Popo and Nana were both in a classroom as they didn't know what to expect, with the Ice Climbers having been climbing up a snowy mountain as they were suddenly caught in a net, having been sent to a school that was somehow present on the peak they were heading up. The bald teacher with the green shirt and blue pants smirked as he faced Popo and Nana.

"Hey, why are we here again?" Popo asked as he was trying to pick his nose, only to frown as he got nothing.

Nana was farting as she was fanning the air with her right hand. "I think it's because we need education, or something."

"You got that right. You two need to learn the basics of having good education!" Baldi said calmly as he pointed at the blackboard. "Now it's time for you to learn your math. Answer the three questions correctly and you might get something-"

"Argh! I'm still getting no boogers!" Popo exclaimed as he was getting frustrated.

"Peeyew! I probably have to think about eating those out of date veggies!" Nana shouted as she was blushing from how stinky her farts smelled.

Baldi then slapped a piece of paper on the table that the Ice Climbers were sitting at, asking them to solve some easy math questions.

"Problem 1... 1 + 9!" Baldi asked, with Popo and Nana glancing at each other as they said ten, making him smile. "Problem 2... 0 minus 8!"

"Err... eggplant?" Popo answered as he gulped.

"I think maybe ice?" Nana added with a shrug.

Baldi stared at them blankly as he then slammed the table aginst the two Ice Climbers, calmly shaking his head.

"Problem 3..." Baldi started as he then began muttering an impossible question.

"...snow!" Popo and Nana exclaimed as they then held their hands and froze the entire room, everything being covered in snow and ice. Baldi was frozen in a block of ice, prompting Popo and Nana to use their wooden mallets to smash the ice up, revealing a shivering Baldi.

This was a bad idea, as Baldi pulled out his ruler, smacking it against his hand as he was frowning. Popo pooped his pants while Nana peed herself, with the two Ice Climbers rushing out of the room in fright. Of course, this would be frightening... if not for Baldi going by very slowly. And then they bumped into the red shirt girl with the jump rope, which proved to be problematic as she forced the duo to jump.

"Just keep on jumping!" The girl exclaimed as she was moving her jump rope at a fast pace.

Popo and Nana exchanged glances with each other as they were forced to jump fast, with them bouncing about as their parkas got sweaty from the constant jumps.