. He screamed in rage, reaching out to try to touch Izuku's face. "He's RIGHT THERE!" He stretched, not caring that he was destroying his leg in the ice as he tried to kill the one who no doubt would be the future bane of villains everywhere.

"AP SHOT!" Katsuki landed with his hands cupped and roared. The piercing, longer-ranged attack he had just come up with on the spot to make up for being too far away seared the air. It impacted Shigaraki on his bicep, blowing his entire arm off. Shigaraki HOWLED as the shockwave caused him to also rip his frozen leg off, leaving the limb stuck in the ice. He slid on the ice as his arm flew through the air and landed in the molten puddle behind Izuku. Irrevocably, the limb caught on fire and was destroyed. There wasn't even a chance for Kurogiri to save it.

"Shigaraki!" Kurogiri formed a portal to get them away.

"I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU DAMN BRATS! DO YOU HEAR ME! I'LL KIL-" The portal closed, and the two villains were gone.

Katsuki let out a shaky sigh, no trace of bloodlust on his face unlike earlier. Even his iron stomach was roiling a little bit at having literally disarmed a man, and the glance he took at Izuku wasn't making that any better.

The other students started to cry as the danger finally was over. "IZUKU/MIDORI!" Momo, Mina, Camie, and Setsuna rushed over to him.

"You did it Midori!" Mina cried as she staggered her way to him, Momo using her as a crutch. "You saved us!"

Izuku didn't respond.

"Izuku? Izuku!" Momo asked in worry, getting off Mina and stumbling as she stepped towards him. Katsuki looked away since she was still nude up top. Her costume had been totally ruined from the flamethrower maneuver. She couldn't just put it back on. And now her pasties had fallen away, revealing her breasts in full. With how tired and emaciated her body was, they were shriveled, and you could see her bones through her skin. She looked like a mess. "I-Izuku?" Her voice warbled as he still didn't respond.

He just stood there like a statue.

"IZUKU!" They cried as they realized he wasn't even awake despite being on his feet.

As the USJ doors blew open and All Might rushed in, letting out a roar of rage at the state Izuku was in, Katsuki clenched his fists. He watched as his former best friend was gathered by the giant man and rushed back to the main campus.



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