Secrets and Lies


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It's been a long time since the war with Hybern. My father is Rhysand, High Lord of the Night Court, and my mother is Feyre, High Lady of … you know the rest. I was born twenty years after the war, meaning to say, my parents certainly didn't wait around. I was raised with two Illyrian uncles – one crazy and cocky, the other quiet, but still with a cocky funny side. Both incredible fighters. Four aunts ( I know, it's a lot ) – one small ancient and deadly, another soft as a flower, another stern and strong, another playful and outspoken. A family friend who is fiery and quiet. And two incredible parents – a mother who is talented, loving, gifted and strong, and a father who is also strong, loving, protective, powerful ( just like my mother ) and… a bit sarcastic. Okay, a lot! But I love them all and they love me.

I am 258 years old and took on the duties of court a long time ago. My mother and father gave me the town house when their manor was finished and liveable. But I still get uninvited visitors. I understand why Mum and Dad wanted another house, that was a bit bigger.

The only thing that frustrated me, is that we are still waiting for an attack from those blood thirsty Queens. There had been almost no word from them since the war, and we're all getting antsy. I have fought in wars before and have the scars that prove just how many times, but they were small ones with the snivelling dogs who keep trying to take Hybern's throne. The war with the Queens is the final one.

I was heading to the Illyrian camps today, just to check up on everything. Despite the many years, there were still some harsh families who did not allow their females to train. We could use force to make them train, we have to convince them.

Velaris had disappeared behind me a long time ago. The wind caught my hair and whipped It around my face, but I enjoyed it, every second, the marvel of flying was one I could never forget. My wings tingled as they caught the cold wind. The steppes were in view, and despite the fact that I could shield myself from the cold, I found myself longing for the cosy cottage that awaited me at the camp.

But all of those thoughts seeped from me as quick as the arrow that imbedded itself in my abdomen. Pain seared through me but I still flung a shield around me and my wings. I separated my finger to move around the arrow in an attempt to staunch the bleeding. I searched my body for the healing magic that came from being fae and from what my mother had inherited from the Dawn Court. There is was! But it was getting fainter. I reached for it but it slipped through my fingers and disappeared. The fae bane worked it's magic and any magic I had seeped from me. I cried out as another arrow joined the other – this one in my shoulder. I cried out and faltered slightly. Ignore the pain. You just have to get to the camps. There are healers there. I told myself as I tried to dodge the oncoming wave of arrows that came soaring for me. I felt one go through the thin membrane of my wing. My scream rumbled the mountains and I began to slowly get lower in the sky. Just get to the camp! It's so close. I flapped and felt my wing tear. I cried and went tumbling to the ground.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I was tumbling toward the ground. branches pulled at my skin and clothes and I felt he arrows drive deeper and I landed with a thud and a cry on the ground. I must have blacked out for only a moment.

I could almost here the commotion from the camp floating towards me on the wind. I was so close. I pulled myself up with my arm that didn't have an arrow in it. I took a single step. My thigh barked in pain and I looked down the see another arrow poking out of it. another had also seemed to join the one in my abdomen. I was leaking blood. I tried again to reach for my magic but there was nothing but and empty well. I hobbled as best and fast as I could to the camp. My clothes were torn and I was definitely not prepared for the mocking that would greet me from the Illyrian females, but if I didn't hurry up, I would be spending my last moments in a forest away from anyone.

The tree's clear and I loosed small breath.
" Shit!" I heard someone say.
" Do something!" another one yelled.
" I can't idiot. I'm not a healer!" they were all females by the sound of it. the sound of rushing bodies was all around him, and he could barely make out any of the figures around him, they were just blurs.
" Get out of the way." Someone said. There was more rustling then the female repeated to whoever was there," Move!" she hissed dangerously.

I felt an arm go under my shoulders. The person was small and undeniably female. " Someone find Kaia!" She yelled. I had no capacity to walk, so I let the female drag me to…
The pain took over my entire body… and I … I couldn't … my eyes … it was …


I was in my small room sitting comfortably at my small desk when the commotion started outside. I didn't bother to lift my head to look out the window on the wall that formed the back of my desk, I just continued tracing delicate lines on the paper. I was enjoying my small piece of peace while all of the males save for the old ones were out to doing … war stuff. I was enjoying my fathers absence, and the absence of the sneering looks and leering faces of the males. I could train without anyone whipping me, for the briefest of moments I felt free.
" Someone find Kaia!" I heard a voice called, not just any voice, Priya's voice, the voice of my best friend. The only person who had never judged me because she understood, she saw me. Before her father was killed, she had experienced what I had, perhaps not as bad, but she knew what it felt like. She was my strength when I didn't have any. At the sound of her voice I lifted my head to peer out the window.

I gasped and ran from my room, down the stairs and out the door. I sprint through the dewy grass and helped Kaia lift the body, because hanging off her body, was the son of the High Lord. He was injured to say the least, but I would help, I told myself.

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