Author's Note


Hey guys, I'm just posting this here to announce that I'm going to be doing a bunch of revisions for my earlier chapters. I've asked for outside opinions and have learned and formulated better ways to improve the quality of this story, so for now I'm currently working on a bunch of changes to ensure that this story overall has a higher level of quality.

For example:

-I'm going to do a better job with some of my subplots and plot deviation, especially in the future as I have some ideas to implement, and other canon elements to reveal early.

-Fixing some plot holes and potential ideas I wrote in that went nowhere

-More interaction with the other characters, as I feel like while my fic is Deku-centric, I made it a little too Deku-centric.

-Implementing some ideas I saw from Thank You by MizuTori. Love his stuff, his fluff and writing quality is something I aim to achieve here eventually. If he's reading this: Dude, you're amazing.

Anyways, that's all. See you in the revised chapters, and I'll be deleting this and replacing it with chapter 27 when I write it. Later!