Chapter one: Distant Relatives

Jim sat down and locked in his seat belt, calling for the others to do the same. He could feel in the ship's hull, could feel her fire under his feet and resisted the urge to pat his chair's arm in encouragement the way he used to his bike. You can do it, baby. Just a little bit more, and we'll fix your foot. I promise. Spock would probably tell him he was being illogical, but he was an animist, and damn if his Enterprise wasn't a living, breathing thing.

"How are our shields, Mister Sulu?"

"Shaky, sir, at ten percent. We're still down from the skirmish at Qual. One more hit, and I can't guarantee she can block it."

Just a little further, he thought again. "Fire everything we've got. Aim at Engineering, if we don't have shields I don't want them to either. How is that scan coming, Chekov? What are we looking at?"

"I don't know, sir. It's all rebounding. I can't get a read on any of their technology."

It happened suddenly. He felt again, under his feet, his love fire off a defense before they could physically see it hit. There was a ringing silence, and then the Syan Asai ship was... gone. Replaced by something Jim had never seen. But the blow back too was instantaneous, the Enterprise pushed back before being sucked back towards the Syan Asai.

Around him, red alerts and alarms sounded. Warnings. His love could do this. This was just another thing they could get through. They'd gone through red matter wielding psychopaths, super humans, why not a black hole?

"Bridge to Engineering, Scotty get us out of here. Mister Sulu-" And then, like they were flying into the sun, everything was too bright and he had to shield his eyes. "Mister Sulu, warp, now!"

"I can't sir! We can't handle it without letting our shield replenish first or we risk burning out."

And it was too late anyway...


"Report," Jim said, hesitantly and sure that he was bruised from his seat belt. But his girl did good. She always did. "Mister Spock, what just happened?"

"It appears we've been pulled through the wormhole created by the Syan Asai's vessel, and the Syan Asai appears to have not."

"How the hell did that thing create a wormhole?"

Jim was interrupted by Bones, calling in with a frantic tone of voice. Mind you, Bones did everything frantically. "Damn it, Jim! What just happened?"


"Listen, we need to get home and fast. Lieutenant Hendorff is in a bad way and if I don't get him a blood transfusion there's nothing I can do to help it."

Oh yeah. Cupcake, and the poisonous pant on Qual. The plant that, according to Bones, started turning his blood into poison before they even pulled him away from it. "If he needs blood, we can find someone to help but I don't-"

There was a growl, one that meant it was bad and Bones wasn't just overreacting. "You're not understanding. This isn't a case of finding the right blood type, Jim. This is a case of I need to find someone who has the same blood, and it's bone marrow I need. I need kin."

"Uh, Captain?"

"I have to go, Bones. What is it, Lieutenant?"

Uhura turned to him with a conflicted expression. "The Syan Asai were using artificial controlled singularity in their warp drive and power their ship."

"Standard," he replied, his ears still ringing too much to decipher.

Spock turned as well, looking slightly rumpled in appearance but otherwise the same. "I believe what Lieutenant Uhura is trying to say is that by damaging their engineering bay, we caused an instability and therefore brought the wormhole into creation."

"Damn it, Spock, standard."

"It appears the year we are in is no longer the year it is."

Jim blinked at him, the haze of his mind and the breathlessness caused by the jerking of his ship fading. "Are you, saying that we're... in a different time? By that wormhole?"

"It appears so, Captain."



Jim went back to Bones on the comms. "Yeah, Bones. There's been uh, well. There's been a hiccup."

"Well give it a glass of water and get us home, damn it. Unless I'm wrong and he's got a cousin or something on board. But Jim-"


"Sir, he's just collapsed."

Jim shot out of his chair and towards the turbo lift. "Spock, you've got the conn. Get us moving. I don't care what year it is, just get us to Earth."

When he got to the Med Bay, Chapel was helping Bones onto a bed. Bones, who looked incredibly gray. Deathly gray. Jim hurried forward to help, but he waved him off before he could.

"Stop. Make Christine stop. It's contagious on contact."

"What do you mean it's contagious on contact?"

Bones scowled, "I mean, don't touch me. Get Chapel to go shower, now. I think it entered my bloodstream through being absorbed into my skin. Anyone else who touched Hendorff either needs to be here or in the showers before it can. How are we on getting home?"

Jim made a face. "About that-"

"Bridge to Med Bay."

"Yeah, lieutenant."

"We have more information."

"I'll be right there. Bones, we kind of went through a wormhole and now we're in a different year, but we're heading to Earth anyway to find what you guys need. Sorry about that. Nurse Chapel, go shower thoroughly and put up isolating curtains around Bones and Cupcake both. Nobody touches either of them. How long with it take to-"

"Kill us," Bones finished. "I don't know. Him, maybe eighteen hours. Me maybe twenty four. And, what do you mean we've-"

"Captain, we will be approaching Earth soon. How shall we proceed?"

Jim covered his face with his hands and groaned. He didn't answer Bones, didn't know what to say, so he went back to the bridge. At least Bones was still conscious to order people about. At least his ship was still flying. Scotty was there, talking to Sulu and Spock when he got there.

"Keptin on zhe bridge."

"Report. Do we have a star date confirmation?"

Uhura was the first, looking shaken. "Two thousand eighteen, sir."

Jim paused, blinking and recoiling slightly. "Please tell me you're kidding me. Spock, tell me she's mistaken."

"I'm afraid the Lieutenant's findings are accurate, Captain, which brings forth the question of how to proceed considering the current technology level on Earth."

"I'm open to suggestions. We need to collect bone marrow from an ancestor of Lieutenant Hendorff and Dr. McCoy before trying to even attempt finding a way home, and we need to do it now. That Syan Asai plant is contagious on contact, don't touch either of them."

"We could take a landing party. It shouldn't be difficult to find who we need, with a medical tricorder and crew member records."

Jim nodded. "Uhura, relay that to Sick Bay. Have someone give us a location, for Bones and Hendorff both. Scotty? Find us a way to our time."

"Captain, I believe I should stay behind with Mr. Scott as I may be of some help and my appearance might be startling."

Jim knew Spock was being logical, but clapped his shoulder anyway. "I hate to insult you, Spock, but to a people who have no knowledge of Vulcan you look pretty human. And I'd feel more comfortable if you came with us. Sulu, Uhura, you too. Chekov, you'll have the conn. Scotty, I don't care what it takes but get us out of here. We'll beam in twenty."


Earth was different, with just enough similarities to make Jim feel like he was going insane. He had no idea how he was expecting to approach these strangers. It wasn't exactly like he could walk up and ask for their bone marrow, nor was he terribly willing to knock them over the head and just take it. Though, of the two...

So this was what Iowa looked like two hundred and forty five years ago. He had to admit that it within itself hadn't changed much. In fact, if it weren't for the difference in architecture he'd almost swear they were.

"Where to, Mister Spock," he asked, his chest thrumming. "I'd like to hurry up and get out of here."

Somewhere in the back of his mind he wondered if his family were here. His own ancestors. Had his family always lived in Iowa? Would they come across any of them?

"It appears we are only 12.64 kilometers from Lieutenant Hendorff's great great great great great uncle, a Mister Warner Hendorff."

"You would think, with that surname, that he'd be German."


Jim was jumpy, looking around them as they walked. He saw strange things that, if they were here for a different reason, would make him want to stay and investigate. But this was only the first stop. He kept expecting stares, people looking at them and knowing that they didn't belong, but everything was the same. And completely different.

"This is the creepiest thing I've ever done," he couldn't help but whisper.

"It's definitely on the list," Uhura uncharacteristically agreed. "How are we even going to do this?"

"Would it not be logical to safely render them unconscious to extract the marrow?"

Spock scared him sometimes, as nonchalant as he was about suggesting it, but as much as Jim hated it he was right. What other option did they have? At least it was a guy they were looking for.

"Captain, the light says to stop."

"We'll be fine," Jim said.

It was a small town, it looked like. And it didn't seem like there were many cars out, being late in the evening. Spock was always right. He didn't even see the car until the lights were in his face, he heard Uhura scream, and he was on the ground.

"Oh my God!" A new voice said, sounding panicked and shaky. "Oh my God, are you okay? Someone call 911."

Then there were hands on his face. He'd swear he was looking at... his mom. "Mom?"

The familiar blue eyes widened and the person looked like they might cry. "I'm so sorry. I didn't see you, and the light was green. I just-"

"Captain? Are you alright?"

The word Captain seemed to clear his head and he sat up, sore. "Spock, I'm fine. I think I'm just a little sore."

"It is likely you have a concussion."

Now that his vision was cleared, he was able to look around. The light was turning yellow, they were alone the lot of them in the middle of the street, and the woman (girl?) looked terrifyingly like his mother. She was even fussing over him the way Winona might've. "Are you okay? Do, do you need a hospital? I have Tylenol- and band aids."

"What's Tylenol?"

Her hands flew to her mouth. "Oh, you must have your head hard. You're bleeding."

Spock looked between the two, the Captain and the hysterical stranger, noting the visual similarities. They had the same striking blue eyes, though hers were a shade he would not have originally thought possible. "Tylenol is a brand name of acetaminophen; generic pain reliever. Yes, I believe the Captain may benefit from a dose."

The blue turned to him. "Wha- oh! I mean, I don't have it here. It's at home. Come on, it's just up the road. I insist. I have bandages, Tylenol, antibacterial ointment. And, maybe some water? Or I could take you to the ER. Oh, I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."

Tears started springing from her and luckily Uhura took it upon herself to help the leaking girl, calming her down. "It's his own fault for walking out in the middle of the road. We were just telling him to wait. I'm sure he's going to be fine. He's been through worse, I promise."

"Please, there must be something I can do."

"Perhaps a name," Sulu suggested, obviously having noticed the resemblance as well.

The girl sniffed, her face an unattractive puffy red mess. "Oh, uh, Lily. Lily Kershaw. I mean it. I don't live five minutes away, and I promise I'm not a serial killer or anything like that."

Kershaw. Jim froze at his mother's maiden name. She-she couldn't be. But, she looked so much like the old pictures of relatives in his mother's photo album. In fact, he almost wanted to say the name Lily sounded familiar too. She had his mother's blonde hair, and her blue eyes. The slope of her nose was the same slope he'd seen on his grandfather.

"Are you really okay?" She asked, looking at him. "I meant it. I would feel so much more comfortable if you let me fix you up. And, I make really good coffee. I have this, um, Italian roast for when my brother comes over. He's kind of a coffee snob, so if he says it's good then it is."

"We should be-"

"Sure," Jim interrupted Uhura. "You said you don't live far, right? Tylol sounds great."

Her face lit up through the redness and she smiled. "Perfect. I-I can drive. I mean, if you're comfortable with that. I suppose someone else could, but I don't usually hit people. I mean, usually I'm a pretty safe driver. Well, relatively safe."

Jim found himself nodding. "Yeah. That's okay, right?"

He turned to the others. He knew they were here for serious reasons, but one cup of coffee when they had over sixteen hours couldn't hurt right? Uhura and Sulu nodded, but Spock was the logical one. "Captain, our objective is-"

"Just for a few minutes, Spock," he whispered. "Just a bandage and a cup of coffee and we'll be on our way. It won't take long to do what we have to do, Bones promised that Lieutenant Hendorff isn't in pain."

Spock tilted his head and nodded. "It is, of course, your prerogative."

"Good man."

Lily helped Jim into the passenger seat, buckling his belt before getting into the driver's side. The others were crammed in the small backseat. "Is-is everything okay? Is there enough room?"

"It is uncomfortable," Spock said, "but not unbearable."

Lily cleared her throat and started to drive. "Yeah, sorry. I keep meaning to turn her in for a van or something, what with my niece and nephew getting older, but I'm too attached. This was my first car, and well, she's my baby."

Jim interrupted Spock's inevitable comment about the vehicle not being an infant with, "You have family? A brother, you said?"

"Oh, yeah. Simon and I are pretty close. We're only two years apart, so I guess that helps. And Wendy- that's my niece- is only two years younger than her brother, Christian, and he's pretty protective of her."

She wasn't the most talkative person he'd ever met, human or otherwise, but she would be on the list if Spock were so inclined to keep one the way he was convinced Dr. McCoy did. It didn't help that their Captain encouraged her and seemed to drink in every word. It was near common knowledge that the Captain wasn't close with his family, hardly seeing his mother and his brother having died. Spock wasn't sure about his relationship with his uncle.

"I didn't get anyone's name," the girl seemed to realize as she pulled up to a modular home. The rumble of the vehicle ceased, and she opened her door without waiting for any answers to her statement.

"Alright," she said, holding the Captain's arm unnecessarily to stable him. "Two steps here, then another."

She opened the front door and was attacked.

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