He was known as the Myth, the Legend, the Dark Knight. Everyone had heard of him, though few had ever seen him. They say he would come and go in an instant, leaving no trace of his presents other than tied up criminals, waiting to be taken to jail. Some would say he was more than human, a monster maybe. A monster thirsty for justice. Some believe he had spawned from a story to scare criminals out of there crimes, others knew this explanation failed to explain the sudden wave of mysteriously captured criminals. The few criminals who have had the unfortunate of seeing him face to face claimed he called himself, "Batman".

"Care to explain your endeavors, Master Bruce?" Alfred had just entered the Batcave, carrying a silver china platter in his left hand with a beveridge of Bruce's favorite coffee balancing on top it. Bruce was found sitting at his chair in front of the batcomputer, dressed in his usual evening attire, the Batsuit.

"You know I'm not much of a talker, Alfred," stated Bruce. He took the beveridge off the plate and took a short sip from it. "Though I think I've tracked down The Scarecrows location. He's escaped Arkham one too many times," Bruce turned to look at his old friend. "I need to find out what he's up to and fast," and without a moment's hesitation, Bruce stood up and headed for the Batmobile.

"Do be careful, Master Bruce," Alfred worriedly requested. Without responding, Batman hopped into the car and started up the engine, and in a moment, he was gone.

The Batmobile was never truly seen in the night. It's jet black color-scheme blended in perfectly with the night as it zipped around the other cars on the road, making its way to it's destination.

The vehicle slowed to a stop outside an old and abandoned chemical manufacturing company, the perfect place for the Scarecrows hideout. Quickly, the Dark Knight jumped out of the Batmobile and then draped a dark colored tarp over it, making it practically invisible from a distance. Not that it mattered much, the Batmobile was equipped with a high tech security system. Even if the wrong person were to as much as touch the bare metal of the Batmobiles exterior, an electric shock would surly knock them out, but in Batman's analytical mind, extra precautions should always be taken.

Without a sound, the Caped Crusader made his way towards the abandoned building, but he didn't enter through the front doors. No, that would be too easy, too predictable. Instead, Batman used his grappling gun, aka the Batclaw, to swing himself up onto the roof of the facility. Once there, he made his way down into the facility via the vandalization system, just big enough and strong enough to support the Dark Knight and all his utilities as he made his way through.

A ways down through the vandalization system, Batman finally came across an exit, which led into a large room which contained four armed thugs and the door they seemed to be guarding.

"That must be where the Scarecrow is hiding, probably scheming his evil plans. I'll have to take these guards down one by one," thought Batman. Then carefully, he lifted his foot and pressed it against the vent. The pushed on the vent until it broke off its hinges and noiselessly he used his hand to push the vent off to the side so he could slip out. He checked his surroundings to make sure no one was watching and quickly used the Batclaw to grapple himself up onto a platform high above the thugs. He surveyed the room like a hawk, planning out his tactics. He soon spotted a one of the thugs standing in a corner. He had a nice view of the room in front of him, but oblivious to the area directly behind him. Because of this, he failed to notice a man dressed up in a Batsuit glide down behind him and then proceed to silently take him down by putting one arm over his throat and the other covering his mouth until he passed out. As soon as the job was done, Batman grappled himself back up onto the platform.

It was a moment before anyone noticed a guard passed out in the corner of the room. When someone finally did, they started mumbling amongst themselves.

"It's the Bat, he's here!" one guard said.

"Everyone spread out. Find that Bat!" another said. It was a mistake for them to spread out, only making it easier for the Batman to pick them off. Quickly, the Dark Knight swung to another platform using the Batclaw, directly above another guard. And just like a Bat, he hung upside-down on the platform and completed an inverted takedown, leaving the thug hanging upside-down from the platform, uncautious.

The remaining two guards took note of the second uncautious guard, and split up, now terrified. One of the thugs stepped underneath an old wooden platform, which could have been a makeshift storage area for the chemical company many years ago. Batman silently glided to the top of the platform, and then easily smashed through the wooden panels, knocking out the guard underneath. He then quickly maneuvered his way back onto a platform above him. The remaining guard, who eventually realized he was alone, shook with pure terror. He began to shout threats at Batman.

"You think I'm afraid of you?" he shouted. "I'm gonna kill you Batman, you hear?" now that the guard was alone, there was no reason to be silent anymore. Batman began to glide down from his platform above, and kicked him in the back of the head, knocking him over, dazed. Then, Batman picked him up with one hand, and gave him a hard punch to the head with the other, knocking him out.

Finally, Batman felt alone in the building. Now, he could search the building for the Scarecrow, and catch him in his traps before any real harm could be done.

His first move was to the door that the thugs had been guarding. He quickly and quietly slipped through the door and once inside, began to survey the room. It was a small, dusty little space with the only light coming from a small window letting in a ray of silvery moonlight. The Dark Knight took a few more steps in when he heard the door close hard behind him. He quickly looked around and suddenly felt a pair of hands closing around his throat from behind him. He tried to fight back, but in a matter of seconds he felt what he thought was surly a needle from a syringe piercing the skin on his neck. And in another instant, the needles were quickly forced out of his neck. Batman was left feeling dizzy and sick. He slowly began to start hearing things. At first it was like a faint squeal, then gradually grew into what Batman recognized was his mother's scream the moment after his father was shot. Batman turned around to see the masked face of the scarecrow, which now seemed to glow in a red light. The screams grew louder as the masked face grew closer and closer.

The day before was a Friday, which meant all the students at Gotham High were racing out of the building at four in the afternoon, ready to enjoy their weekend. One of these students, a fifteen year old girl named Beatrix Bennett, was wearing her jeans and a t-shirt. She had long, jet black hair and lake green eyes. Unlike most of the other students, Beatrix wasn't that excited to be spending the weekend at her house. Most of her time was spent alone, normally reading, doing homework, or watching TV. She got bored easily, and would prefer to be at school where she was always met with something to do and faced with a new challenge. She was an A's student, and always felt like she had to put her very best in everything she did. She was bright to, at least, that's what her friends had told her. They had said that she doesn't find a challenge where others do, that things come more easily to her. That didn't mean Beatrix was never challenged. There was always something she struggled at, but that wasn't a bad thing, at least, not in Beatrix's eyes. Every challenge was like an adventure to her, with the goal always to overcome that challenge. After all, it can't be impossible if someone's done it before.

And yet, there she was, walking back to that little house she was forced to call home, to spend another couple of days in complete boredom. She saw her mother occasionally, normally just to tell her to do something. Her mom wasn't horrible, but Beatrix still wish she could do something with her other than just work more often. Her dad was even worse, she literally almost never saw him because he was working at the same time Beatrix was home from school. The only times she saw him was a few minutes right as she got home from school, and maybe a couple hours on the weekend. Her dad worked a night job. He would leave in the afternoon, and come home late at night, long after Beatrix had gone to bed. He would still be asleep in the morning when Beatrix got ready for school. Since they lived so close, Beatrix would just walk herself to school and back every day. She never had a ride home like most of the other students had. It was a typical life for Beatrix, but she knew that one day she would make something of herself.

Beatrix walked into the already unlocked front door of her house and stepped inside. She said hi to her mom, kissed her dad goodbye and went into her room, where she began to do her homework.

Late that night, Beatrix was watching some TV in her room before going to bed when she heard her mom calling to her from the other room.

"Beatrix! I forgot to take my sisters medicine to her again, could you go do that for me?" Beatrix quickly muted her TV and called back to her mother.

"Why can't you go do it?" she asked.

"I'm busy with the laundry and you don't seem to be occupied at the moment," her mother replied. "It'll only take a minute." Beatrix took a glance out her bedroom window.

"But it's dark," she argued. "It's dangerous to go out at night,"

"Oh, it's not that far away. Just get it over with."

"Fine," Beatrix hastily replied. She mumbled something under her breath and got out of her bed. She then quickly took her aunt's medicine off the table and head out the door. The night air hit her face as she walked outside and headed down the streets of Gotham. She knew exactly where her aunt's place was, as this wasn't her first walk over there. She didn't see her aunt much, for she had gotten old and needed help with simple things. The streets were illuminated with lamp posts and some distant sounds such as a dog barking or a car zooming by kept the night alive.

With the drug in hand, Beatrix was lost in thought as she made her way to her aunt's house. She thought about how when she was little and her and her aunt would play together in her garden. She remembered her dog, Sparky, who had long passed since she was eleven. She thought about how her and her brother would play in there aunt's kitchen when no one else was around. Her brother, Kyle Bennett, was three years older than her. He had similar black hair and brown, hazel-ish eyes like their mothers. When they were little, they spend time in their aunt's kitchen talking and laughing and sometimes doing things they knew they weren't supposed to be doing.

One time Beatrix particularly remembered was when Kyle, a ten year old boy at the time, would climb up onto the countertop and stand up. Kyle would tell her to climb up with him, but she said she was too scared. But eventually, Kyle would talk her into climbing up. Beatrix was afraid of heights, sometimes she thought she was afraid of everything, but there she was, standing on top of the countertop with the big brother in their aunt's kitchen. She was happy for a moment, she had done something she thought she could never do. And then their aunt came in, helped them down and scolding them for doing something dangerous.

Afterwards, Kyle and Beatrix talked about the event, Beatrix told him that they should stop doing dangerous things so they don't get hurt, but Kyle had said that sometimes, being in a dangerous situation was inevitable, and that she needs to learn how to be brave sometimes for when that day comes. Beatrix took Kyle's advice to heart, and she knew that she could be brave whenever she was with him.

It was only two years later when the accident occurred. Kyle had been doing something dangerous again, only this time, Beatrix didn't say anything, because she had taken what Kyle had said to heart. Kyle was riding his bike in the middle of the street and didn't see the car turn the corner and hit him head on. Sometimes Beatrix would blame herself for the incident, but her mom had told her there was nothing she could have done. She said Kyle was too big a daredevil, and all she could do now was to always stay safe. That was six years ago, and for the whole six years Beatrix had never willingly done anything that might put her into danger. She would try to forget her brothers words, as she didn't want to fall down the same path he had gone down, but sometimes they lingered with her, like a bad smell. Learn how to be brave, for one day you might have to be. Beatrix secretly hoped in her heart she would never have do be brave, as she never truly followed her brothers advice. She could never risk breaking her mother's heart. She thought of this as she turned the corner towards her aunt's house.

After a few minutes of walking and thinking, Beatrix passed the old, abandoned building she had become familiar with. It was one of the many places her mother had said to stay away from. Beatrix had never questioned her mother or even thought about disobeying her, not after what happened to her brother. She began to walk passed it when she heard a strange sound which seemed to be coming from inside. She stopped to look for a moment, then after a short pause, she continued walking down the path. She heard the noise again, louder this time and again stopped to look. Beatrix had passed by this building many times before, and never once did she see or hear anyone inside. It was abandoned, or at least she thought it was.

As she was staring at the building, she began wondering. What if someone in there is in danger? She thought. What if there's a robbery or something? I can't just let that happen. She stood there, arguing with herself as to what she should do. Finally, she came to a conclusion. I'll just go over there and check without being seen. If I see anyone in danger, I'll call the cops. Beatrix quickly stuck her aunts medicine in her pocket and slowly walked over to the abandoned building.

As she got closer and closer to the old building, built from solid brick and now had a faint, musty smell to it, she began to second guess herself. I shouldn't be doing this, I could get hurt. But once Beatrix started something, she was committed to it. I'll just go in and out, nothing to it.

Beatrix secretly hoped she wouldn't find anything. Maybe it was just the wind, or an animal of some sort. Beatrix continued to ponder what could have made the strange noise when she came across a window concealing a hole on one of the buildings many walls. Just a quick look, and then I'll be on my way. Beatrix quickly stepped towards the window and took a quick peek through.

The room was dark, but in the faint moonlight coming in through the window, Beatrix could make out the silowet of a man, lying limp on the floor. Beatrix took a quick gasp and crouched down, hoping no one had seen her. She took a deep breath, and decided she needed to make sure someone was really hurt before calling the police. Slowly, Beatrix stood back up and peered through the window. She could still see the man lying on the floor. She looked around the room and found and open door and some old supply crates. The room was relatively small. Beatrix could only imagine what could have gone down in there. Then carefully, against her best wishes for herself, she slid open the window and stuck her head through to more carefully examine the man. She noticed what looked like a large, black cape lying over his body. After a moment, Beatrix finally recognized who the figure must be, Batman.

Beatrix took another gasp and knelt back down. Batman? She wondered. How? Beatrix began to fantasize on what horrors could have gone down in there. What villain could he have fought, and lost to? However, the main question for Beatrix now was, where is he?

Quickly, Beatrix slipped out her phone and began to dial 911. She could only hope whoever answered would take her seriously. She had heard of 911 calls about Batman, and the emergency place would just hang up, not even beginning to take them seriously. Most people knew Batman existed, or at least said they knew, but others would completely deny the whole matter, the man, the stories, everything. Beatrix, however was indifferent. Whenever something that had to do with Batman was on the news, her mother would say that whomever Batman is, she could only hope he was on the good side, and doing the right thing. Now, Beatrix had to trust that Batman really was a good guy, as she was about to call the police to come help him.

Once Beatrix finally dialed the number, she put her phone to her ear and crossed her fingers.

"This is 911, what's your emergency?" Beatrix heard coming from the phone. When she first heard a word, she winced, afraid the phone call may be too loud. She had to take her chances.

"Hello?" she asked. "I'm at an old building near the corner of Central Road and Submit Lane," she paused for a moment before saying, "I think I see Batman in there." After a moment when she didn't hear anything in return, she checked her phone. The words, 'call ended' showed across the screen.

"No, no, no, no," Beatrix whispered to herself once she realized she had been hung up on. Beatrix took short, quick breaths as she tried to figure out what to do. She had been ignored and hung up on, and she couldn't just leave Batman in there to die. After hesitating a moment, Beatrix took another glance inside the building. She watched for a few seconds before a man walked in through the door. Beatrix jumped back a little, but didn't stop watching. She could only hope now that she wouldn't be seen. The man was wearing all black, his face indistinguishable in the dark. In his right hand, he carried a long rope. The strange figure walked towards the uncautious Batman, and sat him up straight. He then tied the rope hard around his arms and legs, and then walked out through the door.

Beatrix new she had to do something, and right now, untying Batman was the best she could do. She thought through her plan over and over. Open the window, get in, untie the ropes and get out. It sounded simple enough. If it weren't for the stake, it would sound like no big deal for her. The problem was, she didn't know what was at stake, which made her fear all the more powerful.

Taking in a deep breath, Beatrix counted down from three and opened the window. It squeaked a little as it went up, but nothing Beatrix couldn't handle. The little hole that was left was just big enough for Beatrix to slide through. She quietly stepped onto the floor on the other side and quickly got down on her hands and knees. Beatrix then crawled over to Batman and found where the knot had been tied. It took a great deal of strength to pull the rope apart from itself. Once she was finished with the hands, Beatrix felt down to untie his feet. It was then when Batman let out a little moan, signaling to Beatrix that he was about to wake up. Beatrix's heart began to race as she untied the rope around his boots. As soon as she realized the ropes were loose, she ran back over to the window, not even having time to think about what she had just done.

Beatrix was about to step through the window when she heard footsteps coming from outside the door. Without a moment's hesitation, Beatrix dodged behind the crates, just in time as she heard the door open and someone step inside. Beatrix didn't dare breath, and it wasn't till then when she realized he hasn't been breathing since she first got in. Beatrix was just able to make out what was happening through a small crack between two crates. She saw batman stir as he woke up, and a tall figure standing above him. Beatrix imagined it could have been the same person as earlier. Batman looked around and saw the ropes wrapped around his body, making it look like he was still tied up. The tall figure stood close to him, not suspecting an attack.

Batman wasn't sure why there were untied ropes wrapped around him, but he took advantage of his freedom and surprise attacked the man standing before him. At first, the figure was stunned, but not a second too long, for in a moment he counter attacked and sent Batman to the ground. The two wrestled a moment before Beatrix realized, Batman was loosing. How? She thought. Why? Isn't Batman supposed to be the best? Beatrix felt stuck, she didn't know what to do. She began checking her surroundings, looking for something, though she didn't know what.

In the faint light, Beatrix made out a pile of glass containers nearby, roughly the size of a water bottle. She picked one up. It was dusty and empty. Beatrix wondered if she could use the bottle as a weapon of some sort. She figured hitting the man beating Batman with a glass bottle wouldn't only give away her position, it could land her in serious trouble, but she had to help Batman somehow. And then, it came to her.

What if I caused a sort of distraction? She asked herself. Quickly, Beatrix took in a deep breath and through the bottle right at the wall directly behind the man, causing him to look around, and giving Batman an opportunity to attack from behind, which he took, and sent the man to the ground, uncautious.

There was a silence for a moment, and then Batman turned and looked directly at Beatrix, who was now exposed from behind the crates.

"What are you doing here?" Batman's deep voice and serious tone startled Beatrix.

"I... I had to… I couldn't..." Beatrix stumbled trying to find the right words.

"Go! Get out of here before your hurt!" Beatrix stared at the large man a moment, frozen in place.

"GO!" Batman yelled, which sent Beatrix running towards the window. She quickly pulled herself through and took off down the street towards her aunt's house. She didn't slow down until she made it inside the house. Once she knew she was safe, she thought about what had just happened to her. About how she just did something she never previously thought she would do. But the fact was, there wasn't a whole lot else she could have done. She did exactly what she thought she had to do, and knowing that helped her settle down. She only hoped she would never have to do that again.

Inside of an abandoned chemical manufacturing building somewhere in Gotham, all Batman knew was that he had to find The Scarecrow and stop him in his tracks before the consequences are paid. Batman hoped that as long as The Scarecrow still thought he was caught in his trap, he would have an advantage in taking him down. Batman hurried out the room he had been lured into and started scanning the place for a potential hiding place for The Scarecrow. Soon, Batman spotted something up above him he hadn't noticed before. It seemed to be a small tunnel going in from the ceiling. Batman tried to grapple himself up onto the platform where the tunnel led into, but his utility belt was missing. Batman realized it must have been removed from him while he was unconscious. He was going to have to find another way up.

Batman thought out his plan. In the room was the door he had just came out of, a window perched above and the platform he intended to get on. If he could balance himself on top of the door, jump up and grab onto the window frame, and swing from the window frame to the platform, he may not even need the Batclaw.

Batman quickly made his way up onto the door. It swinged a little as he pulled himself up, but he managed to keep his balance. The looked up at the window ledge and pounced up like a cat. The door slammed closed behind him and he managed to grasp the ledge with his fingertips. He pulled himself onto the ledge and looked up to see the platform. From this angle, Batman noticed a couple of bricks sticking out of the surface of the wall, which could help him climb up. Batman jumped off the ledge and grabbed a brick with one hand and the other brick with the other. From here, he managed to swing onto the platform and pull himself up.

Batman crawled through the tunnel which eventually led him into a room. The room could have been an office, as inside there was a computer, old files and other little pieces of machinery. In the dark corner, Batman could see what looked like The Scarecrow. He couldn't tell what he was doing, but he was in the perfect position to be taken down. Looking around, Batman also found his utility belt, lying on an old desk. Batman thought out his plan. First the utility belt, then The Scarecrow.

Batman silently jumped to the ground and made his way towards the desk. Once he felt he was well hidden behind the desk, he reached out and quickly grabbed his utility belt. In that exact moment, he heard a click, and soon found himself coughing, struggling to breath. The Scarecrow turned around and eyed Batman.

"You underestimate me Batman. I'm prepared for anything," The Scarecrow said in a low, hissing voice. Quickly, Batman strapped his belt around his waist and grappled himself back onto the platform, coughing as he did so. "You can't get away from me, Batman," the hissing voice called back to him. Batman softly began to hear his mother's screams coming back from somewhere inside his head.

"No, no," Batman mumbled to himself as he tried to shake the horrible feeling. Batman crawled back through the tunnel as the screams grew louder and louder. Batman jumped back down off the platform and began making his way towards the exit. Directly in front of him, Batman could see his parents dead in the middle of the floor. He looked around him and saw The Scarecrow, standing right behind him in an early light.

"I have you now, Batman," The Scarecrows hissing voice seemed to boom in his ears as the dark figure began moving closer and closer to him. All Batman could think to do was start running as his head was now filled with a horrible shrieking. Batman blasted through a door and ran outside. He could feel his heart pounding in his ears as he searched for the Batmobile. Batman was running, until what he found to be what he was sure had to be the Batmobile. He threw off the tarp and underneath sat what appeared to be a horrible, bat-shaped monster, staring at him hard in the eyes. Batman heard himself scream, but never the less he opened the car door and got into the car. He slammed the door back hard and set the Batmobiles built in navigation system to take him back to the Batcave. He felt the car begin to move, along with a sense of complete terror engulfing him, trapping him. The last thing he heard were the screams of his dead mother as he passed out in the Batmobile.