Months later, currently winter, Steven was practicing a spell on the field during break. "Wingardium Leviosa!" he shouted. The stick started to get up. Steven carefully brung it towards him. He lifted his wand up but caused the stick to scratch his nose! "OWW!" Steven holded his nose. "Oww... that hurted" he said.

"Hey Steven!" Connie called rushing at him.

"Connie!" Steven replied.

Connie sat next to him. "Is everything alright? Why are you covering your nose?"

Steven revealed his scratch. "I was practicing the spell you taught me but I can't learn it either." he chuckled.

"Hold on." Connie said as she reached into her bag. She got out a bandage. "Hold still." Connie leaned towards Steven. She placed on the bandage on nose. "Does it feel better?" she asked.

"Yeah. Definitely!" said Steven.

"Oh Steven!" said Connie "Transfiguration begins in two minutes, let's hurry!"

"Yes! Right!" Steven replied.

They rushed to their class. Later on class the teacher spoke. "All right students." spoke the teacher "Today we'll be learning how to turn animal into a matchbox. Like this... Flintifors!" She tapped the creature and it transformed into a matchbox! Everyone awed! "Now you try" told the teacher "Just say Flintifors and tap the creature. Get to it!"

A student tried the spell and it worked! Steven was looking at his wand. "I can't do this!" he said to Connie "I don't want to turn her into a match box." He looked at Cat Steven.

"Well if you don't this spell your going to fail." replied Connie "It will only be for a short seconds."

"Well okay..." said Steven "If you say so." He looked at Cat Steven. "Fiffifors!

"Wait! Steven!" Connie yelled.

Steven tapped Cat Steven! Suddenly Cat Steven started to grow tall! Steven and looked as she grew up 6 feet tall! All the students looked at Steven. Steven holded and looked down and holded his. The teacher approached them.

"Steven." said the teacher "Despite that not being the spell I was teaching you-"

"Yes! I know, I'm sorry!" Steven pleaded.

"Steven let me finish." told the teacher "That wasn't the spell I asked for, but this is a far more impressive spell! This spell is usually taught to 2nd year students. I proud of you Steven."

"Really?" Steven said blushing.

The teacher nodded. She got out a sticker sheet and placed it on his robes.

"Thanks!" said Steven smiling with pride. "Oh wait! Is there a way to undo the spell?"

"Oh!" said the teacher "Goodness I don't remember. Just give me some time to find the reversal spell. In the meantime I hope you bought a bigger littler box."

Steven and the teacher laughed. "No seriously." said the teacher "Please tell me you have a bigger litter box."

After class Steven and Connie walked down the halls with Cat Steven still 6 feet tall.

"Wow Steven!" commented Connie "That was really awesome how you did that spell!"

"Thanks!" thanked Steven "I even got this cool sticker! This is a cool sticker right Cat Steven?"

Cat Steven licked his hair. Steven stood still disgusted. Connie laughed and said "I hope your used to that. I took care of a cat for a week and she couldn't stop licking my hair."

"Uh-huh." Steven chuckled awkwardly.

"I'll ask a Hufflepuff student take Cat Steven to your room." said Connie "Find us a seat over at the great hall."

"Okay, you got it." Steven replied.

"See you later." Connie walked with Cat Steven walked away and later arrived at the great hall. He looked around for an empty table. He found one and sat in it. He looked at the food. He was about to reach for flinched.

"No... no" said Steven to himself "I'll wait for Connie. She's just as hungry as I am. I can wait. Yep... yeah..."

Steven layed his head on the table. He looked at his reflection on a cup. A Hufflepuff student sat down. Steven sat up. The student looked at him. Steven quickly looked down. A Grifffindor student sat down at the table. Steven looked at them. He smiled nervously and said "So... nice weather today."

The two students chuckled. Steven with them. The two students looked weirdly at him. Steven stopped and asked "So is your day going swell?"

"Hey Steven." the student asked "What that on your nose."

"Oh this is a bandage. Connie gave it too me." Steven replied.

"Steven." called the Griffindor student "Why did are you such a crybaby?"

"What!?" Steven said suprised "No, I'm not."

"Sure..." said the Hufflepuff student "Yesterday you almost cried because someone turned a rabbit into a rock for three seconds."

"Oh remember yesterday when he cried when someone spilled chocolate milk on him."

The students chuckled. Steven was holding his tears in. The students left his table. Steven covered his face. Connie saw him and with him. "Steven?" Connie asked "Is everything okay? Come on, let me your face." She took his hands from his face. Steven was looking down.

"What happened?" Connie asked.

"Someone students teased me and called me a crybaby." Stevem told her "Do you think I'm a crybaby?"

"No!" said Connie "Steven, your just sensitive."

"That's the same thing." Steven said sadly.

"Steven, I thought you said that they you wouldn't let them get to you." Connie told him.

"I know, but it's so hard." Steven replied "I wish the gems were with me. They wouldn't let anyone bully me." Steven rested his head in his arms.

"Hey Steven." Connie called "Would you smile for me if I showed you this spell I learned?"

"Sure I'd love to see it!" Steven replied.

"So if you could eat anything." Connie explained "What would you eat now?"

"Well I do miss Fishshew Pizza." Steven said "I love something seafood related. Maybe some sushi."

"You'd like sushi?" asked Connie.

"Yeah, I really love the shrimp filled ones." replied Steven.

Connie got up and got her wand.

"Connie?" Steven asked.

"Apit Appoint!" Connie yelled waving her wand.

The chicken slowly transformed into sushi!

"What!?" Steven yelled shocked.

"I was gonna save this spell for a special occasion." Connie said "But this is the perfect time."

"Connie, can I grab some?" asked Steven.

"Sure go ahead." Connie replied.

Steven quickly put a ton of sushi on his plate.

"Actually I wanted pizza, but you did good Connie!" Steven told her. He started to eat the sushi.

"Hey Steven!" Candy called.

Steven looked at Candy with a stuffed face.

"Hey Candy!" Steven said muffling.

Candy sat next to him.

"Hey Steven." Connie called "Who is she?"

Steven swallowed the sushi. "This is Candy, I met her at the train station we went too."

"It's nice to meet you." said Candy asking for a handshake.

"It's nice to meet you too." said Connie shaking her hand.

"So Steven." called Candy "Wanna come to my secret hideout?"

"Secret hideout?" asked Connie.

"Yeah!" Candy replied "In the forest me and some other students formed a hideout! If you want I could take you guys?"

"Well Steven." asked Connie "Would you like to go?"

"Definitely!" exclaimed Steven excited "I wanna come!"

"Come on, let's go!" said Candy.

Candy and Connie left.

"Wait guys!" Steven said as he keep up with them.

Later then went out of Hogwarts and into the snowy forest. They look as snow sparked everywhere. Later they arrived at the hideout.

"Wow! What an awesome hideout!" commented Steven.

"Thanks!" Candy replied.

Candy pushed the lever and the door opened. A bunch of students were in there.

Candy introduced them "Guys! I like you to meet Ron, Daryl, and Jessica."

The students greeted them.

"Wow, it feels amazing to be here!" commented Steven.

Candy lead them inside "Make yourselves at home. We got snacks, music and working Wi-fi!"

They sat at a nearby couch. "So Candy, why did you make this hideout?" asked Connie

Candy explaiy "It's because I'm from Hufflepuff, Ron's from Ravenclaw, Daryl's from Slytherin and Jessica's from Griffindor. We can't be in the same common room so that's why we made this place, so we can be ourselves! You guys are welcome to come anytime."

"Wow thanks!" commented Steven.

Connie looked suspiciously at Jessica. Days later Steven was on a porch above the hideout. He looked at Hogwarts sadly.

"Steven, is everything okay?" asked Jessica.

"Hey Jessica." Steven replied "It's nothing. I was looking at Hogwarts. Right they're having the yule ball. But as a first year I can't come."

"Yeah it's sucks." replied Jessica "Hey Steven?"

Steven looked at her.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"What?" Steven questioned "For what?"

Jessica "A few months ago I made fun of Connie. She was a beginner and me and my sisters made fun of her. Especially that day she accidentally spilled syrup on you. I hope you can forgive me... I was an awful person."

"Well it's okay now." said Steven "Sure people do stuff that's horribly wrong but at long as you learn from your mistakes your a better person than you were before."

"Wow, Steven, thank you. Connie so lucky to have a friend like you."

"Thanks. Hey Jessica," Steven asked "I'm feeling a little down. Connie wanted to go to the Yule Ball so bad but when she found out it was for 4 years students and up she was brokenhearted. We spent a whole week asking older to take us with them but everyone declined us. I'm guessing it's because everyone older looks down on Connie. Connie so upset and I don't know what to do..." Steven rested his head on a rail.

Jessica thought then had an idea! "Steven! I have an idea! What if we gave Connie a surprise!"

"What kind of surprise?" asked Steven.

Jessica whispered the plan in his ear. Later Connie was hanging out with the rest of the students. She sat in a couch drinking hot coco.

"Couch bomb!" Candy yelled as she jumped on the couch. Her jump cause some hot coco to spill on Connie!

"Candy!" Connie yelled

Candy looked at her stain! "Oh no! Here let me fix that!" She quickly grabbed some napkins and tried to clean the stain. It barely got removed. "Oh no!" She said desperately. Her phone ringed. She picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey Candy." called Jessica "Are you ready? Steven is freezing out here."

"Oh yes yes!" said Candy nervously "We on our way"

"All right." said Jessica "See yah." She called off.

Candy hung up and turned to Connie. "So Connie, Steven's has a suprise for you."

"What is it?" asked Connie.

"It's a surprise but it's out on the woods. Come on."

Connie took off her jacket. "I'm ready."

"Your going like that?" asked Candy.

"Of course, I don't want to show up with a stain." replied Connie

"It's cold out here." Candy informed her.

"It'll be fine." said Connie "Steven will know what to do."

They left the hideout and walked into the forest. Candy talked with Jessica on her phone.

"A little closer." said Jessica.

They walked. Suddenly Candy stopped. She said "Steven's waiting for you up ahead."

Connie walked further. Meanwhile Steven was with Jessica.

"How do I look?" Steven asked "Are these clothes right? Do I look good? Do I smell good?"

"Yes, yes, and for guys, maybe?" replied Jessica "Anyways, stop stalling and just meet her!"

"Right." Steven replied. He walked into the forest. Connie kept walking until she saw Steven!

"Steven! Hey!" Connie called.

"Connie!" said Steven suprised.

Connie ran up to him. Steven chuckled nervously.

"So," asked Connie "Where's my suprise?"

"Oh!" Steven exclaimed "Well..." He grabbed Connie hands.

"Steven?" asked Connie smiling.

Jessica played the yule ball waltz on her phone. Connie looked around her. "Where is that music come from?" She asked.

Quickly Steven dragged her to him and staring doing the waltz!

"Woah! Steven!" Connie exclaimed "I didn't know you can do the waltz!"

Steven spinned her and guided her as they danced. He guided her to his left and then his right then spinned her! Connie laughed as Steven lifted her high! Steven brought her down then guided her towards the lake! Connie looked in amazed as they danced through the sparkle frozen lake under the stars. Steven pulled her away from him then pulled her close to him. He spun her again the again in the air.

"Are you ready?" Steven asked.

"A kiss?" asked Connie blushing.

Steven jumped up high carrying her! Connie quickly holded on to him. He spun down with her as they reached the ground. Steven and Connie landed perfectly. The song ended. Connie hugged Steven.

"That was so amazing!" She squealed!

"I know!" Steven said happily.

Connie started to sneeze. She sneeze again!

"Are you okay?" asked Steven.

"It's so cold." she replied "I wish I brought my sweater."

"Here, how about this." said Steven. He took his sweater and gave it to her.

Connie put it on. "Thanks Steven."

They walked out of the snow and headed to the hideout. Connie leaned her head against Steven through the whole walk. Later at night in his Steven was being scolded by Pearl on his phone through facechat."

"It's past 1 am! Why aren't you in bed!" Pearl scolded.

"Pearl I can explain!" replied Steven "I was dancing with Connie. It was kind of like my Christmas gift to her."

"Wait Steven!" asked Garnet "Was it romantic?"

"Well the dance was near a frozen lake reflecting with stars so... yeah?"

"Pearl," Garnet told her "Let's forgive Steven this once."

"Garnet!?" said Pearl suprised.

"Yeah P, just let him be with his girlfriend." said Amestyst.

"Um, Amestyst." said Steven "You know we aren't da... we aren't... ACHOO!!" Steven shivered.

"We should let Steven get some rest." Garnet told the gems. "Steven, we love you."

"I love you too guys." Steven told them.

The gems hung up. Steven layed in his bed as he saw through the window the snow falling.

To Be Continued