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Chapter One. Harry's Plea.

Harry tried to remember the reason why he was sitting, apparently waiting his turn, at the longest line he had ever seen. The long headcount behind him made him realize something was amiss. It literally seemed that he was the one in front of a group of people that made the length of the Chinese wall seemed small. He shrugged and returned to his reading, it was quite good.

This book was getting better — the underdog was just about to get his justice when a high pitched shriek pulled him out of his musings.

"Not you again, what the actual fuck Potter? Oh, gods, please have mercy, I'm going to lose my job, this is the seventh time!" She pulled him up from his seat and ordered in a growl.

"Bring the damn book too!"

"Sorry miss, but have we met before?"


Harry had his head to the side and his eyebrow was curling up with incredulity. The girl was petite and athletic. She had a gorgeous mop of dark brown hair, a heart-shaped face, a fine nose, and her eyes were in a shocking shade of violet. Her lips were Plum red and her hands were manicured. She was wearing a Jade dress and she blushed prettily in response to Harry's stare.

"My name is Mara and I'm your death angel… Yes, you know me, and you don't remember me because every time I send you back it's standard procedure to wipe your memory clean off our meetings… For crying out loud, stop staring, I know you think I'm beautiful, but trust me, there's a reason for being this upset."

Mara turned around and Harry realized this angel was a fine specimen through and through, that round curved bottom was a joy to follow around.

The death angel yelled at Harry. "Hurry up Harry, and for all that is sacred stop staring at my butt or I'll rip your eyes out and you will only get them back after this exchange is done, got it?"

Harry felt the chide exactly as though he got a slap in the face. He straighten his pose and cleared his throat, responding,

"Yes, Ma'am!"

She opened a door and pulled Harry in.

"Okay, let's see if we can make some advances here… the book, Harry, if you please?"

Harry passed the item to the death angel and wondered if he should be questioning what a death angel did?

Mara raised her eyes and sighed.

"Harry you are dead. All your thoughts are broadcasting; just as if you had a microphone on. This book is your book of life and well..."

She checked the inside of the page, counted, and sadly nodded admitting to herself and his guest,

"This is the seventh time you are killed. Oh Harry, why couldn't you do the tasks that we agreed on the last time?"

"Um, Mara? I'm sorry but if you wipe my memory after each time I'm done here, how am I supposed to follow on the tasks in question? Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what are the tasks anyway?"

Mara laughed and replied:

"You always get me with that one...Um, oh well, I guess since we are about to be relocated, me to serving coffee and you to Limbo. I might as well tell you… Harry your tasks are to mature your magical core, get rid of the Horcruxes, train for battle in magic and mundane means, defeat Riddle/Dumbledore, train to become a Doctor/Healer, marry your soulmate and procreate at least seven children — four girls and three boys — and live until one hundred and ninety, and then die in the arms of your soulmate and wife, some Granger girl"

Harry felt like he had been kicked in the face by a thestral and he babbled out:

"Fuck me, Mara! Hermione is my soulmate!?"

"Language Harry! Yes, that poor soul."

"Was there an insult in that last statement?"

"Well, you deserve it, Harry. Why would you choose Cho Chang, Parvati Patil or Luna Lovegood as dates? Now, don't get me wrong, I really like Luna and I understand being desperate and going for Patil as the last choice, but Chang, or worse, Ginny Weasley? All the time the one bailing you out of trouble was Hermione, and she even took a step forward and volunteered when you decided to confront Voldemort in the forbidden forest, and you go and chose someone else! I seriously think she is crazy, and what's worse, she ends up with Ronald Weasley!? Harry, why didn't you just punch her? That would have been the cherry on top of this unmitigated disaster."

"I didn't know, oh God, I didn't know. I always thought she was too good for me, that she didn't see me like that. She was always too good to be true and I would never be good enough for her… wait… I have to do something about that, I mean, I'm going to Limbo, but Hermione what will happen to her? Wait, no! You've said it already, didn't you? She ends up with Ron? No..."

Just as Harry was about to throw a tantrum, Mara got a knock on her door.

"Sorry to interrupt here Mara, but the boss is on his way."

"Ah, for crying out loud! Mack, you were supposed to stall him?"

"Sorry Mara, but he's bringing a family member too, to supervise proceedings."

Thanatos and Ignotus Peverell walked into the office and Harry noticed Mara blush in response to the sudden change of direction in the meeting.

Thanatos was the classic image of a Greek regal male, while Ignotus just looked like an older version of Harry, except his eyes, his were yellow. Peverell came closer and said to Harry:

"Come on Harry, give your grandfather a hug, it's good to see you, though I would have loved if we were in seventeen decades from today, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, right?"

Harry obliged and for the first time since the exchanged began, tears rolled over his cheeks.

Ignotus patted him in the back and added:

"I'm so sorry Harry, I wish I could have been there with you from the start. You have had such a miserable life so far, that I don't even wish it on my worst enemy… And I can't blame Mara either; she did do things according to bureaucratic afterlife protocol… but Dumbledore and Riddle manipulated you to a tee."

"Grandpa, I don't mind going to Limbo, but Hermione — and all the innocents that were left behind, but mostly, Hermione — I never got to tell her that I loved her. Now, she'll end up with that arse. I can't do this Grandpa, can I go back as a guardian guide to her, please?"

Mara was crying in silence as she witnessed Harry's plea, and Thanatos raised an eyebrow and sighed.

"Under normal circumstances, we can't do that Mr. Potter, but seeing how your request is authentic and that neither you or Mara were at fault, I've been granted a reprieve to send you back one more time. This time it has to be a different story than what this book of life tells… So let's start anew, Harry. I'm Thanatos the god of Death., Now, because you had a Horcrux in you when you came to this realm, I've been advised by the Higher Powers to make a change in your life and death… Like Mara said, this is the seventh time that your destiny has been manipulated and your soulmate is left alone… That is the reason Ignotus came to plead your case with me, and how the Fates and I realized something was twisted with your lifeline. So, as a result, I was charged to supervise your return. Now Mara, please continue explaining the reprieve and what it entitles, will you, dear?"

"You don't get to call me 'dear', Boss, I'm death agent Mara to you. The only one that gets to call me 'dear' is Ignotus. Now, Harry, like my boss Thanatos was saying, um, wait let me clean away my tears. Okay, now this reprieve means that you will get to go back, but to the time where you could do most changes without being contested by the British Magical world… and you get a guiding spirit… Oh, Iggy, you get to accompany Harry!"

Mara was hugging Ignotus and smiling, she then realized her folly, sobered up, and continued.

"You get to take this book of life as a reference and only you and Iggy get to double check the contents in dreams… and I might as well add the list of goals in it so you can remember, oh and you do get to meet Hermione but only after you board the Hogwarts Express on September 1st of 1991."

"You mean I get a clean slate?"

"Yes, you are going to be waking up in your nine-year-old body. You have two years to get rid of the Horcruxes and you need to slay the basilisk and stop Tom from killing the Unicorns. You'll also be wooing Ms. Granger, and, Mr. Potter, you get to have wandless magic this time around."

"Okay, great! I could always use the wandless magic. Now then, I need to slay the Basilisk, save the Unicorns, toss the Horcruxes to Thanatos corner here, and destroy Voldie and his crew, right?..."

"And?" asked Mara, frowning.

"Get the love of my life to say yes."

"You got to kiss her, in order to secure your claim to her soul," said Thanatos.

"Ah Fuck, the things we do for love… I faced a Troll for her, but I will go back to a miserable time just to be with her. The good thing is that I don't play host to a Horcrux this time around, and as a big plus, I get to even the score with the monsters in my previous attempts of life, right?"

"Almost. Once you kissed Hermione, go to the Goblins to get a marriage certificate and the Potter rings," answered Mara.

"It's all kind of a mess, isn't it?"

"Yes, but that's why you are getting all the help in this eighth try, plus your memories," replied Mara.

Harry turned to his grandfather, "Thanks for being with me."

"You're welcome. Now let's get going; I get the feeling that Mara and Thanatos have some things to discuss."

Thanatos was blushing while Mara was scrunching her lips about ready to blow her top.

"Mara dear, nothing happened between Aglaea and me."

"Shut up!... You, you lying cheating dog! I saw you two taking a dip in the Stygian River, you and I are done… And one other thing, stop sending me cherubs, I'm a death agent, not a florist..."

Harry turned to his Grandfather and asked:

"What happened?"

"Lovers quarrel."

"She caught him with his pants down, right?"

"Pretty much, now, remember to try not to give away that you know about magic or that you can use wandless magic. The Dursley's need to be led as a pack of hyenas to a much more appealing target: the neighborhood's troubles"


"Just humor me on this. Now do remember, act like a moron."


It was then that Harry heard the dreaded voice of Petunia knocking on the door.

"Wake up boy, it's time for breakfast and I need you to look after the bacon."