Buck POV

6:00 a.m


Buck's Room

It's been a year since I was struck by that shotgun. I've never felt so healthy. The constant training and support from my team and friends, not to mention my baby girl, kept me going. I looked at my phone. "6:00 a.m, December 10th 2019." When I entered the bathroom, I was mesmerized by my body. The buckshot rounds left plenty of scars on my chest, but my improved muscles made it look cool.

After my shower, I took to my beard. I had to make sure I looked presentable for the team. I lost track and started flexing in the mirror. I looked so jacked, compared to last year. I also gripped my chest a little because there was something paining me...

Flashback to prior year

A man walked into the room with Six. "Sebastien, this is Harvisha Padney. In 3 weeks, I will be stepping down as director of Rainbow. He will be my replacement. I will be serving as the new secretary of state in the United States." Six said.

"How are you feeling, Sebastien?" He asked with a concerned look on his face. "I'm taking it day by day. I've been feeling better since the injury but I'm fighting to slowly get my strength back." I said.

"Sebastien was injured in a mission about a month and a half ago. I told him that I will give him about 9 months to rehabilitate. If he isn't able to perform to Rainbow's standards, then he will be honorably discharged. It's your choice to shorten that time or extend that time. I'll leave you two alone. Harry, I'll be in your office." Six said as she left.

"I heard you jumped in front of a barrel to save Taina. I admire you for that. You have my utmost respect." He said. Harry looked very sincere. "Six gave me permission to decide what happens with you. I think 9 months isn't enough time. Between me and you. You tell me when you are ready and we'll run an evaluation." He said. I was baffled. He was so generous, even without knowing anything about me.

"Take your time to get better. Whether it's 6 months to 2 years. I want you to fully recover. 2 years max though, or the government will catch on." He said with a smile. "Thank you Harry! I appreciate it. I won't let you down." I responded to him.

Back to the present

I was ready. My new uniform was laid out for me. My baby girl bought it for me. It was a lumberjack outfit. I hurried to put my uniform on. I also got a canadian flag decal on my side arm for this day specifically. When I left my barracks, I got lost. The entire barracks was remodeled in the past year, and the renovations were just completed a month ago.

Once I made it to the mess hall, I scanned the room. Silence fell into the room. The boys all shot up and started applauding. Everyone stood up and followed along. "I fucking love you guys! Thank you all! I'm ready to join you guys again." I looked over towards the corner of the newly renovated mess hall and saw Harry grabbing a cup of coffee. He nodded towards me and I returned the favor.

I approached my table. At the beginning of the year, we met Mozzie. That little rascal clicked with us quickly. I was trying to make it to the elevator when I tripped, and dropped my crutches. He was the first person to help. We call him Moz or Mozzie, because he shares the same name as Max.

I forgot that Cavi and her girls were on a mission in Russia and are supposed to arrive back today. I went to the kitchen, grabbed some creamed chipped beef, with peas, coffee, and went back to my table.

"There he is! You ready man?" Mark said. "I think I am. I have to show Harry I still got it." I responded. "Look at you man. You slept in the gym eh?" Mozzie said. "You look buff as shit bro. Putting me to shame." Blackbeard said, while flexing his muscles.

I started to dig into my food. "Looks like you got an appetite too." Shu chimed in, giving me the side eye. "Yeah, I'm pretty hungry." I said chuckling. "Oh Yeah! Forgot to mention. I did a little snooping around. I found out something crazy." Mozzie said. "I mean you could snoop around undetected, shorty." Max said.

"Hey! Fuck off, Mate." He shot back. "But anyways. There are two new recruits coming to Rainbow. Codenames Wami or Wamai or some shit like that, and Cali or Kali or whatever. But the guy is the second youngest. He's a few months older than you." He said while pointing to Mark. "Wow that's surprising." Mute said. "They're also gonna be introduced today and be in the simulation." Mozzie said.

"Wait. Are you really telling the truth?" Mas challenged. "Yeah mate, I checked Harry's clipboard, when I was in his office for that prank I pulled on Alex." Mozzie said.

Flashback to the prior day

"LMG Mounted and Loaded!" yelled Alex in the shooting range. He started to let off his entire mag. He heard the sound but didn't hit his target. "Blyat! Where did my shots go?!" Alex screamed as he examined the targets down the range.

"Looks like the aim is getting a little stale!" Mozzie said to him. "Fuck! You!" Tachanka screamed. Mozzie took a step back to walk away, when he tripped and dropped his bookbag. Tachanka's mags popped out of the bag and some of the bullets spilled onto the floor. "What the fuck?!" He raged!

Harry's Office

"Max… Tell me why you decided to fill Alex's ammo with blanks. That can really mess up his confidence and affect his performance here." Harry said, his face expressing his frustration. "I'm sorry, Sir. I thought it was a harmless prank." Mozzie responded. "Max don't let this happen again or you will be on probation. Now I think you owe Alex an apology." Harry said, as he turned around. Mozzie quickly looked at his clipboard and analyzed it. He then nodded and left the room.

Back to the present

"Oh Yeah! I know the line up. Kali, Seb, Shu, Tori, and that tall chick. Azucena I think. The map is also gonna be a replica from the Operation Velvet shell I believe. Whatever the hell that is." Mozzie said. "Aww shit. That was the Spain coastline. I had to save your ass there remember that Craig." I said while pushing Blackbeard a little. "I had it under control just because he broke my shield doesn't mean I was gonna die." Blackbeard said. "Whatever bro." I said with a chuckle. Everyone started laughing. "Fuck you man." Blackbeard joked. "But this is a hostage situation Seb. Good luck man." Blackbeard said. "I'm ready." I said.

Moments later. Harry entered in with two operators. An above average height Indian female. An above average height African Male. "This is Kali and Wamai. I'll let them introduce themselves." Harry said.

The woman spoke up first. "I am Jaimini Kalimohan Shah or you can call me Kali." She said. "I am Ngũgĩ Muchoki Furaha. You can call me Wamai if you can't pronounce my name." He said. "We are a part of a Private Military Company that I founded called NIGHTHAVEN." She continued.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Eliza whisper to Jordan. I couldn't tell what it was because she covered her mouth. Kali shot her a dirty look. Eliza followed suit with a glare of her own. "Anyways. I can't disclose what our gadgets do, but you will find out pretty soon." She said with a snobbish grin. "I look forward to working with all of you." Wamai said, and he bowed towards us and it caught us by surprise. He has such manners, while his partner is a little bougie.

"You two are also going to join our operators in the simulation today. You may get breakfast if you would like. The simulation will start at 10 today." Harry said.

"Yo new guy! Let's chat witcha!" Mozzie yelled across the room. He grabbed toast and coffee and made his way to our table. We went around the table introducing ourselves, and what we do. I went first. "My name is Sebastien, Seb for short. Codename: Buck, and I use a shotgun underbarrel I named the skeleton key." I said.

"I'm Max, Codename: Mozzie, you can call me Moz or Mozzie if you'd like Mate. I use a pest launcher that takes control of drones." Mozzie said. "I'm Craig, Codename: Blackbeard. I use a ballistic shield on my gun. Nice to meet you man." Craig says. "I'm Chul Kyung, Chul for short. Codename: Vigil. I use a cloaking device to hide from intelligence gadgets." Vigil said.

"I'm Mark. Codename: Mute, and use a signal disrupting device to jam gadgets." He said. "I'm Timur, Tim for short. Codename: Glaz. I use a thermal scope on my sniper." He said. "I'm Masuru, Mas for short. Codename: Echo, and I use a yokai drone to stun enemies." Mas said. "I'm Maxim, Max for short, Codename: Kapkan. I use entry denial explosives on doorways and windows. You can call me Max since I was the first one here." He said with a chuckle and a nudge towards Mozzie, who took it with a grain of salt.

"I'm Shu-" He said as he was cut off. "I'm well aware of who you are Fuze. No need for introductions, man." He said pretty confidently. "I also was given the names of the people we are going up against today, and I saw you were on the list. I got a surprise for you." Wamai said. "What's that supposed to mean?" Fuze said, confused.

"I'm gonna be going up against you today. Today's my first day back to work in a year." I told him. "I guess I gotta give you a fight worthwhile then." Wamai said. I stuck my hand out and he shook my hand back. "I like this guy! I think you're gonna fit in here well." I told my guys.

Shu took the liberty of showing Wamai around before the match. I have a feeling he was probably trying to get info out of him. I went to the shoot house before the simulation to practice my aim. It was the first time I was going to aim at a real person since a year ago. My aim was impeccable.

I chose the CAMRS rifle for this mission since I knew that it was a coastline with long hallways.I put a silencer on my sidearm. I wanted to try something new that Cavi taught me. I headed for the simulation room. It completely changed. It looked like the entire map was actually in front of me. "Oh yeah, you haven't seen anything right. Go to the armory and switch your ammo, and your nades." Shu said. "These simulations are more realistic. We use blanks and our own body. Let me get your knife too." He said. I handed it to him. He put it in his locker and pulled out a retractable blade plastic knife. "This serves as your knife, one knife, one kill." Shu said. "What about my buckshot will I open walls?" I asked.

"They also got rounds for you too. Just like how they changed the explosives in my charges." He said. "Oh okay." I responded. "Also grab one of the earpieces that go in your other ear. It alerts you when you are eliminated. If you get taken out, lie there until the coast is clear and exit the battlefield.

After I grabbed the replacements rounds and the earpiece, I went towards the battle grounds. When I walked towards the spawn, I noticed I was the last one there. "There you are! Nice fit lumberjack." Azucena said. "Thanks Azucena." I responded. "I was with her when she bought it." She said. "She's got good taste, but you're gonna stand out." She said while readying up.

"But don't you fly into windows and shit? You're the one who's gonna stand out." I shot back. "Yeah, we'll see." She said. "Hey Seb, competition comrade?" Shu asked me. "Yeah sure." I said. "Whoever gets the least amount of kills has to buy lunch. And I definitely like Pizza." Shu said.

"Yeah we'll see." I said. The horn blazed throughout the map.

"Hey! I want in on that bet too. I love Chinese, so I hope you got your wallets ready!" She said as she pulled out her Garra Hook.

We raced up the steps from the pool and made our way to the building. Amaru attached her Garra Hook to a window on the second floor, and was instantly riddled with bullets. Her body smacked the floor with force. But the floor itself was soft, so she couldn't have hurt herself bad.

4 versus 5

When we went to shoot, He started to fade back. It was Wamai. "Good Shit New Guy! Now Die!" Tori yelled. She started to unload with her LMG. "I believe this is what Americans call a Kobe!" She screamed as she threw a Trax stinger into the window. Tori made friends with Cavi fast when she joined. She was very outgoing like how Mozzie was with us. Any friend of Cavi is a friend of mine.

Another person came to the window instead of Wamai. It was Doc. He was headshotted by our Big Mac.

4 versus 4

"I always did like croissants. Guess he got baked. Oh yeah, I want in on that bet, Mate!" Tori said. I always did find the Aussies funny. Just like her little partner.

We split up. I went with Kali, and Shu went with Tori. Kali and I entered through the kitchen. "So Buck is it? What is it that you can do?" She asked curiously. "Let me give you a demonstration." I said confidently.

I blasted the wall next to me to find Kaid lying down on the floor, on his drone. I put two rounds into him. He was eliminated.

4 versus 3

"Damn! Nice shot. How did you know he was there?" She asked. "I heard him shuffling on the other side and took a guess." I said. "Let me show you something then." She said, There was a reinforced wall that was electrified. "Watch and learn." She said. She shot something into the wall, and it destroyed the electric claw, and she sniped through the hole. She killed Jack on the other side. "That's one down. Guess I'll be participating too." Kali joked.

4 versus 2

We approached the bomb site that was upstairs in a bedroom. I stepped on 3 Gu mines in a row, and my health was in danger. Bullets started to erupt through the wall. Kali got tagged, while I got down. I took the risk and stood up. With two shots, I took out Lesion and Wamai easily.

All defenders eliminated. Attackers Win!

"Blyat! That's bullshit!" Fuze shrieked. "They died so fucking quickly." He cried. "Looks like you gotta pay for lunch, my guy. Let's meet at the bar in an hour." I said.


I didn't bother changing my clothes. I liked my lumberjack outfit, I just took off my excess gear. I met up with Max and we took his car to Pat's Bar. We met up with Shu, Tori, Kali, Azucena, Chul, Craig and Wamai.

When I entered the bar, everyone started applauding me. "Thanks guys, I appreciate it." I said with my most gratitude. The guys and I went to the billiards table to play, while the females went to play cards. "So what's on for the weekend, comrades?" Max asked us. "I'm gonna help this sorry sack of shit through his date with Aria tomorrow." Blackbeard said as he wrapped his arm around Chul and gave him a noogie. "Man, fuck you!" Chul said playfully. We all started laughing. I checked my phone. I read the text. "Flawless. Complete Flawless. You have passed your test, Great to have you back Seb!" Harry said. I couldn't wait to tell Cavi later, when she returned. I texted her and told her to come to the bar when she gets back. It was about 4:00.

Suddenly, Kali approached me. "Hey, can I talk to you outside really quickly?" She asked with her hands behind her back. "Uh, yeah sure." I responded nervously. I wonder what she had to talk to me about.

"So I was wondering, are you seeing someone?" She asked as she brought out a pack of cigarettes, and offered me one. I declined the smoke.

"Yeah actually I do." I said coldly. "You know I can change that right." She said with a smirk, after letting out a puff of smoke. She looked at me with a side eye. She was a very pretty woman, but I don't like her attitude. "Yeah you could never. I'm in love with my girlfriend.

I wasn't able to react before I found myself locked in a kiss with her. She forced my head towards hers. By the time I realized what happened, it was too late. I shoved her away as fast as I could. "Mais pourquoi diable me fait ça?!" I barked at her. "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" I shouted.

"Not the reaction I usually get. I guess you're not like the others." Kali said. "Men usually fall to their knees and beg me to be with them."

I was livid. "You got some serious fucking issues, bitch! I told you I have a girl-" I was saying until I looked to my left. There she fucking was. At the wrong fucking moment.

"Wait! Babe, this is a misunderstanding! She kissed me!" I panicked. I wish I never said that. She did what I hated seeing. Crying. "Wait!" I screamed as she got back in the car with her friends. I went to chase them down, and then I fell and got a huge gash on my knee. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I yelled as I winced in pain. I sat there for a minute, reflecting. How the fuck could I make it better.

Kali already retreated back inside. I didn't even bother going after her. I felt like it was fruitless. I told her to meet me here. She just got back from a mission in which she could have died. Just to see her man kissing another woman, who she hasn't even met yet.

The events got me so frustrated, I actually dropped a couple of tears of my own. Max and Shu came outside after hearing me scream. "Seb, you okay?" Shu asked. "Damn, that's a nasty scar. Let's patch you up." Max said. He poured alcohol on it to clean it, and he tied his handkerchief around my knee.

"So what happened?" Max asked. "That new girl tried to make a move on me, and fucking kissed me, and Cavi showed up." I said. "Damn, that's rough. What are you gonna do?" Shu asked. "I don't know, after that it might be over. I want to make it right though…I was gonna propose today man…" I said between small sobs.

The sun was setting. I can't believe that this was happening. "Wait. That's it. Why don't you wipe those damn tears. Apologize. Tell her the truth about what happened and try to propose, what else do you have to lose?" Shu said. "That sounds childish." Max said. "But it may work." He also said, "Then I'll do it." I said after wiping my tears away.

"Hey Max, can you drive me back to the base? I have to pick up the ring and I want to grab my car." I asked. "Yeah, no problem." He said.

We sped away in Max's Challenger, to the base. I raced to my room. Underneath my pillow, I found a little black box and I shoved it into my pocket. I jumped down the stairs with haste. Adrenaline running through my veins. I wanted everything to go according to plan. If it didn't, I don't know what I was gonna do.

I got into my car and sped down the highway. There is only one place I figured she would want to go. We would visit this place at least twice a week while I was rehabilitating. I called her phone but to no avail.

Once I arrived at the destination. I read the sign. "Herefordshire Park." From the corner of my eye, I saw their black tinted Nissan Altima. I approached the car with caution, I knew I was about to get chewed.

When Valk rolled down the window, I was mugged with a barrage of looks. "The fuck is wrong with you?" Megahn said. "That shit is low Seb, even for you." Tina said with a look of disgust. "You cheating on our girl with some fucking slut? Who the fuck is that anyways?" Lera chimed in. "I'm not cheating on her, she was flirting with me and when she kissed me I pushed her back, and I told her I was taken. She's also a new recruit in rainbow." I pleaded. "New recruit and she's already starting shit." Meg said.

"Where is she? I need to apologize to her." I asked. "She doesn't want to see you." Lera said. "Please tell me. I need to really talk to her." I begged. "I don't think you really value her." Meghan said. "I don't? Look." I demanded. I revealed the black box containing the engagement ring. "It's a 4 ct diamond ring, I planned on proposing today. But looks like shit isn't going to plan. The girls all let out a loud, energetic scream. Then they went back to their mean mugs, remembering why they were upset.

Valkyrie got in close, and examined my face. "You must actually mean it, huh? Looks like you've been crying a bit too. I don't know though. It's not convincing enough." Meg said. "How else can you prove it to us?" Tina said.

"I also got this the day you all went on the mission." I responded. I took off my jacket and my shirt to reveal my newest tattoo. I had "Taina" tattooed across my chest. They all gasped when they saw the ink. "I don't know if your sincere or just plain stupid. But she's in the park, sitting on a park bench near the fountain." Meg said. "Thanks, Meghan." I said as I dashed into the park.

When I found her, my heart broke a little. She was crying her eyes out on the bench. I tried to get closer until I stepped on a branch and alerted her.

Cav P.O.V

5:15 p.m



My fucking world is crashing. How could he?! How could he do this to me? I never felt this low before. My heart was aching, my body was shaking. I felt weak. My stomach was in knots. I felt like a mess. I heard a branch snap near me. With haste, I stood up and drew my knife.

"I could fucking kill you right now! How could you do that to me?! Fuck you!" I yelled. He put his hands up in surrendence. "Look babe listen. The girl is the new recruit. She tried to make a move on me, because she's some type of narcissist who thinks she can have everything go her way. When I told her that I was in a relationship she just kissed me. I'm telling you the truth." He said in a calm voice.

I stepped away. "Leave me the fuck alone Sebastien." I said while wiping my face a little. "You see this shit? I was never a fucking emotional person Sebatien. Look what the fuck you did to me! You made me like this motherfucker!" I said causing my eyes to water again. "Baby I'm sorr-'' He said while choking up a little. He was crying. I've never seen him cry before, and it hit home. I let up a little.

"Hold on, I want to show you something." He said as he took off his shirt. When I saw his surprise, I leaped towards him. "When and why did you get that?" I demanded. "I got it the day that you left. Bandit took me. I'm telling you. I would never try to hurt you. I love you." He said in between choked sobs. "She kissed me. I didn't even initiate it. I pushed her away and everything. I told her that I was in a relationship. Babe please, put the knife down." Seb said. He grabbed my wrist and pried the knife out of my hand. "I believe you." I said as I buried his face in my chest. I don't know what it was, the look in his eye told me he was telling the truth.

I felt like a mess. I had snot running from my nose, tears streaming down my face like a river. When our eyes met again, he noticed. He grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped my face. "You're too beautiful to be crying." He said to me. That melted my heart like chocolate in the microwave. "Since you came into my life, I've been more emotional." I said with a slight chuckle.

"Well...I want you to be with me forever." He said as he grabbed my hand and he knelt down on one knee. When he knelt, I noticed he winced, revealing that he was bleeding from his leg. I quickly crouched down beside him. "Babe, are you okay?" I said frightened at the sight of his blood again. "The amount of pain I feel right now can't stop how happy my life has been since you came into it. Taina Pereira, will you marry me?" He asked.

I looked him dead in the eye. "That's not my name." I said very sternly. He looked at me with confusion. "My name is Taina Cote." I said to him. He started tearing up, put the ring on my finger, and hoisted me up in the air. "I love you baby. I would never ever try to hurt you." He said.

"I know baby, I know." I said as I kissed him.

5 months later…

Cav P.O.V

12:00 p.m


JTF-2 Wing

It was the day of the wedding, and I was nervous as all hell. But my girls kept me going. I turned around after having my makeup finished by Tina, who was my maid of honor. I looked at all of their beautiful faces. Tina, Lera, Meg, Eliza, Elena, Aria, Tori, Azucena, Morowa, and our new edition to our crew, Siu Mei. I promised Sebastien, I would treat her with care for Masuru's sake. They were draped in beautiful purple dresses. I love them so much.

"Damn! This dress is giving me a wedgie!" Tori yelled out. "Hold on a lil while longer big girl." Meghan said as she patted Gridlock on her shoulder.

When they noticed my stare, they were astonished by me. "Oh Em Gee! You look fabulous!" Meghan said with tears in her eyes. "Thank you Meg." I humbly answered.

"All of you gather around." I said. "Oi. You getting nervous there, mate?" Tori asked. "Nothing like that. Can you all close your eyes for me? Also, hold out your hands." I commanded. "Yeah, sure." They all said.

I pulled out several bags that I stashed away. I placed each bag into one of the girls hands. "Open em up ladies!" I commanded.

They each pulled out a custom black denim jacket. The back of the jacket read "Rainbow Doves" embroidered with large purple stitching, and their name in their favorite color on the front of the jacket. It also had a logo of themselves underneath their name…

Prior to the wedding

"You guys ever realized how divided Rainbow really is? Look, the old men have their own crew." I said as I nodded towards their table. It was Thatcher, Montagne, Maestro, Tachanka, Kaid, Jackal, Capitao, and Warden. "I heard they're calling themselves the "Rainbow Owls" because of their age and wisdom." Tina said. "Oh yeah, there is the "Rainbow Boars." Aria said. That crew was Jager, IQ, Blitz, NOKK, and Goyo.

"That's the pigeons, or eagles or whatever." Morowa said. It was the Rainbow Eagles, consisting of Hibana, Lesion. Lion, Doc, Maverick, Smoke.

"Tigers over there." Elena said with a sigh. That was Pulse, Castle, Nomad, Zofia, Kali. We needed to make our own crew name.

Back to the present…

The girls started to scream in happiness. "I want you all to wear them over your dresses today. The men are going to do the same. Sebby named his crew "Rainbow Wolves". So I thought we should be the doves." I told them. I pulled out a dark purple one that had Captain underneath the logo, and put it on.

"Damn I want that one! But hey, you are the Cap!" Tori said. After they all put them on, they headed out for the wedding. I took one last look at myself in the mirror. "Damn, I can't believe I pulled this look off." I said.

At the same time…

Buck P.O.V

12:00 p.m



Man I was fucking nervous. Like the Eminem song, my palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy, minus the vomit. "You good bro?" Bandit asked me. My best man always had my best interest. "You're gonna get through this bro. Now you need to chill. After this is all done, you'll be married and happy." Bandit assured me.

"Thanks Dom. I needed that." I responded. "Hey guys. Gather around. I wanna show you something." I commanded. "Okay." They all said. I pulled out a bunch of bags and placed them in each of their hands. "Aye! What's this ya got here?" Mozzie asked.

"Look inside of them and you'll find out." I said. They quickly rummaged through the bags to find a custom black leather jacket. "Everyone else had a group, so I decided to make ours official with these jackets. Welcome to the Rainbow Wolves fellas."Since we all don't wear helmets I didn't get a logo to be stitched on to our gear. So I just put our own logo with our gadgets on the back." I said.

As soon as I said that, they all flipped their jackets around. "Fucking A!" Craig said. "These things rock, man!" Mark said. "I'm glad you like them. I want y'all to wear it during the wedding." I said. Mozzie took off his suit jacket and put it on. "Oi! This thing fits perfectly. But hey, where's yours mate?" He asked. I finally revealed my jacket. It was a blue jacket with white streaks. It resembled snowfall. Across the back it read "Captain". "Bro…" He said as he took off his shades. "That one is fucking sweet! I'm proud to call you Cap!" Mozzie said.

We all made our way to the door. It was time for the wedding.

Buck P.O.V

1:00 p.m



I would never forget this day. It was the best day of my life, so far. As I stood at the altar, I scanned the courtyard. I saw all of my friends, my family flew out for the occasion, my fellow operators. I also saw Six, who took a vacation to see her former operators get married. Without her, we would have never met, or fell in love for that matter. She sat in the front row along with Harry, who kept a goofy grin on his face throughout the whole wedding.

As the song started to play, my heart started pounding. She appeared in the aisle. Stunning… "You think he's gonna cry, mate?" I heard Mark whisper to Craig. "Shh. Shut it, Mark." Craig said. "He probably will though, look at his face." Craig also said.

As she came down the aisle, she was accompanied by Vicente. I looked at her in that beautiful dress. I was completely dumbfounded. So bad in fact that Dom had to lean over and snap me out of it.

"Seb, fix your face, you don't want the cameras to catch you with your jaw dropped." He said. I instantly perked up and continued to focus on her. "Goddamn it! She is so fine!" I mumbled under my breath. As she reached the altar, something came over me. I had to wipe a tear from my eye. "Don't start the waterworks yet!" She said to me. Everyone cracked up at her joke.

The minister began the ceremony expeditiously. "Dearly beloved, We have come together in the presence of God to witness the marriage of Sebastien Cote and Taina Pereira , and to ask God's blessing on them as we share their joy." He said. As he continued the ceremony, I took a look at the crowd. Everyone looked so proud and some were tearing up just like I was. We were the first marriage in Rainbow.

"So let us pray with Sebastien and Taina as they prepare to exchange their solemn vows." The Minister said. I went first.

"Taina, you alone, obtained the key to my heart. Something that I never thought would be unlocked. I will stand by you, even if it brings me to death. I vow to be your knife, If you will be my sheath." I said while choking up a little. After I finished, she continued with her own vows.

"Sebastien, I have never expected myself to find someone who could change my cold heart into something warm and delicate. I used to separate myself from the opposite gender because I never thought I could find someone who understands me. I vow to be your huntress, if you will be my hunter." She said while wiping her tears.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss your huntress, Buck!" The minister said. I kissed her and picked her up. I walked her down the aisle and we walked straight to the mess hall for dinner.

Cav P.O.V

2:00 p.m


Mess Hall

"Um.. Hi, Taina...Is it?" Kali said to me when she approached our table. "I wanted to apologize for what I did. I know it was wrong, and I wouldn't be angry if you hated me." She said. I analyzed her. This was the woman who could have ruined my relationship. But in all honesty she didn't know about me. "Tori, grab her a chair." I said. "No problem Cap." She said as she got Kali a seat.

"Water under the bridge." I said. "Let's Talk." I said. As she sat down, Eliza shot her a look, and she returned the favor. "I still don't know about this." Eliza said. "Deal with it." Meg spoke up. "Now tell us about you. You don't stay at the base. So where do you stay?" Meg said.

"I guess I owe you guys that one. I'll also tell you what my gadget is. I stay at a hotel in Herefordshire nearby. My organization isn't completely recognized by the government. But by the end of the year, Me and Wamai plan on moving to the base. My gadget is a lance that penetrates walls and destroys gadgets on both sides. Something similar to Mike's gadget." She said.

"That sounds lit. But anyways forget about that. Are you interested in any of the men here?" Tori blurted out. We all sternly checked her with our staring. "You couldn't wait could you?" Tina said. "Well sorry, but you know I'm bloody nosey." Gridlock responded.

"Yeah I had my eyes on one. I think his name is Cesar." She said. We all looked at Azucena who started coughing on sips of her hennessey. She turned completely red. Red as a cherry.

"What? He's like my son." She said. "More like my nephew." She said after a couple more coughs. Kali was clearly embarrassed because she looked away and buried her face in her hands.

"I think I can hook you guys up." She said while readjusting herself after coughing. "He's never been with a woman before though. He's been in the military for a long time. But he is a sweetheart." Azucena said.

"But wait why him? He looks kinda plain." Tori chimed in. "I find him attractive. He's cute. Plus I like his accent." Kali responded.

"Hmmf! Whatever. He still seems plain." Tori said as she crossed her arms. "And who the hell do you like Tori? Since you're so judgemental." I said.

"I think Wamai is kinda cute. I like black men anyways. I also like gentlemen like Miles. Too bad he's taken though." Tori said.

"I don't know much about Miles, but Wamai is a sweetheart, even though he may not look like one. He's just very passionate about work. You seem like a "fun girl" I think you two could get along." Kali said.

"Wait, why aren't you interested in him?" Tori asked. "I employed him, and taught him, He's like my little brother. I don't think of him like that." Kali said.

Just then, Mozzie approached our table, drunk as all hell, and plopped down on Gridlock. "What are you ladies talking about? I heard you mention our new bud Wamai." Max said while slurring his words. "You drunk Max?" She asked him.

"Off my ass, Big Sis." He responded. He quickly fell asleep while still lying on her. "You need to go rest. Big sis has to go take care of this guys. I'll be back." Tori said. Gridlock slung him over her shoulder and took him to their wing.

Azucena stood up and called Goyo over to our table. He rushed over to our table in an instant. "Si, Tia?" He asked her. "Cesar take a seat and talk with us." She said as she walked behind him and guided him to Gridlock's chair. She proceeded to push him down into the seat. She towered all of us, but him by a huge margin. "You haven't really gotten to know my friends." She said.

"How are you, ladies?" He said with a thick accent. "You know their code names but this is Taina, Eliza, Elena, Lera, Meg, Aria, Siu Mei, Tina, and Morowa." "Nice to officially meet you ladies, I'm Cesar." He responded. "So well mannered." Elena said as she took a sip of her drink and crossed her legs. All of us started to giggle.

"Hey Cesar, our girl Jai thinks you're cute. I think you should talk to her." Azucena hinted. Kali flushed with red. "Take her to get a drink, amor." Elena said as she locked their hands together, and they went to the bar to get a drink.

I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. Just then my eyes were covered by some familiar hands. "Meu Amor?" I said.

"Guessed right!" He said as he uncovered his hands. "I'm gonna steal her for a minute, if that's okay with you ladies?" He asked. "Take her stud!" Eliza said.

He then swept me off my feet again. That action induced the whole entire room to start clapping. This felt familiar. Just like the mission where he saved me the first time. As we exited the mess hall. He placed me down and I wrapped my arms around him.

"What happened, my love?" I asked. "Nothing. I just wanted to be with you." He said as he locked lips with me again. Not the first time nor the last. "I love you." We said at the same time…

Thank you all for reading my first story! It's been a long time coming, but it's finally finished! I'm going to be working on another fan fiction soon! So please stay tuned.