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"One Ophor remaining"

Bucks p.o.v

I heard the comms come in signaling one enemy left. It was 3 of us against that one operator. Me, Jackal and Ash remained. The three of us were desperately trying to uncover the identity of the last operator. We haven't encountered them yet as we scanned the area of the simulation of a Biker ClubHouse. We were oblivious to who the last operator was. Dokkaebi was the first to get eliminated, before she was able to hack any of the phones, so went in blind. When we entered the building Thermite blew a hole in the reinforced wall in the garage. Dokkaebi peeked her head to get a steady shot at a running enemy and was hit by a head shot by Frost. Thermite proceeded through and killed not only Frost but Smoke also. I took out Alibi and Jackal got Bandit, but Bandit was able to blow Thermite back with a Nitro Cell.

"You getting anything?" I said to Jackal."Nothing Seb." he said as he scanned his eyenox gadget. Ash was in the basement of the clubhouse searching for the last enemy.

Suddenly we heard two faint shots come across Ash's radio. Her radio went out. Before we could react we heard an aggressive voice come onto Ash's radio."Caveira's Coming!"

Me and Ryad looked at each other in disbelief. "No...It can't be her!" I quietly said to myself. "Get ahold of yourself! We need to eliminate her and we need to do it fast." Jackal said to me. I realized time was winding down with only under 2 minutes left.

As we reached the bar area, I went towards the garage while Jackal scanned for footprints. He inevitably could not find any. I told Jackal over the comms to be careful.

As I walked into the garage area, I looked towards the hole that Jordan made earlier and I seen his corpse laying far behind it. I climbed down the ladder rather quickly to avoid being caught and interrogated

"Ryad, have you spotted her?" All I heard was silence. "Ryad?" "You there" I said, beginning to get nervous. "I'm coming for you..." I heard a soft but intimidating voice say over the radio

"Last friendly operator standing"

I was the last one. Jackal got interrogated by Caveira. She was watching us. Preying on us, ready to pounce. That's what she did, waiting for the right moment to strike.

I sprinted down the hall, upstairs as fast as I could toting my C8-SFW, ready to fire at a moments notice. I spotted a shadow run by into the bathroom near the bar. I chased the shadow until I lost her near an exit. I entered the room with the stripper pole and I heard something rustle behind the couch. I pulled out a frag and cooked it for 3 seconds. I tossed it behind the couch and took cover behind the wall. Once I heard the explosion and I don't hear the sound of attackers winning, I ran in with my hand on my skeleton key trigger and was ready to fire again.

"10 seconds left"

As I neared the couch I seen a dark figure with the face of death emerge from the couch and look at me, dead in the eyes.

Everything turned to slow motion. Caveira was one of the scariest sights I have ever encountered. But at the same time, she was beautiful….

She pulled up her shotgun, I pulled up mine. Both of our fingers grazed the trigger and we

opened fire.


The simulation ended in a draw. Me and Taina killed each other with the skeleton key and Spas. "Fuck! I had her!" I yelled once I left the simulation room.

I regrouped with my comrades in the locker room to talk about the previous simulation. "Dammit!" Thermite said as he punched his locker. "Calm down Jordan, Mistakes and miscalculations happen, you learn from them." Eliza says to Jordan to comfort him in his rageful state. "I was hunting her and I couldn't find her, I need to improve my Eyenox." Jackal said to me, while I took off my gear.

" We'll get them next time." Dokkaebi said with an unusual smile. She seemed kind of ticked off that she was the first operator to drop. I understand how she felt, I've been there in our previous simulations. Everyone began to leave.

As I saw the last person leave, I slammed my hand against a locker, following with a jab that stung my knuckles. "Fuck!" "How could I let that happen!" I was furious, my blood was boiling. As I sat on a bench on the bench, I felt a warm embrace touch my shoulder. Without a moments notice, I jumped and backed up towards the locker with my knife in hand.

There she was. I didn't even hear her coming." Whew! You startled me there Taina! What are you doing here?" I said really nervous. My mind was racing. Did she see me freak out? Is she judging me for it? Did anyone else hear me? I let my anger get the best of me sometimes. " I apologize Sébastien. It's in my nature to be as quiet as possible." She was being abnormally friendly. From the stories I've heard and her attitude to most things, I thought she was pretty scary and bitchy. Without her face paint, she had outstanding beauty, with a body to complement.

"Uh- did you see... everything?" I said stuttering a little bit. "I did." She said calmly. Shit. I guessing my face told my feelings, because she tried to console me and didn't want me to think of her as someone who was judging. "Seb, we are two highly trained operatives in the same field. We challenge each other and push ourselves to the limit to get better." Why was she being so nice? Is there an alternative motive?

As she left, I returned to my barracks in the JTF-2 wing of the Hereford Base. I walked past Frost who was sitting on the couch brushing her hair, she seemed as if she just got out of the shower. I went to my room and closed the door softly. I sat down with my mind racing between anger and wonder. Why would someone so scary with a reputation of having a mean streak be nice and comforting to me?

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