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Aidan's family declared that they would stay until he was healed and until the males returned. The High Lord, Commander Cassian, Azriel, Morrigan and the High Lady had been training the females while no one else was here. I took this chance to get into the ring while my father was absent. He didn't want me training, and the last time he saw me practicing he made it very clear what he would do if he found me again.

Shreya was still learning how to fly, and I helped her with that whenever I could. I spent any spare time I had sitting somewhere in the trees trying to master the magic that thrummed in my veins. The only people who knew that I possessed any power at all was my father, older brother, sister. My mother knew before she died but she had always told me never to use it, because if he did to me what he did to her, I apparently would not cope. I missed her, with all my heart.

I was standing in the ring sparing with Morrigan. I dodged a blow aimed for my head and swiped for her stomach. She jumped back and barely jumped over my outstretched leg.


I sat with Cas, Az and Dad on the porch of our cabin as we watched the females train.
" She's not bad." Cassian said, nudging his head towards where Kaia was sparring with Mor. " With some more training she would be an excellent fighter." Dad snorted.
" I don't think you've ever spoken so proper." A whisper of a smile danced on Az's lips.
" I'm serious!" Cassian defended.
" I know you are." Dad laughed.
" What's so funny?" Mum asked, coming to sit on the arm of Dad's chair. She rested a lazy arm over his shoulders and he wrapped an arm around her waist. Ever since I was younger I had always wanted to find a mate and be as happy with her as my parents were.
" Just Cassian." He replied with a smirk. Mum nodded knowingly.
" Hey!" Cassian shouted throwing his arms in the air. I burst out laugh which caused him to throw me a dirty look. He folded his arms and mumbled something we chose not to here. I ignored his little hissy fit and continued to watch the training.

My eyes drifted over the Kaia and I could help but admire her technique. It was good… but un practiced. I watched as she twirled out of Mors grasp and pieces of her long braid ripped free around her face.
" AIDAN!" Cassian shouted in my ear. I jumped and pulled back my fist to punch the threat. Cassian just laughed.
" What?" I asked. Azriel was smiling, my father was grinning widely and my mother had a glint in her eyes.
" I asked if you need our help moving any stuff you have back into your room." Oh, that's right. I would need to go back to my room in my parents cabin now that I could actually walk.
" I'll be fine." I said, waving it off. I turned to continue watching Kaia train when Cassian crooned," Have a little crush do we?" I scowled at him as he pointed at Kaia.
" No." I replied bluntly.
" Liar!" He sang. I punched him in the arm. My mother chuckled and retreated to the cabin. Amren strode up to the porch.
" We just got word that the males will be returning to the camp in an hour, but the healers are staying at the other camp. They still have some Illyrians to tend to." She grimaced.
" I think I like the camp better without them." Dad pondered, talking about the males.
" Agreed." Cassian added.


As soon as I heard that the male were returning I literally ran from the training ring. I discarded my sword inside the front door and pulled open every window to let the breeze through to clear Aidan's scent from the house.

In my small bathroom I poured a bucket of water over my head and scrubbed myself down to remove the smell of sweat from sparring. I cleaned my room and washed the sheets. I grabbed a healing tonic from my cupboard and the ruined clothes that Aidan had arrived in that I had been slowly stitching up.

I ran from the house and towards his cabin. My father would be back any second from now. I knocked hard on his front door. Thankfully he was the one to answer it. I piled the clothes into his arms and gave him the tonic.
" Take this with the tea I give you every morning. Two drops." I left him standing in his doorway with a surprised look on his face. I could see a growing black mass on the horizon. I needed to hurry. I closed the front door of my own cabin behind me and ordered Shreya," get a bowl from the cupboard and set the table sweetie." She nodded and began laying them out.

I chopped the carrots and potatoes with a speed I had never done before. I scraped them into the waiting pot over the fire and poured in the stock. I stirred it frantically.
" Shreya, when father gets home can you hand his coat beside the door for me. Just stand on the stool and you'll be able to reach it." She nodded gravely and waited by the door. I pulled the pot off the stove and began scooping it into his bowl when the door swung open with a thud. Shreya flinched and I hoped he didn't notice it. He didn't even look at Shreya before putting his coat in her hands.

" My beautiful daughters." He crooned. Barely even looking at me. He sat down at the head of the table and began slurping messily at his soup. He lifted his head when his eyes caught something by the door. He stood slowly and walked towards it. my body tensed as he picked up my discarded training sword.

How could I have forgotten. I waited for the yelling.
" This is your sword." He stated, not taking his eyes of me. I didn't break his stare as I ordered Shreya," Shreya, go and get some more potatoes from the garden for dinner tomorrow."
" Yes Kaia." She replied sadly and hurriedly left the room. It broke my heart that she knew what was about to happen, but she knew not to interfere.
" How many times must I remind you Kaia, that I don't want you training. Females are for cooking and gardening and breeding." I cringed at his views. He had been slowly walking towards me while he spoke. And when he was right in front of me –


I grunted at the force of his fist and laid a hand over my cheek. A stinging pain filled my cheek. He kicked my legs out from under me and my knees hit the ground with a sickening crack. I gasped at the aching pain that cascaded from them.
" No more training." He hissed in my ear then trudged up the stair and slammed his door. I crabbed the kitchen counter and pulled myself up. I fought against the pain and managed to slump down in a dining chair. I felt my healing magic begin to flood my body, but it was almost drained after healing Aidan. I felt he bones in my knees re connecting but the bruise on my face remained. I used the table to slowly lift myself up and tested how much weight I could put on my leg.

I was able to walk but with a small limp. I limped outside and grabbed a handful of ice. I compacted it and held it to my cheek. I began pouring some soup into two more bowls for myself and Shreya when the front doo opened and in walked Aidan.
" Apparently no one in your family has learnt the whole knocking thing." He chuckled then took me in. I wasn't sure whether I was glad to see him or not. Whenever I saw him I got a warm feeling, but my father was upstairs and he despised Aidan and his family. He gasped.
" What happened?!" He strode over to me and took my hand holing the ice and pulled it away from my face. His touch was so gentle as he lightly turned my chin to get a better look. For the first time I realised how much taller he was than me. The top of my head was in line with the top of his shoulder. As I looked at him, I saw true worry in his eyes.

The feeling of his hand on my chin sent butterflies in my stomach. He applied feather light touches to the bruise. I hissed, but did not pull away.
" How did this happen?" He asked, not letting go of my cheek.
" Training." I said. We stared into each other's eyes for a moment before he asked quietly," Are you sure you're okay?" I nodded and he slowly released my chin, his hand lingering beside my face.
I reminded myself not to keep staring at him – the hard planes of his face, his cheek bones, his soft full lips, his black hair that fell perfectly into his eyes. I blinked and cleared my throat. It seemed to break him out of whatever trance he was in and he took a step back.
" Did you need something?" I asked, scooping more soup into the bowls, if only to give myself something to do.
" You forgot to give me the tea." He murmured, watching my every movement.
" Oh," I reached up to the shelf and pulled down a small box. " Here." He took it and a thrill went through me as our fingers brushed.
" Thanks," he said softly," for everything." I stood stock still as he leaned forward painfully slowly and kissed my cheek. I closed my eyes for moment as his warm lips brushed my skin. I felt his eye lashes tickled my face before he pulled back with a small smile.

We stared at each other for a moment.
" Kaia – " He began, but a loud clanging came from upstairs. I flinched as my father cursed at whatever he had knocked over. I took a step back as he seemed to have gotten closer as he kissed my cheek.
" You should go." I said quietly. Something faltered in his eyes but he nodded.
" Thankyou." He repeated as he closed the door behind him. I think he had gotten the wrong idea at my rejection. I was worried about what my father would do. I rushed upstairs and knocked once before walking into his room. He was standing over a smashed vase with his fists clenched.
" I'll clean it up." I said, brushing the shards into my palm.
" As you should." My father murmured before leaving his room. I didn't stop to think about what his words meant.

I sensed Shreya walk into the room and kneel down beside me.
" Are you okay?" She asked in her little voice as she saw the dark bruise blooming on my cheek.
" Of course." I lied sweetly. She smiled at me and helped me scoop up the broken shards. " Thankyou." I gave her a feather light kiss on the forehead and she followed me downstairs.

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