053. Missing



"A-ah… ah!"

The ice-cold grip of another — monster, they were all monsters in the end — pinch into the soft satin alabaster of his thighs, the shock of warmth flaming and shooting upwards inside his lower belly. The boy with white-blonde hair pinned to the mattress below to rocks his hips in vain.

Fingers, slender like icicles and if not more frigid in sensation, continue their intrusion as the other male vampire smirks good-naturedly above him, curling the same fingers gently, and brushing eager fingertips over the semi-erect organ.

Straining under the touch, Ion flushes darkly (new blood courses through his body, fresh and red, pure) as he feels the center slit to his cock being rubbed in unbearably slow and precise circles.

With his lips, he bites down his moans from existence, squeezing magnificent, blood-red eyes shut rigidly. He's not truly thinking about his actions — Ion claps a trembling hand over his partner's lustful eyes.

The Methuselah fully anticipates for him to shove the impulsive hand away, to pull away from him with displeasure and leave him aching, paining lonely; he can not hold back the smallest flutter of a gasp as Kaname lowers his mouth to his ear, Ion's hand nevertheless firmly in place.

"How disappointing. You make such lovely noises when I arouse you, my prideful one." Ion's fingers quake. "Allow me the desire to watch you."



He can not work the nerve to get through the ornamental iron gates of the strange Academy.

Taking in a two or three good deep breathes (like Ester reminded him to do during greatly stressful situations) aren't helping him either. They all seem like eons away (despite the innate truth that the boy-creature has a reasonable amount of depth perception even accurate during evening time) and Kaname appears busy.

Another time… perhaps…?

Before Ion turns at the heel of his ivory-fabric slipper, he becomes aware of the powerful vampire's stare on his hesitating figure.

Damn it all.

Squaring his shoulders bravely, Ion steps into the threshold, just thankful that the other two with Kaname had not detected his presence yet.

The brown-haired schoolgirl in the black uniform spins around concerned to seeing what the taller boy is staring so attentively at. Ion finds her girlish smile directed towards himself to be equally repugnant and devastatingly kind in nature.

The final member of their group, a schoolboy in the same black uniform and with ear-length silver locks, gazes at the stranger with a look of permanent skepticism on his face.

Ion thinks it far more reassuring than the girl's expression.

Kaname remains staring at him between emptiness and a mild amusement as the Ion stops short of a foot from him, thrusting out the item slung over his right arm sternly.

"This is yours."

His lover (wishful thinking — his inner voice pouted uncharacteristically) reaches out to remove the charcoal-gray collar shirt from his grasp, knuckles lightly floating his inner wrist.

"Y-You left it back at my apartment." Ion realizes his blunder too late as the girl squeaks aloud, lowering dark brown eyes as she blushes fiercely, and as one of the other boy's silver eyebrows twitches.

"Then I suppose you came all the way here to give this back to me?" Kaname finally speaks, the corners of his white lips tilting up vaguely as he closes the distance, drawing his long arms around the boy-creature momentarily and leaving a dry tingling kiss on Ion's parted mouth. "Thank you."

Damn it all.