Hello everyone.

No update today, but I feel obligated to let you all know why my updating schedule has been so inconsistent. I'm pretty sure that I suffer from major anxiety, and I've been incredibly stressed for the past few months. When I'm stressed, I can't really focus on the things I enjoy. I want the new chapters for "Bloodstained Souls" to be as good as they can be, but I haven't been satisfied with anything I've written down for Chapter Twenty-Nine.

I also know that this story has received its fair share of hate, and that certainly doesn't help my motivation to continue writing.

Nevertheless, I WILL continue.

I'm currently working not he next chapter, but I'm not exactly sure when it will get uploaded. I might actually write some new short stories first to help myself get back into the flow of writing fanfiction. I've been experiencing a very annoying block, but I've consistently found that writing entirely new content usually helps me break out of my funk.

I hope you can all understand.

I want to see "Bloodstained Souls" through to the very end, so please don't think I've given up. I just need time to sort myself out and fix my mental health.

AlucardsBro OUT!