An owl flew throughout beach city at night. It drove down and left a letter at Connie's house. The owl used it's claw and knocked on Connie's door. The owl quickly flew away. Connie opened the door and looked around then down! She picked up the letter and put it close to her face. Later the owl flew alongside the sparkling beach. It was around 5am and the sun was barely getting up. The owl hooted a little and wind ruffled it's feathers. Suddenly a violent gust of wind flew pass the owl! The owl was in pain as it tried to fly! Suddenly it was flying towards the temple! The owl kept fussing but quickly and violently smashed on Steven's window! Steven woke up gasping in shock! He looked out the window at the poor bird on the ground! Steven quickly rushed out of his house, out the steps and onto the sand! He saw that Lion was almost about to eat him! "Lion!" Steven yelled shooing him away "Wait! Don't do that! It's hurt!" Steven picked up the owl. His wing was a little brushed. Steven looked in worry at the poor creature. He quickly ran up the steps and into his house. A pot of water was being cooked. Steven picked up the pot and poured the water into a bowl. He carefully walked with the bowl and placed it next to the owl who was sitting on his couch on a pillow. "Hey Owl." said Steven gently "Here's some water, if you like. I never took care of a bird before but maybe this will help you?" The owl looked at him. Steven sat on the other couch laying down with his hands resting his face looking at him. The owl got up and drank from the bowl. Steven looked at the owl with stars in his eyes. The owl stopped drinking and walked to him. "So did you like it?" Steven asked smiling. The owl removed his bag and searched for something. Steven looked curiously at him. The owl found the letter and gave it to Steven. "For me?" Steven asked. The owl nodded and hooted. Steven took and looked at the letter. "Hogwarts!" said Steven suprised Steven opened the letter. He read "Dear Mr. Universe, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July. Yours sincerely, Minerva McGonagall Deputy Headmistress!" Steven gazed in shock. "I'm... I'm a wizard!" He said laughing. Tears of joy formed on his eyes. "I'm a wizard! Lion! Lion!" Steven showed Lion his letter. "Lion I'm a wizard! A real wizard!" Suddenly Lion ate his letter! "Wait Lion!" pleaded Steven reaching in his mouth "Lion please give it back!" Lion opened his mouth and Steven got his letter. The letter and his hands were covered in slobber. "Eww..." said Steven disgusted. The owl hooted as it waited at the door. "Oh! Sorry!" said Steven running towards the owl. He opened the door "There! You're free to go!" The owl flew away towards the ever expanding beach. Steven as Lion looked as he flew. The owl looked down as his reflection on the ocean. He flew as morning approached. Later in the afternoon Steven was out on the beach in front of the gems ready to go. "Now remember Steven." said Pearl "Make sure to go to bed no later than 10 pm unless you have homework. And remember to floss every night." "Okay Pearl I know." Steven responded. "Oh Steven!" said Amestyst "Make sure to bring back a lot of snacks! Especially those chocolate frogs!" "I will Amestyst." chuckled Steven. "Steven!" said Garnet. Steven looked at her. She kneeled down and grabbed his shoulders. "Even though I can look into the future, I still want to know if you're ready for this. You will be staying there for almost a year without seeing us. Are you sure you can handle it?" "Of course I can." said Steven smiling "I been to space and back and I have full control of my powers." Steven noticed Garnet's right eye forming a tear! "Garnet!?" said Steven concerned. "I'm fine" said Garnet wiping her eye "You just grown so much" Steven and Garnet hugged. "I'm gonna miss you." said Steven. "Okay." said Garnet "You have to go. I don't want anyone to see you crying on your way. And before you go..." Garnet pulled behind her a cage with Cat Steven in it! "Take Cat Steven with you." said Garnet "Just in case you need company" "Thank you Garnet" said Steven receiving Cat Steven. "I love you" Steven started to walk away from them. He looked back as the gems cheered in on. He started to run away. He arrived on Beach City. He sat on the bench placing Cat Steven next to him. Steven rocked his feet as he looked at the clouds. "Steven!" Steven looked to his right. Connie ran as the wind gushed her hair back. She was wearing black robes. "Connie!" yelled Steven excited. Connie ran to him. "Wow! What fancy robes you got there!" Steven commented. "Thanks" Connie said blushing. Suddenly she remembered something. "Connie are you okay?" asked Steven. "Steven..." said Connie "I... um... I won't be able for a year." "What!?" said Steven worried. "I'm sorry but..." Connie nervously showed Steven her letter "I got accepted to a magic school and we won't be seeing each other" Connie covered her face. "Wait Connie!" Steven pulled out his letter "I got a letter too!" Connie looked at his letter. "Oh my gosh!" screamed Connie "You're going there too!?" "Yes!" said Steven happily! Connie hugged him! "You're coming with me! Now I won't have to be alone!" "Be alone?" Steven asked. Connie spoke "You're the first friend I've ever had, you know that right? ...I was worried that I wasn't going to be friends with anyone there. That I was gonna end up lonely. But you coming so I don't have to be alone!" Connie remembered something "Oh Steven! Where's your supplies?" "Supplies?" asked Steven. "The supplies!" said Connie "Check on the back of the letter." Steven turned the letter around. "Oh! I didn't notice that!" said Steven surprised. "Ew Steven, why does your letter smell bad?" asked Connie. Steven answered "I showed it to Lion but then he straight up tried to eat it." "What an animal." said Connie. "Well if I was a lion I'd probably eat the first thing I see." joked Steven. They laughed. "Okay." said Connie checking the letter "We need to get you some clothes, some books and as well as other supply first before we head there." "Where do we get all that stuff?" asked Steven. The bus arrived in front of them. The duo went inside the bus and sat down. "Where too?" asked the driver. "Diagon Alley." replied Connie. The bus started to drive. Steven looked out the window. "I'm gonna miss this view" he said sadly. "...Me too." replied Connie comforting him. "Steven!" someone yelled! Steven looked out the window... Alexandrire ran towards him! "Guys!" Steven waved! "Steven!" Alexandrite shouted "Good luck!" Alexandrite stopped running and watch the bus go father. Steven smiled. "I thought you were in trouble." said Connie "Are you feeling okay?" "Yeah." said Steven laying his head on the window "I'm gonna miss them." The bus drove up the hills. Later they arrived on Diagon Alley. They leap of the bus. "Thanks for the ride!" commented Connie. Steven looked in amazement around him. "I never been away from the Tri State Area! This is so cool!" "Well let's shop!" said Connie. They walked around the area. Steven tried on multiple robes. He looked at the different types of hats avalible. Steven tried on some gloves but accedentaly made a small rip! Later they were at a book shop. Connie helped Steven pick out the books. They tried bring all the books to the clerk but Steven fell down carrying to many books! Later they were at Ollivanders. Garrick gave Steven a wand. Steven waved it and accedentaly hit Connie with a cabinet! Steven quickly tried to give a hand! Garrick offered another wand. Before Connie grabbed Steven's hand, Steven got the wand instead. He flicked with cause a light bulb to turn on! Garrick clapped. Steven smiled. Connie looked at Steven annoyed. Later they arrived on King's Cross Station. Steven looked everywhere in amazement. "I don't understand" said Connie "Where's bus station 9 3/4? There's 8, 9, and 10 but no 9 3/4. I think this is a typo. Hey Steven, watch our stuff while I ask someone of directions." "You got it dude." replied Steven with a thumbs up. Connie went away asked for directions. "Hey kid! You in the robes!" Steven turned around and saw a girl. "Hi!" said Steven. "Hey your heading to Hogwarts too?" asked the girl. "Yeah." said Steven "I was waiting while my friend asked for directions to 9 3/4." "I know where that is." said the girl "By the way my name's Candy, pure blood. What's yours?" "Steven Universe" said Steven. "So where's the way to 9 3/4?" "I show you!" said Candy "Follow me!" Candy took Steven to a brick wall. "My sister taught me how to it!" said Candy "Watch!" Candy closed her eyes and ran into towards the wall! "Wait Candy!" Steven yelled "Your gonna hit the-" Candy went inside the wall! Steven looked suprised. Candy ran out of the wall. "That was fun!" said Candy smiling. "H- How? Woah..." said Steven mind blown. "Okay Mr. Mind Blown, give it a shot!" Steven was surprised "Wait... I can't do that!?" "Yeah you can! You just have to run towards the wall!" said Candy "Look, I'm gonna be late. I'll see you at Hogwarts!" Candy ran into the wall. Steven starred at the wall. Connie came back and said "So I ask and apparently everyone said there's no such thing as 9 3/4. What do we do now?" "I know where 9 3/4 is." said Steven. Connie looked suprised "Where?" "Right there." Steven pointed at the wall. Connie looked confused at Steven. "That's not funny" she said. "No" said Steven "This girl ran into the wall and she told me that 9 3/4 was on the other side." "Really?" said Connie. "Yeah" said Steven. "So we have towards it" said Connie nervously. "This will be fine!" said Steven. Connie looked into Steven's eyes. "Okay" she said "Let's do this." They backed up and grabbed their supplies. "On the count of three" said Connie "THREE!" They ran towards the wall and made it to the other side! Connie looked amazed at the train station. She saw 9 3/4. "See what did I tell yah." said Steven pridefully "And you didn't believe me." Connie looked a t Steven annoyed. They went to the conductor. He punched holes in their tickets. The train hooted and started to leave. Later the train was a grassy country area. Connie read her book as Steven looked out the window. "I wonder what the gems are doing right now." he said. "Maybe they're fighting a monster or something" replied Connie. A waitress rolled a cart in with a ton of snacks. "Would you like anything?" asked the waitress. Steven eyes turned into stars as he looked at the snacks. "No thanks." said Connie "I'm on a diet." "I'll take that lollipop!" said Steven. The waitress gave him a lollipop. She went away. "You weren't kidding when you said you'd eat the eat the first you see." giggled Connie. The train kept moving. Later they were out of the Station. The first year students rode a boat as they saw Hogwarts ahead! They were at the great hall. Steven and Connie watched as the Sorting Hat chose the students. "I'm guessing I'll be a Grifffindor!" said Steven. "Well I think I'm a Ravenclaw." replied Connie. "Steven Universe!" called the Sorting Hat. Steven walked up to the Sorting Hat nervously. He starred at it. "Sit down!" demand Minerva. Steven quickly sat down. She placed the Sorting Hat on his head. "Yes... I can see." said the Sorting Hat "Very loyal, yet very brave, is rarely jealous." "How are you reading my mind?" asked Steven. "This student goes to... Hufflepuff!" Steven looked suprised! Everyone at Hufflepuff cheered him! Steven walked down the steps as the Hufflepuff students welcome him. "Connie Maheswaran!" called the Sorting Hat. Connie sat at the chair. Minerva placed the hat on her head. "Oh!" exclaimed the Sorting Hat "Very chivalrous and very intelligent! She go to... Ravenclaw!" Everyone at Ravenclaw appluaded. Connie sat down next to them. "Yay Connie!" Steven appluaded. Connie waved at him. "Let the feast begin!" shouted Minerva. The cloches were removed with magic! All the students were amazed! Everyone started gathering food on their plates. Steven quickly gathered a ton of food on his plate. All the students ate. Steven ate rapidly. Connie looked at Steven akwardly. Later after the meal the students were being lead by the perfects. "See you tomorrow Connie." said Steven. "Bye Steven." said Connie. They were separated as they were lead by the perfects. Latee Steven and the rest of the students arrived in the common room. "Wow! This place is huge!" said Steven with stars in his eyes. "Hey Steven!" said Candy. "Candy! You're part of Hufflepuff too!? said Steven suprised. "Oh! You're didn't notice me!?" said Candy grumply "I noticed you at least." "Oh sorry!" apologized Steven "I'm so sorry." "It's okay." Candy giggled "So, this is a common room. It's really nice." "Sure is" Steven replied. "So I'm heading to bed." said Candy. "Oh my gosh what time is it!?" asked Steven. Candy checked her watch "Eleven." "Oh no! It's pass my bedtime!" Steven said worrying. "Don't worry, the bedrooms are right there." said Candy pointing at them. "Okay thanks" thanked Steven. He went inside the bedrooms. He set his supplies on the side of the bed. He layed down and looked at the wall. "I wish I packed my teddy bear" said Steven sadly. Cat Steven meowed and scratched the cage. Steven let her out of the cage. She went to his lap and slept. Steven tried not to move and layed down. "Yep." Steven said smiling looking at her "This is better."

To Be Continued